Who will win the season finale of My Little Pony One Chaper Beatdown?
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Cozy Glow
Diamond Tiara
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Published: November 25, 2018
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Definitely Diamond Tiara.

I hate Cozy for getting the CMC in trouble with Twilight.
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Hand to hand..neither really with all due respect.

Then again, I don’t fully like both characters.

Cozy I find bland and boring as a villain. who the hell allows tirek to have a pen pal; they’re idiots.

DT has barley been used since her “reformation” , it’s in da hard to care
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I'm definitely voting for Diamond here. In addition to usually preferring to root for the good guys anyway (and Diamond IS one of the good guys now), Cozy is MAJORLY over-rated as a villain. She is quite literally just a nastier, but more subtle Pegasus version of the OLD Diamond Tiara. The only reason she got as far as she did was because literally ALL the good guy characters got heavily saddled with a serious case of Idiot Ball. If the heroes were allowed to be as intelligent and competent as they should be, Cozy would have been exposed and defeated LONG before she had any chance to put any major plans into action.

Cozy's chief weapon is manipulation and Diamond should NOT be stupid enough to fall for her lies.
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