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YouTube Subscribe Button (2014)

I did my best to re-create YouTube's newest Subscribe button since I couldn't find a near-accurate recreation if it.  It's not exact and not completely HD quality, but it is the largest and most accurate recreation of the new subscribe button that has been created yet, in my opinion.  Tell me what you think of it.  You can use this without my permission and/or without giving me credit.  All credit goes to YouTube and their subscribe button.  Enjoy!
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KindCoco's avatar
Thanks so much! I’ll be using it as my yt channel’s watermark-
Splodervit's avatar
That's like IDENTICAL!
Thank you! I'll use it in one of my posts!
RisingKirin's avatar
Thank you for making this!
I will be using this in my outro. Thank you for making this.
GRENDREAMS42's avatar
I used it in my outro, thanks :D
GeneralKnife's avatar
wow! I used this in my outro! If its ok with you :D
Super useful. Thanks dude!
Pitool's avatar
thanks, im gonna use this in my outro when i upload my first video, i might send you a link
Thanks for making this! PReviously I relied on a really pixelated version from a screenshot but this is awesome! Tip for the future (assuming you use Photoshop or similar): if you export as an SVG file it will work at all resolutions and most modern browsers support it too.
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