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So within a few months things might have settled down enough in the real work that I could reopen the Patreon and start getting art made again. The potential plan is to reorganize the Patreon so that its a set amount of images a month and things release at the same time on Patreon and DA. That would make it easier for me to post things on time and the slightly reduced rate of posting means less footwork getting the art made.

Something like this:

Two Patreon levels:
- $2.50 a month for all access
- $6+ a month for access to the Fan Poll(picking a pin up theme for the last release of the month)

- 4 colored comic pages a month releasing on every Monday
- 1 to 3 pin-ups posted at my discretion depending on Patreon income levels
- 1 fan picked colored pin up on the last week of the month

If anyone has any suggestions let me know.

I'm also thinking of aging Isabelle for this new JAW Patreon, making her in her 30's instead of her early 20's. What do you think of that?

Would you guys come back to the Patreon?
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Oh man I missed isabelle
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With Isabelle in her thirties, would she and Dave be married and have kids by that time or not?
Just-Add-Water99's avatar
Its possible! Anything is possible.
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If the children have Isabelle’s genes, let’s hope those genes don’t kick in in their teens or later.
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I'd rather have isabelle in her 20s.

the younger the better.
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I'm seeing that from a lot of people, She might very well stay young and bouncy ;) Thanks for the feedback
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No problemo! Thanks again bro! ;)
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Never was on patreon for JAW. But in June i have better job. So maybe.
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Aging Isabelle sounds interesting, since its been a while since when have seen new comics and stuff but that would mean aging other characters too and adding some backstory, i suppose to tell whats been going on in that time.
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Thats the idea, allowing us to do some different things. And we can always flash back to her being young. But its still in the air what we'll do
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Glad to hear things are going your way again. :D I don't have the funds to support you on Patreon, unfortunately, but you do with Isabelle as you like. 
Just-Add-Water99's avatar
Well the art will be posted at both places so it wouldnt matter if you have the funds. Just suppporting us with comments and likes helps :)
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I'll be happy to. :D
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I'm happy things are starting yo get batter for you all and I wish you all the best :hug:
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I like Isabelle better at her current age, personally.
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I'll take that into consideration! It is true that her sister is older already so we do have a 30's character.
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