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EDIT/ changed hair color, not sure if I'm 100% happy with it, but imo it looks better than before: [link]

Goooosh I missed doing this!

(Don't expect too many new works tho. I only have a trial version *dammit* but it's still better than nothing).

I got so excited about the fact that I finally have ps that I spent all day long doing this work (new hair record- only 2 hours ;p).

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Do you have tutorial for the hair strands man? that looks cool
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Nice one! <3 I love it =)
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i'm so glad she broke up with stuart! stuart, need to be with someone who DOES wanna settle down. :shakefist: MEEEEE!!!!!!!
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Oh Stuart... he's so hawt, rawrr
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I like the hair colour more now! :>
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me too ^^
how are you btw?
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wow i love her skin ^0^ look so amazing
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I love Charlize!!
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:wow: darling, why I haven't see this work before?...
Beautiful work, I love how you did her hairs!
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lol I have no idea sweetie, I guess because it's soooo old :giggle:
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believe me sweetheart, you should do more vector works like this, I really enjoy this art piece...:)
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Stunning. Gorgeous. Amazing Work.
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mouth watering delicious!
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So pretty, the hair is perfect.

Best Regards
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