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:iconjussonic:JusSonic posted a status
All right, Rifftrax is on its final week, so here's what they got planned for their final stretch rewards...


Final Week: Final Stretch Goals!

Good day, Backers!
We hope you’re thoroughly recovered from the weekend and raring to go for this, the final week of our Kickstarter! To pick things up for the last stretch, we’ve got a brand new set of backer-based Stretch Goals. Can you contain your excitement? Because we sure can’t!

6,500 Backers: Kevin Murphy will cosplay as Cameron Mitchell for the Space Mutiny show!
What else can we say about Cameron Mitchell? He’s not only a legend, but one of our favorite cheesy film actors, and he’s particularly memorable in Space Mutiny. Well, if we make it to this backer goal, our very own Kevin Murphy will don Cameron Mitchell’s full outfit from Space Mutiny for our live riff of it - mumu and all!

You know you have to see this!

We know with your help, we can set our engines to speeds of 3 and achieve MUMU POWER!

7,250 Backers: Ready Player One Just The Jokes MP3
References: we all know them, in fact, that’s exactly what we like about them. Anyone who has heard Mike Nelson and senior writer Conor Lastowka’s podcast 372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back knows that we’re already thoroughly versed in this hodge-podge of pop culture referentia, and we absolutely can’t wait to give it a good riffing. If we make it to 7,250 backers, we’ll load up our rig, get to gunting*, and anyone who pledges at the $50 level or above will get the resulting riff for FREE!
*NOTE these are actual terms from Ready Player One

Can YOU spot all the references?

8,000 Backers: Space Mutiny Live Show Blu-Ray!
Has any movie deserved the high-definition treatment more than Space Mutiny? Perhaps only Rollergator. Help us make it to 8,000 backers, and we’ll unlock a Blu-Ray of our Space Mutiny show, and backers at the $100 level or above will get to choose their preferred physical media format. Blast Hardcheese would want it this way.

9,000 Backers: Solo: A Star Wars Story Just The Jokes MP3
Look, we all know prequels are a fantastic idea. Especially Star Wars prequels. Don’t tell us the odds, but if we can make it to 9,000 backers, we’ll set a riff of Solo: A Star Wars Story to light speed and give it away to all backers for free!

I hope we find out the origin of the holo chess board!

9,500 Backers: Ready Player One Riff Free to all backers!
Load up your Atari and blast the Back To The Future soundtrack once again. If we can manage to hit this goal, we’ll give away our Ready Player One riff to all backers absolutely free. Now that’s one hell of a rig!

10,000 Backers: It’s A Wonderful Life Just The Jokes MP3
Oh, Clarence, I want to riff again! If our wish comes true and we make it to 10,000 backers, this oft-requested Christmas classic - which is oft-substituted by us with such magical Christmas stories as Jack Frost, Whizzo The Clown, or Santa and The Ice Cream Bunny - will be free to everyone who backs our Kickstarter. Make your Christmas season bright with what’s certain to be a heartwarming ribbing of an old holiday favorite.

With your help, it could be a wonderful riff!

As always, we need your help to hit any of these goals. You can help us unlock these new stretch rewards even faster by upgrading your pledge, or inviting your friends to back, too! If they’re new to RiffTrax, donating even a single dollar will score them awesome rewards, including up to 10 FREE shorts and three FREE MP3 riffs! With you behind us, we know we can make it happen. Let’s make this last week of the campaign the best one yet!
Last thing! Be on the lookout: we're happy to announce RiffTrax Live: Space Mutiny Belcourt tickets will be going on sale this Friday, so be sure to check back here on Thursday for your exclusive ticketing window!
-Mike, Kevin, and Bill

P.S.: Want to help us spread the word about these amazing stretch goals? Copy and paste any of the following into your most favorite social media platform and get the word out!

Are you ready for this? @RiffTrax wants to riff ReadyPlayerOne - we have to make this happen!…

Who doesn’t want another Star Wars prequel riff? Help @RiffTrax riff Solo: A Star Wars Story by backing their Kickstarter…

Hey #MSTIES - Kevin Murphy wants to wear Cameron Mitchell’s outfit from Space Mutiny. By Blast Hardcheese, we need to make this happen!…


Folks, I definitely, awesomely want this stuff, so make it happen!

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