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Who will win the Season 5 Finale of Death Battle? 

25 deviants said Thanos
8 deviants said Darkseid
7 deviants said Draw

Devious Comments

cartoonfan22 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2018
Thanos... HE ELIMINATED HALF OF THE UNIVERSE (Including Spider-Man!!!)
Dragonfire92379 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2018
Thanos obviously because he's armed with the power of the Infinity Stones and the unimaginable power he bears is going to give Darkseid a run for his money.
excalibur2008 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2018
I'm going with Darkseid just becuase apparently JLA/Avengers had MARVEL admit Darkseid trumped Thanos, and you can't get more authoritative than that.
Comickook Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2018
I'm going with Thanos here. While they are both incredibly powerful and quite intelligent, Thanos does have the edge in mental ability. Plus, Darkseid has lost to Superman on his own more than once, while Thanos has beaten the Hulk (who is approximately Superman's power level) WAY more often than he has lost to him.
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