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:iconjussonic:JusSonic posted a status
Okay, can someone tell me why the Boo Buddies in Mario Maker has wings when they can fly naturally??

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Greenrob Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016
I am not sure myself..........maybe it has some kind of new the Boos get extra Speed or something like that
DJScales Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I don't know. 
Julayla64 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, it was one of those game mechanics they added in. I mean I remember there was one in one of the Bowser created courses. And yes, Bowser himself made a few courses.
Solid-Sun Featured By Owner Edited Dec 6, 2016
Wings can be added to enemies in the Course Maker. Without wings Boo Buddies simply circle an area. With the wings they move in and out.
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