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Previously on Mediamazing Race
* Teams are now going to Agrabah for the next part of the race.
* Bucky is sooooo lazy.
* There's a Double U-Turn ahead, but who would get U-Turn?
* Teams got a little trouble with their camels in Persia.
* The wave motion works.
* Why must Peppermint Patty be so difficult?
* Drakken and Shego's camel died of thirst, forcing them to get a new one.
* The Roadblock involves walking on coals.
* Folks, face it. Orange's time of working with fanmakes are over!
* Wakko has iron feet.
* Peppermint Patty and Kitty proved himself.
* The next place is the Palace.
* The Detour involves Snakes or Scorpions.
* Why worried about the Warners, Katie?
* The Scorpions part can be a tad difficult when you gotta kill two out of three.
* Bucky and Satchel got out of the Pit and must head to the carpet room, with the Double U-Turn before heading to Cave Wonders for the next Pit Stop.
* Peppermint Patty and Marcie has U-Turned Yakko and Wakko, forcing them to do the other task.
* Bucky and Satchel has reached the Pit Stop first, winning a big prize (some of which Bucky isn't happy with).
* What record, Mikey?
* Despite Peppermint Patty and Marcie's attempt, Yakko and Wakko managed to get into 8th place...
*...resulting in Drakken and Shego being last and being the fourth team eliminated from the race.

8 teams are left. Who will be eliminated next?




ANNA/ELSA (Sisters; Frozen) *ELIMINATED*
YAKKO/WAKKO (Brothers; Animaniacs)
SULLEY/MIKE (Friends; Monsters, Inc.)
ERIC/KITTY (Best Friends; Sidekick)
NOAH/KATIE (Dating; Total Drama Series)
TOMMY/CHUCKIE (Best Friends; Rugrats/All Grown Up) *ELIMINATED*
BUCKY/SATCHEL (Friends/Rob Wilco's Pets; Get Fuzzy)
DRAKKEN/SHEGO (Villains/Mutual Friends; Kim Possible) *ELIMINATED*
TIGGER/RABBIT (Friends/Rivals; Winnie the Pooh)
VIOLET/KLAUS (Siblings; Series of Unfortunate Events)
STAN/STEVE (Father and Son; American Dad!) *ELIMINATED*






Leg Five

(We got through various angles of the Cave of Wonders as Twilight appears.)

Twilight: This is the Cave of Wonders, a cave of treasure and danger. This was the fourth Pit Stop in Mediamazing Race. As of right now, we got eight teams left. Yakko and Wakko has barely avoided being eliminated so they will need to get better to make it through this next part of the race.

(We see a clip of Yakko and Wakko checking in)

Twilight: (V.O.) With them way behind, do they still have a chance?

(We see a clip of Tigger and Rabbit checking in)

Twilight: (V.O.) And do Tigger and Rabbit still got a chance here?

(We see a clip of Bucky and Satchel checking in)

Twilight: (V.O.) Bucky and Satchel has checked in at 1:08 PM and will checked in at 1:08 AM.

(We see the Pit Stop at 1:08 AM as the team got their next clue)

Bucky: Tired, tired...

Satchel: Relax, we can still make it.

Bucky: So where are we going now?

Satchel: (reads clue) "Go 14 miles east to the portal to the Digital World."


Twilight: (C.S.) Teams must head 14 miles east to the portal leading to the Digital World. Upon arrival, they must find this Gazimon (shows a picture of a Gazimon) who holds the next clue.


Bucky: Time to tackle us a Gazimon.

Satchel: Right.

Bucky: Remember, I'm in charge, got it?

Satchel: (sighs) Of course.


Bucky: (C.S.) Hell, I'm doing better than I did in Cartoon Survivor. I could win this time!

Satchel: (C.S.) Depending if the other teams would allow us to.


(2ND TEAM TO DEPART - Eric and Kitty)

(Eric and Kitty got their next clue, reading as they head on.)

Eric: Well, looks like the Digital World awaits us. You excited?

Kitty: (sighs happily) Yeah...

Eric: Okay. Come on.


Kitty: Eric is soooo clueless. What do I gotta take to get him to notice?!

Eric: (uneasily) Uh, you do know I'm right here, right?

Kitty: (yelps) Gah! Errr, pretend you didn't hear me, okay?


(Meanwhile, Bucky and Satchel, who used the flying carpet from last round to take them over to the portals, got off as they saw that the portal opening system was closed up.)

Bucky: Looks like every portal that's here isn't open...

(Indeed, the sign spoke the truth... 7 AM to 6 PM)

Satchel: Oh well, on the bright side, at least we can catch up on sleep.

(MIKE AND SULLY- 3rd to Depart)

Mike: Heh, Digimon, huh? You know, I think I read about them a little bit...

Sully: But you're not entirely sure where?

Mike: I know some of it, not all of it.

(As Mike and Sully went over to the carpets, back at the closed portal area, Bucky and Satchel noticed Eric and Kitty flying over.)

Eric: Are all the portals closed?

Bucky: Afraid so. They won't open up until seven.


Marcie: (reads clue) Alert: Keep your eyes open for the Magic Lamp hidden in this leg!

Peppermint Patty: Finally. Something to keep an eye out for!


Twilight: (V.O.) This is the first of only two legs where a Magic Lamp is hidden. The first team to find it can trade it in at any Pit Stop for an hour's worth of time credit. Each team can only use one Magic Lamp on the race, so they need to decide when is the best time to use it. However, if a team is last to check in at any Pit Stop elimination or not while they still have the Magic Lamp, they must forfeit it.


(Back at the portal areas, Mike and Sully noticed the first two teams waiting near the gate.)

Sully: I take it the portals are closed.

(The other two teams nodded.)



Noah: Come on, Katie Kat! If we hurry, maybe we can find something!

Katie: All right.

Rabbit: Digital World? Eh, I'm not sure about this...

Tigger: Don't worry, Long Ears. I'm sure we'll be in vehicles or something.

Rabbit: I hope so...

(Around the time both teams left, Peppermint Patty and Marcie arrived where the first three teams were as they settled in with the others, deciding to relax.)

Peppermint Patty: Wonder how we're going to find the portal to the Digital World if all of us are together?

Satchel: Can't we just ask the guy who runs the place where the Digital World portal is and we can all enter it? I'm sure it'll be much easier.

Kitty: ...I'm fine with that.

Sully: Yeah, that's not a bad idea.

(VIOLET AND KLAUS- 7th to Depart)

Violet: Well, it looks like we're going to the Digital World. You think we'll last?

Klaus: Only one way to find out.

(Violet and Klaus went in the carpet and started flying off)

(Meanwhile, two more teams in the form of the Total Drama contestants and Hundred Acre Wood citizens arrived as they settled with the other teams.)

Noah: Okay... (Counts the teams) Looks like six teams are here, who's left?

Eric: The orphans and the Warners.

(YAKKO AND WAKKO- Last to Depart)

Wakko: Hey, there's a Magic Lamp hidden in this leg!

Yakko: (smiles) Ah, sounds like we're going to need it this leg!

Wakko: Yep!

Yakko: Anyway, let's get going!

(Back over at the closed off Portal area, Violet and Klaus arrived.)

Violet: Looks like we caught up with everyone!

Marcie: Yeah... and only the Warners are left...

(Over at the carpet, it seems to be going fast as Yakko and Wakko were having fun.)

Yakko: Whoo-hoo!

Wakko: This is great!

Yakko: Hey... Wakko, how did you say we stop this thing?

Wakko: (pause) Stop?

Yakko: ...Uh-oh!

(The Warners screamed as the wild flying carpet started to buck.)

(Meanwhile, all seven teams were trying to make small talk, none of them wanting to move... that is, until...)


(The seven teams yelped and scrambled as Yakko and Wakko came in on their carpet as they all ran into the gate, causing them to yelp in pain.)

Bucky: Woof. That looked like an accident...

Noah: Hope that doesn't put those guys out of commission.

Mike: Oh come on, it's the Warner Bros we're talking about here. Anything they run into, they'll just pick themselves up and walk it off.

(Yakko and Wakko groaned, getting up as they stumbled a bit, seeing stars.)

Wakko: (dazed) Anybody get the license number on that flying elephant?

(Yakko and Wakko quickly recovered as everyone looked around)

Katie: You guys okay?

Yakko: Let me check... legs are okay...

Wakko: (Waves arms) Arms are fine...

Yakko: (pulls out mirror alongside Wakko) Our faces aren't too bad...

Yakko and Wakko: We're fine!


Yakko: Honestly, we've been through worse and lived... at least we won't have to replace that flying carpet.

Wakko: Yeah.


(Once everything checked out with the Warners, and nothing really bad happened to them... they were perfectly okay and the race continued on as normal.

Or, as normal as it could get as they were all caught up, sitting and spending the night as they waited for the portal area to open...

Once they got up in the morning, they waited until seven o'clock came as the portal area opened up and everyone rushed in. Rather than waste your time, I'll just say that all eight teams found the right portal at the same time as they jumped in.

As soon as they were in the Digital World, everyone looked around the stream of Digimon for a Gazimon. Eventually, the first person to find a Gazimon was Noah and Katie as they got the clue from him)

(NOAH AND KATIE- 1st at Clue 1)

Noah: Take the marked car...


Twilight: (V.O.) Teams must now take one of the marked cars to an unspecified location in the Digital Desert. The only distinguishing feature of the location is the clue box next to the lake, which we placed there, where teams will find the next clue.


Katie: Come on, Noah! We're already this far ahead!

(Noah nodded as he and Katie started running into the parking lot to look for the cars. We see Violet and Klaus who found the Gazimon and got the next clue.)

(VIOLET AND KLAUS - 2nd at Clue 1)

Violet: Okay, time we get a car.

Klaus: Can any of us drive?

Violet: We should be old enough!


Violet: We should be old enough to drive so how hard could it be?

Klaus: A lot.


(Noah and Katie found a car and got in.)

Noah: Buckle up!

Katie: (buckles up) Will do so!

(Back at the Gazimon, Bucky and Satchel, as well as Peppermint Patty and Marcie arrives, getting their next clues.

(BUCKY AND SATCHEL - 3rd at Clue 1)


Marcie: (concerned) Sir, none of us could try.

Peppermint Patty: Relax, if I know the hosts, they got an automatic driver for these things.

Bucky: Remember, let us get ahead.

Satchel: Right, stick to the alliance.


Peppermint Patty: (C.S.) While we were waiting for the portal, we promised these guys to get ahead of us. Got to stick to the alliance.

Marcie: (C.S.) I'm concerned that alliance will bite us big time.

(Violet and Klaus found a car and got in, driving off. We see Noah and Katie up ahead.)

Noah: Okay, we're looking for a clue box near a lake...

Katie: (points) There it is!

(The car is stopped near the lake. The two got out and got their first clue out.)

Noah: (notices) Oh, a Roadblock.


Twilight: (V.O.) In this Roadblock, one person has to put on some scuba gear and dive straight into the lake, which is actually pretty deep. Once they get about four leagues deep, they must locate a treasure chest. They must use the special combination that was provided in their car, either by piece of paper or the driver in their car, to open the chest. Inside the chest will be where teams find the next clue.


Noah: How about you do this one, Katie?

Katie: I was thinking that too.

(Meanwhile, back in the parking lot...)

(MIKE AND SULLY- 5th at Clue 1)

Mike: Come on, big guy, let's get a move on!

(ERIC AND KITTY- 6th at Clue 1)

Eric: (nods) All right, all right, we better be quick about it...

(TIGGER AND RABBIT- 7th at Clue 1)

Tigger: Only two cars left, Long Ears... we better get ourselves going...

Rabbit: Right...

(YAKKO AND WAKKO- 8th at Clue 1)

Yakko: Just so you know, Wakko, if we do get to that Roadblock, whatever it is, you're doing it.

Wakko: Keep your pants on, I know!

(Meanwhile, Bucky and Satchel's car had turned left, while Peppermint Patty and Marcie's car had turned right. Neither team had known what was going on, but it looked like it was going to be a separation of the alliance.)

(All the while, as Katie had her scuba gear on, she looked at the code and memorized it. She nodded as she quickly dived in as she dove around. She saw a few Digimon swimming in water, and she even remarked on how cute they were... but she was focused on one task... and that was to find the treasure chest. She looked around and smiled as she found what she was looking for. She went over to the treasure chest and tapped in the numbers '10-07-96'. Once the code was broken, the treasure chest opened as Katie took the clue. Once it did so, the chest shut again, indicating that once one hand took a clue, the chest will close itself automatically until the next person came over. She then swam back up and resurfaced as Noah waited. She reunited with Noah as she took off the gear and Noah opened the next clue.)

(NOAH AND KATIE- 1st at Clue 2)

Noah: (reads clue) Locate Dragon Eye Lake, and find the Ship.


Twilight: (V.O.) Teams must now go to the Dragon Eye Lake, where they must find this marked ship, where a crew of Digimon are currently working. It is there that teams will locate the next clue.


Katie: Dragon Eye Lake? Do you think the GPS installed in the cars know where that is?

Noah: Only one way to find out.

(As Noah and Katie went back to their cars to drive off, another car had pulled up to the lake in the desert. Bucky and Satchel then came out.)

(BUCKY AND SATCHEL- 2nd at Roadblock)

Satchel: (pause) Hey, where's the Peanuts kids? I thought they were right behind us?

Bucky: (gets clue) Never mind them. We can do this task without them. (Opens clue) Roadblock. Looks like this is all you!

Satchel: (nods as he goes over to the scuba gear changing room.)

(Pretty soon, Satchel, in his scuba gear, went to the driver as the driver gave Satchel the code. Satchel nodded as he dove into the lake as Bucky waited. About a few minutes later, Satchel came back, clue in hand.)

(BUCKY AND SATCHEL- 2nd at Clue 2)

Bucky: All right, we better skedaddle to Dragon Eye Lake!

(Bucky and Satchel went in the car as the car left. About a moment later, Mike and Sully had arrived.)

(MIKE AND SULLEY- 3rd at Roadblock)

Mike: Roadblock. Let me do this one, Sully!

Sulley: All right. You seem to be more adapted to water, anyway.

(Mike then put on his scuba gear and dove into the lake. About seven minutes later, he came back with the clue)

Sulley: What kept you?

Mike: I think I found Dory.

Sulley: (rolls his eyes)

(MIKE AND SULLEY- 3rd at Clue 2)

Sulley: All right, come on! We need to get to the Dragon Eye Lake quickly!

(Mike and Sulley nodded as they started to drive off.)

(Meanwhile, Violet and Klaus were looking at their GPS system as it kept screwing around)

Violet: No doubt about it, I think we're lost.

Klaus: What tipped you off, our GPS going wonky?

(Back at the Roadblock, Peppermint Patty and Marcie had arrived as they picked up their next clue)


Marcie: Sir, I don't think I can dive in that deep.

Peppermint Patty: Neither can I... (Sighs) Should we just use our Express Pass on this one? We already got behind and separated from our alliance mates as it is...

Marcie: At this point, I think that's our best option, sir. (Marcie pulls out the Express Pass and went over to the man next to the scuba gear changing rooms, the man in charge of keeping an eye on the teams) Excuse me, we'd like to turn this in.

Man: (nods as he gives the clue to Marcie)


Peppermint Patty: Dragon Eye Lake? All right, maybe our driver knows where that is!

(With that, the two Peanuts kids went in the car and it started to go off towards Dragon Eye Lake. Inside Noah and Katie's car, the two look at their GPS system carefully.)

Katie: Turn left!

Noah: Right.

Katie: No, left.

Noah: I said... (realizes) Now let's not do that, okay?

(Meanwhile, Eric and Kitty arrives and found their next clue.)

(ERIC AND KITTY - 5th at Roadblock)

Eric: (after reading clue) Okay, I think I shall do this one.

Kitty: (nods) Good luck, Eric.

(Eric put the scuba gear on and jumps into the lake. Later, two more cars came up and two teams came out, getting their next clues.)

(TIGGER AND RABBIT - 6th at Roadblock)

(YAKKO AND WAKKO - 7th at Roadblock)

Tigger: (after reading clue) Uh, swimming isn't what Tiggers do best!

Rabbit: Fine, I shall do this one.

Wakko: This task is mine!

Yakko: Yeah, go for it, bro!

(Rabbit and Wakko put their scuba gear on before jumping in. We see Noah and Katie arriving at the Dragon lake Eye. The two got out and rush over to a marked ship. They take their next clue from the next marker.)

Katie: So what are we doing now?

Noah: (notices) Detour.


Twilight: (V.O.) In the world of Digimon, not only is this world known for Digivolving through certain devices, it's also where Level 1 Digimon 'evolve' into some more powerful form. These tasks aren't related except for the names... which is 'Ultimate' and 'Mega'.

(Clips of the 'Ultimate' Detour is shown)

Twilight: (V.O.) In 'Ultimate', teams must go below deck of the boat and start swabbing down a room that looks pretty good and...ultimate. Once that is done, Angemon will give that team the clue.

(Clips of the 'Mega' Detour is shown)

Twilight: (V.O.) In 'Mega', teams must go to some rowboats and take one of them to lap around the course in exactly one minute and twenty-one seconds. Anything that goes over that time limit will have a... mega problem, and they will have to start again, but if teams can get less than a minute-twenty-one, they will get the next clue.)


Noah: What do you think?

Katie: I don't think I can handle the rowing. Let's do 'Ultimate'.

(With that, Noah and Katie went inside the parked boat as they went below deck to clean up. Back at the Roadblock, Kitty came up with the clue.)

Kitty: Got it!

Eric: Nice work!

(Kitty got out as the two reads their next clue.)

(ERIC AND KITTY - 5th at Clue 2)

Eric: All right, time to go to another lake, I guess.

Kitty: (giggles) Race ya there!

Eric: (grins) No fair! We're in the same car!

(Eric and Kitty got into the car as they head off. Violet and Klaus arrives in their car.)

Violet: Damn it! All that misnavigating and we're last!

Klaus: We still got time to make up here!

(The two got their clue and read it)

(VIOLET AND KLAUS - Last at Roadblock)

Violet: I better do this one. We're falling behind here.

Klaus: Good luck, sis!

(Violet got on her scuba diving gear, diving in. At the Dragon Eye Lake, Bucky/Satchel and Mike/Sulley arrives and got their next clue.)



Bucky: (after reading clue) Ugh. I hate cleaning. We'll take Mega!

Satchel: But Bucky...

Bucky: Mega!

(Satchel groans in annoyance)


Satchel: (C.S.) Bucky's bad habits of giving us the worst tasks will kicked us out.

Bucky: (C.S.) Not if we get them done worst!


Mike: (grins) Hey, since we were janitors, swabbing is no problem.

Sully: (uneasily) Yeah, sure.


Sully: (C.S.) Yeah, Mikey and I were janitors at Monsters, Inc...though Mikey ended up messing up a few times.

Mike: (C.S./shrugs) Well, it's the thought that counts.


(Back at the Roadblock, Wakko came up with the clue)

Wakko: Heeeeello clue!

(Wakko got up and heads to his brother before the two read the next clue)

(YAKKO AND WAKKO - 6th at Clue 2)

Yakko: All right, come on, bro!

Wakko: Boingie!

(The two got in their car and drove off quickly. At the Detour, Noah and Katie are cleaning up)

Noah: Doing great, Kat!

Katie: (grins) Thanks.

(Back at the Detour, Peppermint Patty/Marcie arrives and went to the Detour, getting their next clue)


Peppermint Patty: The Mega task is for us! I'm up for a challenge!

Marcie: (sighs) Yes, sir.

(Meanwhile, we see Eric and Kitty arriving and heading to the marked ship, getting their next clue.)

(ERIC AND KITTY - 5th at Detour)

Eric: Okay, I say Ultimate is for us.

Kitty: Good idea. The Mega task sounds too hard and long.

(At the rowboats, Bucky and Satchel got in quickly.)

Bucky: All right, let's row, come on!

Satchel: No rushing! We need to do this course 1.21!

Bucky: And I will put your paw up your....

Satchel: Whoa!

(In another room, Mike and Sully came in and got to work.)

Sully: Come on, Mikey! The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can save our race!

Mikey: Righty-o!

(Back at the Roadblock, Rabbit came up with the clue.)

Rabbit: (gasping for air) Got it!

Tigger: Woo-hoo! Another win-win situation for us, bunny boy!

(Rabbit got out, take off the scuba gear and heads to Tigger with the next clue.)

(TIGGER AND RABBIT - 7th at Clue 2)

Rabbit: (nods) Dragon's Eye Lake. Come on!

(The two got into the car and drove off, much to Klaus's worry.)

Klaus: Damn it, Violet. Come on!

(We see Bucky and Satchel doing the course just as Peppermint Patty and Marcie got into their rowboat.)

Peppermint Patty: Let's row, row, row our boat!

Marcie: Yes sir.

Peppermint Patty: (frowns) Stop calling me sir!

(We see Yakko and Wakko arriving, heading over to the marked ship to get their next clue.)

(YAKKO AND WAKKO - 6th at Detour)

Yakko: Ick! Who wants to clean?!

Wakko: I don't! (burps loudly) Wanna go for Mega?

Yakko: You betcha!


Yakko: We don't like cleaning our tower and we ain't cleaning someone else's room now!

Wakko: Nope! Dirty is as dirty does!


(With that, Yakko and Wakko climbed into the boat... but just as Yakko set his foot down, his eyes widened as he retracted his foot back and held it in pain.)

Wakko: What happened?

Yakko: I think I stepped on a splinter!

(Yakko then pulled out what seemed to be a yellow oil lamp from inside the boat.)

Wakko: (gasps) Wow, Yakko! Do you know what that is?

Yakko: (smiles) I think I do! That must be the hidden Magic Lamp of this leg! Let's keep it with us!

Wakko: Agreed! (Pockets lamp as Yakko and Wakko got all set to row. We see shots of various teams swabbing a room.)

Eric: Keep up the good work, Kitty.

Kitty: (grins) Yeah....

(We see Violet coming up, gasping for air as she came out with the clue)

Klaus: About time!

Violet: Oh shut up and read!

(VIOLET AND KLAUS - Last at Clue 2)

Violet: Dragon's Eye Lake. We must hurry.

(We see Tigger and Rabbit arriving, getting their clue at the marked ship.)

(TIGGER AND RABBIT - 7th at Clue 2)

Rabbit: (grins) Swabbing, sounds like cleaning. We shall take that.

Tigger: (groans) Ugh! Cleaning isn't what Tiggers do best!

Rabbit: Well, they got to if they want to stay in this race!

Tigger: Okay, that's true.

(The two rushes off to do their Detour. We see teams rowing around the course. Bucky and Satchel arrives first.)

Bucky: (grins) Well?

Divermon: (frowns) You're over. Start over.

Bucky: (pissed) Damn it!


Bucky: (C.S.) That's why I hate coming here sometimes. The water sucks.


(Back at the marked ship, Rabbit/Tigger arrives and got to work.)

Tigger: Race ya!

Rabbit: (frowns) We are already in a race.

(We see Violet and Klaus arriving, groaning as they head to the marked ship)

Klaus: Stupid machine!

Violet: There's the clue box!

(VIOLET AND KLAUS - Last at Detour)

Violet: We're last. We got to do the Ultimate.

Klaus: (nods) Right, it's the only way to get back into this game.


Violet: (C.S.) We're far behind now. If we mess this up, we can kiss our race goodbye!


(Pretty soon, one of the teams in the Ultimate Detour had finished, and that was...)

Katie: All right... I think we've managed to get our side cleaned up.

Noah: Good thing for us... (Captain inspects area and nods as he hands them the clue) Thank goodness. (Opens clue) Dive into the river and swim over to your next Pit Stop...


Twilight: (V.O.) Teams must now change into their swimsuits (if necessary) and swim to the other side of the river. On the other side lies a nice campsite, where the next Pit Stop of this leg of the race is. Last team to check in here may be eliminated.


(As Noah and Katie went into the changing rooms to get on their swimsuits, the ones on the Mega Detour were busy trying to see if they could beat the record... pretty soon, Marcie and Peppermint Patty came in.)

Peppermint Patty: (looks at the timer) One minute and...nineteen seconds! Awesome!

Marcie: (takes clue and opens it) Looks like we have to change into our swimsuits, sir. The Pit Stop's on the other side of the river, and we have to swim...

Peppermint Patty: Where are the changing rooms?

Marcie: I think they're in the ship, sir...

Peppermint Patty: (groans as she and Marcie decided to run up to the ship)

(Back outside, Noah and Katie, now in their swimsuits, were diving into the water as they started to swim towards the shoreline. As soon as they reached it, they climbed out of the water and ran towards the mat, where Twilight and Agumon were waiting.)

Agumon: Welcome to the Digital World!

(Noah and Katie nods.)

Twilight: Noah and Katie, you are team number one!


Noah: Oh, this feels so good!

Twilight: And some more good news. As the winners of this leg of the race, you have received a trip for two courtesy of Travelocity to the Disney Cruise Lines.

Katie: Yay! That sounds fun!

(Meanwhile, back at the Mega Detour, Bucky and Satchel managed to finish their task as they got the next clue)

Bucky: (ears went down even more so than usual) Wait... we have to SWIM?

Satchel: That's what it says. Bucky, I know it's natural for a cat to not like water, but you have to man up.

Bucky: Bu- (sighs) All right... and it says we have to dive from the ship. At least we won't have to worry about clothes.

(As Bucky and Satchel started to go up towards the ship, Peppermint Patty and Marcie had already dove in the water and were now trying swimming to the shoreline. Soon enough, Peppermint Patty and Marcie reached the Pit Stop.)

Twilight: Peppermint Patty and Marcie, you are team number two!


Peppermint Patty: Okay, that wasn't so bad!

Twilight: I understand you used your Express Pass earlier this leg. Well, you know the rules. If you use your Express Pass this leg, you have to give it someone else, and then THEY must use it the very next leg.

Marcie: We are aware, and we have planned on giving the Express Pass to Bucky and Satchel.

(At that time, Bucky and Satchel, who had swam over to the Pit Stop, heard it as they gave chuckles)

Bucky: Thanks, girls, that's all I needed...

Twilight: Bucky and Satchel, you are team number three!


Bucky: Not too bad, all things considered.

(Back at the Pit Stop, Yakko and Wakko had finished up the Rowboat section and got a good time on it. They then got the next clue)

Yakko: Swim over to the other side? Hey Wakko, you pack your swimsuit?

Wakko: Nope!

Yakko: Neither did I! Looks like we're swimming with what we have on our backs! (Yakko and Wakko ran up towards the ship and dove straight into the water as they quickly swam for the shoreline and the Pit Stop.)

Twilight: Yakko and Wakko, you are team number four!


Yakko: All right!

Twilight: Now, I understand you found the Magic Lamp on this leg. You don't have to use it right this second, but if you do, you'll depart first, rather than the place you're in now. I'll give you some time to think about it, but give me an answer before the six hour mark of the twelve hours is reached, okay?

Wakko: (nods) All right.

(Pretty soon, back at the Ultimate Detour, Tigger and Rabbit had everything cleaned up.)

Rabbit: There, now see, Tigger? Was that so hard?

Tigger: No, but it was fun! (Gets clue, opens it) Hey, look, Long Ears. The Pit Stop's next! And we have to swim to it!

Rabbit: (sighs) Well, at least we got something out of it... (As Tigger and Rabbit went out, Eric and Kitty were getting their next clue)

Eric: Swim to the next Pit Stop? Well, it looks like we're changing to our swimsuits, then...

Kitty: S-swimsuits? (Kitty blushes)

(As Eric and Kitty went into the changing rooms, Tigger and Rabbit had dove out of the boat and started to swim as they reached the Pit Stop.)

Twilight: Tigger and Rabbit, you are team number five!


Tigger: (smiles) This is great!

(A few moments later, Eric and Kitty came out in their swimsuits as both of them stared at each other and blushed. After that moment, they dove in and swam over to the Pit Stop, where Twilight was waiting for them)

Twilight: Eric and Kitty, you are team number six!


Eric: We'll take it. Maybe it's not much, but we'll take it.

(Back at the Ultimate Challenge, Mike and Sulley gave some smiles as they got their clue for completing the cleaning task.)

Mike: All right! Come on, Sulley!

(As Mike and Sulley left, Violet and Klaus looked over as Klaus groaned)

Klaus: Well, I guess that's that, then. We're done...

Violet: Maybe not... I don't think we've had a non-elimination leg yet... there might be hope...

(Over at the Pit Stop, Twilight and Agumon watched as Mike and Sulley managed to make it to the shore.)

Twilight: Mike and Sulley, you are team number seven! And you are still in the race!


Mike: All right! We did it!

(Sad music started to play as Violet and Klaus, in their suits, swam over and got onto the mat.)

Agumon: Welcome to the Digital World.

Violet: (nods)

Twilight: Violet and Klaus, you are the last team to arrive.


Twilight: And I'm sorry to inform you that you have been eliminated from the race.

Klaus: Oh well... at least we had fun.

Violet: At least we managed to get some moments of relaxation here and there.


Violet: Well, we may not have won this race, but at least we still have our dignity.

Klaus: Of course... and on the bright side, at least we won't have to worry about winning a thing... because I know we can win at life!



Current Team Standings-

1st- Noah and Katie

2nd- Peppermint Patty and Marcie

3rd- Bucky and Satchel

4th- Yakko and Wakko

5th- Tigger and Rabbit

6th- Eric and Kitty

7th- Mike and Sully

8th- Violet and Klaus (ELIMINATED)

9th- Drakken and Shego (ELIMINATED)

10th- Tommy and Chuckie (ELIMINATED)

11th- Anna and Elsa (ELIMINATED)

12th- Stan and Steve (ELIMINATED)


Next time on Mediamazing Race

*Teams are now heading down to the world of Jurassic Park/Jurassic World. Fun times lie ahead!
*A Fast Forward has to keep a team on their toes!
*What will Bucky and Satchel use their Express Pass on?

Author's note
And thus, another leg ends. Keep reading on... this is where it gets serious!
The remaining eight teams head to the Digital World. One team finds something that may give them the advantage.
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