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:iconjussonic:JusSonic posted a status
Hear ye, hear ye! The Rifftrax Kickstarter 2018 has new stretch goals!

A Stretching Goal!?!

We’re kicking off this week with BIG news!
It's time for another round of stretch goals, and these ones are pretty spectacular

$360,000: Stranger Things Pilot Episode Riff!
Riffing is heading to the Upside Down! Yes, it’s time to get your 80’s references, Eggo Waffles and Christmas lights in order, we’re looking to take on this critically acclaimed Netflix series' first episode. If you pledge $75 or more to our campaign, you’ll get this riff for free! (And it will work in our app - which is also free)

$380,000: A Talking Cat!?! VOD
It’s one of our most requested films! Shout it from the rooftops like Eric Roberts recording all his dialogue in an airport bathroom. We’re constantly astonished so many folks have seen this family film, and we think it’s high time it got a good riffing. If we manage to make it to $380,000, all backers at $85 or above will get this VOD free!

$400,000: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Riff!
They keep making Star Wars films, so we just have to keep riffing them! This latest entry in the saga of daddy issues and extended light-sabering was as successful as it was divisive. We absolutely can’t wait to dig into it. If you back us at $100 or above, you can laugh yourself to a galaxy far, far away.

$425,000: Brand New Shorts DVD
Shorts: we watch them, we usually joke over them, we wear them to the store when we don’t feel like putting a real outfit together. If we reach $425,000 in this campaign, we’ll unleash another rousing collection of shorts in convenient DVD format, and all backers at the $100 level and above will get it for free!

$450,000: Choice of Mike, Kevin and Bill OR Ice Cream Bunny Pin!
Enamel has really sparked our pin-terest, and no, that doesn’t mean we’ll start using Pinterest. That’s mainly because we don’t have any ideas for things to make with Mason Jars. We’re so excited about these fun fashion accessories, that we’ve got two new pin designs. Behold!

These pins could be yours!

A huge thanks to Nikol King for designing the Ice Cream Bunny Pin, and to Jason Martin and Adam Korford for their work on the Mike, Kevin and Bill pin. Each soft enamel pin will be 1.5” in diameter. If we meet this goal, backers at the $100 or above level will have their choice of one of these fine pins. Just please don’t wear the Ice Cream Bunny one on any dates - we believe doing so constitutes a crime in several jurisdictions.


Boy, I hope we get these, because I want all of them!

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Riffing is going to the upside down! @RiffTrax wants to take on stranger_Things. Crank their Kickstarter up to 11!…

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