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So it seems like a fair number of followers and fans have wanted JAW to do more belly growth/inflation. This would be in addition to the normal BE and miniGTS stuff. So do you guys really want it? Theres an ALT version of the 4th of July mini comic with Belly inflation in it going on now at the Patreon.
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It seems every-time I go on vacation some major world event happens... last time it was Covid. I'd like to tell everong that some of this months Patreon to go to Global Giving, who is providing clean water and food to Ukrainian refugees. So if youve ever conisdered joining up, join for a good cause. Anyone who'd like to donate extra feel free to in our name or send the money over and I'll add it to the pot: Paypal:paypal.me/justaddwater98 Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/michaelfox0393 We made a big different to an entire village in Africa two years ago when we helped built them a well with The Water Project, now it's our turn to help out again.
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Welp time is short and I'm busy with EVERYTHING, soooo if you have any ideas for some silly holiday pinups please let me know. I'm doing write ups soon and I'm just drawing a blank on what to do. Thanks for any suggestions you can send over!
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Hey do you have a reference sheet of your ocs?

I don’t have any refernce sheets but I have some good pictures of Isabelle and Dave you could use. Why? :)

I love to draw them:3

glad to have you back ^^

Good to be here with the community

So I've been hearing on the grapevine that you might be shutting down production for a while.

While I won't ask for details on the matter. I would suggest creating a folder or zipfile of the public (only, obviously patreon content should remain locked) comics, pins, of your work that way fans of Isabelle and David can still enjoy the art you've graced us with?

Cause I still remember giving a follow and keeping up during the first comic of David Learning about Isabelle.

Hi there, you doing well?