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Previously on Mediamazing Race

*For the next part of the race, teams are now going to the Digital World.
*Will Kitty and Eric get together? Who knows anymore?
*There is a Magic Lamp in this leg for an hour's worth of time credit.
*Teams find a portal together.
*The Warners can't fly carpets very well.
*Luckily, the Warners recover from the accident and move on.
*After arriving in the Digital World and getting their clue, the teams head to Dragon's Eye Lake.
*The Roadblock involves going underwater to find their next clue.
*Violet and Klaus's device kept messing up, getting them lost.
*The Peanuts kids used their Express Pass to bypass the Roadblock.
*The Detour is Ultimate or Mega.
*The teams goes wildly, working on their Detours.
*Yakko and Warner found a lamp, one of the three for this race.
*The Pit Stop is a nice campsite, where Noah and Katie has arrived first.
*The Peanuts girls gave their Express Pass to their allies has they reached third.
*Violet and Klaus ended up last, being eliminated from the race.

7 teams are left. Who will be eliminated next?




ANNA/ELSA (Sisters; Frozen) *ELIMINATED*
YAKKO/WAKKO (Brothers; Animaniacs)
SULLEY/MIKE (Friends; Monsters, Inc.)
ERIC/KITTY (Best Friends; Sidekick)
NOAH/KATIE (Dating; Total Drama Series)
TOMMY/CHUCKIE (Best Friends; Rugrats/All Grown Up) *ELIMINATED*
BUCKY/SATCHEL (Friends/Rob Wilco's Pets; Get Fuzzy)
DRAKKEN/SHEGO (Villains/Mutual Friends; Kim Possible) *ELIMINATED*
TIGGER/RABBIT (Friends/Rivals; Winnie the Pooh)
VIOLET/KLAUS (Siblings; Series of Unfortunate Events) *ELIMINATED*
STAN/STEVE (Father and Son; American Dad!) *ELIMINATED*






Leg Six

(We see the campsite from an angle as Twilight appears.)

Twilight: Hey folks, welcome to this nice campsite in the Digital. This was the fifth Pit Stop in Mediamazing Race. 7 teams exist in this race now and they got to learn and do better if they wanna stay in here. Klaus and Violet messed up the last time with getting lost. This next race is about to get serious.

(We see a shot of Bucky and Satchel checking in)

Twilight: (V.O.) With their new Express Pass given to them by their allies Peppermint Patty and Marcie, will Bucky and Satchel get a chance?

(We see a shot of Yakko and Wakko checking in)

Twilight: (V.O.) Yakko and Wakko has got a Magic Lamp in the previous leg. Will they use it to their advantage in here?

(We see a shot of Noah and Katie checking in)

Twilight: (V.O.) Noah and Katie has checked in at 7:06 AM and will depart at 7:06 PM.

(We see Noah and Katie getting the next clue and money)

Noah: Well, still in here. Didn't think we made it this far.

Katie: Nope. So where are we going now?

Noah: (reads clue) Well, this is an interesting one. "Go a few miles east and get a portal to Jurassic World."

Twilight: (V.O.) Teams must head a few miles east to this portal which leads to Jurassic World, which has been abandoned since the wild events there. There is a clue somewhere in a wreck of this building. (Shows building) When they find it, they will move on from there.

Katie: Dinosaurs again?

Noah: Relax, I will keep you safe, Kat.


Noah: (C.S.) Jurassic World, a world of dinosaurs in a theme park that gone wrong. The producers must be getting serious at this point.

Katie: (C.S.) I hope they don't endanger like Chris always does.

Noah: (C.S.) Come on, not even they will sink that low! (Pauses) Right?


(Peppermint Patty and Marcie- 2nd to Depart)

Peppermint Patty: (reads) Find the wrecked building where the next clue is obtained...

Marcie: Going out to a world of dinosaurs?

Peppermint Patty: (smiles) I know! That sounds so cool!

(Bucky and Satchel- 3rd to Depart)

Bucky: Find a portal and come to Jurassic World.

Satchel: Oh joy. We're going to go to a world not directed by Steven Spielberg!

Bucky: Hey, you have to admit, Jurassic World was a really good movie last year.

Satchel: Probably so...

(Yakko and Wakko- 4th to Depart)

Wakko: Hey, Yakko. Was there a reason why we didn't use the Magic Lamp during the break to get us to leave first.

Yakko: A good question, and I will gladly tell you why. We're going to save this Magic Lamp for later, because if I know the guy writing this, he's going to use the cheap method of portals to get us to our next destination, rather than use flights or boats. So, we're saving this for the right moment. Now, assuming we do live in this Pit Stop, we'll use the Magic Lamp for next leg.

Wakko: (nods) Sounds reasonable. (Opens clue) Fadboo! We're going to Jurassic World!

Yakko: Heh, so we are. Come on, let's go find the next portal area.

(Tigger and Rabbit- 5th to Depart)

Rabbit: (ears laid down upon reading the clue) We're... going to a world of... dinosaurs?

Tigger: Hah, dino-snores! Looks like we're going to have fun in this world!

Rabbit: I'm sensing otherwise...

(Eric and Kitty- 6th to Depart)

Eric: (reads) Find the wrecked building for the next clue... which wrecked building do they want?

Kitty: (looks at clue) It only shows a picture, nothing else... we need to get going...

Eric: (nods)

(Mike and Sully- Last to Depart)

Mike: You have 91 dollars for this leg of the race.

Sully: (counts the money) It's all there. Let's get going, Mike!

(Mike nods as everyone started to depart. Noah and Katie moves a couple of miles east, finding a portal nearby.)

Noah: So you ready?

(Katie nodded as the two jumps through the portal. They arrive at an abandoned yet familiar park.)

Katie: Geez, that monster that Jurassic World made did a number here.

Noah: We got to find that abandoned building but has to beware of the T-Rex and the only raptor.

Katie: Right.

(The two rushes off quickly. A while later, Peppermint Patty and Marcie arrives through the same portal.)

Marcie: Looks a bit dangerous, sir.

Peppermint Patty: We got to chance it. Let's go.


Peppermint Patty: (C.S.) This is the first time Marcie and I have to deal with dangers that doesn't involved bullies and rafting. Hopefully the big nosed kids don't come out to play.

Marcie: (C.S.) Sir, have you even seen a dinosaur?

Peppermint Patty: (C.S.) Only in movies, Marcie.


(Noah and Katie looks around, finding a wrecked familiar building.)

Katie: There it is.

Noah: All right, let's search.

(A while later, Bucky and Satchel arrives through the portal. They gave each other nervous nods as they headed off.)


Bucky: (C.S.) If any dinosaurs wanted to eat me, they got another thing coming!

Satchel: (C.S.) But aren't you scared too?

Bucky: (C.S.) Ignoring ya!


(Noah and Katie kept on looking as the kids show up.)

Peppermint Patty: No dinosaurs, must be hiding.

Marcie: (concerned) Or lurking in wait.

Peppermint Patty: And don't try to scare me!

Katie: (picks up a clue) Found one!

Noah: Okay, let's see what it is.

Katie: (gasps as Noah opens the clue to see the familiar green card inside) Hey, there's a Fast Forward inside!

Twilight: (V.O.) This is the first of only two Fast Forwards hidden on the entire race. The first team to find the Fast Forward can skip all tasks and proceed directly to the Pit Stop. Each team can only use one Fast Forward, so they need to decide for themselves when is the best time to use it.

(Shows clips of people riding around in the ball gadgets)

Twilight: (V.O.) In this Fast Forward, a team must use this ball gadget to drive around a field of ten mud pits. Inside one of these mud pits contains a baby stegosaurus toy... on that toy will be the Fast Forward.

Katie: Let's go for it!

Noah: (nods) A fascinating idea!

(Peppermint Patty and Marcie noticed Noah and Katie leaving as they got to the box and opened their clue)

Peppermint Patty: Looks like those two are going for the Fast Forward. I think it'll be pointless to do it.

Marcie: A wise choice, sir.

Peppermint Patty: (frowns) Do I even need to comment at this point? (Reads clue) Detour. Marketing or Tagging?

Twilight: (V.O.) Jurassic World was known as a good amusement park and a zoo for dinosaurs. In this Detour, we will explore deeper into the nature of this amusement park... with the choice of Marketing... or Tagging.

(Clips of the Marketing Detour was shown)

Twilight: (V.O.) In Marketing, teams must travel to a ruined Starbucks building and dig through the rubble to find two coasters... one with each of their names on it. Once they find the coasters, they will turn them in to a representative, who will give them the next clue.

(Clips of the Tagging Detour was shown)

Twilight: (V.O.) In Tagging, teams must enter the former Velociraptor cage where they must take a tagged velociraptor and lead it towards a maze. When it senses the exit, it will start digging for the next clue in hand.

Peppermint: Why don't we do the coaster find? Sounds shorter!

(Marcie nodded as she and Peppermint Patty ran off. A little bit later, Yakko and Wakko arrived out of the portal as they were quickly searching around. A moment later, they saw Bucky and Satchel going for the clue. As quick as they were, they ran off towards the clue box and grabbed the next clue.)

(YAKKO AND WAKKO- 3rd at Clue)

(BUCKY AND SATCHEL- 4th at Clue)

Wakko: Fadboo! Looks like we have a Fast Forward here! You want to go for it?

Yakko: (smirks) Why not? I always wanted to ride around in those ball things.

Bucky: Let's skip the Fast Forward this time.

Satchel: Probably for the better... just as long as we don't do the velociraptors.

Bucky: Fair enough, we'll dig for our pictures.

(The two teams quickly left. Noah and Katie are seen entering a ball gadget)

Noah: All right, let's find our fast forward!

Katie: Yeah.

(We see Rabbit and Tigger arriving, looking around)

Rabbit: Come on.

Tigger: Right behind ya, bunny boy!


Rabbit: (C.S.) Dinosaurs... (Shudders) Even if I confronted scarier stuff before, they give me the creeps.

Tigger: (C.S.) Oooh, the dinosaur thing sounds fun to try!

Rabbit: (C.S./annoyed) Seriously?


(At a ruined Starbucks building, the kids arrives and begins digging.)

Peppermint Patty: One of the coasters with our names must be in here.

Marcie: (picks up a coaster) Found mine, sir!

Peppermint Patty: (notices) Good work. Has your name on it. Now let's find mine!

Marcie: Yes sir.

Peppermint Patty: (frowns) And stop calling me sir!

(Eric and Kitty enters the portal and arrives. They rush forward, finding the building.)

Kitty: Come on, the clue's in here!

(The two heads in and begin their searching. Eric pulls out a clue)

Eric: Found it!

(ERIC AND KITTY - 5th at Detour)

Kitty: (notices) The tagging sounds like trouble.

Eric: Right. So "Marketing"?

Kitty: Right.

(We see Noah and Katie moving around the mud pits quickly.)

Noah: Whoa! I wonder if we get fined for breaking these things.

Katie: Noah, this place is a wreck. What would they fine us for?

Noah: Yeah, good point.

(At the building, Tigger and Rabbit finds it and begins searching. We see Mike and Sulley arriving through the portal and running)

Mike: (notices) Building over there!

Sully: Yeah, come on!

(The two monsters got to work as Tigger and Rabbit found the next clue.)

(TIGGER AND RABBIT - 6th at Detour.)

Tigger: Woo-hoo! A confrontation with a dinosaur! We're doing that!

Rabbit: (shocked) What?!

Tigger: (grabs Rabbit's paw) Let's go, come on!

(The two rushes off as the monsters found the clue, checking it quickly.)

(MIKE AND SULLY - Last at Detour)

Mike: We're last, Sully! We gotta pick up the pace here!

Sully: Right! So Fast Forward or one of these tasks?

Mike: Digging, digging! Those two can run around with a dinosaur, but I want to win this thing!

Sully: (nods) Right. Good point.

(Meanwhile, as the kids kept digging, Bucky and Satchel arrives, the two begins looking for their coasters.)

Satchel: How are you two doing, girls?

Peppermint Patty: Doing fine, Satch!

Bucky: Remember, we're sticking together either!

Peppermint Patty: Right! Going to the end!

(We see Yakko and Wakko arriving at another ball gadget, getting in.)

Brothers: Yahhhhhoo!

(The two rolls one forward. Next, Rabbit looks nervous as he and Tigger arrives at the Velociraptor cage.)

Rabbit: Oh, this is crazy. They're going to eat us.

Tigger: The trick is to gain their trust, Rabbiy.

Rabbit: Don't call me that. Only Kessie does.

(The two comes inside and find tagged raptors, some growls at the two. Rabbit gulps as Tigger goes to one, holding a hand out.)

Tigger: There, there. You can trust us, you can trust us.

(The raptor growls but let Tigger touches his nose, making him growl gently.)

Tigger: See? Nothing to it!

Rabbit: Ugh. I hope so....

(Meanwhile, back in the Detour, Bucky and Satchel were looking for names... when a thought occurred to Bucky.)

Bucky: Hey, why don't we just use our Express Pass right now? It'll save us some time and we'll go straight to wherever our Roadblock is!

Satchel: (eyes lit up) Oh yeah! You're right! (Takes out Express Pass as he walk over to a resident) We'd like to turn this in for a clue.

(Person gives Bucky and Satchel the clue as Bucky opened it)

(BUCKY AND SATCHEL- 1st to Clue 2)

Bucky: Make your way to the gates of the island...


Twilight: (V.O.) Teams must now go to the end of the gateways of Jurassic World, which leads to the forest. Near the gateways is the next clue.


(Bucky and Satchel nodded as they ran out.)

(Meanwhile, back at the dinosaur detour, Tigger and Rabbit were carefully tagging their third velociraptor.)

Tigger: Okay, Ra-Ra, that's three down...

Rabbit: (nods as he notices a fourth velociraptor walking around) And only one left... (Gulps)

(Meanwhile, back at the Fast Forward, both Noah and Katie and Yakko and Wakko were out of their ball pits and searching through mud until...)

Wakko: (pulls out something that looked like a yellow stegosaurus toy) Hey, I found a prize inside!

Yakko: (clears the mud as he notices the green card) Even better, you found the Fast Forward!

Wakko: Fadboo! (Opens clue) Congratulations on obtaining the Fast Forward. You may now proceed directly to the Pit Stop...


Twilight: (V.O.) Having obtained the Fast Forward, Yakko and Wakko can now skip all tasks and proceed directly to the next Pit Stop, the Indominus Rex's cage.


Yakko: Great job!

Wakko: Thanks!

(As soon as Yakko and Wakko fled the scene, Noah and Katie had looked up dejected as they went back to the ball gadget.)

Noah: Well... so much for that... I think we just lost a big lead because of this...

Katie: Don't say that... I'm sure we'll catch up... what was the other thing? Detour?

Noah: (pulls out card) Yep. Detour. Marketing or Tagging.

Katie: I think tagging velociraptors sounds faster.

Noah: Probably a good idea.

(With that, Noah and Katie followed Yakko and Wakko back to the area where they got the ball gadgets... and as Yakko and Wakko went one way with the ball gadget, Noah and Katie got out and started to head for the main park area. Back at the building, Eric and Kitty arrives and begins searching.)

Peppermint Patty: (holds up coaster) Found it!

Marcie: Nice one, sir!

(The girls give the coasters to the representative who nodded and give the next clue to the two)


(The two girls read the clues and rushes off.)

Kitty: (holds up a coaster) Found yours, Eric.

Eric: (holds up a coaster) And I found yours. What a coincidence!

(The two smiles as they give their clues to the representative who takes them and gives the clues to the two)

(ERIC AND KITTY - 3rd at Clue 2)

Eric: (reads) The gateways is coming right up.


Eric: (C.S.) Kitty and I did so well together. Anyone would work well to have a girl like her.

Kitty: (C.S./sighing happily) Yeah....

Eric: (C.S./notices) Huh?


(We see Noah and Katie arriving at the Velociraptor cage as they get a Raptor. Rabbit and Tigger finishes tagging the last one as they dig for the next clue.)

Rabbit: Finish!

Tigger: Well, sorry, little guys, but we must leave ya.

(The Raptors whines but nods as the two left.)

(TIGGER AND RABBIT - 4th at Clue 2)


Tigger: (C.S.) I think those guys like us! We should come and visit more often.

Rabbit: (C.S.) If we live.


(We see Twilight and Owen waiting at the the Indominus Rex's cage as the Warners show up)

Yakko: Heeeeeeeellllo, Nurse!

Wakko: How did we do?

Twilight: Yakko and're team number 1!


Wakko: Fadboo!

Twilight: And as winners of this race, you get free tickets for you two and your friends to the new Lego Batman Movie!

Yakko: Even better!

(We see Mike and Sulley arriving at the wrecked building.)

Sulley: Hoo boy. The other teams may have been here.

Mike: Come on, big guy! We gotta get a-moving!

(The two monsters begin their search. We see Noah and Katie leading a tagged raptor to the maze then going for another.)

Katie: Three more to go!

Noah: (pause) Isn't the idea of this challenge to lead the raptor to the maze, go through it and dig for the clue?

Katie: Yeah, maybe I'm confused too!

(At the gateways of Jurassic World, Bucky and Satchel arrives, finding the clue box.)

Satchel: Next clue!

(Bucky takes the clue and reads it)

Bucky: Roadblock. Thought so!


Twilight: (V.O.) In this Roadblock, one person has to revive one of the classic Jurassic Park Jeeps and make sure it is in proper working order. Once the cars are in working order... teams will be able to get the next clue.


Satchel: Bucky, you say you're good at fixing things... when you've already ruined them.

Bucky: (pause) Good point, Satchel. Very well, I'll do this one.

(As Bucky went over to the area where the Jeeps are, all the while, back at the first Detour...)

(MIKE AND SULLY- 5th at Clue 2)

Mike: All right, big guy, let's hurry this up, shall we?

Sully: Right!

(Over at the other Detour, Noah and Katie were about to get their last tagged dinosaur.)

Katie: All right, last tagged dinosaur, then we can get them to dig for the clue.

Noah: (nods) Hopefully, we can get it fast.

(All the while, back on the Roadblock, as Bucky was figuring out a way to put the engine in, Peppermint Patty & Marcie and Eric & Kitty came in for the next clues.)


(ERIC AND KITTY- 3rd at Roadblock)

Peppermint Patty: Leave this one to me, Marcie. I believe I know my way around fixing cars...

Kitty: You better leave this to a professional, Eric.

Eric: (nods) I know you got this one, Kitty.

Kitty: (blushes.)

(As Peppermint Patty and Kitty left to do the Roadblocks, Tigger and Rabbit arrived.)

(TIGGER AND RABBIT- 4th at Roadblock)

Rabbit: (turns to Tigger) You better do this one, Tigger. You've actually done some tinkering once.

Tigger: Hey, if I can invent a thingamajigger, I'm sure Tiggers can fix up cars! Hoo hoo hoo hoo!

(Tigger bounced over to the car as he decided to get right to work. Over at the other Detour, Noah and Katie had finally got their clue.)

(NOAH AND KATIE- Last at Clue 2)

Noah: Hopefully, we can try and make up for lost time!

(Meanwhile, back at the Jeeps, people were focused on getting the cars, but Kitty, sure enough, activated the car as the Jeep was turned on.)

Kitty: I got it! (Official comes over with the clue as Eric comes along) "Take this Jeep to the next Pit Stop..."


Twilight: (V.O.) Teams must now drive towards the end of the track, where the Indominus Rex used to live in its' cage. The atmosphere of the cage happens to be the next Pit Stop for this leg of the race. Last team to check in here... WILL be eliminated.


Kitty: Come on, let's drive this baby!

Eric: You got it!

(As Eric and Kitty drove out, Mike and Sully arrived as they opened the clue.)

(MIKE AND SULLY- 5th at Roadblock)

Sully: Hey Mike, you can fix a jeep, right?

Mike: How hard could it possibly be?

(As Mike went under the jeep, around the same time, Bucky had activated his Jeep as he got the next clue, Satchel coming in.)

Bucky: Looks like we're on our way to the Pit Stop!

Satchel: Come on, Bucky, let's motor!

(Bucky nods as he starts to drive off.)

(Over at the Pit Stop, Twilight and Owen waited as Eric and Kitty parked the cars and stepped on the mat.)

Twilight: Eric and Kitty, you are team number two!


Eric: I guess that means someone got the Fast Forward, then.

Kitty: Oh well, least we got something out of it.

Eric: True...

(All the while, as Tigger finished up the Jeep and was now leaving with Rabbit, Noah and Katie arrived.)

(NOAH AND KATIE- Last at Roadblock)

Noah: (sighs) Okay, Katie, cars are your thing...

Katie: Yay! Finally! Somewhere where my love for cars becomes a use! (Katie runs over and starts working on the Jeep pretty fast.)

(Meanwhile, over at the Pit Stop, Bucky and Satchel stepped on the mat.)

Twilight: Bucky and Satchel, you are team number three!


Bucky: (sighs) Well, this is going to be a bit tough...

Satchel: Tell me about it.

(Meanwhile, over at the Jeeps, Mike managed to fix the car around the same time as Katie and Peppermint Patty. As their respective partners joined in the Jeeps and got the clues, they knew they had to hightail it out of there...)

(Meanwhile, back in the Pit Stop, Tigger and Rabbit had recently arrived.)

Twilight: Tigger and Rabbit, you are team number four!


Tigger: Hey, Long Ears, looks like we're living it up another day!

Rabbit: So we are, Tigger, so we are.

(A few minutes later, Twilight and Owen waited along as they watched three cars approaching and saw that it was a footrace between three teams, they could do nothing but watch... until one team reached the finish line first, followed by two other teams that were pretty close.)

Mike: (pants) So... how did we do?

Twilight: It was close... but Mike and Sully, you are team number five!


Mike: All right, we managed to do it!

Twilight: (turns to the two nervous teams) I have to say, it was really close, but Peppermint Patty and Marcie... you are team number six!


Peppermint Patty: (sighs in relief) That's not so bad...

Marce: At least we're still in, sir.

Noah: (sighs as he looks down) I suppose that means...

Twilight: Afraid so. Noah and Katie, you are the last team to arrive.


Twilight: And I'm sorry to inform you that you have been eliminated from the race.

Noah: (sighs) Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later... guess it was sooner.

Katie: Oh well, at least we had fun while it lasted.

Noah: Yeah... and I did spend the good race with my girl...

Katie: Aw, Noah Boa... (Kisses Noah on the cheek)


Noah: (C.S.) You know what, in the end, I don't regret doing this race with my girlfriend. It was fun, and I hope to do it again.

Katie: (C.S.) Yeah, I'm glad everything turned out well in the end... but next time, let's hope things turn out really good...




1st- Yakko and Wakko

2nd- Eric and Kitty

3rd- Bucky and Satchel

4th- Tigger and Rabbit

5th- Mike and Sully

6th- Peppermint Patty and Marcie

7th- Noah and Katie (ELIMINATED)

8th- Violet and Klaus (ELIMINATED)

9th- Drakken and Shego (ELIMINATED)

10th- Tommy and Chuckie (ELIMINATED)

11th- Anna and Elsa (ELIMINATED)

12th- Stan and Steve (ELIMINATED)


Next time on Mediamazing Race

*With six teams left, the teams gets building as they explore the Lego levels of Lego Dimensions!
*With the Detour "Build or Destroy", who will come out on top?
* And a special Lego pack has a special prize for a lucky team!

Author's note
And another team is gone. Six to go, folks! Let's keep up the good work! Read and review!
The remaining seven teams arrives to Jurassic Worlds, dealing with raptors as well as each other.
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