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Carpe Noctem

Prints available here-->…

Some personal work.
Rascal and his army of harpies, the harmy

Hope you like it!
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W.O.W. What a talented pair of hands you have!
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Amazing sence of dark atmoshpere and vampires! Great piece of art
Hi! i just made a deviantart account in order to search for an artist that make me the artwork for my hard rock album and i loved your work, there is any way to contact you to know the cost of it? Thanks and have a good day! 
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Holy Harem of Harpies, Hierophant!
This piece is AMAZING! I love the details on Rascal's clothes and face, a really good depiction of a vampire (? is he though? I just realized he has the same name as your lovecraftian beast thing in other works.) The tone and story of this piece come out in droves thanks to you colour choices and motion as well, it's absolutely amazing.
Heh, "seize the night" very nice title for this piece! I like it. Praesidio jugulum, people.
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I would say he belongs in the ''vampire'' category yes.
Thank you!
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awesome as always
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BOI man i just cant take your art i die 295730 times every time i see your fantastic breath taking arts! :wow: :heart: :heart:

I looooove this so fuckin much! the composition, atmosphere and everything is just EPIC, like always! :love:

I love harpies and I've always wanted to see this kinda of thing of them transforming into birds or more bird form of them! i love how you represented this concept here, VERY well done! :heart:

Also Rascal..i can take him too he is just too fab for me he could step and kick me id say thank u 

I wished Rascal had played as one of the nuns in Demons are a girl's best friend djsdkcdkjshcs Wow Guy Wink 

one day ima throw all my money for ya for a commission like this and then die in peace and ascend to HELL Funny Shrek Icon 
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Hah thank you very much! :D
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Oh my, I'm in love :heart:
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One, Rascal is really handsome, or it's me being just strange when it comes to men. Two. Damn that castle and details in the windows and towers, and walls, and mountains. Stunning. Tree the transformation almost step by step viewed the stages on each harpy. To finally all the amazing details in Rascals person, cloths. I'm blown away.
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Incredible amazing! Your work with textures, brushes and whatever you used makes me so jealous! 
.... and now I wanna play The Witcher 3 again. Haha! 
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Thank youuu!

I'm almost finishing the game D:
I'll have to get the expansion packs ://
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Aww! Then get excited about Heart of Stone, it was the best shit I ever played. I'm sure you will love it. :aww: 
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Ooooh sounds cool ^^
I'm also excited about the Blood and Wine expansion because of the two vampire dudes there
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This expansion was so cool too! I loved the vampires! And the story was awesome! But I loved Heart of Stone way more. :) 
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Late to comment but I must say, I adore the harmy. They look badass and monstrous. 

Rascal also looks stunning here, fabulous as always!

Also the colours on the church are beautiful. It really brings it out without taking away any of the focus of the Rascal and harmy!

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