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Previously on Mediamazing Race

* The race goes to the Animal Crossing Village.
* Teams must look for tickets to buses to get an earlier start.
* Drakken never gives up, does he?
* Bucky, not an Animal Crossing person apparently.
* Marcie begins to doubt the alliance with Bucky.
* Eric and Kitty dating? That could be a case...
* The Detour is "Bug" and "Fish".
* Teams, after going a bit wild, must head to the Happy Home Academy.
* Teams are allowed to share cabs, no rules against that.
* The Roadblock involves finding Pietro.
* After a while of finding, teams must head to the Town Hall where the next Pit Stop is at.
* Bucky and Satchel are the first to make it there.
* Now it looks like Eric and Kitty are getting closer....
* Tigger and Rabbit was able to get by Violet and Klaus by asking a horse! Surprising, but true.
* Tommy and Chuckie became the team in last, being eliminated from the game.

9 teams are left. Who will be eliminated next?




ANNA/ELSA (Sisters; Frozen) *ELIMINATED*
YAKKO/WAKKO (Brothers; Animaniacs)
SULLEY/MIKE (Friends; Monsters, Inc.)
ERIC/KITTY (Best Friends; Sidekick)
NOAH/KATIE (Dating; Total Drama Series)
TOMMY/CHUCKIE (Best Friends; Rugrats/All Grown Up) *ELIMINATED*
BUCKY/SATCHEL (Friends/Rob Wilco's Pets; Get Fuzzy)
DRAKKEN/SHEGO (Villains/Mutual Friends; Kim Possible)
TIGGER/RABBIT (Friends/Rivals; Winnie the Pooh)
VIOLET/KLAUS (Siblings; Series of Unfortunate Events)
STAN/STEVE (Father and Son; American Dad!) *ELIMINATED*






Leg Four

(We go through camera angles before arriving at City Hall. Twilight trotted in as she speaks.)

Twilight: This is Town Hall, the controlling place of the Animal Crossing. This was the third Pit Stop in this race. We got 9 teams ready to keep on racing. They must be ready and learn from the eliminated teams' mistakes or they will be voted for. The question is, are they ready for what's next?

(We see a clip of Peppermint Patty and Marcie checking in)

Twilight: (V.O.) For Peppermint Patty and Marcie, will their alliance with Bucky and Satchel helped them or doomed them?

(We see a clip of Drakken and Shego checking in)

Twilight: (V.O.) And will these two bad guys succeed in staying in the race...or will they fail once more?

(We see a clip of Bucky and Satchel checking in)

Twilight: (V.O.) Bucky and Satchel checked in at 3:57 PM and will depart at 3:57 AM.

(We see the team at the Pit Stop at 3:57 AM, getting their clue.)

Bucky: (groaning) This early in the morning?! Seriously?!

Satchel: Hey, we gotta leave by the time we show up.

Bucky: (groaning) where to next?

Satchel: (reads clue) "Take a train ride to Persia, then get on the next camel ride to Agrabah."


Twilight: (V.O.) Teams must now get the train to Persia which will depart at 7:00 AM. When they arrive, they must rent a camel and get to Agrabah. Upon arrival, they will find the clue box outside the city with their next clue.


Bucky: Ah, so we're going back to old locations. Figures.

Satchel: Ever been to Agrabah?

Bucky: should I know? Come on!


Bucky: (C.S.) Hell, we are in front. The other teams in the back.

Satchel: (C.S.) Yeah, but since the train won't leave until morning, they will catch up.

Bucky: (C.S.) Which gives me sleep.


(ERIC AND KITTY- 2nd to depart)

Eric: Caution: Double U-Turn ahead!

Kitty: (looks interested) We better hurry and see what we can do with that...

Eric: Do you think we'd upset anyone?

Kitty: I wouldn't take a risk...


Marcie: (reads clue) "Travel by camel to Agrabah"... sir, have you ridden on a camel?

Peppermint Patty: No, but I have seen it done on TV a couple of times. How hard could it be?

(NOAH AND KATIE- 4th to depart)

Noah: "Caution: Double U-Turn ahead." I wonder if this will give us an anonymous one.

Katie: Only way to find out is see for ourselves.

(TIGGER AND RABBIT- 5th to depart)

Rabbit: You will have 248 dollars for this leg of the race.

Tigger: (chuckles) You know, long ears, I think being in a desert won't be so bad!

Rabbit: Right, but let's focus for now!

(VIOLET AND KLAUS- 6th to depart)

Violet: Caution: Double U-Turn ahead! Hopefully, we can manage to get there and U-Turn one of the teams!

Klaus: Question is, who?

Violet: (shrugs) We'll just have to wait and see.

(YAKKO AND WAKKO- 7th to depart)

Yakko: (reads) Once there, find the clue box outside the city for the next clue.

Wakko: Well, come on, Yakko, we're here to win!

(MIKE AND SULLY- 8th to depart)

Sully: Caution: Double U-Turn ahead. Hey Mike, do you think we've done anything to offend anyone?

Mike: Not that I can remember. Let's just go!

(DRAKKEN AND SHEGO- Last to depart)

Drakken: Caution: Double U-Turn ahead. You know what, Shego, if we get past at least one team at the Detour, we are U-Turning them, for sure!

Shego: Let's just go!

(With that said, everyone was pretty much at the train station. Rather than type out a lengthy scene, I'll just say that all nine teams waited until 7 AM and boarded the train station.)


Twilight: (V.O.) All teams are now on the same flight and headed to Persia.


(Pretty soon, it was a race for the camel lot as teams were pretty much separated. Pretty soon, the first team to reach the camels were...

Bucky and Satchel as they got on one of the camels)

Bucky: Okay, come on!

(With that, the camel in the lot started to go off and straight into the desert, going on its way to Agrabah. A little later, Mike and Sully came in as they got on a camel.)

Sully: All right, little guy, try to take us over!

(The camel grunted as it took Mike and Sully out of the lot. A few moments later, Yakko and Wakko arrived as they looked around)

Wakko: Oh, how about that tan looking one with the three humps?

Yakko: (smiles) Sure! Let's take it!

(With that, Yakko and Wakko started riding off in the camel.)

(Meanwhile, further in the desert, Mike and Sully came by a bit of a surprise. They had not expected to catch up with Bucky and Satchel as Bucky was getting a little tangled on the reins of his camel, but they did. Rather than just floor their camel and take first place, they decided to find out what was wrong. They got their camel to the side as Sully roared to get the two's attention.)

Sully: Having camel trouble?

Bucky: (nods) Yeah, I can't make it go any faster!

Sully: Did you try the wave motion?

Bucky: Wave motion?

Sully: Yeah, you can use this motion to make your camel go faster.

Bucky: Oh! (Bucky used the wave motion on the waves to make the camel go faster) Thanks!

Sully: No problem! (Uses wave motion twice as his camel galloped, passing Bucky and Satchel.)

Satchel: What nice monsters.

Bucky: Yeah, they're not bad. At least they helped us and they just passed us. (Pause) Wait a minute! (Does wave motion again) Go faster!

(Meanwhile, back on the camel lot, Eric and Kitty had arrived.)

Eric: All they have are one humps. I think we're going to have to share a seat.

Kitty: (smiles) I have no complaints!


Eric: Being with Kitty, for some reason, I feel a bit warmer and comfortable around her. She's like a ray of sunshine for my day...

Kitty: (giggles, hearing it)


(A few minutes later, Peppermint Patty and Marcie were looking around.)

Peppermint Patty: Okay, why don't we try that one?

Marcie: No way, sir! Its fur is a little too raggy. Besides, we could probably get fleas! I say that one, over there?

Peppermint Patty: But it's shining pink!

Marcie: So?

(Peppermint Patty and Marcie began arguing over which camel to take... and they still haven't resolved it by the time Violet and Klaus arrived, and without saying a word, picked the shining pink camel as they galloped away on it. Peppermint Patty and Marcie just blinked.)

Marcie: (sighs) I guess we'll go with your choice, sir.

Peppermint Patty: (smiles) Exactly what I was saying!

(A few minutes later, Noah and Katie arrived at the camel lot as they picked their camel and started to go off. Tigger and Rabbit appeared, followed by Drakken and Shego. By the time all nine teams were in the desert, travelling to Agrabah, Mike and Sully... still haven't made it to Agrabah.)

Mike: So... how much longer until we get there?

Sully: Who knows? But hopefully the wait will be worthwhile.

(Meanwhile a little further behind Mike and Sully, Violet and Klaus noticed Eric and Kitty on their camel.)

Violet: Hey, let's try passing them!

Klaus: Good idea! (Waves reins) Come on, mule, ya!

(The camel started going faster as it passed Eric and Kitty as the two stared.)

Eric: What the? (Groans) I can't believe we just got passed. Come on, camel, try to pick up the pace.

(Meanwhile, in the back of the pack was Drakken and Shego as they were riding their camel... or they were. Al of a sudden, the camel was starting to get a little dehydrated as it... collapsed from the heat.)

Drakken: What the? (Kicks camel on sides) Get up! Come on!

Shego: Uh... Dr. D, I think our camel died.

Drakken: Nonsense, Shego! Camels don't... (Pause as he tried to feel for a pulse) ...die... of... (Chuckles nervously) Uh, Shego, you might want to make a call for a replacement camel.


Twilight: (V.O.) In case a team's mode of transportation breaks down, VIA having a car stuck in a ditch, a flat tire, OR... in this case, a camel dying from heat exhaustion; a replacement will be provided for them, but no time credit will be given during their unfortunate wait.


(Drakken and Shego sighed as they sat down, waiting for their new camel replacement. About an hour later, a new camel came in as Drakken and Shego got on and they kept going.)

(Pretty soon on the outskirts of Agrabah, Mike and Sully had arrived as they got to their clue)

(MIKE AND SULLY- 1st at Clue 1)

Mike: (reads clue) Find the fruit stall...


Twilight: (V.O.) Teams must now go into the marketstreet of Agrabah to find a specific fruit stall that only sells bananas. Once they find the fruit stall, that team will be given the next clue.


Sully: Looks like we're doing more searching in the city.

Mike: (nods) Agreed, big guy!

(Sully and Mike were no more than a few minutes inside the city when Bucky and Satchel arrived as they got their clue)

(BUCKY AND SATCHEL- 2nd at Clue 1)

Bucky: Finding a banana stall in the marketplace... well, hopefully, we can get this in control.

Satchel: We better get going...

(A few minutes later, nobody had found the stall yet, but another team did arrive, Yakko and Wakko.)

(YAKKO AND WAKKO- 3rd at Clue 1)

Yakko: (looks over clue) Hopefully we can find that stall!

Wakko: Hey, I have confidence!

(Meanwhile, inside Agrabah, over at the marketplace, as Bucky and Satchel were entering and searching, Mike and Sully had arrived at the banana stall, noticing their clue)

Sully: (opens clue) Here's a Roadblock!


Twilight: (V.O.) In this Roadblock, a person from each team must do the hardest task to be considered dangerous in Agrabah... walking on hot coals barefoot in a straight line! Once a person does that, they will be given the next clue.


Mike: Yeah, big guy, I think you're more heat resistant than I am.

Sully: No argument there. I'll do the Roadblock.


(Before Sully got to the hot coals, Violet and Klaus had arrived as they got their clue)

(VIOLET AND KLAUS- 4th at Clue 1)

Violet: So, it looks like we're finding a banana stall, huh? Interesting...

Klaus: Let's focus on the task in hand.

(Just as they were entering, Sully arrives at the hot coals and nodding as he prepares to walk.)

Sully: Just pretend you're in the Scare Games, dealing with toxic toys...

(While THIS was happening, Bucky and Satchel searched around and found the banana stall, getting the next clue.)

(BUCKY AND SATCHEL - 2nd at Roadblock)

Bucky: Oh yeah, that's me.

Satchel: You sure? That sounds dangerous.

Bucky: More like... (Pauses) No, no, we're not doing the stupid fanmake thing anymore!


Bucky: People still associate Orange with the fanmake stuff, which is really annoying! He's not that guy anymore!


(While Bucky was heading out, another team was getting out of the camel. Eric and Kitty arrives at Agrabah and got their clue)

(ERIC AND KITTY - 5th at Clue 1)

Eric: (after reading clue) Okay, we got to find a fruit stand.

Kitty: Come on. We got passed by as it is!

(A moment later, Peppermint Patty and Marcie arrives, getting their next clue from the box.)


Marcie: (nods) I think I know where that stand is, sir.

Peppermint Patty: Lead the way!

(Back inside the streets of Agrabah, Yakko and Wakko bounce all over the place, annoying everyone as they got to the stand, getting their next clue.)

(YAKKO AND WAKKO - 3rd at Roadblock)

Wakko: I wanna do this! You did the Roadblocks so far!

Yakko: (shrugs) Fair enough.


Yakko: Besides having a big stomach, Wakko has iron feet.

Wakko: (Holds up a foot made of iron) It's true! No rules against that!


(Over at the Roadblock, we see Sulley still walking as Bucky arrives, getting onto the coals.)

Bucky: Ouch! (Yelps) I mean, doesn't hurt!

(As Bucky was getting started, Wakko arrived as he was carefully going on the hot coals.)

(Meanwhile, outside of Agrabah, Noah and Katie had arrived, getting their next clue before reading it.)

(NOAH AND KATIE - 7th at Clue 1)

Noah: Come on, the sooner we found those bananas, the better!

Katie: (giggles) Yes, they got bananas.

Both: (singing) They got bananas today!

(Meanwhile, Violet and Klaus had managed to make it to the Roadblock as they opened the clue)

(VIOLET AND KLAUS- 4th at Roadblock)

Klaus: Do you think you can handle hot coals?

Violet: No, I think you do it.

Klaus: All right.

(Over at the Roadblock, all three teams were still doing their best to walk on the hot coals.)

Wakko: You know, this is tougher than I thought.

Bucky: It's hot coals. What did you think?

(As the three were still walking, Klaus came over and began walking as well. Meanwhile, at the outside of Agrabah, Tigger and Rabbit arrived as they got their next clue)

(TIGGER AND RABBIT- 8th at Clue 1)

Rabbit: We better get a move on, Tigger, we're already behind!

Tigger: Right-a-roonie!

(Around this time, we see Eric and Kitty finding the stand and getting their next clue to the Roadblock.)

(ERIC AND KITTY - 5th at Roadblock)

Kitty: (nods) I will do this one.

Eric: You sure? Those coals can be hot.

Kitty: Hey, I have handled worst!


Kitty: I will walk the coals for Eric. Even if I have to burn my feet to do so!


(No sooner that Kitty heads off, than Peppermint Patty and Marcie arrives, getting the next clue.)


Peppermint Patty: (nods) All right, I will do this one! I haven't done a Roadblock yet and this will help make up for the camel mess back there.

Marcie: Okay, you are the right person for it. You got big feet, sir.

Peppermint Patty: Always do!

(We see Drakken and Shego arriving at the clue box, getting their next clue.)

(DRAKKEN AND SHEGO - Last at Clue 1)

Shego: (frowns) S**t. We're falling way behind.

Drakken: Stupid camel! Come on, we got to find some bananas!

(Back at the coals, the players there are still walking as Kitty arrives.)

Kitty: Okay, you can do this, Kitty.

(Kitty got on the coals, yelping.)

Kitty: Not...too...bad. Owie...


Kitty: (C.S.) Coals are so hard to walk on...but I will be willing to do it if it means impressing Eric!


(Peppermint Patty arrives, beginning to walk as well.)

Peppermint Patty: Okay, redeeming has now begun!

(Back at the Roadblock, Noah and Katie arrive, and got their next clue.)

(NOAH AND KATIE - 7th at Roadblock)

Katie: I shall do this one, Noah.

Noah: Right. Okay, best to be careful.

Katie: (giggles) Always am, sweetie!

Noah: Not really.

(As Katie left, the last two teams arrives, getting their next clue.)

(TIGGER AND RABBIT - 8th at Roadblock)

(DRAKKEN AND SHEGO - Last at Roadblock)

Tigger: I shall do this one. Walking on coals is what Tiggers do best!

Rabbit: (roll eyes) Yeah, right.


Rabbit: (C.S.) Tigger, walking on coals is dangerous!

Tigger: (C.S.) Maybe so, but I am willing to give it my shot!


Shego: (frowns) Dr. D, time you do this challenge.

Drakken: Why should I?

Shego: Because you haven't done any Roadblocks and it's time to pull your weight! (pulls Drakken) Now do it, damn it!

Drakken: All right, all right, geez!

(As soon as Katie arrived to step on the coals, Sully had managed to get to the end of the path where the waiters for their partners were waiting.)

Mike: Sweet!

Sully: (gets clue from branch, opens it) Walk four miles to the Palace.


Twilight: (V.O.) Teams must now head towards the Palace where Aladdin, Jasmine and the Sultan live. Outside the palace will be where they find their next clue.


Mike: Think you can walk to the palace, big guy?

Sully: I'm sure it won't be an issue!

(The two monsters then started to go off. Tigger and Drakken arrives and begins walking on the coals.)

Drakken: Hot, owie, hot, damn!

(Bucky has gotten to the end of the line, getting his next clue from the waiters.)

(BUCKY AND SATCHEL - 2nd at Clue 2)

Satchel: Finally!

Bucky: (reads clue) Time to go to the palace. Come on.

(We see Mike and Sully running through the city.)

Sully: Okay, now where could the Palace be?

Mike: I saw this movie a 100 times. Come on!

(At the coals, the walkers kept on walking. Peppermint Patty made it to the end of the path, getting the next clue.)


Marcie: You did it, sir!

Peppermint Patty: Thanks. Come on.

(As the girls left, Klaus got to the end of the path, getting his next clue from the waiter before returning to Violet, reading the next clue.)

(VIOLET AND KLAUS - 4th at Clue 2)

Violet: The Palace, come on.

(We see Mike and Sulley at the Palace, getting to the clue box, and getting their next clue.)

Mike: Okay, this one is a Detour....


Twilight: In the city of Agrabah, the world is often thrown into dangers and like mysterious creatures, they can have sudden control. That is why teams must endure the choice of what they should fear least... the Detour? Snakes... or Scorpions?

(Shows scenes of the Snakes Detour)

Twilight: In Snakes, teams must head downstairs to the palace dungeon where they must dig for their clue in a pile of snakes. Now, these snakes are not dangerous, but they can bite. And looking for the clue may take some time.

(Shows scenes of the Scorpions Detour)

Twilight: In Scorpions, teams must go straight upstairs to a certain room that requires you to feed a scorpion. Teams must feed the scorpion three food items... a dead mouse, a dead moth and finish it off with water. Once the scorpion is satisfied with the meal, the team will get the next clue. Now, scorpions are dangerous when hungry, but if you're patient and gentle, the clue could be gotten faster.


Mike: Eh... what do you think?

Sully: I think we're better off doing the Snake detour. At least they won't be a danger.

Mike: Agree with you on that!

(Back at the coals, Kitty was able to get across, getting the next clue from the waiter.)

(ERIC/KITTY - 5th at Clue 2)

Eric: Wow, Kitty, you're hot...

Kitty: (blushing) Thanks...

Eric:...from walking on coals.

Kitty: (looks down) Oh.

Eric: Come on!

(We see Bucky and Satchel arriving at the palace, getting their next clue.)

(BUCKY/SATCHEL - 2nd at Detour)

Bucky: Ugh, snakes or scorpions. I hate both.

Satchel: Still, we got to do something. Wanna go in the snakes/

Bucky: Yeah, good idea.

(Back at the Roadblock, Wakko and Katie got done with their Roadblock, getting the next clues.)

(YAKKO/WAKKO - 6th at Clue 2)

(NOAH/KATIE - 7th at Clue 2)

Yakko: (notices) Oh, the Palace.

Both: Helllllo, Jasmine!

Katie: Guys, she's married.

Warners: Your point?


Katie: (C.S./sighs) Sometimes I worry about those guys.


Noah: The Palace, we got to move it.

Katie: (nods) Right.


Noah: (C.S.) The Double U-Turn is up ahead. I can only hope we don't.

Katie: (C.S./worried) Otherwise, we may end up going last!


(We see Mike and Sully arriving in the dungeon, right at a pile of snakes.)

Mike: (frowns) Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

Sully: Come on, we got a clue to find.

Mike: Ugh!

(Back at the Detour, Peppermint Patty/Marcie arrives, getting the next clue)


Peppermint Patty: (grins) Let's go for a challenge. We shall do scorpions.

Marcie: But feeding them would be hard, sir!

Peppermint Patty: That's the fun part. (Frowns) And stop calling me "sir"!

(Back at the coals, Tigger and Drakken got off the coals, getting their next clues and heading to their partners)

(TIGGER AND RABBIT - 8th at Clue 2)

(DRAKKEN AND SHEGO - Last at Clue 2)

Rabbit: We got to get going.

Tigger: Right! Let's bounce to it! Woo-hoo!

(As the two rushes off, Shego pulls Drakken along)

Shego: Come on!

Drakken: (groaning) Ohh, ooh, my feet...

(At the scorpion challenge, Peppermint Patty/Marcie arrives in at the rope where a scorpion awaits them, hissing)

Marcie: Yikes!

Peppermint Patty: (grins) Well, this guy ain't so tough. Now where's the dead mice, moths and water?

(The girls saw the mice running around nearby)

Marcie: Sure, I think we are supposed to kill them ourselves.

Peppermint Patty: (shocked) What?! They never told us that!

Marcie: Still think this is a good idea?

(At the Detour, Violet and Klaus arrives, getting their next clue)

(VIOLET AND KLAUS - 4th at Detour)

Klaus: Well, we got experience with snakes.

Violet: Right. So we shall do that one.

(Back in the dungeon, the monsters kept on looking while Bucky and Satchel arrives)

Bucky: Ugh! Snakes!

Satchel: Come on.

(The two begins searching, Bucky yelps)

Bucky: I think one of them bit me!

Satchel: (sweatdrop) Sorry, I stepped on your tail.

Bucky: MEOW!

(At the Detour place, Eric and Kitty quickly arrives, getting their next clue.)

(ERIC/KITTY - 5tth at Detour)

Eric: I think snakes is much faster to do.

Kitty: (gulps) Right.

Eric: Is there a problem?

Kitty: No, no problem at all...


Kitty: (C.S.) Problem! Snakes gives me the willies! (shudder) Ugh!


(As the team left, the next two teams arriving to get their next clues.)

(YAKKO AND WAKKO - 6th at Detour)

(NOAH AND KATIE - 7th at Detour)

Yakko: Wanna have fun with a scorpion? Do I ever!

(The Warners rushes off excitedly.)

Katie: Man, those two.

Noah: Okay. I think Snakes is in order.

Katie: Right, good idea.

(At the Snakes challenge, Violet and Klaus arrives as the two teams are still looking for their clue.)

Violet: No luck?

Bucky: (gets bitten) Gah! WHAT DO YOU THINK?!

Klaus: (shakes head) Apparently.

(The two begins searching for the clue while Mike glances at something.)

Mike: Is this our clue?

Sully: (looks) No, that's snake crap. Come on.

(Meanwhile, Peppermint Patty and Marcie found a dead mouse, feeding it to the scorpion.)

Peppermint Patty: Now for the moth!

(At the Detour, the two last teams arrives, getting their next clue.)

(TIGGER AND RABBIT - 8th at Detour)

(DRAKKEN AND SHEGO - Last at Detour)

Rabbit: (gulps) Snakes?! Scorpions?!

Tigger: Hissss-tory in the making.

Rabbit: (groans) Don't do that again. Okay, I think we better do snakes.


Rabbit: (C.S.) Snakes sounds a bit faster than feeding a scorpion.

Tigger: (C.S.) Even though Long Ears are still freaked out as snakes keep getting into his garden.

Rabbit: (C.S./dryly) Don't remind me...ever!


Shego: We better do the Snakes part, Dr. D. It's faster and last complicated.

Drakken: I will say what we shall do, Shego...and we're doing Snakes!

Shego: (roll eyes) Yes, sir.

(Over at the Snakes Detour, Bucky smiled as he managed to get the clue out from the pile.)

Bucky: Found it!

(BUCKY AND SATCHEL- 1st at Clue 3)

(As Satchel and Bucky ran out of the snake pit, they opened the clue)

Satchel: Run back upstairs to the flying carpets room...


Twilight: (V.O.) Teams must now head towards the upstairs area, where they will find a room of flying carpets, along with the next clue.


Bucky: Come on, let's get going!

Satchel: (nods as he starts following Bucky)

(Around the same time Bucky and Satchel left, Eric and Kitty had arrived as they went into the snake pit.)

(Over at the Scorpions Detour, Yakko and Wakko arrived just as Peppermint Patty and Marcie were on their last item.)

Marcie: Come on, sir, we better search for water.

Peppermint Patty: (sighs)

Yakko: Follow them!

Wakko: (nods)

(Around the same time, Noah and Katie, Tigger and Rabbit and Drakken and Shego had quickly arrived as the three teams got into the snake pit... but just as they done so, Kitty smiled.)

(ERIC AND KITTY- 2nd at Clue 3)

Eric: All right, I think we got something!

Kitty: (reads clue) Come on, Eric, let's get going!

(Eric and Kitty left around the same time Mike and Sully got their clue.)

(MIKE AND SULLY- 3rd at Clue 3)

Mike: Come on, big guy, those two kids just left!

(Meanwhile, over at the Scorpions Detour, Peppermint Patty fed the water to the scorpion as the person in the room handed the girls the next clue)

Peppermint Patty: Yes! Finally!


Marcie: (opens clue and reads it) Hopefully we got some time, sir!

(Over at the flying carpet room, Bucky and Satchel arrived as Bucky wheezed as the two of them noticed the Double U-Turn area in the room.)

Bucky: There it is...


Twilight: (V.O.) This is a Double U-Turn, where two teams have the opportunity to slow down two other teams, forcing them to perform the other Detour choice they did not choose. If a team had already passed the U-Turn, and another team U-Turns the team that already past this point, it will not count.


Bucky: Okay, so which should we U-Turn?

Satchel: I don't think we should do that yet, Bucky. Let's save this U-Turn for when it's important.

Bucky: I guess that's a good point. (Turns to the camera) We choose not to U-Turn anyone.

Satchel: (takes clue) Looks like we're heading to the PIT STOP!


Twilight: (V.O.) Teams must now take this flying carpet and take it to the Cave of Wonders out in the desert. The Cave of Wonders is a place where Aladdin entered inside in order to search for the lamp. It is also the fourth Pit Stop for this leg of the race. The last team to check in here MAY be eliminated.


Bucky: All right, let's get going.

(As Bucky and Satchel took the carpet and flew off, another team had quickly arrived as Eric and Kitty sighed in relief, knowing they weren't U-Turned.)

Eric: (turns to the camera) Kitty and I have decided not to U-Turn anyone.

Kitty: (opens clue) All right, the Pit Stop should be right up ahead! Come on, Eric!

(Eric and Kitty got on their carpets as the two started to race off. Around that time, Mike and Sully arrived as they turned to the camera.)

Sully: We choose not to U-Turn. (Opens clue) Well, better choose a flying carpet, Mike!

(Meanwhile, back at the Snakes Detour, Noah and Katie found their clue)

(NOAH AND KATIE- 5th at Clue 3)

Katie: We're getting close, Noah! Come on! Let's just hope we're not U-Turned!

Noah: I can agree with that!

(Meanwhile, Peppermint Patty and Marcie had arrived.)

Marcie: Are you sure we should do this, sir?

Peppermint Patty: (sighs) We need to do this in order to stay ahead. Besides, they're right behind us, and we don't want to risk losing.

Marcie: Very well, sir.

Peppermint Patty: (opens the box and pulls out a picture as she puts it on the first main frame) Marcie and I are U-Turning Yakko and Wakko.

(Marcie puts in their team's sticker in the 'Courtesy of' box.)


Peppermint Patty: (C.S.) The reason we chose to U-Turn Yakko and Wakko is because I feel that they could be a big threat later on, so I figure, why not take care of the threat sooner rather than later? Sure, we lost our U-Turn power early, but it's worth it.


Marcie: (opens clue) Looks like the Pit Stop's next, sir.

Peppermint Patty: Then let's get on a carpet and go!

(Meanwhile, over at the Pit Stop, Twilight, along with the Genie, were waiting as they waited for the first team to arrive. Soon, they saw a carpet coming in the distance as it stopped. The team got out and ran over.)

Genie: (smiles) Welcome to Agrabah!

Satchel: Thank you.

Twilight: Bucky and Satchel, you are team number one!


Bucky: Finally! I was wondering when we were going to get a first place.

Satchel: Um... we had one last leg. Remember?

Bucky: ...oh. Right.

Twilight: And here's some good news. As the winners of this leg of the race, you have received a vacation for two to Alberta, Canada.

Bucky: (sighs) Lousy prize...

Satchel: Hey! I have family in Canada, and doesn't your girlfriend LIVE in Canada?

Bucky: A DIFFERENT part of Canada, but that's not the point!

Twilight: You'll be treated for a three day, two night stay here, you'll get a wonderful spa treatment, an all you can eat buffet, and you'll be able to go swimming in the lovely lakes... and you can enjoy it right after the race!

Bucky: (sighs) I suppose I'll take it...

Satchel: Still, thanks all the same! We're both happy to get another first place win here!

(Back at the Scorpions part, Yakko and Wakko smiles as they throw in the last item, satisfying the scorpion as the person gives the team their next clue.)

(YAKKO AND WAKKO - 6th at Clue 2)

Wakko: Got it!

Yakko: Come on!

(Back at the U-Turn, Noah and Katie arrives, noticing the U-Turn and courtesy of.)

Noah: Hmmm, looks like the girls has U-Turned Yakko and Wakko.

Katie: May as well, right? They could be a problem.

Noah: (narrows) Especially if they hit on ya.

Katie: (giggles) Oh, Noah.

Noah: (opens clue) The Pit Stop is coming. Let's go.

(Noah and Katie got on their flying carpet, heading off to the Pit Stop. We see Twilight and Genie waiting as Eric and Kitty shows up after getting off their ride.)

Eric: Well?

Twilight: Eric and are the second team to arrive!


Eric: Phew, all right!

Kitty: (smiles) Not first, but we made it.

(Back at the Snakes challenge, Rabbit pulls out a clue, groaning)

Rabbit: Here it is!

(TIGGER AND RABBIT - 7th at Clue 3)

Tigger: That's a boy, long ears! Hoo whoo whoo hoo!

(The two runs off as the remaining two teams kept on looking. Drakken yelps as he is tangled in snakes.)

Drakken: Help me...

Shego: (roll eyes) Wimp.

(We see a footage of someone rushing up as Twilight and Genie sees them coming upon getting off their carpet. We see that...)

Mike: All right, did we make it, huh? Give us the news!

Twilight: Mike and are team number three!

(MIKE AND SULLY - 3rd Place)

Sully: (grins and high fives Mike) Oh yeah! We feel great today!

Mike: Yeah, we keep this up, we'd beat the racing record!

Twilight: (confused) "Record"?

Sully: Mikey, we aren't scaring anyone.

Mike: We aren't?

(At the U-Turn, Yakko and Wakko arrives, spotting the U-Turn and courtesy of.)

Yakko: (frowns) Hoo boy. The Peanuts kids U-Turned us.

Wakko: Awww, what now?

Yakko: Come on, let's be Indy and confront some snakes!


Yakko: Well, looks like Patty and Marcie has U-Turned us. What a move!

Wakko: Yeah! Betcha if we hurried, we can win this!

Yakko: (pause) Like asking for good reviews of "Batman and Robin"!


(Twilight and Genie saw Peppermint Patty and Marcie, getting off their carpet arriving at the Pit Stop, getting on the mat.)

Peppermint Patty: Phew! So how did we do?

Twilight: Peppermint Patty and are team number four!


Marcie: Still in it, sir.

Peppermint Patty: I'd feel sorry for whoever comes in last.

Marcie: Really?

Peppermint Patty: Hey, I did for Chuck whenever he loses to us!

Marcie: Good grief!

(Back at the Snakes, Violet and Klaus finds a clue, both of them sigh in relief)

(8th at Clue 3)

Violet: All right, looks like we are almost there.

Klaus: Let's get moving.

(As the two left, Yakko and Wakko arrives and begins searching)

Shego: You two?

Wakko: Got U-Turned!

Yakko: Yep! Now we're playing with games!

Shego: (roll eyes) Of course.


Shego: At least if those two dopes lose instead of us, that would be something. I hate it when they oogle me! Don't ask what that means.


(We see Tigger and Rabbit arriving, checking the U-Turn.)

Tigger: Those Warners got U-Turned!

Rabbit: (sighs) Well, at least it's not us.

(The two got their clue then got on the carpet, flying off. We now see Noah and Katie, getting off their carpet and arriving at the Pit Stop.)

Katie: So, how did we do?

Twilight: Good work. You are now team number 5!

(NOAH AND KATIE - 5th Place)

Noah: Well, it's not much but it will do.

Katie: Yeah.

(Back at the Snakes Detour, Yakko and Wakko found their clue.)

(YAKKO AND WAKKO- 8th at Clue 3)

Yakko: Oh, finally!

Wakko: (opens clue) Come on, let's get back to the U-Turn and get our clue.

(At around the same time, Drakken and Shego managed to get their clue)

(DRAKKEN AND SHEGO- Last at Clue 3)

Drakken: We're falling behind!

Shego: I know, I know.

(Meanwhile, over at the Pit Stop, another team arrived.)

Twilight: Tigger and Rabbit, you are team number six!


Tigger: (sighs in relief) At least we managed to get ahead, long ears.

Rabbit: Indeed we have, indeed we have.

Twilight: Okay, guys, can you step aside a couple minutes, another team is approaching.

(Tigger and Rabbit proceeded to do so as another team landed.)

Twilight: Violet and Klaus, you are team number seven!


Violet: Well, at least we didn't do TOO badly.

Klaus: Yeah, we did do all right.

(A few moments later, Twilight and the Genie waited at the Pit Stop mat, keeping an eye out for another carpet... it wasn't until a red carpet came flying over as another team went up and stepped on the mat.)

Wakko: (pants) So, how did we do?

Twilight: Yakko and Wakko, you are team number eight, and still in the race.


Yakko: (sighs in relief) Thank goodness we came in when we did, huh?

Wakko: Yeah... I'm so glad we got through this!

(Sad music started to play as Drakken and Shego arrived at the mat.)

Genie: Welcome to Agrabah.

Shego: Thanks.

Twilight: Drakken and Shego... you are the last team to arrive.


Drakken: (groans) This blows chunks!

Twilight: Sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from the race.

Shego: (sighs) Well, at least we did okay.


Drakken: I can't believe we lost this! And at the very last minute too...

Shego: (sighs) Well, at least we did our best, and that's what matters at the end... besides, I'm sure going back to evil in our world will be much more relaxing.



Current Team Standings-

1st- Bucky and Satchel

2nd- Eric and Kitty

3rd- Mike and Sully

4th- Peppermint Patty and Marcie

5th- Noah and Katie

6th- Tigger and Rabbit

7th- Violet and Klaus

8th- Yakko and Wakko

9th- Drakken and Shego (ELIMINATED)

10th- Tommy and Chuckie (ELIMINATED)

11th- Anna and Elsa (ELIMINATED)

12th- Stan and Steve (ELIMINATED)


Next time on Mediamazing Race

* Time to get digital as the remaining 8 teams goes into the Digital World!
* In the Detour, we got Ultimate or Mega!
* Also, when an accident occurred, will this put a team out of commission?

Author's note
All right, another episode done. I hope you all like it! Read and review!
The remaining 9 teams goes on an Arabian Night as they go to Agrabah, dealing with hot coals, snake and scorpions! Who will be the teams standing?
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