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Author's note
Okay, here we go, time for more CDM gore and fun! Let's do this!


The fanfiction you are about to read is a work of total fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either products of the creators' imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locals is entirely coincidental. This story does not reflect the views or opinions of any actual person or pony seen in it.

...Anyway, it's either just CLAY or CARTOONS!

We fade in to a crowd...but instead of the usual ring and arena, we are in the middle of a deserted battlefield with the audience sitting in safe places. As Johnny speaks, we can see pictures of the fighters.

"It's Parents Days when pairs of parents go for the win."

"The Prince of the Crystal Empire meets the Pauper of the Fields!"

"And two of the most bizarre versions of two popular ponies prepare to cut each other into two!"

"This ain't no regular fighting thing. This is..."

We see the title of the show that came from out of nowhere.


We see Johnny and Nick in a made-shift booth. The former spoke, "Hey folks, welcome to yet another edition of Celebrity Deathmatch, broadcasting right here in the land of Equestria. I'm Johnny Gomez here with the ever accidental Nick Diamond."

"For those wondering, we aren't broadcasting in an arena this time." Nick explains as we see clips of various times that the arena was destroyed in the previous five editions. "Normally because each time we do, it gets destroyed in one way or another." We go back to the hosts.

"And so, our lawyers as well as the princesses insist that we take this new edition out away from civilization and into a deserted battlefield."

"Johnny, ponies and folks here are getting ready for some flank ass whooping."

"And so am I!" Pinkie exclaims, popping in. "I am Pinkie Pie, ready for some fun, fun, fun!"

"Also, for the first time ever, for the first two matches only, we will not be having them to the death but to the finish." Johnny explains to the audience, "Because, the fighters in the two first fights are good guys, not baddies."

We see the matchups as the hosts introduced them.

Fight 1

"Yep! In the first matchup, Princess Twilight Sparkle's parents Twilight Velvet and Night Light take on my employers Mr. and Mrs. Cake!" Pinkie's voice explains happily. "The princesses don't want Twilight or the babies to lose their parents so this will be a fight to the finish...until one pair is defeated!"

Fight 2

"And the same goes for the second fight." Johnny said as we see pictures of Shining Armor and Big Macintosh. "We got the Prince of the Crystal Empire Shining Armor, who is Twilight Sparkle's big brother, going against Applejack's shy yet very tough Big Macintosh."

"I think you mean 'Big Mcintosh'." Nick points out back in the booth.

"Yes, but Big Macintosh is much better to say, Nick."

"But the final battle is going to be freaky!" Pinkie exclaims as we now see the Main/Mane Event of the night.

Main/Mane Event

We see the pictures as Johnny's voice spoke, "Yes, we got Pinkie's crazy yet very determined double Pinkamena Diane Pie taking on the crazy and very unpredictable version of Celestia known as Princess Trollestia."

Back in the booth, Pinkie comments, "Yeah, Pinkamena is going to have a fun insane time tonight. Though when it comes to fighting Trollestia...hope she keeps her flank intact."

"Yeah, I hate to see something gross happening here." Nick remarks with a shudder at the idea.

"That's the idea!"

Author's note
And there's the prologue, folks. Whatcha think? In the next chapter, it's Twilight Velvet and Night vs. Mr. and Mrs. Cake! Read, review and suggest!
More Celebrity Deathmatch in Equestria mayhem! The matchups: Twilight's Parents vs. Mr. & Mrs. Cake; Shining Armor vs. Big Macintosh; And Pinkamena vs. Princess Trollestia!
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MewTora17 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Ah was wonder, Could ya bit write about mah plans over the pranks on Trollestia since she's did to me when Ah'm across her world before, then Ah want pay back what's she tried to me. Yeck....
JusSonic Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
Actually, I don't know what your plans are.
MewTora17 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Oh, When Pinkamena said Kitty, so Ah would called to Trollestia and asked her, "Do ya like Banana?" then Ah would bit cast the pile of the bananas on her. Which is mah favorite prank on her for pay back.
lyokian Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
So...the first two battles are till we get a double knockout in match one (both members of one team being knocked out) and last brother standing. Or to make things less deaths in the undercard.
Greenrob Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
so you like the idea ( the one I gave)

and I am sure you like Visions idea
JusSonic Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
Yeah, both are good.
Greenrob Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
that's good and I am sure vision will like that

and also what music will be playing when the battle of Pinkamena and Trollestia happens will it be something like from God of war since we both know this might become very brutal right
Greenrob Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
good start here comes and idea

Pinkamena is watching along with Golden heart and the group (Sombra Autumn Gem Jack Zen Omega Havis Hekira (the two in cloaks and hood Gold Wing and Golden Moon)

Pinkamena: so the new Deathmatch is starting

the others nod as Golden heart says

Golden heart: indeed but I wonder who is the Pinkamena that will fight Trollestia

Pinkamena: well it's going to be me

Golden heart and others are surprised by this as he says

Golden heart: little sister are you sure

Pinkamena: well I am not really sure but I will be getting ready just incase but for now lets watch the battle

the others nod and get to there seats and be ready for anything just incase miss fires happen

hope you like the idea
VISION-KING Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
Alright Jus, here's what I promise to give yah, it's something that will really knock our socks off by the end of this work while the fights are yours to decide on.

(Ending For Ponies Of Celebrity Deathmatch)


“Well alls well that ends well, eh Nick?” Johnny spoke off in seeing another fight was finished with a victory.

“Right Johnny, I like to see anything go off in this desert to catch us by surprise.” Nick nods in agreement, with their new location method, nothing could go wrong now.

“If you wish it, then maybe it shall be granted.” Spoke an odd, yet familiar voice within the air that sounded like it was sounding playful.

“Pinkie Pie, enough with the games?” Nick narrow his eyes at the jokester of the bunch.

“That wasn’t me?” Pinkie stated about not being the one that did that.

“Then who just spoke just now?” Johnny asked in not knowing or liking how this maybe playing out.

Then something appeared out of nowhere by a puff of red smoke dust, and as it cleared away, we saw what was before the host and the pink pony. Something that was resembling a draconquus, but it has a scar across his face, the creature appears to be half Changeling and his air appears to be all spiky. All in all, the guy kinda made everyone think he was Discord, but there was so much difference, it seem….a little off. He seemed more muscular, a bit more taller and wider, and seem to have a darker fur stature.

“TADA! Surprise, surprise, little viewers.” Discord II waved out in saying hello to greet this bunch.

“Wait a second, aren’t you….Discord?” Johnny spoke off in recalling who this character is.

“What are you doing here and looking like that?” Nick asked off in recalling Discord from last time, and now he comes looking like something else.

“That isn’t our Discord guys, this here’s the new EVIL version of the reform Discord. He goes by the name, Discord II.” Pinkie Pie explained with a serious face in what they have here isa  new evil that looks like Discord, but it’s his evil side that’s free.

“Oh please, sounds like his name means dooty to me?” Nick rolled his eyes in stating a joke of the name.

“Then how’s about you excuse yourself, after this?” Discord II smiled off to say this while he snap his fingers.

Then without warning, Nick was letting out a big burp cloud and blowing out fart gas from his behind. But the weirdest thing of them all was, the usual sounds of a burp and fart were reverse, Nick fart out the mouth and burp from his behind. And when it was settled, did everyone stare in shock!

“Holy Cow Nick! You just burp and farted at the same time?” Johnny yelps out to say this in what the guy just did.

“And from the usual spots came out and sounded different too?” Pinkie Pie stated off in what they also heard was different then usual.

“Ugh, I’ll tell you this…I do NOT wanna experience that again?” Nick groans to complain in what he’s done is something he doesn’t wanna go through again.

“Ho-ho…..if you think that was bad, then just wait until I perform my next trick?”  Discord II spoke off to brag about what else he’s got to show. “Click!” Then he snap his fingers to prepare the next feat of his chaotic magic at work.

Then without warning, the entire desert was changed into….black sand?

“I don’t believe what I’m seeing, Discord II changed the desert into… sand?” Johnny yelps off in seeing what has now been done here.

“So what? After the crazy events of our arena getting destroyed by crazy cannon settings, chaotic creatures like you self destructing the place, mechanical crabs blowing up under a firework display, Decepticon warships blasting down on us, even a crazy button we had that look identical to making a cappuccino, what’s a little sand gonna do?” Nick remarked off that they seen worse acts done, what’s a little sand gonna do to them?

“Hold it? Sniff-sniff….this black sand smells familiar?” Pinkie Pie sniffs the sand, as if knowing something about it. “It smells like…” Then her eyes went wide when she came to terms of it’s identity. “GUNPOWDER!” Those that heard the is yelp in realizing what this might mean.

“Correct, and since it’s a hot sunny day, and with this much black gun powder all over, I say you have….” Discord II stated in seeing that a hot desert sun and a sand of gun powder that’s flammable is just screaming to be an explosive course. “One minute until KaBoom time. Tada!” He stated from checking how long this bunch has before saying farewell.

Then Discord II vanished without a second sooner, and the group in the desert has but mere seconds remaining. Can they even get out of the desert before they all go kaboom here?

“Okay, our situations are…stay here and get blown up, or try to flea and get blown up, get in my party cannon and hope to get blasted far out of the blast range, but might not make it, or…” Pinkie Pie was thinking about the odds of what to do, all of which would not be so well.

“In short, we’re about to kiss the sky?” Nick blankly stated in what’s about to happen to them in the end.

“Well this was not expected at all?” Johnny boldly pointed out in how things are gonna go.

Now those that are within the desert scream and panic while the black sand look ready to blow…until host, referee, fight contenders & other camera or so crew members got teleported away by a glowing star cloud. “KURBOOOOMFRUUVHHHMMm….” Now we see a giant explosion the size of a continent from the outskirts of the desert are seen happening. But at that moment, everyone was drop near Pricness Twilight who got them all out of there safely.

“Few, thanks Twilight, you got us out of there in the nick of time.” Pinkie Pie signs with relief in seeing they were rescued in time.

“Oh course, I wasn’t going to let our families and friends get caught in that explosion.” Twilight nods to say this in that she had to act or they lose important family and friends.

“To bad the equipment got left behind.” Pinkamena pointed out in what they forgot and now it’s all gone.

“Great, just great, as if dealing with our stadium arenas being destroyed, everything we had in the desert got wasted. What could be worse?” Nick complained out to say in not seeing how this can get any worse.

“Would this live feed of your burp fart reserve count as worse?” Pinkie Pie pointed out in checking a lab top she borrowed fro mRainbow Dash, and it showed the stunt of what Nick did of the reversal sound of him burping and farting.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” Nick screamed forth up to the skies, as if that really hit the mark on him.

“I think that just made things worse?” Johnny whispered to the others in seeing that really did a number on the guy.

“I’ll take everyone else back to their families and friends, um…good luck now.” Twilight responded to say as she gather her family of mom and dad and her older brother, the Cakes, Big Mac., Pinkamena to head on out.

“I guess I should have warn you guys better about the new villain we got, sorry?” Pinkie Pie shrug off to say this on what she should have done earlier.

“Well folks, it would seem that tonights showing was more a bang up job then we ever imagine?” Johnny spoke off in preparing for them to sign off at this moment.

“And by that, we mean the craziest of things, the weirdest of fights, and my good name being ruin on the internet.” Nick was complaining to use a laptop to try to delete that video footage of him, but it was a no go, it was too good to lose. “Ugh, curse you Discord II. CURSE YOOOOOOU!” Nick cried out loud to scream while cursing the guy that did this to him.

“So it looks like weather we have a building or doing this outside, something’s gonna blow. But then again, that’s what makes you all wanna see more in how we get out of it.” Pinkie Pie smiled off to say this to the camera of those watching that love to see them in such states.

“So until the next time, when and where ever we’ll be doing the next show, I’m Johnny Gomez.” Johnny spoke off to say this message out to the viewers.

“And I’m the embarrassed laughing stock on the face of the planet with a billion hits, Nick Diamond here.” Nick replied off to say this about his social life as he knows it, is toast.

“And I’m the funny and perky pink pony of laughter and jokes, Pinkie Pie, saying to you all…” Pinkie Pie pops in the middle to say off this little message to the viewers. “Good Fight…Good Night!” She spoke off that final farewell sentence to close this show as they are done here.

Soon the screen backs away with the ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ logo appearing on our TV screens. Signaling the end of the show now while we see the scenery of the Rainbow Kingdom of where they are at and still see Nick sulking in seeing many pass-buyers watching his embarrassing clip; we’ll never forget, and he’ll be upset over it for a long time.



The burp and fart at the same time was inspired from when Blainley from Total Drama World Tour did both at the same time.

And there we go, hope you like this Jus. It’s got funny written all over it! Till then, enjoy…

Greenrob Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
good job for the ending but asking wonder if the battle between Pinkamena (what Pinkamena will be use) and Trollestia wonder if the battle theme action song will be a God of war one since it's going to be really a tense battle

I am also asking JusSonic as well and also wha tyou think of the idea I gave him?
VISION-KING Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
I think things be fine.

For what JusSonic can do, is find Pinkamena's data on my sight of what she can do, her throwing of daggers, her Sword of Pinkie Pie, and the Blades of Pinkie Pie, even her using the Brrrs, I think Jus will have some good uses for those moves.
Greenrob Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
your right and even her armor and element form and others

but for now we will wait
Julayla64 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good refs on these
DisneyEquestrian2012 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome start! Keep on going!
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