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Oh No!
This is just a little Pokémon parody I came up with recently of this old song.
Alolan Raichu
Oh no, what we gonna do?
The fans like Eevee more than Pikachu
Oh no, what we gonna do?
We gotta get him out of here!
Oh no, what we gonna do?
The fans like Eevee more than Pikachu
Oh no, what we gonna do?
We gotta get him out of here!
Raichu & Pachirisu:
We could throw him in a Dungeon
We could let him fight and fail
We could drag him to Alola
Have him beaten by a Mudsdale
Alolan Raichu:
We could throw him in Route 20, let him float a while
Then sit back as we watch him meet an angry Totodile
Put him on a Murkrow's back and send him off to Sinnoh
With a baker's doz
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Team BKGD silhouettes by Just-Call-Me-J Team BKGD silhouettes :iconjust-call-me-j:Just-Call-Me-J 0 0 Team MMVF silhouettes by Just-Call-Me-J Team MMVF silhouettes :iconjust-call-me-j:Just-Call-Me-J 0 0 Team SWBP silhouettes by Just-Call-Me-J Team SWBP silhouettes :iconjust-call-me-j:Just-Call-Me-J 1 0 Team BLGK silhouettes by Just-Call-Me-J Team BLGK silhouettes :iconjust-call-me-j:Just-Call-Me-J 1 0 Pony J - front by Just-Call-Me-J Pony J - front :iconjust-call-me-j:Just-Call-Me-J 0 0 Toa J MOC by Just-Call-Me-J Toa J MOC :iconjust-call-me-j:Just-Call-Me-J 1 0 Pony J Neutral Right Pose Neutral Face by Just-Call-Me-J Pony J Neutral Right Pose Neutral Face :iconjust-call-me-j:Just-Call-Me-J 0 0 Pony J Neutral Left Pose Neutral Face by Just-Call-Me-J Pony J Neutral Left Pose Neutral Face :iconjust-call-me-j:Just-Call-Me-J 0 0
In This World. Ch3 Feeling Welcome
Mikey was right about the timing. The oven timer went off soon after Casey and April got settled back into April's apartment.
The family was all seated at the table, Master Splinter at the head. April, Casey, and Don were all sat on one side, and Leo, Raph, and Mikey sat on the other side, with April and Leo sitting closest to Splinter, and the couple sitting next to each other.
As Mikey served everyone their food, April shook her head. "Guys, you really didn't have to do all this," she said.
Leo smiled warmly. "That's exactly why we did it. We wanted to do this."
"We were plannin' this since Casey proposed," Raph added. "Especially Mikey. He went nuts tryin' ta decide what to cook for ya." He pointed at the turtle in question.
Mikey grinned. "Donnie of all turtles had to pull me away, instead of me pulling him away from his lab. I started wondering if we switched bodies."
Don chuckled, "I think we'd know if Mikey was in someone else's body.
Casey leaned on the table. "This isn't the c
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Toa J by Just-Call-Me-J Toa J :iconjust-call-me-j:Just-Call-Me-J 4 8 Smash Aloy moveset by Just-Call-Me-J Smash Aloy moveset :iconjust-call-me-j:Just-Call-Me-J 1 2 J's Ultimate Mains by Just-Call-Me-J J's Ultimate Mains :iconjust-call-me-j:Just-Call-Me-J 4 4
I Promised Ch 41: Eavesdroppers
Lemmy was still crying silently as he finished his tale.
Koops didn't know how to respond. He just stared, trying not to convey any emotion that could hurt the poor Koopa before him even more.
Lemmy sniffled, "So now you know. You all know."
Now Koops reacted. "All?" he repeated.
Lemmy pointed at his misaligned eye. "I can see things off to the side even if I'm looking right at you. And that means I can see your friends out the window."
There was a small commotion outside.
"But," Koops began, "but if you knew they were listening, why did you tell me? And keep talking?"
Lemmy shrugged, "I'm already revealing what a horrible brother I am to one stranger. What's a whole group of strangers?" He called out the open window, "I'd invite you all in, but I don't think there's room in here for everybody."
Goomella jumped up onto of the windowsill. "There's enough room for a Goomba." She looked at Lemmy. "I don't get why you still blame yourself when Roy doesn't. He seems like the kind of guy who
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J and Siph gif by Just-Call-Me-J J and Siph gif :iconjust-call-me-j:Just-Call-Me-J 2 0 Siph big sprites by Just-Call-Me-J Siph big sprites :iconjust-call-me-j:Just-Call-Me-J 1 2

Random Favourites

Mikey SAINW by Feeana Mikey SAINW :iconfeeana:Feeana 32 3 Misery is optional - SAINW Bonus! by LimitLine Misery is optional - SAINW Bonus! :iconlimitline:LimitLine 468 101 Roy n Ludwig by YukiPyro Roy n Ludwig :iconyukipyro:YukiPyro 111 12 Bowser jr - Final Smash by YukiPyro Bowser jr - Final Smash :iconyukipyro:YukiPyro 302 22 Self Destruct by Sergeant-McFluffers Self Destruct :iconsergeant-mcfluffers:Sergeant-McFluffers 92 9 What I Like by Sergeant-McFluffers What I Like :iconsergeant-mcfluffers:Sergeant-McFluffers 144 12 Life by Sergeant-McFluffers Life :iconsergeant-mcfluffers:Sergeant-McFluffers 65 9 Pop by Sergeant-McFluffers Pop :iconsergeant-mcfluffers:Sergeant-McFluffers 127 19 You can't see me STAMP - lite by DarthTella You can't see me STAMP - lite :icondarthtella:DarthTella 12 3 New year, we're here[Gift from JA-punkster] by GreenYoshi25 New year, we're here[Gift from JA-punkster] :icongreenyoshi25:GreenYoshi25 25 6 The Green And Purple Spike-Pony by Pappkarton The Green And Purple Spike-Pony :iconpappkarton:Pappkarton 34 1 Spike Backfire by DJSeras Spike Backfire :icondjseras:DJSeras 18 5 Forgetful by prosaix Forgetful :iconprosaix:prosaix 10,631 498 Not the Only One by fear-the-brilliance Not the Only One :iconfear-the-brilliance:fear-the-brilliance 3,952 533 Music is my Inspiration by fear-the-brilliance Music is my Inspiration :iconfear-the-brilliance:fear-the-brilliance 1,730 79 Super Strength by fear-the-brilliance Super Strength :iconfear-the-brilliance:fear-the-brilliance 310 26

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Embracing the ADHD
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
You may know me on other sites. Other aliases I've gone by are J-Yoshi64, Me Myself and J, and Random Waddle Dee Fan. But I prefer J. What does the J stand for? Not telling! :P
By the way, I don't do yaoi, yuri, or incest pairings. I.E. I won't make, comment on, or fav works depicting them.

Another thing to know I'm a Christian. So, if you'd like to talk about God, Jesus, or/and the Bible in general with me, go right ahead and ask. And if you have any questions that you would like answered, I'll be more than happy to do some research for you. :)
I'm NOT Holier than Thou by OnWingsOfBlue

Favorite Personal Quotes
"We're humans. Doesn't that automatically make us crazy?"
"I have inspiration; I have motivation; I have a chapter outline. I am going to WRITE!"
"I am perfectly confident in my masculinity. Or lack thereof."

My :dalogo: Family

Brothers: :icontoaoftwilightz::iconvyel::iconsupersaiyan67:
Sisters: :iconmagicninja-gal::iconstarsparxs::iconcherrywind101::iconbearsy101::iconcoooool123::icondemented-windmills::iconxx-sigma-cece-xx::icondarksecrets3:

I took out the wall of stamps because I figured, if you wanted to see all of them, you could check out the folder in my faves. Instead of stamps, BUTTONS!

If you've seen this journal
foresight is a powerful thingA few years ago, as I was making my own Smash moveset for my self-insert (because I'm an obsessed fanboy), I decided to ban Siph from even stepping foot into the Smash universe. Just barred him from the whole dimension. He's not a Fighter, Assist Trophy, or even a spectator in a stage like so many others. Nope! I force him to watch from a side dimension via a screen.
My exact words when justifying this ban were "just in case something like Tabuu happens again." I wanted to protect my baby boy, like a good daddy.

You'd know that I banned Siph from even existing in the Smash dimension back in 2015, thus sparing him from Galeem's total extinction attack 3 years later.

I've been listening to "Lifelight" and coming up with an elaborate music video in my head where it's Siph, not Kirby, who must take up his torch (quite literally since he uses a flashlight as a weapon) and enter the Smash dimension against my wishes to save everyone. Naturally, this means that I am caught up in Galeem's total extinction attack, too. And a few additional fighters that I desire for Smash.
  • Listening to: Lifelight
  • Watching: TWD98
  • Drinking: Water water water


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