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Challenge1: Draw OC for 30days

Drawing Your Character 30 times!

x What you have to do is EVERYDAY draw a finalized
character once. Do this for a month or so, (30 DAYS),
at the end of that month/30 days, compile all the sketches/arts and make a collage.
x Good luck! This exercise for you to get used to drawing your characters. You can do this for multiple characters at once.
- a tip is to plan and develop that/those character(s) and the plot of the story/comic/etc. during that time.
- you can shorten the amount of time, to say, a week/7days, 10 hours, etc. :]
- have fun with this, and DON’T cheat or anything.
- after you finish, mind showing it to me? <3 i love seeing improvement/ consistency.

x This may not be such an original idea, but it’s helpful, right? :) Once again, good luck!

EDIT: Another tip! Go and put the date for EACH day, etc., or a number.


Try for some of those 30days, the 25 EXPRESSIONS MEME ([link]) or/and add some extra expressions into them!

ps. Link back if you don't mind. :] I wanna see. I'm doing this too, you know! except for the fact I'm breaking it up and gonna post week by week (till 4th week/28days) then the post it altogether.
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I would do this but I never have any time anymore for art I have so much school work :crying: