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Previously on Mediamazing Race
*A new version of Amazing Race is released with Twilight Sparkle hosting and with new teams.
*After instructions, the teams were off, heading to a scrap yard to find leys to cars.
*Bucky is a damn liar.
*Teams must take a flight to Super Mario Land for the next part of their leg.
*Stan is an idiot.
*Teams has to take separate flights to make it to Super Mario Land.
*Tigger and Rabbit does not go out of their woods often.
*In Detour, it's baseball or go-karting. Most of the teams chose go-karting.
*Marcie apparently doesn't like baseball.
*Drakken/Shego and Steve/Stan messed up at the baseball detour while some kept go-karting a few laps to get the right time.
*At the Roadblock, chosen players must look for their next clue box within the ride.
*Did I mentioned that Kitty was goofy around Eric throughout this leg?
*Marcie finally found the next clue which allows her and Peppermint Patty to et to the finish line, the Mushroom Kingdom Castle, where they arrived first.
*After what appears to be a long time, Steve and Stan was eliminated from the game.

11 teams are left. Who will be eliminated next?




ANNA/ELSA (Sisters; Frozen)
YAKKO/WAKKO (Brothers; Animaniacs)
SULLEY/MIKE (Friends; Monsters, Inc.)
ERIC/KITTY (Best Friends; Sidekick)
NOAH/KATIE (Dating; Total Drama Series)
TOMMY/CHUCKIE (Best Friends; Rugrats/All Grown Up)
BUCKY/SATCHEL (Friends/Rob Wilco's Pets; Get Fuzzy)
DRAKKEN/SHEGO (Villains/Mutual Friends; Kim Possible)
TIGGER/RABBIT (Friends/Rivals; Winnie the Pooh)
VIOLET/KLAUS (Siblings; Series of Unfortunate Events)
STAN/STEVE (Father and Son; American Dad!) *ELIMINATED*






Leg 2

(We cut to the entrance of the Mushroom Kingdom Castle as Twilight trots in)

Twilight: Welcome folks to the Mushroom Kingdom Castle, the main ruling castle of Super Mario Land. This was the first Pit Stop in this Mediamazing Race. So far, 11 teams remain in this race. In this game, you must followed directions or know what to do, or go on home. Stan and Smith failed to learn. Will one of the next teams learned that lesson?

(We see an image of Tigger and Rabbit checking)

Twilight: (V.O.) Will Tigger and Rabbit be able to come from behind?

(We see an image of Eric and Kitty checking in)

Twilight: (V.O.) And possible love in the war, how will these two fare?

(We see an image of Peppermint Patty and Marcie checking)

Twilight: (V.O.) Peppermint Patty and Marcie checked in at 9:17 PM and will departure at 9:17 AM.

(We see the mentioned team at the Pit Stop at 9:17 AM, getting their next clue)

Peppermint Patty: (grins) Well I have a good breakfast and ready to race again. What does our next clue say, Marcie?

Marcie: (checks clue) "Find the Warp Pipe to Savage Land".

(We see warp pipes in a certain field)

Marcie: (V.O.) Super Mario Land is loaded with warp pipes that takes them to certain places or worlds. Teams must find one for the Savage Land, a land of dinosaurs and prehistoric monsters. Upon arrival, they must find their clue box in a nearby tree.

Peppermint Patty: (grins) Dinos, huh? Now that sounds like fun! Come on, Marcie!

Marcie: Right, sir.

Peppermint Patty: Don't call me "sir"!


Peppermint Patty: (annoyed) Do you have to call me "sir"?!

Marcie: Just out of respect, sir.

Peppermint Patty: (sighs) I wonder if it was a bad idea not to ask Chuck to do this with me.


(2nd Team to depart: BUCKY AND SATCHEL)

(We see Bucky and Satchel getting their next clue, reading carefully)

Bucky: Dinosaurs. (Smirks) Sounds cool.

SatcheL Uh, Bucky? That's from Marvel Comics. Are you even familiar with that?

Bucky: Not a clue, but it involves dinosaurs! Let's rock!


Bucky: All right, dinosaurs! I've waited for a long time to ride one! Maybe we can swipe one so that it can eat people I don't like!

Sathcel: That will get ya into trouble, Bucky.

Bucky: Eh, worth it!


(We see Peppermint Patty and Marcie heading onward and arriving to a field with warp pipes in places)

Marcie: Looks like a lot of pipes, sir.

Peppermitn Patty: One of them got to lead to Savage Land. Come on!

(3rd team to depart: ANNA AND ELSA)

(The sisters got their clue, reading it as they head off.)

Anna: Looks like a land of dinosaurs are next.

Elsa: (nods) Right. This oughta be fun.

Anna: Come on, we could make it up ahead if we find that pipe first.


Anna: We were lucky to make it to third place here. We already got rid of the agent and his son.

Elsa: (nods) May as well get rid of the stupid catch and his pal as well as the kids to boot.

Anna: If we could make it up first.

(We see Peppermint Patty and Marcie checking a pipe carefully)

Marcie: (pops out) Nope, not the place, sir.

Peppermint Patty: (sighs) Keep searching.

(Bucky and Satchel arrives, heading to a pipe.)

Bucky: Come on! Dinosaurs, where are you?

Satchel: Dinosaurs can't talk.

Bucky: (blinks) Neither can dogs and cats. Your point?

Satchel: (groans) Never mind!

(4th team to depart: NOAH AND KATIE)

(The team checks their clue, looking concerned)

Noah: Great, dinosaurs. I can tell Chris will want one for next season.

Katie: Well, if he gets one. He didn't have a season since Pahkitew Island.

Noah: Hey, the less we see of him, the better!


Noah: No offense, of course. Chris is a nice the Total Dram Equestria series. But when it comes to outside them, he's a total jerkass!

Katie: (grins) Glad Twilight is our host here. We can trust her. (Pause) Hope you ain't mad about the jail thing, Twiley!


(In the warp pipe areas, the teams continues looking through as Anna/Elsa arrives, beginning their search.)

Peppermint Patty: (pops out) Well?

Marcie: (sighs) No chance, sir.

Peppermint Patty: (frowns) Arrrgh! This is frustrating! I think we searched a warp pipe twice!


Peppermint Patty: You would've thought they labeled these.


Satchel: With our searching, it will give other teams a chance to catch up.


(5th team to depart: Tommy and Chuckie)

(Tommy and Chuckie got their clue, reading it as they head on)

Tommy: Well, Savage Land, a land of dinosaurs. (Grins) Reminds you of something, Chuck?

Chuckie: Of all the times we played with Reptar? (Nods) Oh yeah.


Tommy: Reptar was my favorite dinosaur when I was little, so I got experience.

Chuckie: Except he was fictional, these guys are real. (Gulps) Gives me some reason to worry.


(We see Anna and Elsa searching a pipe.)

Anna: (sighs) Nothing.

Elsa: Keep searching.

(Noah and Katie arrives, checking the scene out)

Noah: (frowns) This will take forever and I hate remembering which pipe is which.

Katie: Hmmm, maybe they will have a certain warp pipe that we can search through.

Noah: Like where?

(Katie pauses to think then spots a warp pipe which has the sign "Search here, stupid!".)

Katie: (grins) Found it!

(Noah and Katie rushes over to the signed warp pipe as the two pipes in. Bucky and Satchel spots them)

Bucky: They must know something, come on!

(6th team to depart: Yakko and Wakko)

(The Warners got their clue as Wakko finishes eating a snack.)

Yakko: (grins) Time for some fun, Wakko!

Wakko: Fadboo!


Yakko: We're having fun on this season so far! It's more better than a season of "Galavant".

Wakko: Not that we're bashing!

Both: Heeeeeellllo Izzy!


(Back in the pipes area, Peppermint Patty and Marcie spots Bucky and Satchel going near a pipe near a familiar sign.)

Marcie: Sir, I think our pipe is there.

Peppermint Patty: What makes you say that?

Marcie: I saw a sign.

Peppermint Patty: (pause) You're weird, Marcie, but let's try it!

(As the two girls goes into the pipe, Tommy and Chuckie arrives)

Tommy: Come on, Chuckie. We got to find a warp pipe.

Chuckie: Hoo boy.

(7th team to depart: Mike and Sulley)

(The monsters got their next clue as they prepare to leave)

Sulley: Looks like the Savage Land is next.

Mike: (grins) Great for monsters like us!


Sulley: Yeah, Mikey and I haven't done any scaring in some time, but with dinosaurs and prehistoric animals? We feel right at home.

Mike: Yeah! I'd like to see those guys scare us!


(In another place, some sort of jungle like land, Anna and Elsa came out, safe and sound)

Anna: Come on, we got to find the next clue.

Elsa: Right.

(The two girls left, just as Bucky and Satchel came out of the pipe.)

Bucky: Ick! This place smells!

Satchel: Let's go, Bucky. We got to find our clue.

(8th team to depart: Eric and Kitty)

(The team got their clue. Kitty smiles as she held Eric's hand.)

Kitty: Up for this?

Eric: (confused) Yeah, but why you're holding my hand?

Kitty: (blushes and let go) Just for...moral support.

Eric: Huh.


Eric: Kitty has been acting more weirder than usual. Sometimes I wonder what she's trying to say.


(Back at the pipes area, Yakko and Wakko arrives. Wakko sniffs and goes over to the right pipe.)

Wakko: I smell pretty girls in here!

Yakko: (grins) Hey, you're right! Into the pipe!


Yakko: Wakko can smell pretty girls a mile away. We're on the right track! (Wolf whistles)


(9th team to depart: Violet and Klaus)

(The team got their next clue, reading it as they head on)

Violet: Well, next up is dinosaurs.

Klaus: (shrugs) Nothing new we haven't met before.


Klaus: During our lives, we took on various creatures and oddities you could shake a stick at.

Violet: Right. Dinosaurs? Not a new one.


(In the Savage Land, Anna spots a clue box.)

Anna: There it is!

(The girls get their first clue from the clue box)

Anna: (notices) All right. It's a Roadblock.

Elsa: Let's see what we got.

Twilight: (V.O.) In this Roadblock, one person has to make a fire to boil three lizard legs and two crabs, making a delicious soup. Once it's made, they must serve the soup to a hungry tribe, and if they approve of the meal, they will give them the next clue.

Anna: (nods) Okay, this is mine to do.

Elsa: Good luck out there...

(10TH TEAM TO LEAVE: Drakken and Shego)

Drakken: (opens clue) Come on, Shego, we got to go!

Shego: (sighs) Yeah, yeah...

(LAST TEAM TO LEAVE: Tigger and Rabbit)

Tigger: Well, long ears, looks like we got another battle ahead of us...

Rabbit: I know... I know... (Opens clue) Come on, we gotta catch up.

Tigger: Right behind ya, bunny boy!

(At the pipes area, Mike and Sulley arrives on the scene and begins searching. Noah and Katie found the right pipe and jumps in.)

Noah: All right, down we go!!!

Katie: Yes!

(Tommy and Chuckie notices and rushes over to get in.)

Chuckie: Is this the right place?

Tommy: Only one way to find out!

(The two friends climb into the warp pipe. At a village, Anna arrives and begins gathering ingredients.)

Anna: Okay, hopefully this will be good enough for these guys.


Anna: Even when Elsa and I were separated, I did some cooking on the side. I just hope that these guys like it.


(Bucky and Satchel found the clue box and got the first clue.)

(Bucky and Satchel - 2nd at Roadblock)

Bucky: (grins) All right, Satchel. Let me do this task. I can show these tribe members what a good meal is all about!

Satchel: (sighs) I can only hope they agree.

(We see Peppermint Patty/Marcie coming out of the warp pipe and rushing off. Back in the previous area, Eric and Kitty arrives and begins looking for the warp pipe.)

Eric: Man, is it so hard to find a warp pipe here?

Kitty: We will find it, I believe in us.

(Back in the Savage Land, Bucky arrives as Anna begins working.)

Bucky: All right! Time for Buck-boy-a-dee!

Anna: (roll eyes) Really?

(At the tree, Peppermint Patty and Marcie found the box and got their next clue.)

(Peppermint Patty and Marcie - 3rd at Roadblock)

Peppermint Patty: Hmmm. Marcie, you're better cooking than I am.

Marcie: Good point, sir. I will take this.

Peppermint Patty: (annoyed) Stop calling me sir!

(Not before long, the last three teams arrives in the warp pipe, looking for the right pipe.)

Drakken: Damn it! Where is that pipe?! It's complicated.

Shego: (sarcastically) Right. And I'm sure that isn't.

(Shego points to a warp pipe with a sign near it that Mike/Sulley as well as Eric/Kitty jumped in.)

Drakken: Now how could we've missed that?

Shego: (roll eyes) Can't imagine.

(The villains jumped into the pipe quickly. At the cooking area, Marcie shows up and gets the ingredient.)

Marcie: All right, let's hope this work.


Marcie: Hopefully my cooking can win these guys over. I didn't do much of it lately.


(We now see Yakko and Warner arriving at the Roadblock and got their next clue.)

(Yakko and Wakko - 4th at Roadblock)

Yakko: Okay! Leave this task to me! You would probably eat all the food.

Wakko: (annoyed) Hey!


Yakko: Granted, that is why we don't normally let Wakko cook at the tower. He eats everything before it's done.

Wakko: Yep! Just ask my old pal Reed Memlo!


(As Yakko heads off to the village, we see Noah/Katie as well as Tommy/Chuckie arriving, getting their next clues)

(Noah and Katie - 5th at Roadblock)

(Tommy and Chuckie - 6th at Roadblock)

Noah: All right...Katie? You want to do this?

Katie; (worried) You sure about this? I'm worried for the cooking since the first season.

Noah: (grins as he hugs Katie) You can do it. I believe in ya.

Katie: (giggles) All right.

Chuckie: Kimi and I helped dad out at his shop, so I think I will do this one.

Tommy: Good idea.


Tommy: Chuckie's dad owns a smoothie shop back where we came from. Chuckie and Kimi helps out there after school.

Chuckie: And let me tell ya: my cooking experiences get better!


(Back at the warp pipe area, the last two teams come in.)

Rabbit: (worried) Hurry, Tigger.

Tigger: Tiggers don't lose races and I don't intend to do so now!

Violet: Damn! How could we missed this!

Klaus: Especially with the sign!


Violet: (worried) We are far behind during that damn search. If we messed this up, we could be the next team to be eliminated!

Klaus: We've suffered through a lot by Count Olaf. We aren't going to be eliminated now!


(As Anna, Bucky, Yakko, who arrived, and Marcie were cooking, Chuckie and Katie arrive, preparing to get to cook.)

Katie: Well, good luck, Chuckie.

Chuckie: Hey thanks.

(Meanwhile we see Mike/Sulley and Eric/Kitty arriving, getting their next clues.)

(Mike and Sulley - 7th at Roadblock)

(Eric and Kitty - 8th at Roadblock)

Sulley: All right, you got the last Roadblock, Mikey. I will do this one.

Mike: (nods) Right, good luck, buddy, good luck!

Kitty: Eric, let me do this Roadblock.

Eric: You sure?

Kitty: (nods) Yeah.


Kitty: If I can beat this challenge, I can prove myself to dear Eric. (Sighs) Old Eric....


(As Sulley and Kitty rushes off, we see Drakken/Shego arriving, getting their next clue.)

(Drakken and Shego - 9th at Roadblock)

Shego: All right, Dr. D. I will do this.

Drakken: (frowns) Why should you?

Shego: Because I'm a better cook than you are and I am not going to let you waste our f**king time like you did in the previous Detour!

Drakken: (yelps) Fair enough!


Drakken: (nervously) When Shego gets pissed, I rather not missed.

Shego: Yes, good for you then. You wouldn't like it when I get pissed.


(As the cooking challenge continues onward, Bucky pauses then sighs as he turns to someone.)

Bucky: This is going to be the most oddest thing I'm ever gonna do...but you know how about a little alliance between you, your partner, and us?

(We see that it's...Marcie!)

Marcie: (surprised) Wait, you mean both me and Peppermint Patty?

Bucky: Yes. Very weird but we are comic strips characters, so it can work for us to help each other.

Marcie: Hmmmm...I will talk with sir about that.

Bucky: Better do so.

(The two saw Sulley and Kitty arriving, getting to work on their own Roadblocks, dodging the flames)

Bucky: We may work with hem.


Bucky: I decided to make an alliance with the kids because it's out of the original. Their comic strips may be done for years, but work with someone famous, and you got something.


(At the Roadblcok, the final two teams arrives, getting their clues.)

(Violet and Klaus - 10th at Roadblock)

(Tigger and Rabbit - Last at Roadblock)

Violet: I will do this one, hopefully I will get it done and get us ahead.

Klaus: Right, go for it.

Rabbit: I shall do the cooking, if only to save our team.

Tigger: You're the better cook than me, long hairs!

Rabbit: (grins) And proud of it!

(Everyone was cooking up something as eventually, Shego got hers done first and ran up to the table as one tribe member tried the meal with a sip from a soup.)

Shego: Well?

Tribe member: (shakes head) Too thin.

Shego: TOO thin? (Groans) Better keep working at it...

(As Shego went back to make more soup, Katie and Kitty went up in line as the two served the soup to the tribe chief. He tried the soup.)

Katie: Well?

Tribe chief: (nods) Okay. (Gives Katie the next clue) Here you are.

Katie: YES! (Goes over to Noah) Got the clue!

(As Kitty gave her soup to the tribe chief and he tried it, he gave a nod as he gave the clue to Kitty too as she smiled, running over to Eric.)

(NOAH AND KATIE- First at Clue 2)

(ERIC AND KITTY- Second at Clue 2)

Katie: (as Noah opens clue) Hurry, what does it say?

Noah: (reads clue) "Take path to High Mountain".

Twilight: (V.O.) Teams must take the path as fast as they can to High Mountain which isn't too far. Upon arrival, they will find this native (shows an image of native) who has their next clue.

Noah: All right, come on.

(The two rushes off as Eric and Kitty check their clue out.)

Eric: The path is this way.


Eric: Looks like we're ahead. We could be doing fine so far.

Kitty: (smiles) Right. I just know we could do it. As long as we don't get lost.


(Back in the cooking thing, Anna got her meal done and goes up to tribe chief to serve him. He tasted it, pausing.)

Anna: Well?

Tribe chef: (nods) Very good. (Gives clue) Here you go.

(Anna rushes over to Elsa as the two reads their next clue)

(ANNA AND ELSA - Third at Clue 2)

Elsa: All right, now for High Mountain.

(As the two girls left, Violet gave out her soup which the tribe chief who tastes if.)

Tribe chief: Ugh. Needs salt.

Violet: (frowns) Damn.

(We see Noah and Katie rushing up ahead.)

Katie: Okay, there's High Mountain right ahead.

Noah: (concerned) But we gotta climb it.

Katie: Think of the exercise.

Noah: (groans) I try not to.

(Back at the challenge, Bucky and Marcie were in lines as the cat gives his soup to the tribe chief...who spits it out.)

Tribe chief: There's hair in this.

Bucky: (shrugs) Hey, I'm a cat. Whatcha expect?

(As Bucky left, Marcie gives her soup to the tribe chief who tastes it.)

Tribe chief: Better. (Gives clue) Here.

(Marcie rushes back to the waiting Peppermint Patty as the two reads their clue.)


Marcie: We will have to do some climbing, sir.

Peppermint Patty: Best to get used to it. (Annoyed) And stop calling me "sir"!

(At the mountain, the two teams there arrives and begins climbing up a path.)

Eric; I hope...this won't take...too long...

(Surprisingly, the two teams arrives at the top....which isn't too high up.)

Noah: (blinks) Well, for a place called "High Mountain", it's misleading.

Katie: There's the native.

(The two teams rushed up and got their next clue from the native, which they checked out.)

Kitty: It's a Detour for sure.

Twilight: (V.O.) In the Marvel Universe, where the Savage Land is, most superheroes have the tendency to train in their own specific way, in which teams must be able to get good at. The Detour... Dodge or Slash.

(Camera shows images of Dodge task)

Twilight: (V.O.) In 'Dodge', teams must head out to an open field where their next clue is at... The catch? They have to get the clue, and get out whilst dodging bullets. Don't worry, not actual bullets. Only harmless lasers from laser pointers. If at one point a team member gets "shot" with a laser, they have to start over.

(Shows images of Slash task)

Twilight: (V.O.) In Slash, each team will be given a set of razor claws, made of real steel, and they must use them to slash open a knot that seems impossible to untie. Once teams figure out a good method to cut the three sets of knots with their claws, teams will be given the next clue.

Noah: So which one shall we do?

Katie: I think "Slash". Those bullets may be harmless, but they can hurt!

Noah: Right, good point.

Eric: What do you think, Kitty?

Kitty: I want to Dodge.

Eric: Right. In my line of work, it's good experience for me.

(Back at the cooking thing, Chuckie got his done and present his meal to the tribe chef who tasted it.)

Chuckie: Well?

Tribe Chef: (nods) Good work. (Gives clue) Here you go.

(Chuckie rushes over to Tommy as the two checks their next clue.)

(TOMMY AND CHUCKIE - Fifth at Clue 2)

Tommy: All right, ready to climb a mountain.

Chuckie: As long as it's not too long.


Chuckie: Wow, I feel like we are doing this for months.

Tommy: When you're in a game like this, time tends to pass, you know?


(As Tommy and Chuckie left, Sulley finishes his and presents his meal to the tribe chef who eats it.)

Tribe Chef: (frowns) Less salt.

Sulley: Oh. Fine.

(We see Anna and Elsa arriving at the clue box, getting their next clue.)

(ANNA AND ELSA - Third at Detour)

Anna: We should do "Dodge". The other one sounds like it takes too much time.

Elsa: (nods) Right.


Anna: My sister and I have been doing well since we becoming closer.

Elsa: During the ice power thing and our sisterhood. No incest, you pervs!


(We see Noah and Katie at an area. A tribes men give them a set of razor claws as they go over to a knot.)

Noah: Ready, Kat-Kat?

Katie: (nods) You betcha!

(At the cooking challenge, the players work until one of them got their meal done, giving it to the tribe chief who tastes it.

Tribe chief: Very good.

(The tribe chief gives the Shego who came back to Drakken)

(DRAKKEN AND SHEGO - Sixth at Clue 2)

Shego: Told ya.

Drakken: Shut it. (Checks clue) Well, let's get our asses a-climbing.

(We now see Peppermint Patty and Marcie, arriving at the next box)

Peppermint Patty: "High Mountain"? Talk about false advertising!


Marcie: (reads clue) So what do you think, sir?

Peppermint Patty: First off, don't call me "sir"! And second, I vote for Slash. We should get done quickly.

Marcie: (sighs) I'm worried for that.


Marcie: Sir often tends to make the wrong choices.

Peppermint Patty: Hey, I came here with you. That isn't a wrong choice. (Frowns) And stop calling me "sir"!


(We see Eric and Kitty at an open field where bullets are shooting at. A clue is in a clue box a distance from them.)

Eric: Ready?

Kitty: (nods) As always.

(The two breathes in...then runs like maniacs. Back at the cooking challenge, Bucky brought his food to the tribe chief who takes it and tastes it.)

Tribe Chief: You did good. (Gives clue to Bucky) Here.

(Bucky smirks as he rushes back to Satchel. The two reads their clue.)

(BUCKY AND SATCHEL - Seventh at Clue 2)

Satchel: (blinks) "High Mountain"? Is that real or false advertising?

Bucky: Who cares? Let's get going!

(Back at the slashing challenge, Noah and Katie are still are work on their knots. Peppermint Patty/Marcie arrives and got their claws.)

Peppermint Patty: Let's get on a-slashing!

(We see two familiar teams climbing up and reaching the next Detour. The teams got their next clues, reading)

(TOMMY AND CHUCKIE - Fifth at Detour)

(DRAKKEN AND SHEGO - Sixth at Detour)

Tommy: Chuckie, we're doing Dodge!

Chuckie: (nervously) We are?

Tommy: If we're fast, we could get it done.

Drakken: Ha! They want me to do dirty work?! Dodge as well!

Shego: (roll eyes) Right, you are so good at running away.

Drakken: Shut it, Shego!

(Back at the cooking challenge, Yakko finishes his up and gave his meal to the tribe chief who tastes it.)

Tribe Chief: Tastes goofy but I like it. (gives clue)

Yakko: How do you do!

(Yakko rushes back to Wakko as the two checks out their next clue.)

(YAKKO AND WAKKO - Eighth at Clue 2)

Wakko: Looks like we're going up a mountain!

Yakko: Last one there is a Bucky!

(The two bounces off, leaving Sulley, Violet and Rabbit. The Rabbit got his done and presented it to the chief who tastes it.)

Tribe Chief: (nods) All right. (Gives clue to Rabbit)

Rabbit: (sighs) Finally.

(Tigger is waiting as Rabbit came back with the clue)


Tigger: Thought you said you were so good.

Rabbit: I had trouble with the ingredients, okay?! (Checks clue) We got to get to "High Mountain".

Tigger: (bounces off) Race ya there!

Rabbit: Hey, hey!

(We see Anna and Elsa arriving at the Dodge Challenge and runs around, dodging the bullets.)

Anna: (grins) This is fun!

Elsa: (grunts) You'd think so!

(We see Bucky and Satchel arriving at the clue)

Satchel: I guess "High" is low in these guys' dictionary.

Bucky: Shut up.

(The two got their next clue and read it)

(BUCKY AND SATCHEL - Seventh at Detour)

Bucky: (grins) All right, slashing! I wanna to sharpen claws onto something!

Satchel: But it isn't your claws!

Bucky: (scoffs) Details, details.


Bucky: After dealing with cooking crap and whatever so far, it would kick ass to claw on something.

Satchel: Even though it's a pair of claws and not your owns.

Bucky: (shrugs) Well, it's slashing, right?


(Back at the challenge, Sulley and Violet gave their soups to the tribe chief who tastes both)

Tribe Chief: Better. (Gives clues) Here you go.

Violet: (sighs) Finally.


Violet: I have been cooking for a while now. I'm worried that we may be the next to go!


(The players goes back to their teammates as they read their next clues)

(MIKE AND SULLEY - Tenth at Clue 2)

(VIOLET AND KLAUS - Last at Clue 2)

Mike: All right, come on, Sulley! We gotta move!

Klaus: Let's go, Violet!

(We see Noah and Katie still at their challenge as Peppermint Patty and Marcie arrives, getting their claws.)

Peppermint Patty: Come on, Marcie. Time we get a-slashing!

(The kids got to work on their task. Back at the Dodge challenge, Tommy/Chuckie arrives and begins running, dodging the bullets while trying to get to the clue.)

Chuckie: (yelps) Running away is too familiar to me!

Tommy: You have been doing it since you were a baby, Chuck. Nothing new!

(We see Yakko and Wakko bouncing as they arrive at the next clue, getting and reading it)

(YAKKO AND WAKKO - Eighth at Detour)

Yakko: (grins) After dodging Ralph and our pursuers, I say Dodge will be fun!

Wakko: Fadboo! Let's bite some bullets.

Yakko: Yeah. Knew you would!

(As the two run off, Tigger and Rabbit arrives and got their next clue, reading it)

(TIGGER AND RABBIT - Ninth at Detour)

Rabbit: Hmmm, hard to decide. Any idea?

Tigger: (grins) I will flip for it!

Rabbit: But we got...

(Tigger bounces up a bit, making Rabbit sighs in annoyance)

Rabbit: Why am I not surprised?

(Tigger lands on his tail, smiling)

Tigger: Tail, we shall take Slash! Tiggers always landed on their bottom! (Makes growling noise)

Rabbit: Of course.

(At the Dodge challenge, Drakken/Shego arrives and runs quickly.)

Drakken: Bah! I haven't dodged bullet since I've escaped jail.

Shego: Again, mind you.

Eric: (trips) Whoa!

(Kitty helps Eric up, smiling)

Kitty: Careful, Eric!

Eric: Thanks, sweetie!

(Kitty blushes a bit as the two kept on going)


Kitty: Hee hee. (Blushes) He called me sweetie!


(At the Slash challenge, the two teams got one knot done and are working on the next one. Bucky and Satchel arrives, got their set of claws and got to work.)

Bucky: MEOW!

Satchel: Whoa, careful!

(We see the last two teams arriving at the clue box, getting their next clues and reading them)

(VIOLET AND KLAUS - Tenth at Detour)

(MIKE AND SULLEY - Last at Detour)

Mike: (worried) Not good. These are the last two. We're dead last!


Mike: If we mess up the Detour, we can kiss this game goodbye!

Sulley: Mikey, relax. We can do this. We just need to work together if we wanna stay in the game!


Mike: Okay, we need to dodge. You may got claws but slashing isn't your thing.

Sulley: (nods) Good idea.

Violet: We better do Dodge too.

Klaus: Right. It will be faster and hopefully we can get it done!

(Pretty soon, the teams of Dodge, consisting of Eric/Kitty, Anna/Elsa, Tommy/Chuckie, Drakken/Shego, Yakko/Wakko, Mike/Sully and Violet/Klaus were doing the best they can as they tried to dodge the lasers, but when one hit Anna...)

Anna: (shakes head) Elsa, we'll have to start again...

Elsa: For heavens sakes...

(All the while, Tommy and Chuckie were the first people to get past the laser bullet area.)

Chuckie: Finally! (Gets clue and opens it) Take a five mile walk to a nearby portal to go to the next Pit Stop!

Twilight: (V.O.) Teams must now make their way towards a portal that leads to the Avengers' new headquarters, which is the second Pit Stop in this leg of the race! The last team to check in MAY be eliminated...

Tommy: We managed to get past! Come on, Chuckster!

(As Tommy and Chuckie started to run off, Eric and Kitty managed to get over to their clue.)

Eric: That turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself...

Kitty: Indeed! (Opens clue) Oh, looks like we're going to the Pit Stop at the Avengers' home base!

Eric: No time to waste, then! Come on!

(Meanwhile, at the Slash Detour, Noah/Katie, Peppermint Patty/Marcie, Bucky/Satchel and Tigger/Rabbit were trying to figure out the claws mechanisms...)

Rabbit: Do you have any ideas?

Tigger: (pause as he used his claws pretty fast) Let's see, if I could do this and that and...presto! (All three knots were slashed off as their clue fell right in front of them)

(Bucky's eyes widened as his mouth dropped)

Bucky: ...Are you kidding me right now?

Rabbit: (looks in shock, then smiles) Looks like you got something right! (Takes clue and opens it) Looks like the next Pit Stop is ahead, let's go!

(As Tigger and Rabbit left, Bucky frowned as he tried to slash faster, as did Satchel, Noah/Katie and Peppermint Patty/Marcie, who was still finding it hard to slash.)

(Back at the Dodge Detour, Yakko and Wakko managed to make it to the clue box.)

Yakko: Well, despite a couple of lucky shots getting us, we managed to make it through just fine!

Wakko: (takes clue and opens it) And now we shall head for a nice rest at the Pit Stop!

Yakko: We better hurry, then. There's a couple more teams coming!


Over at the Pit Stop, Twilight Sparkle, along with Ant-Man, were waiting at the Pit Stop mat as they looked up to see a team coming out of the portal and dropping in.)

Ant-Man: Welcome to the Avengers base!

Tommy: Thank you.

Twilight: Tommy and Chuckie... you guys are team number one!


Chuckie: YES! We got it!

Tommy: I know, I'm quivering with joy!

Twilight: And I have some good news for you. As the winners of this leg of the race, you guys have received ten thousand dollars each!

Chuckie: We'll take it!

Tommy: That'll give us some good college intuition for sure!


Tommy: (Smiles) I'm glad for our first place win... it really does bring a lot of excitement for all of us...

Chuckie: It only gives us some good hope that we have a race to continue on with... hopefully that'll be many moons to come...


(A moment later, Eric and Kitty appeared on the mat as soon as Tommy and Chuckie stepped off)

Twilight: Eric and Kitty, you are team number two.


Eric: That's fine. We'll take what we can get...

Kitty: At least we managed to get something right.

(Meanwhile, back at the Dodge Detour, Mike and Sully and Violet and Klaus manage to make it to the clue box)

Mike: Awesome! We managed to get in!

Violet: And we passed a few teams as well, all good.

Klaus: (opens clue) The Pit Stop is up next, we better get going!

(Back at the Pit Stop, Tigger and Rabbit made a landing.)

Twilight: Tigger and Rabbit... you are team number three!


Tigger: Looks like we managed to secure a good placement!

Rabbit: Only until next time...

(Meanwhile, back at the Slash Detour, Katie managed to use the claws she was given to sweep the final knot as the clue landed in front of them)

Katie: Sweet!

Noah: (grabs clue, opens it and reads it) Come on, Katie-Kat, we need to get out of here now!

(Katie nods as she and Noah left. Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Bucky and Satchel could only look at Bucky groaned)

Bucky: ...nuts.

(Meanwhile, back at the Dodge Detour, Drakken and Shego managed to get past the laser systems)

Drakken: Told you no laser would outsmart me!

Shego: (grabs clue, reads it, then drags Drakken) Come on, this way...

(Back at the Pit Stop, Yakko and Wakko made it to the mat.)

Twilight: Yakko and Wakko, you are team number four!


Yakko: Hey what do you know, we actually got something good!

Wakko: Fadboo!

Twilight: Okay, could you two step off the mat for a minute, two more teams are coming through.

(As Yakko and Wakko stepped off the mat, Violet and Klaus, followed by Mike and Sully, entered)

Twilight: Violet and Klaus, you are team number five, Mike and Sully, you are team number six!



Violet: Sweet!

Mike: Ow! (Does a victory dance as Sully smirks)

(Back at the Dodge Detour, Anna gets hit by a laser again)

Anna: Oh my God, just how do you manage to dodge these lasers?

Elsa: I know it's hard, but don't worry, we can make it! I know we can!

Anna: (pauses as she nods) All right, I'll give it one more shot...

(Meanwhile, back at the Slash Detour, Peppermint Patty and Marcie, along with Bucky and Satchel, were doing the best they can to get the last knot done...)

Peppermint Patty: Almost there...

Bucky: Almost got it...

(Back at the Pit Stop, Noah and Katie landed.)

Twilight: Noah and Katie, you are team number seven!


Noah: Guess we'll just have to take it...

Katie: (nods)

(A few minutes later, Drakken and Shego arrived.)

Twilight: Drakken and Shego, you are team number eight!


Drakken: Eh, well, guess we'll just have to accept this...

(A few minutes later, Twilight and Ant-Man were watching as Twilight turned to the camera)

Twilight: How ironic that the first three teams that placed first, second and third on the last leg are the final three teams to arrive this leg.

(Twilight and Ant-Man just kept watch as all of a sudden... a team entered as they came in.)

Twilight: Peppermint Patty and Marcie, you are team number nine!


Peppermint Patty: (sighs in relief.)

Marcie: That was a close one, sir...

(A few moments later, another team had made it to the mat.)

Satchel: (looks up at Twilight) Okay, be honest. We're out, aren't we?

Twilight: Bucky and Satchel... you are team number ten, and you are still in the race!


Bucky: We are!

Satchel: Oh man, we got so lucky back there, Buck!

Bucky: Yeah, but I learned my lesson! We can't afford any more mistakes!

(Sad music started to play as Anna and Elsa arrived out of the portal and stepped onto the mat.)

Ant-Man: Welcome to the Avengers' base.

Anna: Thank you.

Twilight: (sighs) Anna and Elsa... you are the last team to arrive.


Twilight: And I'm sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from the race.

Anna: (smiles) Oh well, that's all right. I still had fun regardless.

Elsa: Yeah, if we hadn't signed up for this race, we wouldn't have known about the Savage Land!

Anna: And it's still awesome! Maybe we can vacation there sometime!

Elsa: As long as Olaf is okay with it...


Anna: Well, I am a little upset that we didn't win, but I enjoyed travelling through all these wonderful new sights!

Elsa: Yeah, if it meant spending time with my sister, so be it! I'm glad we managed to get something good... together!



Current Team Standings-

1st- Tommy & Chuckie

2nd- Eric & Kitty

3rd- Tigger & Rabbit

4th- Yakko & Wakko

5th- Violet & Klaus

6th- Mike & Sully

7th- Noah & Katie

8th- Drakken & Shego

9th- Peppermint Patty & Marcie

10th- Bucky & Satchel

11th- Anna & Elsa (ELIMINATED)

12th- Stan & Steve (ELIMINATED)


Next time on Mediamazing Race

* Prepare to get animal time as the teams journey to Animal Crossing Village!
* Can a player find the odd object in a room with a lot of sheep?
* What will Kitty do to win Eric over?

Author's note
All right, the next episode is done. And sorry that I forgot about the odd alliance bit, but I will make up for it in the next episode. Read and review!
The remaining 11 teams goes to the Savage Land, home of dinosaurs and tribe natives with weird appetites. Who will be the next to go?
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