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October 2, 2015
A young warrior by Whiluna uses an impressive amount of detail in all the right places. Feel inspired by this warrior and the talent Whiluna brings to us to admire!
Featured by KovoWolf
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A young warrior

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This is just plain amazing.

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very very awesome , beautyful ,

give me permission to put it as a profile picture?

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:0 my fugin god how did u do that?!
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Wow very good!!
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I bought this print and framed it. It's on my office wall and serves every day as an inspiration for my Viking and Wolf-themed jewelry designs. Truly a spectacular piece of art.
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This looks amazing! I love the wild sort of look, as well as a really good use of the wolf imagery. Detailed beautifully so it looks like a fantasy creature, not a furry. :D very nice work!
Hmmm, I wonder how the tattoos show through his fur?
just-Rascal's avatar
Thanks :)
I was thinking perhaps the tattoos are actually burned into the fur/skin
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Ah, good choice. I have a race in my work that is very much like this, but I have them re-apply thier designs/dyes to thier fur during special ceremonies.
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That sounds nice 
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Oh my! This is amazing! I like how the fur is detailed and the abs, just... Rawr :3
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Lovely work! It's unfortunate I found it via an account called 'VikingMerch' on Instagram who I suspect are using it to promote their shop without your permission, since the signature was cropped off. (Their website is At least they've earned you a follower!
just-Rascal's avatar
yeaah, I know about it
I love how people were triggered there in the comments, because they were labeling it as ''furry porn'' lol
Hareguizer's avatar
Yeah, like there's nothing else in the world worth their condemnation than the idea of folk wearing fursuits. I wonder how many of them are fine with Batman though? ;)
just-Rascal's avatar
the thing about that artwork is that at the time I did not even know what a furry is, or that stuff like that exists so it couldn't be intentional
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This looks super great! :D
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I can imagine him saying BOY like kratos
Truth-lover3712's avatar
How long did it take you to make this exactly?
just-Rascal's avatar
This is such an old piece heh, I honestly don't remember...
Truth-lover3712's avatar
Well, I think it's fantastic! :clap:
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