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Round 1 Fight 48: Thanos vs. Sonic the Hedgehog! 

22 deviants said Sonic the Hedgehog
16 deviants said Thanos

Devious Comments

cartoonfan22 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2019
TimeBoy08 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2019
As much as I’d hate to say it...Thanos. I mean come in, we seen how powerful he is. Now whilst sonic is strong, he’s at his powerful as super sonic. As super sonic he has a advantage but Thanos has rhe most powerful stones in the universe (that is when he actually has them)

Thanos without the gauntlet? Maybe sonic can win.

with the gauntlet? Sonic doesn’t stand a chance.
Comickook Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2019
Unfortunately, I couldn't agree more. While, admittedly, I like Sonic MUCH more, Thanos has too much of a power advantage over him (as well as MOST other individual heroes)

And, yes, I AM quite aware of how genocidal it sounds to vote for Thanos and I apologize for that.
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