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Gradient part 1

This is actually a vexel not vector tutorial so far but there'll be more parts soon.

Ok so now you know one of my secrets :no:

What's good about this method is that you can create few selections at once and just fill each one of them with gradient

Remember- this is how I do it, experimenting with settings is more than welcome, you don't have to do everyting exactly as I do ;)
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This is a great help! I've been working on vexels/vectors and need all the ways of the wise! lol

Thank you
Hugs, GG
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lol no problem, glad it's useful :)
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Hi! Your tutorial is featured in our journal!


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what a surprise :lol:
niepoprawnie's avatar
:nod: czegoś w tym stylu szukałam. :D
kiedy nastę;pna część? ^^;
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jak się zbiorę w sobie i zwalczę wrodzone lenistwo ;)
niepoprawnie's avatar
ajajaj, to sobie poczekamy. :XD:
nie no, żartuję. :D mam nadzieję, że ci się to uda w najbliższym czasie. ;d
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OMG!!! thank you for this! I suck at doing gradients on photoshop, they always look weird (the pixels become more and more pixelated and messes up the image and all) I'll try this once I get the chance and time (I'm doing a book translation and it takes all my time)
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I like the face, hope to see more of the picture :)
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słit :D musze zaczac kiedys z tymi gradienami powazniej pracowac :P
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:rage: Hey people don't be selfish, god damned!...Jussta only trying to help to many people interested to find nice tutorials to learn this applications, if there are people with fear that other people learn this tools it's because don't trust in their own skills as illustrator.

Justina don't feel as a traitor or something like that, this is a very nice help for many people, well done my dear :hug:
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naaaah I'm sure they're just kidding ;)

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You have doubts?
(Seriously I would think the penguins are a dead give away.:unimpressed:)
crcarlosrodriguez's avatar
Okis, but I support you :):D
LineBirgitte's avatar
Now we know the magicians tricks - The magic has gone :no:

:giggle: well, of course not. Awesome insights :eyes:
Mirabel's avatar
Stop telling people secret gradient magics! :slap:
jussta's avatar
I knew you're gonna have a problem with that :turbopoke:
Mirabel's avatar
First rule of Gradient Club: You don't talk about Gradient Club!
jussta's avatar
So I'm no longer a member? :iconcryplz:
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You have to take that up with the penguins.
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"smile and wave boys........ smile and wave......." :wave::wave::wave:
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