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:iconjussonic:JusSonic posted a status
Well, I just bought "Doctor Who Series Ten, Part Two" and planned on getting the Twice Upon A Time special. I'm planning on figuring how out to get all the Doctor Who episodes.

I guess I'm a Whovian now. :P

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RobotNinjaHero Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018
That's nice to hear.
TimeBoy08 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018
Here’s the new series schedule 

Doctor who (1996)
Doctor Who series 1 
Born Again children in need
Christmas invasion 
Series 2
Runaway bride 
Series 3
Time crash 
Voyage of the Damned 
Series 4
Next doctor 
Planet of the dead
Waters of mars.
End of time
Series 5 
Christmas carol
Series 6
Doctor, widow, warbrdoe 
Series 7 part 1
Series 7 part 2
Night of the Doctor 
Day of the Doctor 
Time of the Doctor 
Series 8
Last Christmas 
Series 9
Husbands of river song 
Return of Dr Mysterio
Series 10…

also, the spin offs Torchwood series 1 takes place after during series 2, season 2 during series 4 and Children of Earth after series 4

DragonMaster77 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018
Welcome to the club *hands you membership pin*
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