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Peter Mayhew, the actor responsible for bringing us Chewbacca AKA Chewie, has passed away today.

It's sad that this happened, he has lived for a lot of years. Our hopes and prayers are with his family. We can only hope the final Star Wars film of the trilogy will be in memory of him.
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Bendy's back...but what's the story this time? And what happened to Henry?
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Yeah, pass on the job. But the game?

Freddy isn't done yet...
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All right, Kickstarter for Rifftrax 2019 is officially over. We have pledged up to $539, 351.

We hit the goal for getting a Blu-Ray for Rifftrax Live: Star Raiders, that's good.

Bad news is that we failed to get a fishing video with Kevin Murphy (so close too!), Thank you pre-show slide, a Blu-Ray for Octaman Live, a lower reward for the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom riff (got it so no biggie), and It's A Wonderful Life....again!

Oh well, maybe next year....again. Still, it has been a good run. Thanks for those who supported it.
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The ancient foe mentioned for Season 9 is revealed in the update...

The Beginning of the End, Part I 
Apr. 6, 2019
When Celestia and Luna decide to retire and hand off the ruling of Equestria to Twilight and her friends, it send Twilight into a tailspin of self-doubt. The ancient villain Grogar plots to conquer all of Equestrian, but King Sombra has ideas of his own.  

The Beginning of the End, Part II 
Apr. 6, 2019
As Twilight and the rest of the Mane six struggle to come to terms with destruction of the Tree and Elements of Harmony, King Sombra sets his sights on conquering all of Equestria.

Yes, Grogar, a new version of the G1 villain is here. For folks who don't recall, VK and I last used him in the Friendship Games Remake, which has been issue of some problems which I will not discuss here.

So what could this mean for the fan-fiction world? That's up to me and my friends to figure out, especially since we last saw Grogar and his minion Bray defeated and banished back to Tambelon. We will see what will happen. 
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Still can't believe it's almost over, but some good things got to come to an end....and the last thing we need is a rotting series like The Simpsons.

Celestia and Luna retiring? Well, no matter, my friends and I can work that into our fan-fiction series one way or another. If they retire, fine,. If not, that's fine too.

I hope this goes well.
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Or in this case, a certain ACTOR named Luke...…

Yep, Luke Perry died of a stroke. How tragic. He is well known for his role in Beverly Hills 2010 and some other stuff.

He will be missed.
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Looks like our favorite cartoon dog is heading back to the big screen....and he's bringing the rest of the Hanna Barbera clan with him!

Hopefully this will be awesome.
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The new season of MLP: FIM, and its final one is going to be an interesting one.

Sombra's back, the Tree of Harmony destroyed (maybe), brainwashing ponies (but we know that won't last long), and more friendship triumphing!

Hopefully this season will end with a bang!
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Hey folks, sorry for the delay but I wanted to get my shopping done. I got my refund a while ago and will get the state one on Monday. Lately, I bought movies from Vudu, Order of the League, Gumroad, got DVDs like Dragons; Race to the Edge Seasons 1 and 2, The Angry Birds, Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom, and the new Doctor Who special.

And recently, I got a mattress topping for my bed. And I still got money left. Yay!
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The Rifftrax guys are back with another Kickstarter event, with 3 awesome Live Shows!…

It got three awesome movies like Octaman, probably a mutated octopus like creature film, Star Raiders, probably a ripoff of Star Wars, but that's just me....and a big time MST3K fave of mine, The Giant Spider Invasion starring Pork Vacuum AKA Alan "D'oh!" Hale!

I hope this Kickstarter succeeds so start pledging folks!
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Since Celebrity Deathmatch is due for a big reboot, I thought I would reconsider my thoughts of working on an idea I've abandoned long ago: The Big Deathmatch! If it's in script form or written form, it's up to me.

See the cast list for The Big Deathmatch to see where these fighters came from. 

Season 1
Pilot Show:
Darkseid vs. Thanos

Death Bowl I:
Fight #1: James vs. Jessie
Fight #2: Santy vs. Panty Anarchy
Main Event: The Soda Poppers vs. Will Vandom, Irma Lair, Taranee Cook, Cornelia Hale and Hay Lin

Cartman's Last Stand:
Fight #1: Monica Lewinsky vs. Hillary Clinton
Fight #2: The Grinch vs. Queen Rapsheeba
Main Event: Stewie Griffin vs. Eric Cartman

Where is Superman?
Fight #1: Dr. Phil vs. Maury
Fight #2: Reeka vs. Draggle
Main Event: Superman vs. The Incredible Hulk

The Mystery of Titan
Fight #1: Titan vs. Mr. Foot
Fight #2: Carter Grayson vs. Kano
Main Event: David Litterin vs. Crimson Chin (Guest-Referee: Timmy Turner)

The Big Deathmatch Goes to the Movies
Fight #1: Jerry Mouse vs. Tom Cat
One From The Vault: Merriweather Lewis vs. William Clark (Corner-Men: Father Time & Geromino)
Main Event: Itchy vs. Scratchy (Guest-Referee: Ned Flanders

Max in a Coma:
Fight #1: Sheila Broflovski vs. Sedusa
Dream Fight: Dr. Jason Seaver vs. Steven Keaton (Guest-Referee: Bernie McCullough)
Main Event: Myra Stump vs. Maury vs. Dr. Phil

Max Returns:
Fight #1: Heffer Wolfe vs. Mandy Luxx
Fight #2: Dr. Eggman vs. Dr. Wily
Main Event: Zac Effron vs. Darkseid

Presented by Major Beer:
Fight #1: Barbra Streisand vs. Photo Finish
Fight #2: Bill Gates vs. The Dancing Lobster
Main Event: Troy Burrows vs. Jack Dawson

The Missing Girl:
Fight #1: Prince Meanie vs. Michael the Goth
Fight #2: Michael Knight vs. Britney Britney
Main Event: RJ & Esmeralda vs. Ethan Hunt & Dr. Chase Meridian

Battle of the Players:
Fight #1: Kuzco vs. Vegeta
Fight #2: Prince Blueblood vs. The Artist Formerly Known as Prince (Coach: Princess Luna)
Main Event: Michael Jordan vs. Yaz 

37th Annual Sci-Fi Fight Night:
Unofficial Fight #1: Celine Dion vs. Keith Flint
Unofficial Fight #2: Max Rabbit vs. Kang and Kodos
Main Event: Scott Summer & Jean Grey vs. Hancock & Agent Superball

Masters of the Martial Arts:
Fight #1: Sideshow Bob vs. Roseanne
Fight #2: Joe vs. Vicky
Main Event: Segata Sanshiro vs. Saxton Hale (Guest-Referee: Chuck Norris)

Fandemonium I:
Fight #1: Stitch vs. David Xanatos
Fight #2: Sonata Dusk vs. Octavia
Main Event: Jinx vs. Carmen Electra (Guest-Referee: James)

Season 2
Battle of the Boys with Toys:
Fight #1: Mr. Freeze vs. Sub-Zero
Fight #2: Donald Duck vs. Daffy Duck (Guest-Referee: Howard the Duck)
Main Event: Love Handel vs. Sev'ral Timez

Rock 'n' Roll, Flashbacks, and Pregnancies:
Fight #1: Kula Diamond vs. Mrs. Jewls
Fight #2 (Fight from the 1980s): President Skroob vs. The Great Gonzo (Corner-Man: Colonel Sandurz; Guest-Referee: John Shepherd)
Main Event: Wayne & Garth vs. Bill & Ted

The Time Machine:
Fight #1: Nikki Wong vs. Jen Masterson vs. Caitlin Cooke
Fight #2: Professor Henry Jones, Sr. vs. James Bond (Daniel Craig Version)
Main Event: Mahamta Gandhi vs. Genghis Khan

The Unknown Murderer:
Bible Story: Moses vs. The Pharaoh (Guest-Referee: God)
Fight #1: Geraldo Rivera vs. Larry King
Main Event: Anita Blake vs. Valerie Grey/the Red Huntress

Death Bowl II:
Fight #1: Chel vs. Rangiku Matsumoto
Halftime Show: Sapphire Shores vs. Justin Bieber
Main Event: Balrog vs. Little Mac

The Big Deathmatch International:
Fight #1: Mortimer Mouse vs. Mickey Mouse
Fight #2: Puss in Boots vs. Strong Bad (Guest-Referee: Fidel Castro)
Main Event: Johnny Bravo vs. Dante vs. Yoyo NoNo

The End of Spies:
Fight #1: Kate Moss vs. Claudia Schiffer vs. Tyra Banks
Fight #2: King Salazar vs. Gangstalicious
Main Event: Boris vs. Secret Squirrel vs. Shego vs. Ivana Humpalot

The Big Deathmatch: The Motion Picture:
Fight #1: Benton Tarantella vs. Katz
One from the Vault: John Wayne vs. Yakko Warner
Main Event: Karone vs. Brit Krust

Family Night I:
Fight #1: Trixie Lulamoon vs. Merluck
Fight #2: Ryan Mitchell & Dana Mitchell vs. Donny Osmond & Marie Osmond
Main Event: Pop & Cub vs. Uncle Max & Alex the Lion

Cable Day:
Fight #1: Elzar vs. Mr. and Mrs. Cake
Fight #2: Disco Bear vs. Cuddles
Main Event: Alex Trebek vs. Pat Sajak

Censoring Problems:
Fight #1: Briefers Rock vs. Carl Brutananadilewski
Fight #2: Alanis Morisette vs. Jewel
Main Event: Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy vs. The Three Tenors

4th of July Celebration:
Fight #1: Bill Clinton vs. ???
Fight #2: Diamond Tiara vs. Saddam Hussein
Main Event: Abraham Lincoln vs. George Washington (Corner-Men: Richard Nixon & Theodore Roosevelt)

Salute to Laughter:
Fight #1: Dex Dogtective vs. Best Hercules
Fight #2: Minty vs. Mr. Potato Head
Main Event: Mike Wazowski vs. Genie vs. Sailor Moon

The Laser Point:
Fight #1: Al Simmons/Spawn vs. Eric Draven/The Crow (Coach: Princess Luna)
Fight #2: Bon-Bon/Sweetie Drops vs. D'vorah
Main Event: Steve vs. Mandy

Robot Rabbit:
Fight #1: Johnson vs. Andy LeBeau
Fight #2: Jem vs. Ivy
Main Event: Butters Stotch vs. All-Comers

The Prophecy:
Fight #1: Nesbit vs. Sammo Law
Fight #2: Osmosis Jones vs. Timmy the Tooth
Main Event: Lucy Heartfilia vs. Sara Pezzini

In the Memory of Evette:
Fight #1: Megan Williams vs. Cree Lincoln
Fight #2: Parco Folgore vs. Roberto Benigni
Main Event: Ghost Rider vs. Tony Manero

From the Streets of New York (Clip show)

Hi-Tech Fighting:
Fight #1: Richard Simmons vs. Jason Lee Scott
Fight #2: Remy Buxaplenty vs. Carter Pewterschmidt
Main Event: Mario vs. Kratos

Halloween Episode I:
Fight #1: Vorn the Unspeakable vs. Beezlebub
Unofficial Fight: Alucard vs. Satan
Main Event: Flash Drive vs. The Unlikelys

Turn on Your TV Day;
Fight #1: Zorak vs. Brak
Fight #2: Judge Constance Harm vs. Carmen Sandiego
Main Event: Philip J. Fry vs. Zapp Brannigan

Fandemonium II:
Fight #1: Flim vs. Flam
Fight #2: Eric Draven/The Crow vs. Jareth the Goblin King
Main Event: The Winter Soldier vs. Darkseid

Season 3
Death Bowl III:
Fight #1: Ryoma Echizen vs. Lee Carvallo
One from the Vault: O.J. Simpson vs. Joe Namath
Main Event: Gashouse Gorilla vs. Mighty Casey

The New Employee:
Fight #1: Lifty vs. Shifty
Fight #2: Donnie Thornberry vs. Squidward Tentacles
Main Event: J.D. vs. Christopher Turk vs. Perry Cox

Freak Fights:
Fight #1: Stan Lee vs. Ken Penders
Fight #2: Cousin Grimm vs. Pierce McCrack
Main Event: Pron Queen vs. Queen of Hearts (Guest-Referee: Gary Oak)

The Big Deathmatch's Salute to Hollywood:
Fight #1: Robin Hood vs. Bulk
Fight #2: Psycho Pie vs. Divatox
Main Event: Alfred Hitchcock vs. Michael Bay

Congressional Hearings (clip show)

Deathmatch Prom:
Fight #1: Twilight Sparkle vs. Sabrina Spellman
Fight #2: Anna vs. Elsa
Main Event: Evelyn Kwong & Seth Powers vs. Suzie Crabgrass & Billy Loomer

Sex, Lugs, and Rock 'n' Roll:
Fight #1: Panty Anarchy vs. Shaundi
Fight #2: Twana Bandicoot vs. Coco Bandicoot
Main Event: Luigi vs. Waluigi

Sam & Love? (1):
Fight #1: Marc Summerall vs. Regis Philbin
Fight #2: Napoleon Bonaparte vs. Oddjob
Main Event: Balto vs. All-Comers

Time-Travelling (2):
Time Fight #1: Max Rabbit vs. The Satyr
Time Fight #2: Jimmy Kudo vs. Jack the Ripper
Main Event: Dot Matrix vs. Princess Vespa

In the Head of Psycho:
Fight #1: Dethklok vs. Brainiac
Fight #2: Al Gore vs. Cheese Sandwich (originally the Main Event)
Main Event: Yumi Yoshimura vs. Yumi Ishima

The Battle of the Beautiful Psychos:
Fight #1: Beni-Trauma vs. Potato Khan
Fight #2: The Boulder vs. Lemony Snicket
Main Event: Ember McLain vs. Jade

Best of Cartoons (Clip Show)

The Prisoners:
Fight #1: Wave the Swallow vs. Jet the Hawk
Fight #2: Larxene vs. Farrah Fawcett
Main Event: Edward Carnby vs. Iron Main

Vicky Returns:
Fight #1: Mushu vs. Vincent the Bear
Fight #2: Snow vs. Sora
Main Event: Skylar & Bandit Keith vs. Vicky

The Return of Kula Diamond:
Fight #1: Simon Nelson Cook "Cookie" vs. Mandark
Fight #2: Two-Face vs. Sly Sludge
Main Event: The Gross Sisters vs. The Powerpunk Girls

Halloween Episode II:
Unofficial Fight #1: Erin Yagger vs. The Mummy
Unofficial Fight #2: Valerie Grey/The Red Huntress vs. Dracula
Unofficial Main Event: Zombie Evette vs. Meg Griffin

A Night of Vomit:
Fight #1: Drew Blanc vs. Eddie Valiant
Fight #2: Raven vs. Madame Rouge
Main Event: George W. Bush vs. Parappa the Rapper

Suddenly Max:
Fight #1: Vipra vs. Sora Takenouchi
Fight #2: Rolf vs. Lee Kanker
Main Event: Chase Young vs. Dekter

Family Night II:
Fight #1: Wayne Cramp vs. Lucien Cramp
Fight #2: (Fight from 1970s) Homer Simpson vs. Peter Griffin
Main Event: Tommy Solomon & Harry Solomon vs. Bud Smith & Julie Smith

The Big Deathmatch Top 10 (Clip show)

Max's Little Friend:
Fight #1: Buttercup vs. Kraven the Hunter
Fight #2: Dick Tracy & Abigail Adams vs. The President & Coco La Bouche
Main Event: Vinyl Scratch vs. Femme Fatale

Max Gets High:
Fight #1: Beast Boy vs. Cyborg
Fight #2: Lola Bunny vs. Minerva Mink
Main Event: Jack Dawson vs. Fluttershy

Deathcon 20XX
Fight #1: Lara Croft vs. Samus Aran
Fight #2: Cousin Grimm vs. Potato Khan
Main Event: Rocket Raccoon vs. Nick Fury (Guest-Referee: George Lucas)

Fandemonium III:
Fight #1: Beavis vs. Butthead
Main Event: Sev'ral Timez vs. The Unlikelys

Season 4
Where is John Madden?:
Fight #1: Wysteria vs. Prince Vakar
Fight #2: Elastigirl vs. Ann Possible
Main Event: Tad vs. Chad

Slaughter and the City:
Fight #1: Bear Grylls vs. Medusa
Fight #2: Bender vs. Dale Gribble
Main Event: Samantha Jones vs. Miranda Hobbes vs. Charlotte York Goldenblatt vs. Carrie Bradshaw

A Big Deathmatch Special Report:
Main Event: Surf vs. Turf
Unofficial Fight #1: Sam Dog and Max Rabbit vs. Diane Simmons
Unofficial Fight #2: Rarity vs. Sailor Moon

Spinal Tap vs. Oh Boyz:
Main Event: Spinal Tap vs. Oh Boyz
Unofficial Fight: Camille Leon vs. Oh Boyz

Food Fights:
Fight #1: Jonathan Davis vs. Meat Loaf
Fight #2: Colonel Sanders vs. Jack
Main Event: Nigel Powers vs. Hopper

Where is Albert Einstein's Brain?"
Fight #1: Albert Einstein vs. Jan
Fight #2: Jane Shepherd vs. Himeko Shirogane
Main Event: David Blaine vs. Doctor Fate

Meg is Pregnant:
Fight #1: Donatello vs. Eddie
Fight #2: Lisa Ling vs. Snake
Main Event: Lebron James vs. Kazaam

Iago in the Arena:
Fight #1: Chester McBadbat vs. Brick
Fight #2: Harry Potter vs. Jack Torrance
Main Event: Prim Hemline vs. Connie Diminko

Battle of the Superfreaks (clip show)

Clash of the Trashy Titans:
Fight #1: Chuck Berry vs. James Brown
Fight #2: Dr. Heathcliff "Cliff" Huxtable vs. Pee-Wee Herman
Main Event: Giggles vs. Tiff Krust

The Mysterious Chief:
Fight #1: Anne Robinson vs. Chuck Berost
Fight #2: John Edward vs. Nostradamus
Main Event: Tracey de Santa vs. Stocking Anarchy

The Big Deathmatch: North vs. South
Fight #1: Buster Bunny vs. Roderick "Roddy" Rat
Fight #2: Faith Hill vs. Janet Jackson
Main Event: Robert E. Lee vs. Ulysses S. Grant

The Missing Beat-Alls Tape
Fight #1: Bill Maher vs. Conan O'Brien
Fight #2: Flo vs. Erin Esurance
Main Event: (Classic fight) Him vs. Mojo Jojo vs. Fuzzy Lumpkins vs. Princess Morbucks

Psycho's Birthday:
Fight #1: Beck vs. Bjork
Fight #2: Ace vs. Tommy Oliver
Main Event: Holli Would vs. Jessica Rabbit

Salute to Laughter II:
Fight #1: Jenna Elfman vs. Kathy Griffin
Fight #2: (One from the Vault) Pink Panther vs. Felix the Cat
Main Event: Garfield vs. Bucky Katt

Down Foxxy's Lane (Clip Show)

Fandemonium IV:
Main Event: Total Drama's Survival of the Total Drama Players (Guest-Refere: Chris McClean)

Jerkamania I:
Fight #1: Gilda vs. Lightning Dust
Fight #2: Rapunzel vs. Kylie Griffin
Main Event: Head Pixie vs. Sonic the Hedgehog

Fight #1: Bernie McCullough vs. Cleveland Brown
Fight #2: Uncle Phil vs. Carl Winslow
Main Event: Stan Smith vs. Hank Hill

Season 5
The Big Deathmatch: Bigger and Badder Than Ever!:
Fight #1: Aria Blaze vs. Sunset Shimmer
Fight #2: Kick Buttowski vs. Otto Rocket
Main Event: Kick Buttowski vs. Grandpa Buttowski

The Changing of the Guard:
Fight #1: Dante vs. Jarhead
Fight #2: Elliott vs. RJ
Main Event: Donald Duck vs. Jet the Hawk

Sibling Slaughterhouse:
Fight #1: Trixie Lulamoon vs. Royal Slash
Fight #2: Wizard Kelly vs. Oscar Proud
Main Event: Hinata Hyuga & Neji Hyuga vs. Anna & Elsa

Kazaam vs. Lebron:
Fight #1: Stocking Anarchy vs. ???
Fight #2: ??? vs. King Arthur
Main Event: Lebron James vs. Kazaam

Night of Comedy Comeback:
Fight #1: Trixie Tang vs. Queen Chrysalis
Fight #2: Minty vs. Veronica
Main Event: Octavia vs. Alex the Lion

Dazzling vs. Fatality:
Fight #1: Captain Falcon vs. Dick Dastardly
Fight #2: Pete vs. Gaara
Main Event: Sonata Dusk vs. Shao Khan

When Animals Attack!:
Fight #1: Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker vs. ???
Fight #2: Catman vs. Christopher Nolan's Batman
Main Event: Electro vs. ???

Season Finale:
Fight #1: Usopp vs. Winter Soldier
Fight #2: Panthy Anarchy vs. Briefers Rock
Main Event: Sticks the Badger vs. Sanderson

Season 6
The Beginning of the Big Deathmatch:
Fight #1: Kitten vs. Pacifica Northwest
Fight #2: Prince Dastan vs. Nick Carraway
Main Event: Fiona Fox vs. Rainbow Dash

Glimmer vs. Diamond:
Fight #1: ??? vs. ???
Fight #2: Swaysway vs. Bmo
Main Event: Double Diamond vs. Starlight Glimmer

The Banter Bloodbath:
Fight #1: Gibby vs. Sam Puckett vs. Carly Shay vs. Freddie Benson
Fight #2: Gary Oak vs. Paul
Main Event: Roxanne Ritchi vs. Chet Ubetcha

Leader of the Animals:
Fight #1: Brianna Buttowski vs. Rhubella Rat
Fight #2: Mileena vs. Azula
Main Event: Wysteria vs. Princess Celestia

Big DeathMash:
Fight #1: ??? vs. AhChoo
Fight #2: ??? vs. ???
Main Event: Nathan-Malfoy (Nathan Drake/Draco Malfoy) vs. ???

What Did Max Do?:
Fight #1: Julie vs. Ami Onuki
Fight #2: Coco Pommel vs. Suri Polomare
Main Event: Superior Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus vs. Amazing Spider-Man/Peter Parker

Where's Adagio?:
Fight #1: Camille Leon vs. Nicky Nick
Fight #2: 15 Cent vs.  Alcatraaaz
Main Event: Bebe vs. Adagio Dazzle

??? vs. ???:
Fight #1: Holli Would vs. ???
Fight #2: Buhdeuch vs. Joe Swanson
Main Event: ??? vs. ???

And that's it. Check this journal out, folks!
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I just recently found out about this! This show was a big fave of mine years ago back in 1998. And let me tell ya, it got me into the whole fictional fighting thing in the past. And with Ice Cube being involved too!

Hope this doesn't get canned like the last time. I am so excited!
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Well, 2018 has come and gone. And now, here's to 2019! Hopefully things will turn out better than the last year. Enjoy!
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Hey, folks! Merry Christmas and stuff! I got a big bundle this year, like candy, chips, MLP toys and toothbrush, and a flashlight in my stocking.

For presents, I got Incredibles 2, Ant-Man and the Wasp, a Wal-Mart gift card, a Garfield book, and the MLP Equestria Collection!

Good gifts for me this year, and I hope you all got great gifts too. Merry Christmas!
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It becomes clear to me that I won't get my Christmas fics done by Christmas....

So I will do what my pal Julayla did and do my Christmas fics whenever, so I will get my other Christmas stories done, even when the holiday's over. Wish me luck.
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Hey folks! As Christmas is coming close, I'm planning on two new Christmas fanmakes, one of them is a MLP one.

The first one is "Die Hard Dashersque Style" and it's a fanmake of the Cleveland Brown episode "Die Semi-Hard"" which parodies the movie "Die Hard". They will all be in EG forms.

Cleveland Brown: Rainbow Dash as Dasheresque
Donna Tubbs-Brown: Soarin' as Sky Dude
Cleveland Brown Jr.: Blazefist and Aquastroke (Nigel's OCs) as Mako Fireburnt and Kora Watermane
Lester Krinklesac: Adagio Dazzle as Red Dazzler
Tim: The Storm King as Liev Stormgrabber
Rallo Tubbs: Pinkamena Diane Pie (Greenrob's OC) as Dasheresque Three?
Roberta Tubbs: Kasai Songbird (Nigel's OC) as Kasai the Police Dispatcher 
Kendra Krinklesac: Sonata Dusk as Blue Dazzler
Terry Kimple: Iron Will as Champion Grint
Federline Jones: Svengallop
Arianna: Aria Blaze as Purple Dazzler
Robert Tubbs: Grubber as Hedge Hacker
Mr. Waterman: Stinkin' Rich as Mr. Rich
Ava Acres: Diamond Tiara as Little Rich
Guy Who Looks Like Huey Lewis: Brock Williams (VISION-KING's OC)
Holt: Lightning Dust as Washout
Donny: Capper as Alley Cat Man Do

Other roles will be filled when I decide when I need to.

The next fanmake is called "Mike Nelson's Super Powered Revenge Christmas", a fanmake of the Super Powered Revenge Christmas graphic novel made by Bill Corbett, a MST3K and Rifftrax legend. The whole thing is a retcon of the Christmas season with familiar character being remade for the comic.

Desmond: Mike Nelson (Mystery Science Theater 3000)
Libby: Bridget (MST3k OC; based on Michael J. Nelson's wife Bridget Jones Nelson)
Nick the Bartender: Tommy Pickles (Rugrats/All Grown Up)
Francine: Kimi Watanabe Finster (Rugrats/All Grown Up)
Grub: Barney Grumble (The Simpsons)
The Red Avenger (parody of Santa Claus): Sora (Kingdom Hearts; he resumed the role of Santa from my "Sora Claus: The Movie" fic and the same roles in Julayla's fics)
Rudy/Caribou (parody of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer): Bambi/Hulk (Disney; based him on Toonfanjoey using him as Rudolph in his Christmas, except his character is fused with that of the Hulk of Marvel. Just read the graphic novel. It makes sense!)
Frostina (female parody of Frosty the Snowman): Elsa (Disney's Frozen)
Joe Dailey/Uberbrain (parody of George Bailey of "It's A Wonderful Life"): Danny Fenton/Phantom (Danny Phantom)
Mary Dailey/Niceness Girl (parody of Mary Bailey of "It's A Wonderful Life"): Juniper "June" Lee (The Life and Times of Juniper Lee)
Mr. S (parody of Ebenezer Scrooge of "A Christmas Carol": Scrooge McDuck (Disney; based on him being Scrooge in "Mickey's Christmas Carol". He reforms in the end)
Mr. P (parody of Mr. Potter of "It's A Wonderful Life"): Montana Max (Tiny Toon Adventures; based on him in the role in the Tiny Toon versions of "It's A Wonderful Life")
Mr. G (parody of Hans Gruber from "Die Hard"): Ludo (Star vs. The Forces of Evil; based on Julayla's use of him in her KNS side story "Die Mega Hard")
The Glinch (parody of Dr. Seuss's character "The Grinch"): Fuzzy Lumpkins (Powerpuff Girls; based on Julayla's use of him as the Grinch in "How Fuzzy Lumpkins Stole Christmas' with a minor difference in the end)
Rat-Kong (parody of the Rat King from "The Nutcracker Prince"): Vlad (The Nutcracker Prince)
Wonder Baby (parody of Jesus): Darry and Kaylee Fenton (Dannigirl's (Not sure if I got her name right) OCs)

Looks awesome, so I hope to get to these ASAP.
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It is now Thanksgiving for everyone in America, and possibly all over the place! As we eat turkey and take advantage of the Black Friday sales (which unfortunately I got to work today), we also got to give thanks to the lord and everything else in our lives.

Also, today's the new season of MST3K: The Gauntlet! So I hope you folks are members of Netflix, because you don't wanna miss out on this new season which I'm starting on already!

So Happy Thanksgiving, again!
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MST3K fans of the world, prepare yourself for the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000!

Six new movies, including one did on Rifftrax, will be riffed here! No mercy! Prepare for laughter and fun! 

Coming soon to Thanksgiving!!!
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Well, with this journal entry, it is my 9,200th. Pretty awesome, eh? Can't wait to make it to 9,300!
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