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:icontdol3: tdol3 has a gallery filled with great, creative creatures.

How are you doing?
I'm doing great, thanks for ansking. ;) Heading off to college next year, majoring in graphic desgin and all.

Could you tell us something about yourself- what's your name, where are you from, do you work/study?
My name's Tim Dole, I'm from New Jersey, and I'm not working at the
moment. Only running track for my high school team... which takes up any
free time really. The couple of hours of time off from school and
sports I spend messing around with photoshop and all that stuff. Dont
get me wrong.. I have a life and friends, but when im not doing anything
i'm usually working on some type of new peice.

When and how did you discover art?
On the internet at all those graphic forums, those places truly sparked
my interest. Then it grew onto different sites like dA and some graphic
art collectives where I looked to for insperation. The Revuh along with
many other collectives really cought my attention, the work coming out
in the packs the artists created were so amazing and straight boss that I
wanted to improve to hope to join one, one day. That came true when I
got accepted into the Revuh Colective, the thought of joining all thoes
great artists in this collective felt so good. But this all started from
the first time I saw graphic design work from those small graphic
design sites, that really got me interesting in the arts/graphic arts.

Are there any members of your family who also find interest in making art?
Ha, nope.

Octo-EyeScream by tdol3

What's the story with you and vexel art? How and when did this 'fascination' start?
It started from just finding insperation from artists off dA, a lot of
great peices cought my eye and I wanted to get into that form of art. I
found that there is two ways to go about it.. either vector or vexel,
the reason I am sticking with vexel now is because of the challenge is
brings. Vexel is more strick then vector, as far as the resources,
brushes, and adjustments that can't be used for vexel. It makes lighting
and shading harder in my opinion, more challenging.. and I enjoy
chellenges. I feel more acomplished after finishing a vexel peice then
to finish a vector.

Road kill by tdol3

Have you ever tried vectors?
Yes, I begain with this form. I liked it, but like I said it does not offer as much of a challenge as vexel.

Which one is your favourite- vexel or vector?
Vexel.. hands down. ;)

Is there anything vexel relted you're working on?
Currently nothing.. just finished something for Revuh's 9th though, about it.

Are there any vexel artists that you look up to?
Yup: x-posion, lexingtonGDA, cronobreaker, huMAC, artm0nkey, theSeiryu, and many others that I can't think of at the moment.

What inspires you?
A lot of different artists off dA and graffity sometimes gives me insperation.

Do you find vexels useful in your work/school projects? If yes, could you tell us something about those projects?
Nope.. have no projects relating to graphic design that I've come across.

How do you think vexels' future looks like? Will they get more popular or will people turn to other styles and mediums?
I think the people working with this form of art will continue to
inspire more and more people and hopefully live on though thoes artists
and become bigger. So I think it will live on.

Any tips for vexel beginners?
Ummm... work with colors that go good together. Deff look at some tuts
if you get stuck on something.. look for insperation from other vexel
artists to help you get started. Creat some references/drawings/ideas
before you get started on any peice, it will deff turn out better then
to just go into in it with nothing in mind.

scream for icecream by tdol3

Time for a random fact about you- what's your favourite music band and why?
Ehh... for band ima go with Dropkick Murphys, because there Irish/"I'm Shipping up to Boston" pumps me up so much!


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OMG AMAZING!!!!!!!!!