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Author's note
Time now for the final chapter of this fic; georgster101, sorry but I don't play Team Fortress 2.

acosta perez jose ramiro, I know but I was referring to the films.

VISION-KING, nice idea for the ending part, but no to the Mills part because the referees thing wouldn't make sense. Plus, Golden Heart is the guest-referee of the match, no Mills this time.

cornholio4, sorry but I got a Thor for my Marvel movies fanmakes as Twilight is the Jean Grey. Also, the fight will happen, your feeling is wrong; And no to Stan Lee.

And now for the Mane Eve!


We go to the logo and the crowd overhead as an announcer spoke up, "This show has brought to you by..." A title appears with apples in some parts of it, "Sweet Apple Acres; Making the best Apple Cider and Zap Apple Jam for a lot of years."

We return to the booth as Nick spoke up, "Welcome back to our show, folks! I'm Nick Diamond here with Johnny Gomez and Pinkie Pie."

"Here what happened the last time if you missed out," Pinkie exclaims happily as we see a recap of the previous fight. "Psycho Pie tries to go Cupcakes killer on the Spider-Mare, but the hero shows that with great power comes great responsibility...and flank kicking!"

We return to the booth as Johnny spoke up, "And now, we are about ready to get to our Mane Event. But before we go, we got a big surprise for you Bronies out there."

"Yes! A sneak peek at JusSonic's next fic 'Lorcan's Wrath'. Roll the trailer!"


The screen goes to black and a shot of Equestria in daylight. There is then a sudden voice in the air.

"Celestia..." The mysterious voice spoke off in mentioning the princess of the Sun within the air space of the skies.

We can hear a voice-over, "This world has faced greater threats in the past." As Celestia is talking, we see that she is in the royal throne room, confronting a crowd of ponies, the Mane Six included. "Both night and chaos..." Used footage of the season premieres are shown, mostly showing Nightmare Moon and Discord. "And they have been defeated." At nighttime, a guard guarding Discord's statue, gasps as he sees a cloaked figure walking towards him, his eyes and scar glowing brightly.

"Remember me?" The cloaked figure spoke with a hissing tone of his voie that was filled with evil intensions.

"But this time..." Celestia is heard saying. The guard tries to run, but the figure grabs him by the face. The figure chuckles a bit as the guard struggles to break free.

Fade to black. We now see the Princess' face, sad and regretful.

The princess of the Sun was looking like her expression was filled with sad and regretful emotions showing up now from what's happened. "We are doomed." Celestia paused for a moment before looking up in speaking these next words in sorrow, "Because Lorcan has returned." This was dying news indeed for any that knows of this will know, that great danger awaits all before the villain: Lorcan.

The guard's face spurts blood and the figure drops the dead guard.

The ponies in the throne room gasp and all heads turn to...Spike, who is on Twilight Sparkle's back. He looks around, uneasy and shocked as the screen fades to black. After a pause, the music from the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 trailer plays.

There is a shot of various scenes. Starting with a young filly Twilight, tears in her eyes, running from a from something unseen, explosions at the royal palace, the Diamond Dogs grinning, Rarity pushing Sweetie Bell out of the way of a fireball, a hoof pointing a gun at Applejack, who lies on the floor, weakened, Ben and Nyx shocked, Luna glaring. Then in the middle of a cave, the figure approaches the green dragon from 'Owl's Well That Ends Well'.

"Where is he?" The being behind the cloak snapped in stating his demand in a desperate and angry tone!

The dragon smirks as the clips resume: a yellow clawed hand snapping it's fingers, Rainbow Dash flying with a weakened Fluttershy on her back, Twilight's horn glowing, the figure flipping, Pinkie Pie fearfully bouncing away from Boris, a yellowish hoof stroking a red moustache, Fluttershy backed up against the wall, looking at someone scared, a shadow seen on her cottage walls Shining holding a blue beam sword with his magic. As these clips are shown, we hear a voice over.

"Spike, Please try to understand!" Twilight spoke in trying to get the baby dragon to see reason of her words.

"Oh, I understand all right..." Spike motioned off with a dry tone in not at first, looking back at Twilight in hearing her desperate cry.

It shows Spike, sad and angry, in a crowd of ponies in Ponyville, Twilight looking close to tears.

"That you never loved me! I was just some replacement!" Spike pointed to Twilight, declaring out that after all this time, the unicorn never loved him in the first place, it was only for a selfish empty feeling to be replacement from what this pony lost long ago.

Twilight flinches. More clips; Spike throwing books to the floor in the library, Rainbow Dash dodging incoming talons, the Cutie Mark Crusaders running from a trail of black smoke (think of the Death Eaters flying), the figure grabbing Rainbow Dash by the neck, Big Mac charging at the figure in Ponyville who reels back his fist, the Mane Six (minus Twilight) and the CMC scared whilst chained to a wall. Then finally we hear screams as the figure takes down his hood. Fade to black.

"This world ends now and..." Lorcan declared out with a sly smile, as he now prepares something else up his sneaky little sleeve.

We see Twilight's shocked face, Spike's face of rage and betrayal reflecting in her eyes.

"Forever," Lorcan said.

We see a clip of the figure (hoodless, but his face is not seen, in a dark castle throne room with a hole in the ceiling (a blue pony with a sliver like mane and a purple hat laying dead behind him), with six objects hovering over his head, raising his claws, causing a bright light to cover the screen. Eventfully, the trademark title appears, but with a new addition in blood red: 'Lorcan's Wrath'. We hear a dark evil laugh as the release date: "Sometime in the future 2012" appears...


"Whoa!" Nick exclaims as the trailer is done. "Talk about your dramatic sneak peeks!"

"Yeah, we will glad to see more of that coming." Johnny said in amusement. "And now, it's time for our Mane Event which puts two of the biggest assholes in the history of Equestria."

"Yes, Discord and Chrysalis has caused madness and trouble in the Season 2 premiere and opening. But the major question is which one of these villains is truly the best?"

"Time to find out," Pinkie exclaims with a happy smile. "Our fighters are now entering the ring where Golden Heart is waiting!"

We see Golden Heart waiting as Johnny's voice is heard, "And now, entering the ring, the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony, a hideous example of what happened when you combine a lot of creatures...Discord!"

Discord appears in a puff of smoke, wearing sunglasses. The crowd boos at him while the villain remarks, "Well, you aren't so hot yourselves, ponies and oflks."

"And in the other corner, the fighter with a lot of faces and appearances, the queen of the Changelings, Chrysalis," Johnny announces as Queen Chrysalis flies and lands in the ring. The crowd boos at her as well.

The Changelings are cheering for their leader; One of them, Fred, cheers, "Whooo; Go, my Queen!"

"My money's on Discord." Ed admits to Fred stupidly.

"Uh, why?"

"I dunno!"

The two's leader, Seto, who is more serious and smarter than the two, snaps at them, "Oh, shut up, you idiots, some of us are trying to watch!"

Ed and Fred meekily said, "Yes, sir."

Golden Heart motions both fighters as they came up to him. The alicorn gave the instructions, "Now listen up. I want a good clean fight from the both of you. Discord, no discording, just your use chaos tricks; Chrysalis, you can only change into any pony that fights. And don't use that spell thingie on me like you did Shining."

In the crowd, Cadance was sharing food with her honey, as the princess remarks, "I hope that witch loses."

"Me too; I can't believe that I almost married her. Ugh!" Shining groans in annoyance and disgust while sipping some soda.

Back in the ring, Chrysalis comment "You're going down, Discord. I beat Princess Celestia herself."

Discord point out, "So did I, Chrysie, and *I* didn't need to be powered up by her niece and then-near-future nephew-in-law to pull it off. And since YOU can't use the Elements of Harmony against me, I would say you're the one at the disadvantage."

"Let's get it on!" Golden Heart ordered. The bell rings as the Mane Event of the night begins at last.

"We'll see who's at a disadvantage!" Chrysalis shouted as she gets in a fighting stance.

"The two are at a standoff; Golden Heart is making sure they go by the rules. Now Chrysalis charge," Johnny exclaims as Chrysalis charges at Discord.

But Chrysalis hits a brick wall, hitting her head hard. Nick comments, "Ooh! Talk about hitting your head on a brick wall."

"My, my, just like Celly and Loony." Discord comments as he flies in the air above Chrysalis. "Always hitting your heads on brick walls."

"Oh, then how about I give you a better opponent," Chrysalis snarls as she transforms into Nightmare Moon. Then she fires zaps at Discord but he dodges it.

"Ooh, turning into Nightmare Moon, I'm so scared." Discord taunts a bit then make chocolate rain appears, raining the milk right onto Chrysalis.

"Yes! That's what I love about this guy!" Pinkie squeals in delight. "Chocolate rain!"

"I haven't have this much fun since the fanmake with the Mare Do-Well." Discord said then turns to the camera. "What? Thought that only Pinkie Pie can break the fourth wall?"

"Grrr, hold still!" Chryslias demands to Discord in frustration.

"Honestly, I can do this all day, what with..." Discord begins to say but yelps as he got hit when Chrysalis transforms and flew up at him. "What's this?"

"Ha ha ha! Ponyville's champion is going to do you all in!" Chrysalis, as the Mare Do-Well, booms evilly. "No one knows who she is but they do now!"

"Good move by Chrysalis. She has transformed into the Mare Do-Well, the mysterious hero of Ponyville who only show up for a few days." Johnny explains to the crowd in amazement.

"Ha ha ha; now who's at the disadvantage?" Chrysalis taunts as she fires bolts from her new horn, hitting Discord. Of course all she is doing is annoying a bit.

"Do me a favor: don't get 'wrap up' in your work!" Discord snaps as he snaps his fingers. Chrysalis's Mare Do-Well form's wings suddenly wrap around the villainess causing her to fall to the ring floor. "Now who is at the disadvantage this time?"

"I still am! Changelings, attack!" Chrysalis hiss furiously as the Changelings, leaving their disguises as Changelings, jump into the ring and attack.

"Uh oh; Chrysalis is resorting to outside help! Can Golden Heart allow that?" Nick ask puzzled.

"Hey!" Golden Heart snaps as he fires a wave, knocking the Changelings, minus the queen, out of the ring. "No outside help, Chrysalis! If that happens again, you're disqualified!"

"Good call by Golden Heart." Pinkie said as Chrysalis changes back to normal. "Now the queen is really on her own."

"Ugh, buck you!" Chrysalis growls as she unwrap her own wings. "Fine, no Changelings, but I can still use my own version of outside self!"

"Oh please." Discord remarks dryly as he snaps his fingers. Chrysalis yelps as a couple of anvils hit her on the head. "Don't flatten yourself on my account."

"Discord is in total control of this fight." Nick announces. "I don't think anyone can bring him down now."

"Wait, Chrysalis is using a familiar attack that she uses to fight Celestia!" Pinkie announces as a huge attack came out of Chrysalis's horn, firing right at Discord who blocks it with one paw. "But Discord is blocking."

"But Chrysalis is pulling out another move!" Johnny announces as she charges in and head butt Discord in the center, knocking him to the mat floor. "And Discord's down."

"Ouch. Having a hard time, Dizzie?" Golden Heart jokes to Discord.

"Shut up and only Psycho Pie can call me that." Discord snaps in annoyance. "And she's DEAD, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

"Thank Celestia for that!" Pinkie remarked in relief.

"Now get off!" Discord snaps as he pushes Chrysalis off of him. "What are you; Celly?"

"Oh, well, if that's what you want." Chrysalis said slyly as she transforms into Celestia. Speaking into her voice, she asks, "What do you think now, Pudding?"

"Oh yeah, now we're talking!" Nick exclaims eagerly as Chrysalis moves around Discord. "And she is trying to seduce him."

"Ugh, like she did me." Shining groans while slapping his own face with a hoof. "Is love not sacred anymore?"

Discord looks a bit blankly as 'Celestia' wrap her tail around him, saying, "Come on, doesn't Dizzie wanna feel a bit loose?"

"Well, if you put it that way..." Discord said with a sly grin as he put one arm around Chrysalis.

"Looks like the Spirit of Chaos has met his match," Johnny said in amazement. But then Discord grabs Chrysalis by the neck, choking her. "Oh; never mind."

"Sorry, but Celly and I were never much of a love couple." Discord exclaims madly but yelps as Chrysalis fires a blast from her horn, knocking him into a ring post. "Ouch!"

"The transformation backfired but Chrysalis took control anyhow!" Nick announces as Chrysalis/Celestia flies up, firing sun blasts. "And this is why Celestia is Goddess of the Sun, folks!"

"And the mother of a Son AKA Ben Mare," Pinkie exclaims happily as Discord got slammed by the attacks.

"Now you're REALLY MAKING ME MAD!" Discord shouted as he gets hit by the blasts.

"Whatcha going to do about it," Chrysalis taunts Discord evilly. "You got the I.Q. of a Manticore!"

"Oh fine, you want to see some fine chaos? I got a major keeper!" Discord snaps as he snaps his finger.

Without warning, the disguised Chrysalis is pushed by the wind into a huge tuba which plays, causing her to go flying out before she crash into the ring.

"Nice, eh; and here's something to remind you of how you were beaten." Discord taunts as he launch cow hearts onto Chrysalis who changes back. "Love can be a powerful thing...but a pain in the flank for you!"

"Grr, now you force my hoof!" Chrysalis growls as she glows a bit. "I was saving this in case I need to invade but now you really tick me off."

"What could Chrysalis be up to now?" Johnny asks in concern.

Soon Chrysalis then change sizes as she is now at the same height as Discord, making the audience gasp in surprise or alarm.

"My, my, we are resourceful aren't we?" Discord asks Chrysalis in amusement. "So, want to turn this into a giant monster fight?"

"Yes, prepare to die!" Chrysalis snarls a bit.

"We got a huge monster fight and we are still in the Mane Event!" Pinkie squeals in delight.

"I'll allow it, now get it back on!" Golden Heart orders sternly.

"Both fighters are now ramming into each other." Johnny said as both fighters ram into each other then fire bolts, "And are firing bolts!"

"Chrysalis is really putting it out tonight." Nick comments as Discord quickly throw boulders at Chrysalis who defects each one. "And Discord is having trouble."

"Now Chrysalis knocks Discord down," Pinkie exclaims as Chrysalis knocks Discord to the ring floor. The chimera yelps as his opponent steps on his center. "Ooh; looks like he is down!"

"And now, it's time to finish this fight off!" Chrysalis exclaims sinisterly as she charges her horn up for her final attack, "Any final words?"

"I got to admit. Even if you kill me, I will always return someday...and will look forward to bringing some 'Chaos' into the picture." Discord said with a shrug. "But tell me, you are pretty good when it comes to transforming into anything, correct?"

"Of course, I can transform into anything!"

"Oh; even fillies?"

"Yes, nothing is beyond my power." Chrysalis scoffs to Discord in amusement.

"What is Discord up to?" Johnny asks a bit puzzled by Discord's conversion.

"Oh, well, I betcha you can turn into Nyx...maybe torment Twilight later, correct?" Discord asks Chrysalis a bit slyly. "Or are you too over arrogant to do so?"

"I am not arrogant! If you want me to change into that brat for a final request, you got it!" Chrysalis exclaims evilly. After all, she's about to win so who can stop her from making the request?

Chrysalis then transforms again, Pinkie exclaims, "Wow! Chrysalis is about to show us a transformation never before seen before." Sure enough, the evil Changeling queen transforms into a familiar filly, to the amazement of the crowd.

"Ha ha ha; I am cute but I am still evil! What do you think now?" Chrysalis/Nyx taunts Discord arrogantly in the filly's voice. Suddenly the villainess notices that her opponent is back to his feet...and got something out. "Wait, what...?"

Suddenly Discord was quick as he stabs Chrysalis right through with a sickle, the queen gasps as she is now looking like being served like a pig at a barbecue.

"One thing I forgot to tell you: there are anti-Nyx fans out there who want her dead...and since I can't get close to the real thing, you will do nicely!" Discord laughs evilly. Chrysalis Nyx shed tears as blood came out of her.

"Discord has taken control of the fight and is having a barbecue!" Nick exclaims in amazement as Discord made a barbecue pit appears, grilling his opponent over it. Soon the villainess goes up into flames, now a roasted Changeling filly.

"Anyone wants roasted filly; Ha ha ha!"

Golden Heart shook his head while going up to Discord, announcing, "And the winner is..."

"Excuse me, not done yt, Goldie Locks." Discord interrupts Golden Heart evilly. "Now that I won, I can continue on what I did before…creating chaos, all that stuff." The chimera then froze the alicorn's bottom in a ice block. "Best of all, no one can stop me!"

"Uh oh, looks like Discord is about to try to take Equestria again," Johnny exclaims in concern.

"Hey, where Pinkie Pie went?" Nick ask as he notices that Pinkie Pie is now gone.

"You may think so but we have taken precaution, Dizzie." Golden Heart said with a smirk as he motions. Discord turns and saw the Mane Six with the Elements of Harmony on themselves.

Twilight comment, "Considering two of our toughest enemies were fighting tonight, my friends and I knew that, no matter who won, a lot of innocent people, ponies, dragons and other animals could lose if we weren't prepared. Thus, we took the precaution of bringing the Elements of Harmony with us so we can take down the winner before anybody else gets hurt."

"Oh flanks!" Discord yelps a bit in realization, "Forgot about that."

Twilight and the rest of the Mane Six unleash a blast from the Elements to subdue Discord, trapping him as a statue once more. As he fell over, Golden Heart is released from his ice block.

"Discord never learns," Applejack said with a chuckle.

"Apparently not; The winners and the biggest bad asses of them all...the Mane Six," Golden Heart announces the Mane Six as the winners of the Mane Event, making the crowd cheer on.

Pinkie zips back to the booth as she asks the hosts eagerly, "Did you see that? Discord thought he can pull one over us but we sure show him!"

"Yeah, a climatic ending to the Mane Event," Nick said in amazement. "And best of all, no blow up this time! Looks like..."

Suddenly one of the big monitors display Discord's image, some folks freak out if the guy is still around...but in truth, it's a message.

"To all my viewers, it would seem my match is at a lost." Discord sadly pouts in seeing that if this was played, he had it set if he lost the match.

"Johnny, is this...?" Nick was about to ask his friend in what this was.

"A video message, I believe so." Johnny finished before they looked up to see what was happening.

"But why would Discord leave a message?" Pinkie Pie asked a bit puzzled in not seeing this as a good thing.

"Which is why I can say farewell, for if I go, I like you all to go out...with a BANG!" Discord remarked off with a sly lunatic smile. Then suddenly, a timer set for 25 seconds was placed on the bottom board. "The clock is ticking, tata now!" The mad villain cackled out before the timer was counting down.

"Okay everyone, follow my lead." Pinkie Pie declared out with a serious face in knowing what to do.

"And by follow you, that's a tricky question?" Nick asked off to remark how following this pink pony, is kinda a strange question to boot.

"And in which case, you say...?" Johnny cleared off in noting what happens next, and...

"LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!" Pinkie Pie screamed out loud before she ran off. Even the host and the crowds were screaming, yelping, running scared with 5 seconds. Then 4...then 3...then 2...then 1..and finally...

"Booomgruvhmm..." Outside the wrestle stadium, it once again, got blown up to kingdom-come, again.

"Man Johnny, that's the second time this week!" Nick quoted off in shock from where he & the others are safely outside from what happened.

"That we escaped our demise of another wrestle arena explosive impact?" Johnny stated on noticing how this happened and they just managed to make it out.

"No, that I parked my van inside for display use only and it gets total. First time was when the zoo folks' monkeys where throwing banana piles all over it!" Nick correctly stated an oddball fact of what happened the last time around, which seem to have nothing to do with wrestling.

"Wow; that is a mystery alright." Pinkie Pie nods with a cheeky smile in seeing that makes sense, in any at all.

"Well, folks, that is our show broadcasting in Equestria for the second time in a row. Until next time, I'm Johnny Gomez." Johnny said to the camera to bring this episode to an end.

"I'm Nick Diamond here with another inconclusive mystery on my next insurance policy." Nick said off to the folks at home, but that last part just sounded like his next trouble with cars & paying off the damage.

"Yes, I'm certain we're all curious about that," Johnny remote off in not quote getting it. "So tune in for the next Celebrity Deathmatch pair ups!" The man announced for they got more stuff coming unlike any before.

"And with more ponies, OCs, and lots to come," Nick added off that last part in addressing to get viewer attention.

"Oh, and also, I'm Pinkie Pie!" The pink pony spoke off to get some camera time on her. "Saying Good Fight, Good Night," Pinkie squeals to the camera, as the show for it's second coming, comes to an end...for now, until next time.

The End

As the credits roll, we can hear Nick spoke up, "Coming soon in a future Ponies on Celebrity Deathmatch episode! It's Spike vs. Prince Blueblood! Applejack vs. the Flim-Flam Brothers! And Princess Celestia vs. Tirak! Coming soon!"

Cast list
Jim Thorton: Johnny Gomez
Chris Edgerly: Nick Diamond, Mills Lane
Andrea Libman: Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Spider-Mare, Psycho Pie
Trevor Devall: The Iron Stallion, the Royal Pain
John de Lancie: Discord
Kathleen Barr: Queen Chrysalis
Orlando Bloom: Golden Heart
Britt McKillip: Princess Cadance
Cathy Wesleuck: Spike the Dragon
Tabitha St. Germain: Rarity, Nightmare Moon
Ashleigh Bell: Rainbow Dash, Applejack
Nicole Oliver: Princess Celestia
Tara Strong: Twilight Sparkle, Mare Do-Well
Rob Paulsen: Fred the Changeling
Eric Stuart: Ed the Changeling, Seto the Changeling
Andrew Francis: Shining Armor
Daveigh Chase: Nyx

With special guest voice appearance by
Mark Hamill: Lorcan

Nice ending to a big fight, eh folks? Can't wait for more of these in the future; and fic is the one you all been waiting for, especially from the trailer! But for those who want another summary...

"Lorcan's Wrath: With word of Lorcan released to the public, all Tartarus breaks loose as he plans on releasing an ancient army to wipe out the ponies. Who is Lorcan and why is he so interested in Spike?
Villains: Lorcan, Discord, Trixie, Glida, the Flim-Flam brothers, the Diamond Dogs, Boris, Boxco and Dum-Dum
Songs: "Be Prepared" (sung by the Brotherhood and Lorcan; with different lyrics)
Battle Music: "Tikimon" (Lorcan invades Ponyville), "The Encounter" (Mane Six
vs Brotherhood), "Sinister Shadows" (Mane Six versus Lorcan), "Bowser Theme" (Mario 64) and " Wounded" (Final Fantasy) (Twilight Vs Lorcan), "First Xemnas Fight" (Lorcan vs Ben and Big Macintosh), "Lactimosa Dominae" (Shining Vs Lorcan), "Battle of the Heroes" (Spike Verus Lorcan and Ponies vs Dragon Army) and "Voldemort's End" (during the final part of the battle)"

You all have been waiting for this and it's about to come. Get ready for next time! Read, review and suggest!

Seto the Changeling is an OC who will show up in the main series someday.

This chapter has reference to some episodes of the actual pony series, along with that anti-Nyx fic that I will not named.

Discord tricking Chrysalis into changing into something he can destroy is a reference to the Puss in Boots fairy tale.
It's time for the Main/Mane Event: Discord vs. Queen Chrysalis with special guest referee Golden Heart!
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