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Hair tutorial

This is a hair tutorial for photoshop

I hope it's useful ;)

Step 2- create the lines using the pen tool of course

Link to the finished deviation: [link]
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ok...gud Ttor fr mi, thanks Sis
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it's so helpfull.. thank you Sister.. :happybounce:
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glad it helped :)
how do you add that fading look after the stroking the path
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'simulate pressure' :)
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There are lots of brushes in brush palette, which one to chose? because when i try these steps i don't exactly get this pointed end like hair.. its shape is all same from start to end.
And one more thing i want to ask when working with zoom, i get the hair really big i mean we cant minimize the brush size from 1px.
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I usually used the regular, round brush, but you can of course experiment. As for the endings, when you switch to pen tool, right click > window pops up > pick 'brush' and make sure 'simulate pressure' is also checked, then it should work fine :)
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Okaayy! Thanks :)
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Can this first step be done by using the mouse?Kawaii Mouse (Being Kawaii) [V1] 
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are you starting from lighter colors to darker?? tnx for this tutorial

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Yes, but you can try and start from dark color :)
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Thanks a bunches for this! xD been searching for a good vexel hair tut. i found this on this site as a recommended tut
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glad it helped :)
Nice tutorial. Btw.. how do you set-up the brush?
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before you do hair with the pen tool, click on the brush tool and select the size and shape you'd like to use [it's all up to you, you can use 1-2px for lighter hair and change the size later] and then pick the pen tool and create paths etc.
hope that helped
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How do you make many paths?
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after you've created one path, hold ctrl and clock somewhere else, that way you will 'close' that path and will be able to make another one
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u just used brush at the first step n has created paths...!!!!! how..????? or its by mistake....???
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paths were created using the pen tool, then stroke path
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okiezzzzzzzz........ :)
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