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Tattletroll chapter 6
Chapter 6: A Merry Ending?
Christmas day has finally arrived! Kari woke up from her sleep, sighing a bit. Is it really over?
"Hey, Kari," Gatomon exclaims as she came into the room. "Christmas is here!"
"Finally," Kari said as she got out of bed with a smile. "Uh, did everything really happen?"
"Yes, but hopefully it is for the last time."
The two decided that now it's Christmas, it's safe to open Kari's present and keep Poppy out for real this time. The two heads into the living room where Kari goes to her stocking and takes out what should be one finaly egg. Inside is an edible cupcake wrapper.
"Yummy. Cupcakes," Kari said with a warm smile. "Poppy?'
Kari was seen opening the first gift in front of the Christmas tree, & after unwrapping it to open the top she found....nothing?
"Hugh?" Kari raised an eyebrow in not believing this; an empty gift.
"Hey, what's the big idea of giving out an empty box? At least leave coal to tell us if we been ba!?" Gatomon protest in thinking this was so
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 2 4
Loud Powers: The Spy Who Yelled At Me chapter 9
(QC to downtown. As traffic was slowly piling, Loud parks his car and spots Charity near a salestore, looking through the discount area)
(Charity notices Loud as he got out of the car to approach her)
Charity: Oh, Loud....
Loud: Char, listen....about last night....
Charity: (sighs) It's okay. You don't have to tell me....
Loud: No, no. It isn't you, Charity. It's just....have to explain this.... (Sighs) I've lost my mojo.
Charity: (puzzled) You lost your monkey?
Loud: No, no. The mojo as know.
(Charity's eyes widen as she realize)
Charity: So wait. As in.... (Grins) That's why you....
Loud: I know, I know!
Charity: (laughs) Wow! For a moment, I thought it's because you didn't like me!
Loud: Oh no, baby! Yu're very shagadelic. I just didn't want to fall in love again and I thought you'd never love me without my mojo. It's not you, you're fab, you're switched on, a bit of all right. Yes!
Charity: (glances) And it isn't because you got divorced...
(Charity points
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 2 2
Tattletroll chapter 5
Chapter 5:  A Christmas Eve Ritual
The scene opens to reveal Tai & Agumon were snoring for some time together with the boy in a chair & his Digimon partner on the bedside. But then when the Digimon moved he slide off the bed, made a crash sound that scatter the board games & snacks to scatter. This startled Tai enough to wake up to realize what happened.
"What the....oh man Agumon, look at the time!" Tai yelped in realizing the time was 5 in the morning.
"Hugh, what time is it?" Agumon yelped in waking up while confused.
"It's already near morning. We fell asleep!" Tai stated that the boys plan to stay up backfired.
"Gee, how that happened? We ate & played games all night long." Agumon scratch his head in being really puzzled.
"Yeah, but I think the snacks you brought just made it easier for us to fall asleep. Plus the board games were kind of a snore's-vile." Tai stated in thinking the plan layout was good, the operation of said plan was not so.
"Oops, I guess we failed to learn
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 2 3
The Mystics History chapter 26 part 2
Twilight was alone inside Jing Province's Palace. She is now reading some scrolls and books as she is not allowed to send messages to her friends, Nyx and Spike. All she can do is wait and hope that they survived and stayed alive as well.
Suddenly, the door was opened. She turned and found Ratio and Anger entering the room. They even brought some bowls of noodles.
Twilight sighed, "I'm not in mood to talk with you. I'm not even hungry." Of course then her stomach growl. She has sweatdropped on her forehead. "Terrific..."
"Keep lying yo yourself again. If I were you, I take care of myself to help my friends." Ratio points out to Twilight with a shrug. The Alicorn won't do much to help her friends if she can't eat.
Anger scoffed, "If they were a bit smarter..."
"They make their choice to resist and fight off Azure Phoenix, and I made mine. The decision I really regret with..." Twilight begins to spoke sternly to the two. She isn't about to give up just yet!
Ratio scoffed, "You think our
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 3 6
The Mystics History chapter 26 part 1
[Enter Three Kingdoms Theme Song]
Twilight Sparkle and her friends screamed wildly as they entered into the Book of Ages. As they landed on the ground, they came across the Ancient Land of Ma. They all entered it as they're ready to face it. They witnessed the land was in turmoil as Imperial Court argued with each other while civil war broke out between peasants, rebels, imperials, warriors, nobles, warlords, ministers and even the Emperor.
Stallion: Through the storm,
Through the darkness,
The once peaceful kingdom
Lost its Love and Harmony
Turn into grief despair
Virtue Dragon, Blade Dragoon and Warpath Temper prayed and bowed down before the altar as they make a vow of sworn brotherhood. They joined up with various brave and compassion warriors in journeying across the land to help troubled ponies.
Azure Phoenix stood on the Imperial Palace's entrance as he held his sword up high proudly as his Imperial Phoenix Army. His army cheered wildly and proudly. They all went from territory
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 3 0
Tattletroll chapter 4
Author's note
Back to work on these things. Man, this is turning crazy. Anyway....
Chapter 4: Hide and Go Shriek!
Kari & Gatomon were seen trying to eat breakfast of cereal & milk, but they seem on high edge & alert. After what they witness last night, they feel like they are on a nervous breakdown while looking half asleep: especially after having clean up a mess in the kitchen.
"Gatomon, is it possible to take a prank TOO far?" Kari asked her friend as she slowly scoops a spoon full of cereal into her mouth.
"In the eyes of the beholder, there's a line to cross between scaring one senselessly & making it look TOO real. Ah, pass the milk please." Gatomon stated to say this much while wanting some milk.
Kari seem a bit shaken as she grabbed the milk nearby while holding her cereal bowl when...
"Hi there!" Agumon spoke from behind the girl and that was not smart for a high alert Kari.
"Gyaaaahh!" Kari had a reaction to toss her cereal bowl filled with milk to splatter onto Agumon.
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 5 3
Twilight Sparkle Slow Dances with Celestia by JusSonic Twilight Sparkle Slow Dances with Celestia :iconjussonic:JusSonic 4 1 Hollywood Walk of Fame The Mane Six by JusSonic Hollywood Walk of Fame The Mane Six :iconjussonic:JusSonic 8 2
Care Bears' Alice: Madness Returns chapter 12
Chapter 12: Seeking Caterpillar
In reality, as the familiar bar was set on fire, a carriage with familiar faces were shown pulled away from the place. As the others awoke, Alice, standing dazed, started realizing.
Brave Heart: Alice? You okay?
Alice: Oh, what? (wincing) The blood in my mouth tastes like bile. (to Nan Sharpe) Where's the brute that hit me, Nanny?
Nan Sharpe: Nasty prat's out cold. Not dead and more's the pity.
Me Bear: Well, he probably deserve death.
Bright Heart: (frowns) Me Bear, that isn't nice.
Me Bear: Sorry, but after what he did...
Oopsy: That really hurts, though. What did he want?
Wingnut beeps a bit as the former nanny sighs.
Nan Sharpe: What they all want: money he didn't earn...(to the good guys) What were you all thinking butting into that mess? You could have been killed!
Swift Heart: (looks down) We were only trying to help.
Share: Right. We're sorry about thast.
Nan Sharpe: It's all right, it's okay.
Alice: Nanny, my mind's in pieces. I still have terri
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 1 5
Twilight Sparkle's Lesbian Harem Extended by JusSonic Twilight Sparkle's Lesbian Harem Extended :iconjussonic:JusSonic 7 4 Death Battle: Ghostbusters vs. The Scooby-Doo Gang by JusSonic Death Battle: Ghostbusters vs. The Scooby-Doo Gang :iconjussonic:JusSonic 6 3
Care Bears' Alice: Madness Returns chapter 11
Chapter 11: Back to the Theater
Out in the grave area, as the Care Bears and Alice approached the place, up came the now awakened Walrus with the Carpenter riding on the back, bashing the bridge leading to the theater, making most gasp with Alice realizing.
Alice: (glares) My god, you're not an impresario, you're a killer! The mastermind of a criminal enterprise.
Cheer: (fearfully) I knew it!!
Carpenter: Come now, we aren't killers. We're more like lost souls looking for a meal.
Good Luck: Well these souls have sentience, so that results in cannibalism THEY don't want.
Carpenter: This world is not so either/or, Good Luck and Alice.
Alice: And we've done your bidding.
Carpenter: You did a few errands, got your hands dirty. Big deal. The show ditrac-ulates the crowd. A shame you'll miss it. You need to deal (points to the graves) with these sailors. It's your time.
Walrus: Time? Time? The time has come!
Champ: The walrus said.
Walrus: To talk of other things, of ships and-and-and vegetab
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 1 5
The Mystics History chapter 25 part 2
Two days later...
Sealheal and Sam helped and led Skysoar and his team to Red Cliff, where Riverstrike encamped and trained his army for battles. But he wasn't alone. Anchor, Apollo and Hammerod were there to assist him for training the soldiers.
Riverstrike was observing his soldiers' battle formation and how their progress goes well. Anchor was using his flag for signalling the soldiers to change their positions and strike back at their enemies. Apollo was training his marines for the naval battle formation while Hammerrode was training the soldiers as hard as they can get.
Pirate Scythe a golden-yellow mixed Earth Pony with spiky short dark orange short spiky mane and tail, tied with a crimson sash on his head and his cutie mark is pirate skull with a scythe, was challenging and sparring with Trip the orange Pegasus with magenta-light red streaks of short ponytail mane and tail worn a darker orange scarf-like, his cutie mark is nunchucks. The older dark blue colored Unicorn with red
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 4 6
The Mystics History chapter 25 part 1
[Enter Three Kingdoms Theme Song]
Twilight Sparkle and her friends screamed wildly as they entered into the Book of Ages. As they landed on the ground, they came across the Ancient Land of Ma. They all entered it as they're ready to face it. They witnessed the land was in turmoil as Imperial Court argued with each other while civil war broke out between peasants, rebels, imperials, warriors, nobles, warlords, ministers and even the Emperor.
Stallion: Through the storm,
Through the darkness,
The once peaceful kingdom
Lost its Love and Harmony
Turn into grief despair
Virtue Dragon, Blade Dragoon and Warpath Temper prayed and bowed down before the altar as they make a vow of sworn brotherhood. They joined up with various brave and compassion warriors in journeying across the land to help troubled ponies.
Azure Phoenix stood on the Imperial Palace's entrance as he held his sword up high proudly as his Imperial Phoenix Army. His army cheered wildly and proudly. They all went from territory
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 3 0
Death Battle: Freddy Krueger vs. Jason Voorhees by JusSonic Death Battle: Freddy Krueger vs. Jason Voorhees :iconjussonic:JusSonic 2 1
Tattletroll chapter 3
Author's note
Yes, folks! I know Christmas is over, and yes, so is this year. But I promised to get these Christmas fics done, and do them, I shall!
Chapter 3: Gnorga Strikes!
It was December 22nd, 3 days before Christmas. And all throughout the house, not a creature is stirring....
Except for what's going on right now.
"Kari, I don't know what you're on about." Tai sighs as he kicks his soccer ball softly.
"Admit it. How did Poppy got into the dryer last night?" Kari ask Tai curiously and suspiciously. "Did you do that to my gift?"
"How did....were you peeking on your present early????"
"Don't avoid the question, big brother. Gatomon and I found her in the dryer, before we put her away.....and those glowing red eyes?"
Tai sighs in annoyance as he shakes his head, "Kari, look. You know me better. Sure I pull a prank on you now and again....and doing that to presents is something I wouldn't do. Besides, Agumon and I were sleeping at the time. Now, can you drop it or should I tell mom an
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 4 3


SONIC RETOLD - Issue 3, Page 17 by glitcher SONIC RETOLD - Issue 3, Page 17 :iconglitcher:glitcher 47 6
The Secret of Monkey Island~NAP Style 1
A/N: This story is set during "Legends of Treasure Island~Nack & Psycho Style's The Quest Begins" episode, while Smollett and the Freelancers recruit Squire Trelawney.
(OP: Breeze by Megumi Hayashibara)
The Secret of Monkey Island~NAP Style
Within the sleepy town of Bristol, as the familiar pirates were departing with a chest full of gold, Meowth realized something.
Meowth: Wait, forgot my hat. Be right back.
The snake cats frowned a bit.
Dr. Viper: Oh NOW you remember.
Meowth: Ah, I'll just swipe it from some loser.
When he saw a fallen hat, taking it as Dr. Viper prepared to smack him, the blind rat not too far from them spoke to the newcomers.
Pew: (frowns) Very you are not of this timeline, though. And I sense the others with you two are not of this time as well either.
Skaa: Not really.
Pew glared a bit before feeling Betemesis' hand taking his own.
Betemesis: Uh, Pew...I think we should explain a few things before we go off to find the map again...if it's okay with you.
:iconjulayla64:Julayla64 1 1
Equestria Girls Magical Adventure - Chap.19
Here’s the next chapter, enjoy…
Chapter 19: Spring Breakdown – Part 2
The scene returns to show where we left off, as Rainbow Dash was preparing to face off against an evil magical threat within the theater that had magic clouds covering all over. Soarin’ was worried in just what sort of evil magical foe was behind all of this.
“Prepare yourself...” The mysterious female behind the magical dust cloud announced.
“F-f-f-for what!?” Soarin’ was a bit lost for words, unsure who was coming…
“For the Great and Powerful Trixie of the High Seas!” Then as the dust cloud cleared, who should appear by Trixie Lulamoon in her magician illusionist getup. “Two shows daily! Tip your waitresses!” She smiled off to give this comment off like some performer addressing an audience.
“O-kay….? Wasn't ready for that.” Rainbow Dash suddenly had her eagerness dropped severely when seeing the whole ‘bad
:iconvision-king:VISION-KING 2 4
Total Dramarama Heather by totaldramapony Total Dramarama Heather :icontotaldramapony:totaldramapony 45 20 Total DramaRama Justin by cindywuzheer Total DramaRama Justin :iconcindywuzheer:cindywuzheer 47 5 Total DramaRama Trent by TDGirlsFanForever Total DramaRama Trent :icontdgirlsfanforever:TDGirlsFanForever 67 28 Total Dramarama: Jude by JaDraws Total Dramarama: Jude :iconjadraws:JaDraws 80 15 Total DramaRama Bridgette in Bare Feet by TDGirlsFanForever
Mature content
Total DramaRama Bridgette in Bare Feet :icontdgirlsfanforever:TDGirlsFanForever 56 13
Total DramaRama Geoff by TDGirlsFanForever Total DramaRama Geoff :icontdgirlsfanforever:TDGirlsFanForever 54 31 Total DramaRama-Scott by cindywuzheer Total DramaRama-Scott :iconcindywuzheer:cindywuzheer 63 5 Total DramaRama Lindsay by TDGirlsFanForever Total DramaRama Lindsay :icontdgirlsfanforever:TDGirlsFanForever 104 34 SAI: Twilight and Sonic plan by cmara SAI: Twilight and Sonic plan :iconcmara:cmara 45 5
NAP: Westerns and Space Jerks Epilogue
Inside the core, Plum looked at the device.
Plum: Okay, here goes.
However, before she could press the self destruct button, the foes jumped to her as she struggled.
Soldiers: No you don't!
Plum: NOOO!!
Outside, the huge ship began to start departing while the survivors ran for cover. Inside, the kremling with humans on him ran through the cavern as part of it blew up. With Plum, she struggled to try to reach the fallen device.
Plum: Let go of me!
Soldier 2: No way are you blowing up our ship!
Soldier 1: This time, young lady, you WILL be made an example in front of your kind. Uh as soon as we get them from the desert.
Emotion Lord's Voice: Sorry, but Caretaker and I don't see it that way.
The two looked confused before they saw the bald old man punch the two, releasing Plum.
Both: Ungh!!
When they were far away, Plum snatched the bracelet.
Plum: Uh thanks. But you should've went with your past self and the others.
Emotion Lord: No can do. I've been through worse. You self de
:iconjulayla64:Julayla64 2 1



happy birthday :cake:
Fri Jun 15, 2018, 5:22 AM
happy birthday :cake:
Fri Jun 15, 2018, 5:22 AM
Return muptoons
Thu Oct 5, 2017, 8:44 AM
You should continue your toonpet show series, and you can do the episodes of the show!
Fri Jun 23, 2017, 6:46 AM
Love your Austin Powers parody!
Wed Feb 8, 2017, 6:55 PM
Make a Zootopia fanmake! But with Transformers characters from different series!!!
Wed Oct 26, 2016, 9:44 PM
Way to Go! I Like this Fanmakes
Tue Oct 11, 2016, 5:37 PM
You doing great!!
Sat Oct 10, 2015, 3:59 PM
Your Fanmakes are still Awsome Jus!
Mon Aug 10, 2015, 2:12 PM
Keep up with the good work Jus!
Thu Apr 23, 2015, 2:05 AM
Discord's Reading Garfield -
Mon Mar 16, 2015, 2:34 PM
i donated 20 points to you. :D, Love Your Fanfics BTW. :D
Fri Jan 9, 2015, 5:50 PM
So many sheeps.
Wed Oct 1, 2014, 7:37 AM
Quality over Quantity!
Thu Sep 25, 2014, 9:19 AM
Hay like your work wel done
Sun Jun 29, 2014, 5:46 PM
i love your fics and yor carakters! keep riting!
Sun Jun 22, 2014, 1:29 PM
You know I love your fanfics, boy!
Fri Jun 20, 2014, 3:19 PM
Love your fanfics!!!
Thu May 15, 2014, 6:02 PM

Round 2, Fight 1: Gundam vs. Ryu Hayabusa! 

13 deviants said Gundam
7 deviants said Ryu Hayabusa



Okay, so do you folks think that Spike and Luna's strategy in the recent 200th episode was fair or unfair?

Frankly, it's a bit fair because Spike wanted to participate in the thing, and the lesson of the episode is to, and to borrow something from TvTropes, "take heed of all your family members. You might be missing something important without even knowing it."

So what do you guys think? And no bad remarks or insults. Also, keep the criticism fair.
Round 2, Fight 1: Gundam vs. Ryu Hayabusa!
13 deviants said Gundam
7 deviants said Ryu Hayabusa
No, I am not writing another fan-fiction!

Let me explain, you know those poll battles that GameFaqs like to do? Well, I decided to do one of my own, except it will involves the contestants who were defeated in their fights on Death Battles (No one is sure who won between Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro. Also Deadpool and Pinkie Pie both won their fight in Friendship and in a Draw too. And screw Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black!)

Starting today, every two weeks, I will hold a new poll and you all can vote on any contestant. No Draws, no Double KOs! Just the players. Only one will be left standing and be the ultimate winner!

I will also use's list thing to decide who will fight who first!

Boba Fett
Shadow the Hedgehog
Dr. Eggman
Princess Zelda
Ryu Hayabusa
Red w/ Venusaur and Charizard
Captain America
Knuckles the Echidna
Mega Man
Green Arrow
Ramona Flowers
Erza Scarlet
Portgas D. Ace
Captain Marvel
Metal Sonic
McGruff the Crime Dog
Ichigio Kurosaki
Spider-Man 2099
Twilight Sparkle
Crash Bandicoot
Dr. Strange
Afro Samurai
Sonic the Hedgehog
Mega Man X
Star Force Mega Man

Dan Hibiki
Lex Luthor
M. Bison
Ken Masters
Tifa Lockhart
Bucky O'Hare
The Shovel Knight
Majin Buu
Nathan Drake
Sweet Tooth
Cloud Strife
Jak and Daxter
The Meta
Cammy White
Darth Vader
Silver Samurai
Harry Potter
Dr. Wily
Frank West
Shang Tsung
Sam Fisher
Jotaro Kujo
Ragna the Bloodedge
Ivy Valentine
Mega Man Volnutt

Wonder Woman (she has won her fight with Thor)
Ryu (he won his fight with Jin)
Mario Mario (he won his rematch with Sonic the Hedgehog)

This list may update when the next Deathbattle is done)

Round 1
1. Raphael vs. Kratos*
2. Terminator vs. Erza Scarlet*
3. Goku* vs. Megazord
4. Captain America* vs. Deathstroke
5. Michelangelo* vs. Dan Hibiki
6. Mario* vs. Bomberman
7. Boba Fett* vs. Lex Luthor
8. Bowser* vs. M. Bison
9. Luigi* vs. Ken Masters
10. Ryu* vs. Bane
11. Chun-Li* vs. Tifa Lockhart
12. Pikachu* vs. Bucky O'Hare
13. Knuckles the Echidna* vs. Shovel Knight
14. Shadow the Hedgehog* vs. Lion-O
15. Gamera* vs. Majin Buu
16. Green Arrow* vs. Nathan Drake
17. Wolverine* vs. Sweet Tooth
18. Mega Man* vs. Starscream
19. Thor* vs. Cloud Strife
20. Quicksilver vs. Metal Sonic*
21. Venusaur and Charizard (w/Red)* vs. Jak and Daxter
22. Ramona Flowers* vs. Scout
23. Bayonetta* vs. The Meta
24. Felicia* vs. Cammy White
25. Captain Marvel* vs. Darth Vader
26. Vergil vs. Raiden*
27. Spider-Man 2099* vs. Sektor
28. Portgas D. Ace* vs. Glacius
29. Hulk* vs. Gaara
30. Donatello* vs. Beast
31. Zitz vs. Crash Bandicoot*
32. Twilight Sparkle* vs. Silver Samurai
33. Pit vs. Renamon (Draw)
34. Princess Zelda* vs. Goomba
35. Tigerzord* vs. Riptor
36. Doctor Strange* vs. Harry Potter
37. McGruff the Crime Dog* vs. Dr. Wily
38. Batman* vs. Frank West
39. Afro Samurai* vs. Shang Tsung
40. Doomguy* vs. Sam Fisher
41. Jin* vs. Balrog
42, Ichigo Kurosaki* vs. Jotaro Kujo
43. Gundam* vs. Sigma
44. Jiraiya vs. Daredevil*
45. Doctor Eggman* vs. Koopa
46. Carnage* vs. Ragna the Bloodedge
47. Namor* vs. Ivy Valentine
48. Thanos vs. Sonic the Hedgehog*
49. Star Force Mega Man* vs. Mega Man Volnutt
50. Widowmaker vs. Ryu Hayabusa*
51. Nightmare vs. Mega Man X*
Round 2
1. Gundam vs. Ryu Hayabusa

This round will go on until all fighters are used before I get to the next round. Check back often!
  • Listening to:
It's time for Rifftrax, Rifftrax!

For those who don't know, I am a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan, a show where they make fun of movies. And of course, Rifftrax is a sequel series made by the same guys from this series. For a long time, I'm collecting movies and the Rifftrax commentaries so I can laugh at.
My goal is to collect every one that Rifftrax has got to add to my MST3K collection.

Checklist time! * means that I got it.

* 1. Plan 9 from Outer Space
* 2. Night of the Living Dead
* 3. Road House
* 4. Fifth Element
* 5. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
* 6. Cocktail
* 7. xXx
* 8. Crossroads
* 9. X-Men
* 10. Top Gun
* 11. Point Break
* 12. Halloween (1978)
* 13. The Matrix
* 14. Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
* 15. The Grudge
* 16. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
* 17. The Island of Dr. Moreeau (1996)
* 18. Firewall
* 19. Reign of Fire
* 20. Daredevil
* 21. Battlefield Earth
* 22. Troll 2
* 23. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
* 24. Over the Top
* 25. Aeon Flux
* 26. The Wicker Man (2006)
* 27. Terminator 3: Rise of the machines
* 28. Lost ("Pilot")
* 29. Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
* 30. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
* 31. Casino Royale (2006)
* 32. Eragon
* 33. Glitter
* 34. Predator
* 35. Grey's Anatomy ("A Hard Day's Night" and "The First Cut Is The Deepest")
* 36. Fantastic Four
* 37. Star Trek Generations
* 38. 300
* 39. The Bourne Identify
* 40. Independence Day
* 41. Heroes ("Genesis" and "Don't Look Back")
* 42. Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
* 43. Raiders of the Lost Ark
* 44. Spider-Man
* 45. Next
* 46. Missile to the Moon
* 47. Transformers
* 48. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
* 49. Reefer Madness
* 50. Star Wars Holiday Special
* 51. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
* 52. Plan 9 from Outer Space (Three Riffer Edition)
* 53. Batman & Robin
* 54. Jurassic Park
* 55. The Matrix Reloaded
* 56. Beowulf (2007)
* 57. Spider-Man 3
* 58. Cloverfield
* 59. I Am Legend (2007)
* 60. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
* 61. The Sixth Sense
* 62. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
* 63. Memento
* 64. Ocean's Eleven (2001)
* 65. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
* 66. Iron Man
* 67. The Happening (2008)
* 68. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
* 69. X2
* 70. The Incredible Hulk - Final Round
* 71. The Dark Knight
* 72. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
* 73. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
* 74. Reefer Madness (Three Riffer Edition)
* 75. The Little Shop of Horrors (Three Riffer Edition)
* 76. House on Haunted Hill (Three Riffer Edition)
* 77. Night of the Living Dead (Three Riffer Edition)
* 78. Missile to the Moon (Three Riffer Edition)
* 79. Jaws
* 80. Carnival of Souls (Three Riffer Edition)
* 81. Swing Parade (Three Riffer Edition)
* 82. Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back
* 83. Twilight
* 84. Planet of Dinosaurs
* 85. Casablanca
* 86. The Room
* 87. Red Dawn
* 88. Fast & Furious
* 89. The Matrix Revolutions
* 90. Dragon Wars: D- War
* 91. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
* 92. Titanic
* 93. Star Trek (2009 version)
* 94. Maniac
* 95. Drag Me to Hell
* 96. Star Wars VI: Return of the JEdi
* 97. Terminator Salvation
* 98. Paranormal Activity
* 99. The Twilight Saga: New Moon
* 100. Avatar
* 101. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
* 102. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
* 103. High School Musical
* 104. Clash of the Titans
* 105. The Last Airbender
* 106. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
* 107. Inception
* 108. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
* 109. Birdemic: Shock and Terror
* 110. Highlander
* 111. The Karate Kid, Part III
* 112. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
* 113. X-Men: The Last Stand
* 114. Thor
* 115. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
* 116. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
* 117. Captain America: The First Avenger
* 118. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
* 119. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part I
* 120. The Hunger Games
* 121. The Avengers
* 122. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part II
* 123. Starship Troopers
* 124. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part I
* 125. The Wizard of Oz
* 126. Godzilla
* 127. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014 version)
* 128. Anaconda
* 129. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part II
* 130. The Room: Rifftrax "Live" Edition
* 131. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
* 132. Game of Thrones ("Winter is Coming")
* 133. Road House (2016 Three Riffer Edition)
* 134. The Walking Dead ("Day Gone Bye")
* 135. Daredevil ("Into the Ring")
* 136. Jurassic World
* 137. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
* 138. Game of Thrones (The Rains of Castamere)
* 139. Mothra
* 140. Westworld ("The Original")
* 141. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
* 142. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
* 143. Ready Player One
* 144. Stranger Things ("Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers")
* 145. Solo: A Star Wars Story
* 146. Krull

Rifftrax Presents
* 1. Star Trek: Phase II: "World Enough and Time"
* 2. Dark Water
* 3. Saw
* 4. House of Wax (2005)
* 5. Star Trek: Phase II: "To Serve All My Days"
* 6. The X-Files (film)
* 7. Alien
* 8. Spider-Man 2
* 9. The Day After Tomorrow
* 10. Dirty Dancing
* 11. Die Hard
* 12. Tron
* 13. Ghost
* 14. The Running Man
* 15. Batman Forever
* 16. Planet of the Apes (1968)
* 17. Footloose
* 18. Ghost Rider
* 19. Poltergeist
* 20. Armageddon
* 21. The Lost Boys
* 22. Jaws 3
* 23. Jurassic Park III
* 24. Sherlock Holmes (2009)
* 25. Flatliners
* 26. The Expendables
* 27. Horror Express
* 28. King of Kong Island
* 29. Scared to Death
* 30. Warning from Space
* 31. Life in the Suburbs
* 32. Dreamscape
* 33. A Word to the Wives
* 34. The Relaxed Wife/Consuming Women (Women as Consumers)
* 35. Naturally...a Girl
* 36. Cindy Goes to a Party
* 37. The Prom: It's a Pleasure
* 38. Oh Boy! Babies!
* 39. The Snob
* 40. Have a Mary Jo Christmas and a Bridget New Year! featuring "A Christmas Carol" (edited version of "Scrooge") and "The Little Lamb"
* 41. Marriage is a Partnership
* 42. Phoebe
* 43. Flight to Mars
* 44. Social Acceptability
* 45. Cat-Women of the Moon
* 46. Gravity
* 47. The Magic Shelf
* 48. Duties of a Secretary
* 49. Girls are Better Than Ever
* 50. Flash That Smile
* 51. Peer Pressure: Nobody Tells Me What to Do!
* 52. The Second Annual Bridget and Mary Jo Christmas Special! (featuring "Carving Magic" and a 1953 Christmas home movie)
* 53. The Home of the Future (1999 A.D.)
* 54. Katy
* 55. The Amazing Mr. X
* 56. The Maturing Woman
* 56. Angel's Revenge
* 57. American Look
* 58. Hangar 18
* 59. Farm Family in Summer
* 60. Deadly Instincts
* 61. Boredom at Work
* 62. Farm Family in Autumn
* 63. The Babysitter
* 64. Let's Talk Turkey
* 65. Farm Family in Winter
* 66. Beyond Christmas
* 67. Harry the Dirty Dog
* 68. Planet Outlaws
* 69. Farm Family in Spring
* 70. The Spring Collection
* 71. Junior Prom
* 72. How to be a Friend
* 73. Sherlock Holmes and the Woman in Green
* 74. Snowbeast
* 75. What Mary Jo Wanted
* 76. She
* 77. Devil Girl from Mars
* 78. Freddie Steps Out
* 79. Rescue Me
* 80. Ladybug, Ladybug, Winter Is Coming
* 81. Charlie's Christmas Secret
* 82. Sherlock Holmes: Dressed to Kill
* 83. Wonderful World of Tupperware
* 84. Purple Death from Outer Space
* 85. She Demons
* 86. Scared to Death
* 87. The Boy Who Didn't Listen

Public-domain shorts
* 1. Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey
* 2. Signal 30 (excerpt)
* 3. A Visit to Santa
* 4. Act Your Age
* 5. Beginning Responsibility: Lunchroom Manners
* 6. The Terrible Truth
* 7. Why Doesn't Cathy East Breakfast?/Petaluma Chicken
* 8. Coffee House Rendezvous
* 9. Safety - Harm Hides at Home
* 10. Are You Popular?
* 11. If Mirrors Could Speak
* 12. One Got Fat - Bicycle Safety
* 13. Drugs Are Like That
* 14. Down and Out
* 15. Patrotisim
* 16. Skipper Learns a Lesson
* 17. Buying Food
* 18. Right or Wrong? (Making Moral Decisions)
* 19. The Trouble with Women
* 20. It Must Be the Neighbors
* 21. Each Child is Different
* 22. Kitty Cleans Up
* 23. Why Vandalism?
* 24. Aqua Frolics
* 25. Good Health Practices
* 26. Good Eating Habits
* 27. Know for Sure
* 28. Christmas Toyshop
* 29. Shy Guy
* 30. Self Conscious Guy
* 31. Overcoming Fear
* 32. Playing Together
* 33. How Much Affection?
* 34. Your Chance to Live
* 35. Understanding Your Ideals
* 36. As We Like It
* 37. Going Steady
* 38. Carnivorous Plants
* 39. You and Your Family
* 40. Primary Safety: In the School Building
* 41. Damaged Goods
* 42. Cooking Terms
* 43. What About Juvenile Delinquency?
* 44. Snap Out of It!
* 45. Toward Emotional Maturity
* 46. Alcohol Trigger Films
* 47. Back to School with Joan Miller
* 48. Highway Mania
* 49. The Bill of Rights in Action
* 50. Shake Hands with Danger
* 51. Wing, Claw and Fang
* 52. The Tale of Moose Baby
* 53. Flying Stewardess
* 54. Constance Bennett's Daily Beauty Rituals
* 55. Teenagers on Trial
* 56. Cork - Crashes and Curiosities
* 57. What It Means to Be an American (Part 1)
* 58. The Case of Tommy Tucker (Part 1)
* 59. What It Means to Be an American (Part 2)
* 60. The Case of Tommy Tucker (Part 2)
* 61. Women in Blue
* 62. A Circus Wakes Up
* 63. American Thrift (Part 1)
* 64. Call It Free (Part 1)
* 65. Christmas Rhapsody
* 66. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
* 67. Christmas Dream
* 68. The Night Before Christmas
* 69. Three Magic Words
* 70. Parade of Aquatic Champions
* 71. American Thrift (Part 2)
* 72. Molly Grows Up
* 73. Call It Free (Part 2)
* 74. Story of a Teenage Drug Addict
* 75. The Following Instructions Game
* 76. Little Lost Scent
* 77. An Aquarium in Action
* 78. Mr. Moto Takes a Walk
* 79. Seat Belts: The Life Saving Habit
* 80. Drawing for Beginners: The Rectangle
* 81. Kittens: Birth and Growth
* 82. Reading: Who Needs It?
* 83. Families: Food and Eating
* 84. Summer Is An Adventure
* 85. Beginning Responsibility: Taking Care of Your Own Things
* 86. Reading Growth: Basic Skills
* 87. Geography of Your Community
* 88. The Parts of Speech
* 89. Watch Out for My Plant
* 90. Values: The Right Thing to Do
* 91. Family Teamwork
* 92. Pearl of the Orient
* 93. Individual Differences
* 94. Whatever the Weather
* 95. Building Better Paragraphs
* 96. Are People All the Same?
* 97. Mealtime Manners and Health
* 98. Things Are Different Now
* 99. William's Doll
* 100. Decisions, Decisions
* 101. Library World
* 102. The Fad Diet Circus
* 103. More Dangerous Than Dynamite
* 104. Alone at Home
* 105. Telephone For Help
* 106. What If We Had a Fire
* 107. Seven Little Ducks
* 108. Cops: Who Needs Them?
* 109. You Can Do Something About Acne
* 110. Safe Living at School
* 111. Behavior of Domestic Pigs in a Semi-Natural Pig-Park
* 112. Monkey See, Monkey Do: Verbs
* 113. Don't Be a Bloody Idiot
* 114. Magical Disappearing Money
* 115. Values: Understanding Ourselves
* 116.The Calendar: How to Use It
* 117. Undo the Least of These
* 118. Santa Claus' Punch and Judy
* 119. Courtesy: A Good Eggsample
* 120. The Being on Time Game
* 121. Basic Job Skills: Handling Daily Problems
* 122. Courtesy Counts a Lot
* 123. Remember Me
* 124. Walking to School
* 125. Prove Your Pronunciation
* 126. Basic Job Skills: Dealing With Customers
* 127. The ABC of Walking Wisely
* 128. Vision in the Forest
* 129. A Badger's Bad Guy
* 130. Families: Earning and Spending
* 131. Kangaroos
* 132. The Red Hen
* 133. Tooth Truth with Harv and Marv
* 134. County Fair
* 135. Prickly the Porcupine
* 136. The Mysterious Message
* 137. Beginning Responsibility: Being a Good Sport
* 138. Animal Homes
* 139. Beginning Responsibility: Getting Ready for School
* 140. Adventures of a Chipmunk Family
* 141. Billy's Helicopter Rider
* 142. Paper and I
* 143. Aesop's Sound Fables: Frozen Frolics
* 144. At Your Fingertips: Grasses
* 145. At Your Fingertips: Boxes
* 146. Borrowed Power
* 147. Eggs to Market
* 148. A Boy of Mexico: Juan and his Donkey
* 149. One Turkey, Two Turkey
* 150. We Discover the Dictionary
* 151. What Is Nothing?
* 152. Feelings: I'm Feeling Alone
* 153. Setting Up a Room
* 154. Join Hands, Let Go!
* 155. The Creeps Machine
* 156. Boy of India: Rama and His Elephant
* 157. What Are Letters For?
* 158. Making Sense with Sentences
* 159. Jobs in Cosmetology
* 160. What Makes Things Float?
* 161. Let's Pretend: Magic Sneakers
* 162. Beginning Responsibility: Broken Bookeshop
* 163. Corky the Crow
* 164. Reading From Now On
* 165. Friends
* 166. The Lemonade Stand: What's Fair?
* 167. The Clean Club
* 168. David and Hazel: A Story in Communicaton
* 169. Sailing a Toy Boat
* 170. Alcohol
* 171. Cooks & Chefs
* 172. Danger Keep Out!
* 173. The Fish That Nearly Drowned
* 174. Nutrition: The All-American Meal
* 175. The Toymaker
* 176. Dinosaurs: The Age of the Terrible Lizard
* 177. Farm Babies and Their Mothers
* 178. Jimmy of the Safety Patrol
* 179. Joy Ride
* 180. Love That Car!
* 181. The Hare and the Tortoise
* 182. Get That Job!
* 183. Perc! Pop! Sprinkle!
* 184. Choking: To Save a Life
* 185. Tic Toc Time Clock
* 186. Say No to Strangers
* 187. Live and Learn
* 188. Safety with Animals
* 189. Ten Long Minutes
* 190. Ghost Rider
* 191. The Other Fellow's Feelings
* 192. The Day I Died
* 193. Story-telling: Can You Tell It In Order?
* 194. Maintaining Classroom Discipline
* 195. Rescueman
* 196. Goodbye, Weeds
* 197. When Should Grown-Up Stop Fights
* 198. Batman and Robin Chapter 1: Batman Takes Over
* 199. You're the Judge
* 200. Batman and Robin Chapter 2: Tunnel of Terror
* 200. Batman and Robin Chapter 3: Robin's Wild Ride
* 201. Batman and Robin Chapter 4: Batman Trapped!
* 202. Norman Krasner
* 203. Norman Checks In
* 204. Welcome Back, Norman
* 205. Batman and Robin Chapter 5: Robin Rescues Batman
* 206. Mr. B Natural
* 207. A Trip to the Moon
* 208. Batman and Robin Chapter 6: Batman: Target Robin
* 209. Batman and Robin Chapter 7: Batman: The Fatal Blast
* 210. Safety Woman: In Danger Out of Doors
* 211. Batman and Robin Chapter 8: Robin Meets the Wizard
* 212. This is Hormel
* 213. Batman and Robin Chapter 9: The Wizard Strikes Back
* 214. Norman Gives a Speech
* 215. How to Keep a Job
* 216. Health: Your Posture
* 217. Writing Better Social Letters
* 218. At Your Fingertips: Cylinders
* 219. Fashion Horizons
* 220. Batman and Robin Chapter 10: Batman's Last Chance
* 221. Color It Clean
* 222. Batman and Robin Chapter 11: Robin's Ruse
* 223. Read On! From Left to Right
* 224. Clean and Neat with Harv and Marv
* 225. Willy Whistle
* 226. Batman and Robin Chapter 12: Robin Rides the Wind
* 227. Rifftrax Animated Intro
* 228. Flying Saucer Mystery
* 229. Batman and Robin Chapter 13: The Wizard's Challenge
* 230. Batman and Robin Chapter 14: Batman vs. The Wizard
* 231. Batman and Robin Chapter 15: Batman Victorious
* 232. Rediscovery: Puppets
* 233. A Case of Spring Fever
* 234. Warty, the Toad
* 235. At your Fingertips: Play Clay
* 236. Frustrating Fours and Fascinating Fives
* 237. Zlateh the Ghost
* 238. Santa and the Fairy Snow Queen
* 239. Behave, Bernard!
* 240. Duck and Cover
* 241. Getting Angry
* 242. Study Skills: Verbal Communication Made Easy
* 243. Starting School
* 244. With An All-star Cast
* 245. The Myths of Shoplifting
* 246. Life in the Suburbs
* 247. A Word to the Wives
* 248. Animal Antics
* 249. The Relaxed Wife/Consuming Women (Women as Consumers)
* 250. Naturally...a Girl
* 251. Cindy Goes to a Party
* 252. The Prom: It's a Pleasure
* 253. Oh Boy! Babies!
* 254. The Snob
* 255. Halloween Party (Live performance of short from "Rifftrax Live: Anaconda")
* 256. The Night That Dracula Saved the World (The Halloween That Almost Wasn't)
* 257. Measuring Man (Let's Measure: Using Standard Units)
* 258. A Day of Thanksgiving
* 259. Dining Together
* 260. Have a Mary Jo Christmas and a Bridget New Year! featuring "A Christmas Carol" (edited version of "Scrooge") and "The Little Lamb"
* 261. Marriage is a Partnership
* 262. Shapes We Live With
* 263. William: From Georgia to Harlem
* 264. The Little Monster
* 265. Phoebe
* 266. The Tiny Astronaut
* 267. Social Acceptability
* 268. The Value of Teamwork
* 269. On Guard - Bunco!
* 270. Don't Get Angry
* 271. The Magic Shelf
* 272. Duties of a Secretary
* 273. Girls are Better than Ever
* 274. Safety as we Play
* 275. Flash That Smile
* 276. Peer Pressure: Nobody Tells me What to Do!
* 277. At Your Fingertips: Sugar and Spice (Live performance of short from "Rifftrax Live: Santa Claus")
* 278. The Second Annual Bridget and Mary Jo Christmas Special! (featuring "Carving Magic" and a 1953 Christmas home movie)
* 279. The Home of the Future (1999 A.D.)
* 280. Katy
* 281. Measure Metric Volume 2: Doc Cranshaw and the Kid - The Contest
* 282. The Maturing Woman
* 283. Busy Bodies
* 284. Allen Is My Brother
* 285. American Look
* 286. Truck Song
* 287. Soapy the Germ Fighter (Live performance of short from "Rifftrax Live: Mothra")
* 288. Farm Family in Summer
* 289. Boredom at Work
* 290. Farm Family in Autumn
* 291. The Babysitter
* 292. The Hothead and the Forgetter
* 293. Let's Talk Turkey
* 294. Gifts from the Air
* 295. Santa Claus' Workshop
* 296. Spunky the Snowman
* 297. Christmas Customs Near and Far
* 298. Farm Family in Winter
* 299. A Day with Fireman Bill
* 300. Drawing for Beginners: The Square
* 301. Harry the Dirty Dog
* 302. Six Murderous Beliefs
* 303. People Soup
* 304. The Water We Drink
* 305. Farm Family in Spring
* 306. The Spring Collection
* 307. Glasses for Susan
* 308. How to be a Friend
* 309. Beginning Responsibility: Learning to Follow Instructions
* 310. What Mary Jo Wanted
* 311. Building an Outline
* 312. At Your Fingertips: Floats (Live Edition)
* 313. Ladybug, Ladybug, Winter Is Coming
* 314. Drawing for Beginners: The Triangle
* 315. A Song for Santa
* 316. A Christmas Carol (Coronet)
* 317. The Shoemaker and the Elves
* 318. Charlie's Christmas Secret
* 319. Wonderful World of Tupperware
* 320. Beginning Responsibility: Doing Things For Ourselves In School
* 321. Farm Animals
* 322. Jack and the Beanstalk
* 323. Emergencies - What Would You Do?
* 324. Tommy's Day
* 325. Toes Tell/Whose Shoes
* 326. The Boy Who Didn't Listen
Unknown: The Troublemaker
Unknown: Just Awful
Unknown: A Christmas Fantasy

Full-length VOD films
* 1. The Three Stooges in Color
* 2. The Three Stooges' Greatest Routines
* 3. Swing Parade
* 4. Reefer Madness
* 5. The Little Shop of Horrors
* 6. Night of the Living Dead
* 7. Carnival of Souls
* 8. House on Haunted Hill
* 9. Plan 9 from Outer Space
* 10. Missile to the Moon
* 11. The Star Wars Holiday Special
* 12. Plan 9 from Outer Space (Three Riffer Edition)
* 13. Troll 2
* 14. Forbidden Zone
* 15. The Incredible Hulk: Final Round
* 16. Reefer Madness (Three Riffer Edition)
* 17. The Little Shop of Horrors (Three Riffer Edition)
* 18. House on Haunted Hill (Three Riffer Edition)
* 19. Night of the Living Dead (Three Riffer Edition)
* 20. Missile to the Moon (Three Riffer Edition)
* 21. Carnival of Souls (Three Riffer Edition)
* 22. Swing Parade (Three Riffer Edition)
* 23. Planet of Dinosaurs
* 24. Voodoo Man
* 25. Red Dawn
* 26. Dragon Wars: D-War
* 27. Maniac
* 28. RiffTrax Live!: Plan 9 from Outer Space
* 29. RiffTrax Live: Christmas Shorts-stravaganza!
* 30. The Boy in the Plastic Bubble
* 31. Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny
* 32. Rifftrax: LIVE! Reefer Madness
* 33. Rifftrax: LIVE! House on Haunted Hill
* 34. The Crater Lake Monster
* 35. The Devil's Hand
* 36. The Galaxy Invader
* 37. Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe
* 38. Laser Mission
* 39. The Sons of Hercules: The Land of Darkness
* 40. Warriors of the Wasteland
* 41. Buffalo Rider
* 42. Christmas with Rifftrax, ft. "The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives" and "Magic Christmas Tree"
* 43. Ghosthouse
* 44. Frankenstein Island
* 45. Mesa of Lost Women
* 46. Curse of Bigfoot
* 47. Rifftrax Live: Jack the Giant Killer
* 48. Mutant
* 49. Prisoners of the Lost Universe
* 50. The Brainiac
* 51. Bloody Pit of Horror
* 52. Future Force
* 53. Neutron the Atomic Superman vs. the Death Robots
* 54. The Revenge of Doctor X
* 55. The Bermuda Triangle
* 56. The Guy from Harlem
* 57. Future Zone
* 58. Nightmare at Noon
* 59. Tourist Trap
* 60. Christmas With Rifftrax: Santa's Village of Madness (Santa's Enchanted Village/Santa Claus and His Helpers/Santa's Magic Kingdom)
* 61. McBain
* 62. Rifftrax Live: Birdemic: Shock and Terror
* 63. When a Stranger Calls Back
* 64. Cool as Ice
* 65. Breaker! Breaker!
* 66. Rifftrax Presents: Horror Express
* 67. Viva Knievel!
* 68. The Apple
* 69. Kingdom of the Spiders
* 70. Psycho II
* 71. Dr. Who and the Daleks
* 72. Night of the Shorts - SF Sketchfest 2013
* 73. Firehead
* 74. Fangs of the Living Dead
* 75. Silent Rage
* 76. Rifftrax Live: "Manos" the Hands of Fate
* 77. Best of Rifftrax: Villains
* 78. Rifftrax Special: 90s Cyber Thriller
* 79. Supersonic Man
* 80. Swamp of the Ravens
* 81. Dr. Who: Daleks - Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D
* 82. Treasure of the Amazon
* 83. RiffTrax Presents: King of Kong Island
* 84. Night of the Lepus
* 85. RiffTrax Live: Night of the Living Dead
* 86. Cyborg Cop II
* 87. Super Mario Bros.
* 88. Terror at Tenkiller
* 89. Total Riff Off Episode 1: Killer Shrimp N' Friends
* 90. Total Riff Off Episode 2: Demon Bat
* 91. Total Riff Off Episode 3: Guy and a Goose
* 92. Fist of Fury
* 93. Sisters of Death
* 94. Attack of the Puppet People
* 95. City of the Dead
* 96. Zindy, the Swamp Boy
* 97. The Bride and the Beast
* 98. Jack the Giant Killer
* 99. Yambao
* 100. The Last Slumber Party
* 101. RiffTrax Live: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
* 102. Rifftrax Presents: Scared to Death
* 103. Beast of the Yellow Night
* 104. Dinosaurus
* 105. The Sword and the Sorcerer
* 106. R.O.T.O.R.
* 107. Hawk the Slayer
* 108. Fun in Balloon Land
* 109. Total Riff Off Episode 4: Man v. Monster
* 110. Total Riff Off Episode 5: Animals Behaving Badly
* 111. Wonder Women
* 112. The Dark Power
* 113. Kiss of the Tarantula
* 114. Alien Outlaw
* 115. RiffTrax Live: Sharknado
* 116. Night of the Shorts - SF Sketchfest 2015
* 117. The Hideous Sun Demon
* 118. Rifftrax Live: Santa Claus
* 119. The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant
* 120. Radical Jack
* 121. To Catch a Yeti
* 122. Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare
* 123. Rifftrax Presents: Dreamscape
* 124. Fever Lake
* 125. Stone Cold
* 126. Julie and Jack
* 127. Megaforce
* 128. The Magic Sword
* 129. Rollergator
* 130. Birdemic: Shock and Terror (got it conversed on a DVD from my supplier)
* 131. Manos: The Hand of Fate
* 132. RiffTrax Live: Sharknado 2
* 133. Death Promise
* 134. No Retreat, No Surrender
* 135. Total Riff Off Episode 6: Brazilian Bigfoot
* 136. The Wizard
* 137. RiffTrax Live: Miami Connection
* 138. I Believe in Santa Claus
* 139. Icebreaker
* 140. RiffTrax Live: Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny (Jack and the Beanstalk alternative version)
* 141. Wizards of the Lost Kingdom (got it conversed on a DVD from my supplier)
* 142. Samurai Cop
* 143. Night of the Shorts - SF Sketchfest 2016
* 144. Cyber Tracker
* 145. RiffTrax Presents: Cat-Women of the Moon 
* 146. Arachnia
* 147. Hillbillys in a Haunted House
* 148. The Last Shark
* 149. RiffTrax Live: Time Chasers
* 150. Attack from Space
* 151. Ruby
* 152. RiffTrax Live: MST3K Reunion Show
* 153. The Astro-Zombies
* 154. Honor and Glory
* 155. Deadly Prey
* 156. Superargo and the Faceless Giants
* 157. RiffTrax Christmas Circus with Whizzo the Clown! (featuring "Santa's Christmas Circus" and "The Christmas Tree")
* 158. Rifftrax Presents: The Amazing Mr. X
* 159. RiffTrax Live: Carnival of Souls
* 160. The Wonderful Land of Oz
* 161. Replica
* 162. Retro Puppet Master
* 163. Ator, the Fighting Eagle
* 164. Day of the Animals
* 165. Rifftrax Presents: Angels Revenge
* 166. Grizzly
* 167. Star Games
* 168. Missile X: The Neutron Bomb Incident
* 169. Uninvited
* 170. RiffTrax Presents: Hangar 18
* 171. Rifftrax Live: Samurai Cop
* 172. The Little Unicorn
* 173. Final Justice
* 174. Rifftrax Live: Summer Shorts Beach Party
* 175. Miami Connection
* 176. RiffTrax Presents: Deadly Instincts
* 177. Merlin: The Return
* 178. Psychotronic Man
* 179. Oblivion
* 180. Kill and Kill Again
* 181. Mind Ripper
* 182. Pressure Point
* 183. Rifftrax Presents: Beyond Christmas
* 184. Jack Frost
* 185. Starship Invasions
* 186. The Journey: Absolution
* 187. Berserker: Hell's Warrior
* 188. Invasion of the Animal People
* 189. Son of Sinbad
* 190. Rifftrax Presents: Planet Outlaws
* 191. Oblivion 2: Backlash
* 192. Godmonster of Indiana Flats
* 193. Dark Future
* 194. Fairy King of Ar
* 195. Rifftrax Presents: Junior Prom
* 196. The House on Sorority Row
* 197. Gammera the Invincible
* 198. Rifftax Presents: Sherlock Holmes and the Woman in Green
* 199. The Dark
* 200. Rifftrax Presents: Snowbeast
* 201: The Omega Cop
* 202. Rifftrax Presents: She
* 202. A Talking Cat!?!
* 203. Rifftrax Presents: Devil Girl from Mars
* 204. Rifftrax Live: Space Mutiny
* 205. Ice Cream Man
* 206. Spiker
* 207. Rifftrax Presents: Freddie Steps Out
* 208: Rifftrax Presents: Rescue Me
* 209. The Phantom Creeps
* 210. Terror in the Wax Museum
* 211. Trucker's Woman
* 212. The 2018 RiffTrax Yule Log
* 213. Santa's Summer House
* 214. Rifftrax Presents: Sherlock Holmes: Dressed to Kill
* 215. Yor, the Hunter from the Future
* 216. Rifftrax Presents: Purple Death from Outer Space
* 217. Killers from Space
* 218. The Sorcerer's Apprentice
* 219. Day of the Shorts: Sketchfest 2019
* 220. The Girl from Rio
* 221. Rifftrax Presents: She Demons
* 222. Rats: Night of Terror
* 223. Rifftrax Presents: Scared to Death

RiffTrax DVDs and Blu-rays
* 1. Reefer Madness
* 2. Night of the Living Dead
* 3. Carnival of Souls
* 4. The Three Stooges in Color
* 5. House on Haunted Hill
* 6. Plan 9 from Outer Space
* 7. The Little Shop of Horrors
* 8. Swing Parade
* 9. The Three Stooges' Greatest Routines
* 10. Missile to the Moon (film only)
* 11. Forbidden Zone
* 12. Lady Frankenstein
* 13. RiffTrax Shorts Best Of: Volume 1
* 14. RiffTrax Shorts Best Of: Volume 2
* 15. Little Shop of Horrors (Three Riffer Edition)
* 16. Night of the Living Dead (Three Riffer Editon)
* 17. Reefer Madness (Three Riffer Edition)
* 18. Carnival of Souls (Three Riffer Edition)
* 19. House on Haunted Hill (Three Riffer Edition)
* 20. Missile to the Moon (Three Riffer Edition)
* 21. Plan 9 from Outer Space (Three Riffer Edition)
* 22. Swing Parade (Three Riffer Edition)
* 23. RiffTrax Live!: Plan 9 from Outer Space
* 24. Shorts-Tacular Shorts-Stravaganza
* 25. Wide World of Shorts
* 26. Planet of Dinosaurs
* 27. Voodoo Man
* 28. RiffTrax Live: Christmas Shorts-stravaganza!
* 29. RiffTrax Plays With Their Shorts
* 30. Shorts-a-Poppin'
* 31. Maniac
* 32. Order in the Shorts
* 33. Shortstoberfest
* 34. Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny
* 35. RiffTrax: LIVE!: Reefer Madness
* 36. RiffTrax: LIVE: House on Haunted Hill
* 37. Olde Tyme Shorts Roundup
* 38. Shorts To Go
* 39. The Crater Lake Monster
* 40. The Galaxy Invader
* 41. Hand-crafted Artisanal Shorts
* 42. RiffTrax Live: Jack the Giant Killer
* 43. Christmas with Rifftrax, ft. "The Shanta Where Santa Claus Lives" and "Magic Christmas Tree"
* 44. Shorts to Astonish!
* 45. Rifftrax Live: Birdemic: Shock and Terror
* 46. May the Shorts Be With You
* 47. Ghosthouse
* 48. Christmas with Rifftrax: Santa's Village of Madness (Santa's Enchanted Village/Santa Claus and His Helpers/Santa's Magic Kingdom)
* 49. The Guy from Harlem
* 50. RiffTrax Live: Manos: The Hands of Fate
* 51. Shorts Assemble!
* 52. The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant
* 53. RiffTrax Live: Santa Claus
* 54. RiffTrax Live: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
* 55. The Astro-Zombies
* 56. RiffTrax Live: Time Chasers
* 57. RiffTrax Live: MST3K Reunion Show
* 58. Rifftrax Live: Samurai Cop
* 59. Rifftrax Live: Summer Shorts Beach Party
* 60. Bridget and Mary Jo: Short and Sweet!
* 61. Rifftrax Live: Space Mutiny
* 62. The Walking Shorts

* 1. Love Theme from "Jaws" (When a Man Loves a Shark)
* 2. Zombie Mambo
* 3. Reefer Boy
* 4. Missile to Your Heart
* 5. (Part at the) House on Haunted Hill
* 6. Fine
* 7. Eat Me
* 8. Animation Samba
* 9. Diver Damned
* 10. Come to the Carnival
* 11. Plans One Thru Nine
* 12. Sparkly Vampires
* 13. My Girlfriend Has a Virus
* 14. Here Comes the Ice Cream Bunny

Other downloads
* Riffplayer

RiffTrax Live! events
* 1. Plan 9 from Outer Space (Riffed short: Flying Stewardess, Non-riffed shorts: Flour and Grain Expo (by Richard Kyanka) and BerryWatch (by Richard Kyanka)
* 2. Christmas Shorts-stravaganza! (Riffed shorts: Christmas Toy Shop, A Visit to Santa, Christmas Rhapsody, Three Magic Words, Gaylord commercial, The Night Before Christmas, Jimmy Jet commercial, Christmas Dream, Parade of Aquatic Champs, The Dingalings Commercial, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Non-riffed short: Rifftrax Holiday Havoc (by Rifftrax)
* 3. Reefer Madness (Riffed shorts: More Dangerous Than Dynamite, At Your Fingertips: Grasses, and Aesop's Sound Fables: Frozen Frolics. Non-riffed shorts: The Story of the Fairy Mermaid (by Lauren Kyanka) and The Story of the Glitter Doll (by Lauren Kyanka)
* 4. House on Haunted Hill (Riffed shorts: Magical Disappearing Money and Paper and I)
* 5. Jack the Giant Killer (Riffed short: What is Nothing? Non-riffed shorts: The Greatest Superhero (by Lauren Kyanka) and A Pretty Love Story (by Lauren Kyanka)
* 6. Manos: The Hands of Fate (Riffed shorts: Welcome Back Norman and At Your Fingertips: Cynlinders. Non-riffed shorts: California Prune Juice commercial and Take It Easy~Torgo Style (by
* 7. Birdemic: Shock and Terror (Riffed short: Norman Checks In)
* 8. Starship Troopers
* 9. Night of the Living Dead (Riffed short: Norman Gives a Speech)
* 10. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (Riffed short: Santa and the Fairy Snow Queen)
* 11. Sharknado (Riffed short: A Case of Spring Fever and Clips from Godzilla. Non-riffed short: Clip from Sharknado 2: The Second One)
* 12. Godzilla
* 13. Anaconda (Riffed shorts: Halloween Party and Clips from upcoming Total Riff Off special)
* 14. Santa Claus (Riffed short: At Your Fingertips: Sugar and Spice)
* 15. The Room (Riffed short: At Your Fingertips: Floats)
* 16. Sharknado 2: The Second One (Riffed short: Parents - Who Needs Them? Non-riffed short: Clip from Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!)
* 17. Miami Connection (Riffed short: Let's Measure: Using Standard Units. Non-riffed short: Clips from the Jack and the Beanstalk segment from Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny)
* 18. Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny (Jack and the Beanstalk alternative version) (Riffed shorts: Santa Claus' Story, The Tale of Custard the Dragon, and Santa's Enchanted Village)
* 19. Time Chasers (Riffed short: Chimp the Fireman)
* 20. MST3K Reunion Show (Riffed shorts: The Talking Car, A Word to the Wives, More Dates for Kay, Shake Hands with Danger, Americans at Work: Barber and Beauticians, Stamp Day for Superman, and At Your Fingertips: Grasses)
* 21. Mothra (Riffed short: Soapy the Germ Fighter)
* 22. Carnival of Souls (Riffed shorts: The Dirt Witch Cleans Up and Masks of Grass)
* 23. Samurai Cop (Riffed short: Manners in School)
* 24. Summer Shorts Beach Party (Riffed shorts: Ricky Raccoon Shows the Way, Office Etiquette, Rhythmic Ball Skills, The Griper, Sentinels of Safety, A Touch of Magic, and the Baggs)
* 25. Doctor Who: The Five Doctors (Riffed short: Play Safe)
* 26. Space Mutiny (Riffed short: The Magic Shop)
* 27. Krull
28. Octaman (Riffed short: McGruff the Crime Dog)
29. Star Raiders
30. The Giant Spider Invasion

And that's it. This list will be updated from time to time so check back often if you wanna!
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As I work on my stories, I thought of a lot of ideas for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic stories. This series will connect with the first three generations of MLP, along with other MLP stories like "The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds", "Past Sins", etc. (with permission of course!)

Summer Days' Play (set at the exact same time as "Summertime Road Trip", "Riff's Silver Strike" and "Apple Bloom's Summer Job", but, like "Apple Bloom's Summer Job", this is NOT based on anything from the Tiny Toons' summer vacation special): Snips and Snails, trying to finally earn some respect, audition for a summertime play with a mostly child cast. Will they be able to get decent roles in the play? And, if they can, will they finally be able to get some respect from most of the rest of Ponyville?

When There's Trouble, You Call The Ponies: MLP/Darkwing Duck crossover. Takes place at some point in the Darkwing Duck Joe Books comic book series. Negaduck forces his Fearsome Five allies to work with him and Steelbeak as they ended up in Equestria, causing chaos by transforming the Royal Sisters in Negaverse versions of themselves! The Mane Six must works with Darkwing Duck and his allies to put a stop to this madness!
Villains: The Fearsome Five, Steelbeak, Celestia and Luna (temporarily transformed into Negaverse versions of themselves)

Faulty Communication (VERY loosely based on the Powerpuff Girls episode "Tele-Phonies") Princess Celestia gets foalnapped and replaced by Princess Trollestia; an alternate universe of herself with an extremely cruel sense of humor. Keeping the Mane Six and Spike busy with a series of messages that lead them on one false alarm after another, Trollestia then takes advantage of the heroes' pre-occupation to mercilessly prank Canterlot and Ponyville. Fortunately, Discord and Tough Apple find out about Trollestia's scheme and step in to thwart it themselves, but can Tough Apple find and rescue the good Celestia while Discord is keeping Trollestia busy in a "'prank-off'"?
Villain: Princess Trollestia

Congratulating Graduates: (set after "Faulty Communication" but before "Multiversal Meet and Greet"): Twilight and her family attend the most recent graduation ceremony for Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns in order to congratulate the graduates. One of the students turns out to be Absolute Cinch, the teenage daughter of a former teacher who is now in prison after having been fired for unethical practices a decade-and-a-half ago by Celestia herself - the Equestria Prime version of Abacus Cinch.

The Rise and Fall of a Bad Teacher: (flashback parts take place a decade before "Friendship Is Magic Part One"; present day is the exact same time as "Congratulating Graduates" In one of Equestria's medium security prisons (i.e. for the - more normal criminals than the ones in Tartarus or Grimdark), the Equestria Prime version Abacus Cinch silently recalls how she gained employment at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, only to end up getting fired by Celestia herself for unethical practices (and sent to prison FOR said unethical practices) as she is watching her daughter's graduation ceremony via magic mirror.
Villain: Equestria Prime Abacus Cinch (flashbacks only)

Daring Do and the Legends of the Hidden Temple: Cross over with the TV show and the new movie. Daring Do asked Rainbow and her friends to join her on an adventure, discovering a hidden temple seemingly lost long ago. Aided by the mysterious Olmec and their guide Kirk Fogg, they must find a hidden treasure inside the temple, but can they survive what's inside?
Villains: The temple guards

Multiversal Meet-and-Greet" (crossover with your future "Different Species, Same Friendship" story): Princesses Twilight and Pinkie decide it is time for them to finally introduce their closest friendship to their other-species counterparts. Now two Mane Sixes of different species (but with everything else being extremely similar) finally meet face-to-face.
Villains: All those mentioned by the two Mane Sixes (all mentioned only)

Hate Rising (crossover with the Mirrorverse AND the "Different Species, Same Friendship" universe; set immediately after "Multiversal Meet-and-Greet"): The Mirrorverse Cadance, the Dark Alicorn of Hate, finds Other Sombra and absorbs all the darkness in him to increase her own power. The good news? Other Sombra is back on the side of good. The bad news? Other Cadance is more powerful and more evil than ever. Captain Goodguy and the Mirrorverse versions of Sombra, Celestia, Luna, Trixie, Chrysalis and Shining Armor all combine their power to stop their world's Cadance, but can only barely hold their own. In desperation, Captain Goodguy brings in the Equestria Prime AND DSSF-verse versions of Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Discord and the Mane 6 to help out. Can the combined power of nine alicorns, three draquenus (sp?) and two sets of Rainbow Power bearers, plus two powerful unicorns match the power of a super-charged Alicorn of Hate without Other Sombra having to reabsorb the stolen darkness?
Villain: Mirrorverse Cadance.

Riff It Up A Notch: (happens at the exact same time as "Hate Rising") After finding out where Zecora stashed the Alicorn Amulet while the Mane Six, Discord and Cadance are all busy helping fight the super-charged Evil Cadance in the Mirrorverse, Riff gets a hold of it when Goggles distracts the shamare with a couple of mechanical monsters. With the amulet granting him immensely amplified strength, near-invulnerability, extremely high level geokinetic abilities (as in the ability to control rocks and dirt within his immediate area merely by thought) and a very powerful telepathic link with plants and animals, Riff tries to take revenge on Diamond Tiara and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Even with the help of Zecora, Sunset Shimmer, Flash Sentry and Doctor Whooves, can the fillies beat the super-charged, vengeance crazed bully?
Villains: Riff Tannen and his gang

Immortal Love (set immediately after "Hate Rising"): Following the defeat of the Mirrorverse Cadance, Other Sombra takes the opportunity to enjoy being back on the side of good - and starts developing a strong mutual attraction to the still reformed Mirrorverse Celestia, who IS, after all, a fellow immortal on the side of good in his own universe.
Pairing: Other Sombra x Other Celestia.

Comforting A Son: (short story) Ever since his and the Mane Six's first battle with Fafnir in the human world, Ben Mare has been having nightmares about losing Twilight and his family. How will Princess Celestia comfort her son?

Finding Out What Could Have Been (slight crossover with the "Always There" universe) Following a particularly busy period, Twilight and Ben decide to try to use the Mirror Communication Spell to find another universe so they can chat with inhabitants from that universe. The universe they find is one where the chief difference was that Ben never got cursed and, thus, never disappeared. The two Twilights and two Bens find out just how significant that one seemingly minor difference actually is over the course of their multi-versal chat.
Villains: Those mentioned by the two Twilights and two Bens (mentioned only)

The Prophecy of the Dragons: A short story. An old witch dragon named Agaleca foretold a prophecy that could spell disaster for Equestria. Is she right or is she scaring folks?
Villain: Aglaeca description: old white witch with nasty looking hair, crooked teeth and crooked glasses)
A Crusader's Birthdays: It's time for the CMC's birthday...but their parties are happening on the same day! Will the Mane Six, Spike and Nyx be able to attend all of them or is there a way for the trio to have their birthday at the same place?
Another Gala Story: It's time for the Grand Galloping Gala again! And, boy, it's crazy. With Pinkie Pie super-hyper, Ben Mare mocked, the Mane Six harassed by their fans, Twilight embarrassed by her older brother and finally a Luna's old flame is drunk on his DATE, will it be better than last time?

Unlikely Alliances: When agents of Wraith end up stealing a gemstone that allows them to copy the abilities of any living thing within their immediate area and end up easily defeating and capturing the Apocalypse Ponies counterparts to the Mane Six and Spike (who were trying to steal the gem themselves, but got beaten to the punch and also had their abilities copied by the Wraith agent who stole the gemstone), Trixie and Gilda team up with Bon Bon and her team to try to save the day without blowing their cover.
Villains: Burns Strato Breezefield and the agents of Wraith; Crarity, Fluttercruel, Liarjack, Psycho Pie, Rainbow Chaos, Spikezilla and Twilight Moon with cameos by the rest of the Apocalypse Ponies.

Wind and Lightning: Ex-Wonderbolt Wind Rider meets ex-Wonderbolt cadet Lightning Dust by sheer chance and have a chat about their mutual grudge against Rainbow Dash.
The Forgotten Case of Gabbing: Although the incident of Gabby Gums has been long done and over with, the CMC still feel anger and upset for what their family, friends and the citizens have acted like hypocrites and shunned them harshly. To add more salt to the wound, Discord II manages to corrupt the CMC and use their pent up hatred against the town. Can the Mane Six learn about the hidden blackmail in the incident and help cure the CMC of their corrupted hearts? Will Ponyville realize the error of their ways?
Villains: Discord II, The Cutie Mark Crusaders (in their corrupted states; they return back to good when the Mane Six cure them)

Talzin's Thoughts (takes place shortly after Change is in the Air): Whatever is left of Talzin after her transformation to a changeling is having thought. Are these thoughts of hope to be back to where things were supposed to be?

The CMC meet the FAS: While the Mane 6 and Spike are in Canterlot on a mission, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Phobos make the acquaintance of five representatives of a group of secret agent styled young metaponies known as the Foals Across the Street. Unfortunately, the FAS's arch-enemies, the Pleasant Kids from the Other Side of Town (or the PKOST for short), show up with a trio of mentally controlled monsters. Can the two groups of kid heroes beat the monsters and expose the real mastermind behind the mess; the shadowy and overly authorative Alicorn stallion known only as Pappy?
Villains: The Pleasant Kids from the Other Side of Town, a giant golem, full-grown Ursa Major and Hydra (all three of the last ones under the mind-control of the PKOST), Pappy (the last one behind the scenes)
Note: The Foals Across the Street are based on not just the Kids Next Door, but also assorted Marvel super-heroes. (I'll include the profiles [one at a time] later)
Another Day for a Bill: Two ponies have arrived from Manehatthan to start a new life here in Ponyville. Will the Mane Six be able to make their new home a better home for them?
Introducing the debut of Lucky Penny and Dollar Bill

Denver and Phobos: (set some time after the CMC meet the FAS) Sometime after the defeat of the PKOST and Pappy, Denver Lawerence the Second (aka Number Two of the Ponyville branch of the Foals Across the Street) and Phobos (who became fast friends during the adventure) share another adventure between just the two of them. Opposing them is a half-fish, half-unicorn criminal mastermind with a small army of mutant minions.
Villains: Jack Carp and his mutant minions.
Note: This story contains numerous Sam and Max references. Jack Carp, in particular, is a mixture of both Mack Salmon and Larvo (the last one from the Sam and Max episode "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang")

Image Redemption Assistance: The Mane Six, Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders try to help out the now grown-up Stout Alvin and the South Side Colts, who were the stars of a 40-year-old semi-biographical foals' book series written by a once-popular but now-disgraced author/comedian. Stout Alvin and his pals are trying to prove that just because the author of their book series did some pretty bad stuff (which they honestly didn't know about themselves until very recently) doesn't mean THEY are bad stallions. However, they will need help to redeem their "positive role model" images.

Now your thinking with Portals: Twilight Sparkle wakes up at Aperture Science and comes face to face with GlaDos for the first time. Now Twilight must participate in GlaDos' tests in order to save her friends and residents of Ponyville.
Villain: GlaDos
Blank Flank Killer: A mysterious killer is killing off ponies with cutie marks, leaving his own brand as if to taunt them. Can the ponies figure out the identify of this killer or will the CMC be next? And to find out who it is, do they trust the imprisoned cannibal killer Dr. Animal "The Cannibal" Lecture? (Voiced by Anthony Hopkins) And who is Norman Perkins (voiced by Vince Vaughn) and his mysterious Mother who runs a local motel?

Suri You Can't Be Serious: Suri Polomare, with her career on the skids ever since Coco left her employee, comes across a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity with a chance to put her back on top if she doesn't get caught. Of course, to minimize her risk of getting caught, she will need a few able-bodied and able-minded underlings to do the dirty work for her.
Villains: Suri Polomare, non-descript pony underlings

The Mane Pet Detectives: (loosely based on the late-1980s Garfield animated special "Babes and Bullets" as well as "the Cat and Mouse Detectives" segments of the 2014 Tom and Jerry Show) After listening to Twilight reading a rather good mystery novel before going to bed, Owlisious starts having a dream where he and the pets of the rest of the Mane Six are all private detectives investigating crimes all over Ponyville (with Discord providing the narration)
Villains: Assorted small time criminals.

When Super Ponies Collide: Inspired by the 3-part Bongo Comics series of years ago. Things get intense when wacky cartoon idols Ron and Larry came out of the TV to wreak havoc, and things get more intense when most of Equestria (except for Twilight, Ben, Nyx, Spike, Phobos and the CMC) are turned into super ponies! With the sake of the world at sake, Twilight becomes the Mare Do Well and bring forth the Power Ponies to help stop this and find out who's responsible.
Villain: ??? (A secret for now!)
Candy May I?: Another new pony comes to stay in Ponyville. Who is this pony and what is her connection to the Cakes?
Introduction of CandyMay

Light and Shadow Unites: A crossover of my series of fics with one of Nigel's AU fics. In a series of events, Twilight and Ben discovers an alternative universe where Shadow Dragon is good and is together with Twilight Sparkle! As a test of friendship begins, the Dark Ponies works on conquering on both universes.
Villains: Dark Ponies

A Sister for Scootaloo: The SisterHooves Social is here again and most the ponies are ready to participate. Everyone except Scootaloo. Scootaloo is sad because she has no sister to go with. Can Rainbow Dash be willing to go with Scootaloo to the SisterHooves Social?

Children of the Night's Visit: Divine Star and the Children of the Night come by to Ponyville for a visit. Will the CMC be able to help the orphans fit in?

Spike's Last Name: As Twilight and Ben are filling out forms, they realize that they must get a last name for Spike for them to be official. But the question is, which name would Spike like? And will it be acceptable?

Spike Sparkle: Spike now has a new last name: Sparkle. Of course, the question is whatever or not ponies will accept it as a last name since he isn't really an official member of Twilight's family.

The Doomsday is Neigh: A new villain named Tic-Toc, wishing to take over Equestria, plans on getting his hands on the Doomsday Clock. The ponies along with two strangers named Justin and Morty and a new colt named Lorenzo Magic gotta stop him.
Villains: Tic-Toc, 'Lops and the Un-Herd

Pet Peeves: The pets and their owners have swapped roles, making them ponies and their masters pets. Now Opal, Angel, Gummy, Owlicious, Winona, and Tank must travel across Equestria, go on the adventure of a lifetime, and discover their inner hero. Are they up to the task?
Villain: ???

How to Earn a Heart: Apple Bloom has been developing a crush on Lorenzo and is really not sure on how to deal with it. Will Applebloom be able to figure out her feelings for Lorenzo?

Appleblood's Bloodlust: Grimmore made some sort of nasty creature named Appleblood, that appears to be as strong as Applejack, intending on taking over the apple turning ponies into apples with their blood!

A Punchline Worth the Punch: A Dark Mystic pony who goes by the name Pyschopath Joke is causing chaos all over the lands of Equestria! In order to defeat this cruel prankster, the Mane Six have to work with an ally who works in the shadows. Can they work together to defeat this meance?
Villain: Psychopath Joke

Blueblood vs. Celestia: Tired of his name being mocked for his aunt's "cowardly" ways, Blueblood demands that Celestia takes him on the next adventure but with no help of the Mane Six, but can even he handle it?

Hunted By Dr. Whacks: Pinkie Pie and Brian reveal just how they can do all sorts of stuff that should be impossible not just for Earth ponies, but ponies in general; they know most of the coolest cheat codes in the game we call life. Unfortunately, they end up getting targeted by Dr. Whacks, a super-strong, near-invulnerable teleporting extremist who attempts to crack down on cheat code abusers by hunting down and inflicting massive violence on the perceived offenders. Can Pinkie, Brian and their friends take down this seemingly unstoppable extremist?
Dexter's Anger: Dexter is getting fed up of being pushed the point of taking some lessons from Steel Muscles, Iron Will's nastier [and dumber] cousin. Unfortunately, his lessons are worst than Iron Will's and it's up to Fluttershy to snap Dexter out of it.
Pairing: Fluttershy x Dexter

Reviewing Bad Acting: The ponies chose some criticism to the bad actors of Equestria as well as their films, but not every actor enjoys negative criticism.

Cosplay Galore: Pinkie Pie wants to introduce Brian to her parents but is worried as to how they will take it. Her friends help out by a sense of co-play but will it work or will it get out of hand?
Costumes: Twilight Sparkle and Ben Mare (as Pinkie Pie's parents), Fluttershy and Rainbow (as Pinkie's sisters), Dexter (as a newspaper boy), Spike (as the Elder), Rarity (as one of Pinkie's old friends), the CMC and Nyx (as farm help), Applejack (as a roughneck)

The Arrogant Six: The Mane Six meets six certain fillies who are arrogant, thinking that no one is better than them or could beat them. The girls decide to teach them a lesson by bringing back the Mare Do Well...all six of them!

The Tales of the Demon Pony: Nyx wants a bedtime story so Ben Mare tells her, Twilight and Spike as to where he was during his disappearance during the years as the Demon Pony.

Spike's Wrath: After a while of convincing, Rainbow is finally doing Dasheresque 4, with Spike as the main villain Tao Ken. In it, the heroine as Dasheresque and her partner Dasheresque Too (Pinkie Pie) must save the world from the revenge seeking Tao Ken.
Villain: Spike (plays the villain Tao Ken in the fourth Dasheresque film)

Apple Bloom Faces The Music (loosely based on the classic Three Stooges short "Punch Drunks", which can be found on YouTube): When helping Zecora test some of her potions, Apple Bloom gains the ability to develop a considerable boost in strength, speed and durability whenever "Pop Goes The Weasel" is played within earshot of her. When her friends find out about this, Scootaloo gets an idea to earn herself and Sweetie some extra bits.

My Little Transformer: A race of giant transforming robots known as Autobots appear in Equestria. Even though their leader Optimus Prime states they come in peace, many ponies either fears or distrusts them. Only Celestia, The Mane Six, Ben Mare, Dexter, Brian, Soarin', Caramel, Spike, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders believe they are good. Over time the Mane Six become friend with the Autobots. Bumble Bee acts like an older brother towards Nyx and her friends. But things get worst the Autobots mortal enemies, the Decepticons arrive in Equestria. The Autobots are blamed for the Decepticons attack on Manehatten. Can the Optimus and the Autobots save Equestria from Megatron?
Villains: The Decepticons

Sour Cakes: Mr. and Mrs. Cake has been getting into a big argument lately. It's up to Pinkie Pie, Brian and their friends to save their relationship.
Pairings: Mr. Cake x Mrs. Cake

The Cutie Mark Theft: Cutie Marks are being stolen by a mysterious stallion who wishes to have one of his own. Now the CMC must work to get them back from the one known as Professor Whack.
Villain: Professor Whack (in this story only)

The Courtship of Griffons: It's mating season for griffons. Gilda, disgusted by how other griffons act during this period, wants nothing to do with it, but how long will this last?

Update: Creatures, Come Out to PLA-AY!: Inspired by the movie "The Warriors" and the DuckTales episode inspired by it. While on a field trip for the School of Friendship, the CMC and the Student Seven lost their only transportation home and have to walk back. On the way, they accidentally stumble onto a meeting of the newly formed nasty gangs of Equestria headed by someone named Sirius, who decided to ruin Twilight's reputation by killing the kids! Now the gang got to make it back home while dodging the gangs out to get them.
Villains: Sirius, the various gangs made up of goblins, nasty Dragons, jerk ponies, rogue clowns, etc.

Bendy's back...but what's the story this time? And what happened to Henry?
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Who will win the next Death Battle?
17 deviants said King Dedede
8 deviants said Wario
7 deviants said Draw
Hey folks. I am a big fan of the Deathbattle series. So I figure I may as well list the fights so far, as well as who won them. I won't reveal what happened for those who don't want just read on and see!

Season One
1. Boba Fett vs. Samus Aran*
2. Akuma* vs. Shang Tsung (Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat)
3. Rogue* vs. Wonder Woman (Marvel vs. DC)
4. Goomba vs. Koopa (Draw)
5. Mike Haggar vs. Zangief* (Final Fight vs. Street Fighter)
6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Battle Royale (Leonardo* vs. Donatello vs. Michelangelo vs. Raphael)
7. Zitz vs. Leonardo
8. Yoshi* vs. Riptor (Nintendo vs. Killer Instinct)
9. Felicia vs. Taokaka* (Darkstalkers vs. Blazblue)
10. Kratos vs. Spawn*
11. Bomberman vs. Dig Dug*
12. Vegeta* vs. Shadow the Hedgehog (Dragon Ball vs. Sonic)
13. Mario Mario vs. Sonic the Hedgehog* (Nintendo vs. Sega)
14. Justin Bieber vs. Rebecca Black (Draw)
15. Luke Skywalker* vs. Harry Potter
16. Chun-Li vs. Mai Shiranui* (Street Fighter vs. King of Fighters)
17. Starscream vs. Rainbow Dash* (Transformers vs. My Little Pony)
18. Master Chief* vs.. Doomguy (Halo vs. Doom)
19. Dr. Eggman vs. Dr. Wily (Sonic vs. Mega Man; Winner: Metal Sonic)
20. Princess Peach* vs. Princess Zelda*
21. Thor* vs. Raiden (Marvel vs. Mortal Kombat) 
22. Link* vs. Cloud Strife (Zelda vs. Final Fantasy)
23. Batman vs. Spider-Man* (DC vs. Marvel)
24. Pikachu vs. Blanka* (Pokémon vs. Street Fighter)
25. Goku vs. Superman*
Season Two
26. He-Man* vs. Lion-O
27. Shao Kahn* vs. M. Bison (Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter)
28. Ryu Hayabusa vs. Strider Hiryu*
29. Ivy Valentine vs. Black Orchid* (Soul Calibur vs. Killer Instinct)
30. Fox McCloud* vs. Bucky O'Hare
31. The Terminator vs. RoboCop*
32. Luigi Mario vs. Miles "Tails" Prower* (Nintendo vs. Sega)
33. Pokémon Battle Royale (Venusaur vs. Blastoise* vs. Charizard)
34. Fulgore* vs. Sektor (Killer Instinct vs. Mortal Kombat)
35. Godzilla* vs. Gamera
36. Batman* vs. Captain America (DC vs. Marvel)
37. Tigerzord vs. Gundam Epyon*
38. Ryu vs. Scorpion* (Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat)
39. Deadpool* vs. Deathstroke (Marvel vs. DC)
40. Kirby* vs. Majin Buu
41. Ragna the Bloodedge vs. Sol Badguy* (Blazblue vs. Guilty Gear)
42. Gaara vs. Toph Bei Fong* (Naruto vs. Avatar)
43. Boba Fett vs. Samus Aran* Remastered
44. Chuck Norris vs. Segata Sanshiro (Draw, Winner Unknown)
45. Guts* vs. Nightmare (Berserk vs. Soul Calibur)
46. Iron Man* vs. Lex Luthor (Marvel vs. DC)
47. Beast vs. Goliath* (Marvel vs. Gargoyles)
48. Solid Snake* vs. Sam Fisher (Metal Gear vs. Splinter Cell)
49. Darth Vader vs. Doctor Doom* (Star Wars vs. Marvel)
50. Goku vs. Superman* 2
51. Donkey Kong* vs. Knuckles the Echidna (Nintendo vs. Sega)
52. Wolverine vs. Raiden (Metal Gear Rising)* (Marvel vs. Metal Gear)
53. Hercule Satan* vs. Dan Hibiki (Dragon Ball vs. Street Fighter)
54. Yang Xiao Long* vs. Tifa Lockhart (RWBY vs. Final Fantasy)
55. Mega Man vs. Astro Boy*
56. Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye* (DC vs. Marvel)
57. Pokémon (Charizard) vs. Digimon (Greymon)*
Season Three
58. Dante* vs. Bayonetta
59. Bowser vs. Ganondorf* (Mario vs. Zelda)
60. Ratchet & Clank* vs. Jak & Daxter
61. The Flash* vs. Quicksilver (Marvel vs. DC)
62. The Joker* vs. Sweet Tooth (DC vs. Twisted Metal)
63. Mewtwo* vs. Shadow the Hedgehog (Pokémon vs. Sonic the Hedgehog)
64. The Meta vs. Agent Carolina* (Red vs. Blue)
65. Cammy White vs. Sonya Blade* (Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat)
66. Tracer* vs. Scout (Overwatch vs. Team Fortress 2)
67. Ken Masters vs. Terry Bogard* (Street Fighter vs. King of Fighters)
68. Amy Rose* vs. Ramona Flowers (Sonic vs. Scott Pilgrim)
69. Hulk vs. Doomsday* (Marvel vs. DC)
70. Roronoa Zoro* vs. Erza Scarlet (One Piece vs. Fairy Tail)
71. Deadpool vs. Pinkie Pie (Marvel vs. My Little Pony; Draw)
Season Four
72. Lara Croft* vs. Nathan Drake (Tomb Raider vs. Uncharted)
73. Scrooge McDuck* vs. Shovel Knight
74. Venom* vs. Bane (Marvel vs. DC Comics)
75. Power Rangers vs. Voltron*
76. Natsu Dragneel* vs. Portgas D. Ace (Fairy Tail vs. One Piece)
77. Sub-Zero* vs. Glacius (Mortal Kombat vs. Killer Instinct)
78. Android 18* vs. Captain Marvel (Dragon Ball vs. Marvel Comics)
79. Metal Sonic vs. Zero* (Sonic vs. Mega Man)
80. Lucario* vs. Renamon (Pokémon vs. Digimon)
81. Balrog vs. TJ Combo* (Street Fighter vs. Killer Instinct)
82. Shredder* vs. Silver Samurai
83. Smokey the Bear* vs. McGruff the Crime Dog
84. Thor vs. Wonder Woman* (Marvel vs. DC Comics)
85. Naruto*  vs. Ichigo
86. Batman Beyond* vs. Spider-Man 2099 (DC vs. Marvel)
87. Sephiroth* vs. Vergil (Final Fantasy vs. Devil May Cry)
Season Five
88. Black Panther* vs. Batman (Marvel vs. DC)
89. Raven* vs. Twilight Sparkle (DC vs. My Little Pony)
90. Jotaro Kujo vs. Kenshiro* (Jo-Jo's Bizarre Adventure vs. Fist of the North Star)
91. Crash Bandicoot vs. Spyro the Dragon*
92. Sora* vs. Pit (Kingdom Hearts vs. Kid Icarus)
93. Leon S. Kennedy* vs. Frank West
94. Dr. Strange vs. Dr. Fate* (Marvel vs. DC)
95. Ryu* vs. Jin (Street Fighter vs. Tekken)
96. Samurai Jack* vs. Afro Samurai
97. Carnage vs. Lucy* (Marvel Comics vs. Elfen Lied)
98. Optimus Prime* vs. Gundam
99. Nightwing*  vs. Daredevil (DC vs. Marvel)
100. Mario Mario* vs. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Nintendo vs. Sega)
101. Ultron* vs. Sigma (Marvel vs. Capcom)
102. Master Roshi* vs. Jiraiya *(Dragon Ball vs. Naruto)
103. Thanos vs. Darkseid* (Marvel vs. DC)
Season Six
104. Aquaman* vs. Namor (DC Comics vs. Marvel)
105. Mega Man Battle Royale (Mega Man vs. Mega Man X vs. Mega Man Volnutt vs. MegaMan EXE* vs. Star Force Mega Man)
106. Black Widow* vs. Widowmaker (Marvel vs. Overwatch)
107. Captain Marvel vs. Shazam* (Marvel vs. DC Comics)
108. Wario vs. King Dedede
109. ???

Okay, this journal entry will be updated as Deathbattle goes on, but you gotta admit, it's looking cool. Though the comments on Michelangelo in the 6th episode? Not called for.

Future MLP stories part 9

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 5, 2012, 8:06 PM

Another journal entry for the future MLP stories, folks. Here we go.

Nightmare Mane Six Appear: (Alternate Universe Remake of Issues 5,6,7,and 8 of the MLP FIM comic series): The Mane 6 are have a slumber party and that night they have nightmares, and one night the Nightmare Forces behind the nightmares and capture Twilight, Rarity, Rainbow, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie and take them to the moon. Luna explains that Nightmare Moon promised them a kingdom and they returned from her previous defeat through the cycle of the new moon. However, before Celestia, Luna, Ben, Nyx, Spike and the other ponies can ask more about it, the Nightmare Force pulls back to reveal their new Nightmare Moons, Nightmare Twilight, Nightmare Rarity, Nightmare Rainbow, Nightmare Fluttershy, Nightmare Applejack and Nightmare Pinkie. As if one Nightmare Moon was bad enough, now they have to deal with six Nightmare moons. What will the Ponies do when the danger hits so close to home? And is Spike, Nyx and Ben the only hope Ponyville has?

Sunset Shimmer's Choice: (set in a darker Equestria girls world and based of the infamous series) In a darker alt world, Sunset Shimmer sets off a device that kill thousands of people and she now is a walking battery. She and all her friends Trixie, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy and her once boyfriend Flash Sentry must get out and with Sunset Shimmer be a hero or become infamous?
Pairing: Flash Sentry x Sunset Shimmer

My Little Dragon: Chinese Rumors:  Twilight Sparkle finds that the rest of Dragonville are frightened of the mysterious Oriental dragon Mei Ling who lives in nearby Everfree Forest, and insists their fears are unfounded. An encouraged Apple Bloom goes off to follow Mei Ling to her home, and the others quickly follow once they notice her missing. The next day, Twilight and her friends find themselves suffering from strange problems, leading the others to conclude she has cursed them. But did she curse them?

My Little Dragon: Pony Quest: After observing the Great Pony Migration with his Dragon friends, Alicorn Spike starts to question his pony roots and wonder about his true identity. He sets out to join the pony migration on a quest of self discovery, with Twilight, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash secretly following him. Spike meets a group of teenage pegasi. At first they make fun of him, but slowly become his friend. Then they use him to steal food and play pranks on the other ponies. Can Twilight, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash help before gets in over his head?
Pairing: Subtle hints of Alicorn Spike x Rarity Dragon

Sheepish Twilight: (short story, sort of an alternate ending to "Friendship Is Magic: Part One") What if Night Mare Moon really WAS just an "old mare's tale" and Twilight was completely wrong about her incoming return? In this universe, this is exactly what happens and Twilight realizes just how silly she was to worry about it.

A Saved Luna: What if Celestia was able to defeat Night Mare Moon WITHOUT banishing her sister, Luna? In this universe, this is exactly what happens and Luna, freed of Night Mare Moon's influence, is still able to rule Equestria alongside her sister well into the present day, complete with a protege of her own.

Mysterious Mare Do Well Remake: In the story, Dash is over worked and as many problems happen at once, Dash can not be in 2 or 3 places at once so a new hero helps her out. But one night when the Mare Do Well is framed for something the hero did not do, can Dash clear Mare Do Well's name and save her friends or will Dash be so overworked that she can not last long?
Villain: Mare Do Rotten

Celestia's End (alt ending to the battle between Chrysalis and Celestia) What if after the battle, Chrysalis had kill Celestia and with Celestia's last words, tells Twilight and her friends to get the Elements of Harmony before she dies. It filled with rage with Twilight Sparkle going after the Elements. Will a nasty form a magic cause her to lose her mind?
Villain: Queen Chrysalis

Canterlot Wedding Swap Role: In this reverse, Shining Armor is replaced with a Changeling and Cadance's under his control. But Twilight, not wanting to accuse her brother, needs proof but by then she gets trapped. Will she and the real Shining Armor save Cadance or will Canterlot fall?
Villains: Moe the CHangeling (disguised as Shining Armor), Queen Chrysalis the Changeling

A New Prince (alt ending to the last scene in a Royal Canterlot wedding): After Shining Armor and Cadance remove Chrysalis and the Changelings from Canterlot, Twilight's big brother gets a new addition. Everyone even Cadance is shocked: he is now an Alicorn. Now it would mean both a coronation and a wedding.
Pairings: Princess Cadence and Shining Armor (Alicorn)

Mane 6 Blackzone (takes place before Magical Mystery Cure): The Mane 6 need to defeat a bioweapon gone rouge called Blackzone but what will happen after the Mane 6 die to be filled in a Equestria without the Mane 6
Pairings: Ben Mare x Twilight, Soarin x Rainbow Dash, Rarity x Lord Eric x Spike love triangle, Pinkie Pie x Brian, Fluttershy x Dexter, Applejack x Caramel
Villains: Blackzone (a bio weapon pony OC with no cutie mark and a black coat and black mane) and empty souless eyes Mane 6 clones (Dr. Lizardo built Blackzone)

Nexus X-Zone cross (a combo of the Mane universe and the Rainbow Worries universe): Twilight, Ben, Nyx and Rainbow Dash in the archives meet a familiar cyan and rainbow mane mare in a portal but she has a horn and has more smarts and thing go for a new twist when the two Rainbow Dashes meet
Pairings: Twilight x Ben Mare, Rainbow Dash (Alicorn) x Soarin'

Sincerely Yours, Main Six: *based on the Tiny Toons cartoon Senserely Yours, Babs* When Pinkie Pie wants to be twice as funny, she asks Twilight to try a spell that will help her with her desires. Course when hearing the idea, the other Mane Six become intrigue with Rainbow Dash wanting to be more daring, Applejack liking to be more tougher, Rarity liking to be more fabulously fabulous, Fluttershy more tune into nature, and Twilight thinking of wanting to be smarter. Course, when a slip up from the CMC's game interrupts the process however, instead of making the Mane Six more of their dreams, it causes them & their sense of identity to separate from each other. Causing the real Pinkie Pie to turn into a nerd, Rainbow Dash into a dork, Applejack into a wimp, Rarity into a slob, Fluttershy becomes Agrizoophobia (Means: fear of wild animals), and Twilight becomes more like a goofy dud. And when Spike learns that if the right senses of each respectful personality of the Mane Six is not back before sunset, the real girls would be who they are forever. So it'll be up to the friends of the Mane Six to track down those that are now in forms of Crazy Humor Pinkie Pie, Roadie Renegade Rainbow Dash, a Big Wrestle Stomping Applejack, A Fancy High-Class Rarity of Society, A Wild Tarzan Fluttershy, & an Albert Einstein Twilight off to reearch the fabric of the universe, etc. Boy, this will be a crazy hunt if ever made.

CMC’s Time Trouble: What happens when the Cutie Mark Crusaders do something in which changes time of who got born first instead of the Mane Six? Will it feel better being the oldest, or will it feel that the responsibility will be much harder for the CMC’s future selves? Time Travel can be very tricky stuff, and one must know they can’t change the past, but only accept reality of the present.

The Mane Six, Live Action: It’s not a cartoon or an anime, but the Mane Six living life, like they are non-cartoons & being real people. Going to high-school will be different here, and what happens when the six teenage girls have to fix a loose NO-PETS Rule when Spike & Fluttershy’s animals get loose. It’ll basically be like any high school, only this school ain’t always boring, it has excitement to it.

My Little Vampire Pony, Friendship Is Magic Series: In an alternative world, Equestria is more like a haunted realm where the tale of vampire ponies is different from the mortal plain. There, the Mane Six are vampire ponies that do what they can to protect their realm against other creatures that live there to do them harm. Not all of them are evil as some folks say, they just live their lives differently is all. And even friendship is not impossible to even those that are a vampire.

The Comedy Roast of Twilight Sparkle: Hosted by the Mane Five, the ponies has a celebration in honor of their princess Twilight Sparkle...then makes fun of her in various ways.

Dilbert's Crossover: Dilbert/MLP crossover. A strange incident causes the MLP characters from certain points of the MLP: FIM to come out of their episodes and invade the world of Dilbert

A Canterlot Wedding - Grimm Style: MLP/American McGee's Grimm crossover. Grimm is disgusted of how the season 2 finale ends up as well as how Twilight forgave her friends instantly instead of being ticked off while the bad guy's karma defeat is getting send packing. So what does he do? Invade the world of Equestria and grimm things up!
Villains: Queen Chrysalis, Grimm
Story of the Blanks: Infestation: An alternative ending of "A Canterlot Wedding" which is a sequel to "Story of the Blanks", inspired by "Afterlife with Archie". A terrible part from Apple Bloom's past came back to invade Equestria as a horde of new blanks, once ponies with or without cutie marks infested the land! It's up to the Royal Sisters, Apple Bloom, and the survivors to fight off the new Blank horde led by their queen...their former friend Twilight Sparkle!
Villains: Twilight Sparkle (turned into a blank at the beginning of the story), Blanks (ponies turned into zombie like creatures)

Story of the Blanks: Rainbow Rocks: Sequel to "Story of the Blanks: Infestation". After being banished from their own universe, the Blank Four (Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow and Fluttershy) ends up in a different EG universe...and right when the Battle of the Bands is about to begin! Now another different Twilight and her friends realize that the Dazzlings are now the least of their worries when the Blank Infestation begins anew.
Villains: The Blank Four (Blank versions of Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow and Fluttershy), the Blanks, the Dazzlings, Dark Curse and the Dark Terrorists, the Decepticons

The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well - Grimm Style: MLP/American McGee's Grimm crossover. Grimm is back and is even more disgusted of how this episode ends up as well as how Rainbow Dash forgave her friends and learned her lesson instantly instead of being ticked off of what they did when they were disguised as Mare-Do-Well while Twilight and Her Friends doesn't tell how they feel, Scootaloo and the Fan-club changed from Rainbow Dash to The Mare-Do-Well, that's just cruel!! So what does he do? Comes Back to Invade the world of Equestria Again and Grimm things up a bit more!

Double Rainboom: Alternate Future. (Based on a Teen Titans Episode: How Long is Forever? and 2003's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Same As It Never Was.) This is the Alternate Version of FlamingoRich's Double Rainboom of what should have been...  where instead of Rainbow Dash goes to the world of Powerpuff Girls, She goes to a different world where she is in the possible future where in another dimension thirty years from her time, where Nightmare Moon, Discord, Queen Chrysalis, and King Sombra Rules Equestria, Pinkie Pie have lost happiness and lost her hooves, Fluttershy stayed at her home with the animals, Applejack's still making apples with the apple family but are delivering them to the weak and hungry... Twilight is possibly blind, Rarity's still making dresses but to the weak people, The Princesses are dead and The Mane Six are no longer a team, Will Rainbow Dash try to Bring Her Friends back to they were again or The Future will be bleak and helpless without the mane six?

My Little Dragon: The Ticket Dilemma: Twilight receives two tickets from Princess Sun Dragon to the Draconia Gala. Unfortunately, all of her friends want to come too. Can Twilight make a decision in time before things grow out of hand?

My Little Dragon: Stubborn as Ever (Basically similar to Applebuck Season only with a few differences): When Big Mac gets injured, it's up to Applejack to do all the chores that Big Mac was supposed to do for the week. Unfortunately, the chores become more and more harder for AppleJack and she gets extremely tired as well. But she claims that she doesn't need help. Can her friends be able to help her out?

My Little Dragon: Sleepover Dilemma (based off of Look Before you Sleep but with a few twists): Twilight invites Applejack and Rarity to a sleepover when it's raining. The only problem is Applejack and Rarity cannot stand each other. Will their argument end up becoming worse? Will friendships be ruined? 

Two Great Partiers Who Party Great Together: What if Cheese Sandwich found Pinkie Pie shortly after he got his cutie mark and they became partners in partying? In this universe, that is exactly what happened.
Pairing: Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich

A Better Sunset: In this universe, Celestia managed to successfully get through to Sunset Shimmer BEFORE she left Equestria for another universe. In a universe where Sunset Shimmer is STILL Celestia's most faithful student, Sunset and her bodyguard/coltfriend Flash Sentry travel to Ponyville to oversee the Summer Sun Celebration. Needless to say, that's not ALL they'll end up doing.
Villain: Nightmare Moon
Note: In this universe, Sunset Shimmer is the bearer of the Element of Magic and Flash Sentry is the bearer of the Element of Loyalty, but Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie all still keep their canon elements.

A Canterlot Double Wedding (set in the "A Better Sunset" universe): Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry return to Canterlot to start to work on planning their wedding alongside that of Shining Armor and Princess Cadance (Sunset just felt it seemed so right to have Celestia do the ceremony, since Celestia is not only her teacher, but also the mother of Flash's best friend). Then, just two months before the ceremony, both Cadance AND Flash start acting suspiciously affectionate toward each other (ESPECIALLY considering they are BOTH engaged to OTHER ponies), but downright rude and ungrateful to everybody else. However, neither Shining nor Sunset wants to make any accusations about their future spouses without hard evidence. Thus, they, along with Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Twilight and Rainbow Dash (even though they are not Element bearers in this universe, Twilight and Rainbow are still good friends of the rest of the group and, more importantly, Twilight is still Shining Armor's sister) do some discreet investigations and find out something they probably did NOT want to find out. Unfortunately, Shining Armor and Sunset BOTH end up getting brainwashed and the rest of the group ends up getting sent away before they can tell anybody. Can Twilight, Pinkie, Applejack, Rainbow, Rarity and Fluttershy find the REAL Cadance and Flash and get back in time to save the day?
Villains: Queen Chrysalis (disguised as Candance) and Seto the Changeling (disguised as Flash Sentry)

Proactive Twilight: (slight alternate version of "It's About Time") What if, when Twilight was hunting for possible impending disasters, she actually found out about Chrysalis's plan to foalnap/replace Candance in time to foil the attempt AND managed to find out about Tirek's escape quickly enough to apprehend him BEFORE he absorbed enough power to become a serious threat? In this universe, she did. And you are about to see the results.
Villains: Queen Chrysalis, Tirek

Love Is Friendship Intensified: What if, instead of her most faithful student, Celestia actually sent her adopted niece; the Alicorn of Love herself; to oversee the Summer Sun Celebration? After all, the Elements of Harmony ARE friendship powered and love IS just intensified friendship.
Villain: Nightmare Moon

My Little Dragon: The Trouble with Parasprites (based on the MLP episode Swarm of the Century but with some elements from Gremlins): The dragons find some adorable creatures called a parasprite and take them home. Unfortunately, to the dragon's discovery, when they accidentally spill water on a parasprite they start multiplying, eating and wrecking chaos all across Dragonville. Can Pinkie Pie be able to save the day?

Not Taking Any Chances: (an alternate version of Twilight's Kingdom Part 1) What if Celestia assigned Fluttershy to go with Discord to make sure Tirek couldn't tempt and/or trick him? And THEN, convinced Luna, Candance and Twilight to give THEIR power temporarily to HER so that she can have to power to fight Tirek without getting drained just in case Tirek still either managed to successfully tempt Discord or took Fluttershy hostage to force Discord to cooperate?

Mish Mash Melee FIM style: (remake of Mish Mash Melee) Mane 6 are play game of soccer when their ball in everfree Forest and in to Well End the home of Dell Dwellers and cause trouble by letting out the Frazzits.

You Were Right, But It Doesn't Matter (a slight alternate version of "Return of Harmony" Part 1) What if Twilight DID actually guess Discord's riddle correctly and Discord decided to move the Elements BEFORE the Mane 6 managed to get back to Ponyville? Now Celestia, Luna, Candance and Shining Armor all combine their efforts to keep Discord busy until Twilight and her friends can recover the Elements, even if they have to search the entire planet to do it.
Villain: Discord

The Mother of All Messes: What if some unforseen fluke of fate ended up causing Nightmare Moon to return 25 years EARLY? AND that same fluke of fate ALSO released Discord, brought about the return of the Crytal Empire (and King Sombra), inspired an invasion by the Changling Empire AND allowed Tirek to escape from Tartarus ALL at the EXACT SAME TIME? In a time before any of the canon main heroes are even born, their future mothers step forward to try to get the Elements of Harmony and save the day.

My Little Dragon: Dimensional Issues (based on the "Reflections" arc of the MLP comic book, though somewhat expanded): Moon Dragon calls in Twilight and her friends after her sister goes missing. When Sun Dragon eventually returns, she looks like she has been in one doozy of a fight. Finding out about a magical getway to alternate universes, the heroes team up with a good-guy version of Baron Amorals as well as a more humble Royal Dragon version of Trixie, honest versions of the Flim Flam Brothers, a geniunely kind hearted version of Empress Metamorphis, Commander Virtue (a version of Professor Anarchy very much like a traditional super-hero from the Silver Age of Comics) and a super-intelligent version of Derpy to take on evil versions of Sun Dragon, Moon Dragon, Lady Symphony, White Knight AND themselves.
Villains: Evil versions of Princess Sun Dragon, Princess Moon Dragon, Lady Symphony, White Knight, the Main Dragon 6 AND Alicorn Spike.
My Little Dragon: Clean up Winter (based on the Mlp episode Winter Wrap Up but with a few twists): Twilight participates in the event known as Winter Wrap Up where dragons help make it spring but they can't use their dragon powers except for flying. Can Twilight be able to fit in and find something she's good at?
Princess-Free Equestria: In this universe, Celestia was only able to stop Nightmare Moon the first time at the cost of her own life. With Celestia dead, the unicorns obviously go back to raising and lowering the sun and moon. In addition, the ponies get the idea to form a democratically elected council comprised of equal parts unicorn, pegasus and Earth ponies. Now we flash foward a thousand years and see what happens.

My Little Dragon: Running with the Leaves (based on the Mlp episode Fall Weather Friends): Dragonville hosts the Running of the Leaves where dragons run through the woods to make the leaves fall off the trees. However, two competitive dragons, Rainbow Dash and Applejack challenge each other to win the race and prove that they are the Iron Dragon. Will the competion get the better of them?

Amending Fences: Ben Mare Version: This one takes place after Ben’s Quest: Twilight, Ben, Spike, Phobos and Nyx go to see Twilight’s old friends Twinkleshine, Minuette, Lemon Hearts and Moondancer. However Moondancer is still not ready to accept the fact that the Twilight that she sees is not the one she saw at magic school. Moondancer believes that Twilight Sparkle dies after the events of the Demon Pony. Can they convince her that Twilight is alive or is Moondancer going to stay in depression forever?

My Little Pony's Pixels: Inspired by the film "Pixels". Years ago, Earth send a time capsule to space in hopes to make friendship with alien lifeforms based on "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". They responded, but misunderstood, thinking Earth declared Earth and send down weapons that looks like the characters to attack! Now it's up to Bronies Justin, Monty, and their allies to stop the invasion.
Villains: The aliens (aren't really evil, they misunderstood and were defending themselves), pixel versions of various MLP characters including Nightmare Moon, Discord, King Sombra, and more

Trixie on Trial (set in the "Always There" universe, but Ben and the Mane 6 don't appear in this story; loosely based on the classic Three Stooges short "Disorder In The Court") Trixie Lulamoon is on trial for the murder of an overly stubborn stallion at a night club she was performing at - a crime she did not commit. Unfortunately, the only witnesses were her coltfriend, Boris, HIS best friends Buxco and Dum-Dum and a parrot. This is going to take some serious detective work to solve.
Villain: The real murderer (I'll let you pick who that is).

Equestria Girls: DSSF Style: (this is the "Different Species, Same Friendship" version of Equestria Girls): In trying to recover the Element of Magic, new-Princess Pinkie Pie, accompanied by Twilight, Rainbow, Ben, Nyx, Spike and Phobos, arrive in a universe inhabited by predomiantly full anthro beings where magic and technology are in equal supply. In addition to getting used to their new bodies (Spike and Phobos have the easiest time of this because the only real changes to their bodies are that they are a lot taller AND wearing suits) AND the technology of this world (which is a century and a half more advanced than on their own world), our heroes will also have to help this universe's Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy patch up their former friendship and defeat Celestia's previous student, Sunset Shimmer.
Villain: Sunset Shimmer (though she DOES reform in the end)

Cosmic Harmony (based on the film "Guardians of the Galaxy", but NOT a fanmake, nor does it have any connection to the "Equestrian Marvels" universe nor your other Marvel movie fanmake series): In a universe where ponies and dragons have long-since mastered space travel, the Mane 6, Ben and Spike are semi-heroic outlaws who all hunt for a series of gemstones that can collectively grant the wielders literally unlimited power and keep said gemstones out of the reach of those who would wish to use the gems' power for evil purposes. Of course, they will have to contend with cosmic lawponies (who are ALSO trying to keep the gems out of the reach of evildoers, but are opposing the Mane 6, Spike and Ben because, well, our heroes ARE outlaws), megalomaniacs and vicious brutes, among other threats, during the course of their quest:
Villains: Night Mare Moon (main villain), Starlight Glimmer (Night Mare Moon's not-so-loyal protege and Twilight's arch-rival), Queen Chrysalis (Night Mare Moon's even nastier rival) and her changeling army, Garble and his pals; other villains and monsters

Growing Up All Over Again (a slight alternate ending to "Doctor Lizardo's Revenge"): In this universe, the Mane 6 succeed in stopping Doctor Lizardo in their filly forms, but are still stuck as fillies. Now, they will have to grow up all over again naturally.

The Sun Rises Over Smallville (basically a "My Little Dashie"-type story, but the adopted parents are Jonathan and Martha Kent; needless to say, this is a DC Comics crossover): When the end result of a major battle turns Celestia back into an infant and sends her to another universe, she ends up getting adopted by a farm couple and raised side-by-side with an a certain alien boy. 

A Go-Go Dog Person: (set after "Equestria Girls: Friendship Games Remake:, but goes on its own timeline from there) Puppy Spike ends up getting VERY badly injured in a terrible accident and Human Twilight, with the help of Sunset Shimmer and Human Pinkie, works ferverously to save the life of her precious pet. Not only do the three girls' efforts save Spike's life, but they also give the canine human-level intelligence and a respectable arsenal of cybernetic abilities.

Rise of the Maiden Do Well: (set immediately after "A Go-Go Dog Person"; dedicated respectfully to the memory of Gary Owens [specifically, this is a homage to two Hanna-Barbera super-heroes that Gary Owens famously provided the voices of)) After Puppy Spike becomes a canine cyborg, Human Twilight, with the help of Sunset Shimmer and Human Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Fluttershy, creates a super-hero costume for herself that consists of a jet-and-exoskeleton equipped bodysuit that amplifies her strength and speed twentyfold AND grants her the power of limited flight, a belt that allows her to turn temporarily invisible and generate force fields at will AND contains a wide variety of other useful gadgets and a pair of special gloves that allow her to fire off a variety of different energy blasts. Equipped with this awesome arsenal and with her secret identity known only to Sunset Shimmer and the human counterparts to Ben and the rest of the Mane Six, Human Twilight and Puppy Spike begin their super-hero careers as the Maiden Do Well and Technopup.
Villains: Various villains

Dr. Doofenschmirtz-Sparkle's Monster Rehabilitation Clinic (a sequel series to "My Little Frankenstein"): In an attempt to further redeem her family name, Twilight (along with her friends and family) choose to start capturing and rehabiliating other monsters in addition to working in medicine. Expect a sizeable amount of supernatural schenanigans.
Pairings: Twilight x Ben, Spike x Rarity, Rainbow x Soarin', Flash x Sunset, Shining Armor x Cadance, Pinkie x Cheese Sandwich, Fluttershy x Discord, Latrine x Billy, Assorted other pairings
Villains: Discord (before he falls in love with Fluttershy and reforms), Assorted classic monsters (most will eventually reform)

My Little Dragon: Dressing Disaster (based on the MLP episode Suited for Success): Rarity is planning on creating dress for her friends. Will she be able to please her friends by giving them the dresses they want? Or will she crack under pressure?

A Better Sunset: Griffon the Benefit of A Doubt ("Better Sunset"-verse version of "Griffon the Brush-Off"): Sunset Shimmer notices the shenanigans of a griffon named Gilda and tries to help her learn a better way. After all, Gilda isn't that bad by griffon standards, right? Sunset herself used to be even worse than her, right?

 A Better Sunset: Confronting the Past ("Better Sunset" counterpart to "Boast Busters" with VERY minor elements of "Magic Duel" [the only element of Magic Duel is really Trixie looking for payback against Sunset {though, in this case, it's payback because Sunset used to bully her a lot}]): A stage magician who is VERY familiar to Sunset Shimmer arrives in Ponyville. HOW is she familiar? Well, Sunset used to bully this stage magician a lot when she was younger (before Celestia managed to set Sunset straight). Will Sunset be able to make amends with this specter from her past without either one of them getting humiliated?

A Better Sunset: Sunset Rising ("Better Sunset" counterpart to "Magical Mystery Cure" with VERY minor elements of both "Equestria Girls" and "the Cutie Map" [in this case, the only element of "Equestria Girls" is chasing the main villain into another dimension and the only element of "the Cutie Map" is the main villain]) Starlight Glimmer breaks into the Forbidden Library in Canterlot to try to find spells in which boost her magical power enough to make ALL of Equestria forced equals. One of the spells she uncovers is an unfinished spell by Starswirl the Bearded which ends up switching around the Cutie Marks of all six of the Element Bearers (including Sunset herself). With some help from Twilight, Rainbow and Spike, all six of the Element Bearers manage to get themselves back to normal, but there is still the matter of catching the one who switched the marks in the first place. Unfortunately, ANOTHER one of the spells Starlight uncovered allows her to travel into other universes. And, even if Sunset manages to capture the villainess, she will end up getting changed forever.
Villain: Starlight Glimmer

Update: 123 Slaughter Me Street: MLP Style: Takes place in the Nightmare Moon ruled world. Twilight Sparkle, on the run from Nightmare Moon's forces for stealing the Elements of Harmony, hides out in an abandoned building in hopes to figure out how to save Equestria. However, she found out that this building has some...occupants who wants to "play".
Villains: The Follower, the Greeter, the Waiter, The Nightmare (at the end), Nightmare Moon's forces (cameos)

Update: 123 Slaughter Street 2: MLP Style: Prequel to the first one. After a long time of banishment, Nightmare Moon returns and Celestia was forced to face her in a isolate area away from ponies....but Luna ends up alone with blood on her hooves, with only a flashlight to keep her safe from the demons that wish to seek her. What is the secret of this madness?
Villains: Nightmare Moon (deadly secret revealed at the end), The Nightmare (main villain of the series), Greeter (Revenge), Screamer, Seeker,

Big Sister Twilight: (basically "Friendship Is Magic" set in an alternate universe where Shining Armor and Cadance are foals [in fact, they're the same age as the Cutie Mark Crusaders]) With Nightmare Moon's return emminent, Twilight has to juggle saving Equestria with foalsitting both her little brother and a recently ascended pegasus-turned-alicorn filly. Oh, and she is also going to have to make some friends on top of that.
Villain: Nightmare Moon 

Big Sister Twilight: Friend From Another Part of the World (set in the "Big Sister Twilight" universe; based on "Bridle Gossip"): Twilight, Shining Armor, Cadance and Apple Bloom try to set the rest of the Mane Six straight when it appears that got cursed for getting on the wrong side of a zebra shaman named Zecora.

Big Sister Twilight: The Start of a Great Crusade (set in the "Big Sister Twilight" universe; based on "Call of the Cutie"): As new arrivals to Ponyville, Shining Armor and Cadance start attending Ponyville Elementary, and find out about Diamond Tiara bullying Apple Bloom, a filly they befriended when they arrived in Ponyville along with Twilight just a few months earlier. Cadance works to rally the other kids (particularly Sweetie Belle, Dinky Hooves and Scootaloo; the only three students other than Apple Bloom and Shining Armor who don't already have their cutie marks) so they all non-violently stand up to Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Meanwhile, Shining Armor and Apple Bloom work to get their Cutie Marks.
Villains: Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon (nothing more than minor bullies, but still); Spoiled Rich (behind the scenes; basically her influence is the reason Diamond is so bad)
Note: This is the origin of this universe's Cutie Mark Crusaders (consisting of Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Dinky Hooves, Shining Armor and Cadance [the last of whom already HAS her Cutie Mark {HAS had it for almost a year at this story's point}, but stays with the group anyway out of loyalty to her friends])

No Student, No Problem (set in the universe Twilight and her friends briefly visit in "Not All Alternate Timelines Are Bad"): With no personal student to send, Celestia, instead, sends her newly appointed Guard Captain Shining Armor and her foster niece Cadance to Ponyville to oversee the Summer Sun Celebration. Along the way, the two meet and befriend large, but benevolent apple farmer Big MacIntosh, enternally optimistic mailpony Muffins, genius inventor Doctor Whooves and semi-retired secret agent Bon-Bon/Sweetie Drops, all four of whom will prove big helps when Nightmare Moon returns.
Villain: Nightmare Moon
Note: In this universe/timeline, Shining Armor is the bearer of the Element of Magic, Cadance is the bearer of the Element of Kindness, Big Mac is the bearer of the Element of Honesty, Muffins is the Bearer of the Element of Laughter, Doctor Whooves is the bearer of the Element of Generousity (willingness to share his inventions as well as always taking the time to help those in need), and Bon Bon is the bearer of the Element of Loyalty.

Starlight's Fresh Start: (an alternate ending to "The Cutie Re-Mark Part 2") In order to properly balance punishment with rehabilitation, Twilight uses an age-reversing spell to turn Starlight Glimmer back into a foal (as in a newborn). Will re-raising and re-training Starlight from infancy actually improve Twilight's odds of helping her be a better pony?

Saddle-Arabian Nights: (set in the Ben Mareladdin universe; set after the second fanmake of the series, but before the third [based on, but not necessarily fanmakes of, episodes of the Aladdin TV Series]) After the second defeat of Smaug and the reform of both Rainbow and Gilda, Ben and his friends continue to have fantastic adventures.
Villains: Merluck, Doctor Lizardo, Queen Chrysalis, Discord, Tirek, various others
Pairings: Twilight x Ben, Pinkie x Brian, Rainbow x Soarin', Fluttershy x Big Mac, various others

He Who Fights And Runs Away: (this is a slight alternate ending to "Return of Harmony" part 2 including alternate versions of a few other episodes of seasons 2, 3 and 4) After realizing the Element Bearers are back to normal, Discord decides to make his escape instead of waiting to get turned back to stone. Thus, Discord is still free even though he has been defeated. While Celestia and Luna are, collectively, able to keep him from directly messing with ponies through their own power, Discord can still stir up A LOT of trouble INDIRECTLY.
Villains: Discord (in this alternate universe, he's going to be the main villain of Seasons 2, 3 and 4) plus pretty much every other notable villain or monster in MLP's second, third and fourth seasons.

A Guide Through the Everfree (an alternate version of "Friendship Is Magic: Part 2", with some elements of "Bridle Gossip"): In this universe, Twilight gets too badly injured during Nightmare Moon's first attack to go on the journey to find and activate the Elements of Harmony. Thus, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Rarity have to go to someone else to help stop Nightmare Moon; someone who knows the Everfree well enough to get them to the Castle of the Two Sisters and who knows enough alchemy to have a chance of activating the Elements. However, it's also someone they fear ALMOST as much as Nightmare Moon. Will Zecora and the Mane Five be able to overcome a bad first impression and gain the friendship needed to save the day?
Villain: Nightmare Moon
Note: Zecora is the bearer of the Element of Magic in this universe, but all the other canon Element bearers still keep their Elements.

Pony House: To figure out how human families live, Twilight and her friends goes to another alternative world and begin living with the Tanners and their relatives. Can they figure this mystery out without giving their true selves away?

Hello Neighbor~MLP Style: Fanmake of the new Horror Stealth game. A new neighbor moves into a house in Ponyville, across from the Castle of Friendship. Although most of Ponyville respect his privacy, Rainbow Dash suspects that the new neighbor is hiding something and is determined to find out what it is, taking her friends along for the ride. And the Neighbor doesn't like intruders...
Villain: The Neighbor

Tattletail~MLP Style: Fanmake of the horror game. When she was a filly, 5 ages before Hearth's Warming Eve, Fluttershy opened her gift early and found her new toy, a Baby Talking Tattletail. But although she wrapped it back up, the Tattletail somehow got out of its box, wanting to be taken care of. And as if that isn't bad enough, the Mama Tattletail appears...and she isn't friendly!
Villain: Mama Tattletail

In This Together: What if Starlight Glimmer DID get her Cutie Mark at the exact same time as Sunburst and went with him to Celestia's School? In this universe, that's EXACTLY what happened. Join us as we watch Sunburst and Starlight tackle the pressures of their new surroundings together, helping each other through the bad times and making the good times even better. Gradually growing from best friends - to lovers.
Pairing: Starlight x Sunburst

BBBFSBF aka "Big Brother Best Friend Slash Bodyguard Forever: In this universe, Princess Cadance already feel in love with another stallion (who DEFINITELY returned her affections) before she even met Shining Armor. At some point a couple of years before the return of Nightmare Moon, Shining Armor ended up becoming the bodyguard of Celestia's personal student - his own little sister (Shiny was the only trained guard Twilight trusted that much). Thus, Shining Armor ended up accompanying Twilight and Spike to Ponyville - and ended up meeting a certain fashionista.
Pairings: Cadance x ???, Shining x Rarity, (eventually) Spike x Ember
Villains: All of the canon villains plus a fair number of OCs
Note: In this universe, Shining Armor ends up getting the Element of Loyalty instead of Rainbow Dash (Rainbow gets too badly injured during Nightmare Moon's initial attack to accompany the group), but Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie and Rarity all retain their canon Elements.

All For One and One For All: In this universe, not only does Celestia manage to get through to Sunset BEFORE she left Equestria AND Starlight Glimmer get her Cutie Mark at the exact same time as Sunburst AND Ben manage to avoid getting cursed and disappearing for more than a decade, but Sunset, Twilight, Starlight (all three of whom are Celestia's personal students in this universe), Flash, Ben and Sunburst end up becoming the bearers of the Elements of Harmony.
Pairings: Sunset x Flash, Twilight x Ben, Starlight x Sunburst, Shining Armor x Cadance, Boris x Trixie, Spike x Ember
Villains: All the canon ones PLUS a fair number of OCs
Note: While Sunset, Twilight, Starlight, Flash, Ben and Sunburst are the Element Bearers in this universe, I'll leave it up to you, which one gets which element.

Twin Sons of the Sun: In this universe, Twilight is not only male, but also one of Princess Celestia's biological sons (Ben is this male Twilight's twin brother). Let's see what happens in this universe.
Pairings: (Male) Twilight x Moondancer, Ben Mare x Fluttershy, VERY one-sided Boris x Moondancer (at first), Boris x Trixie, Shining Armor x Cadance, assorted others.
Villains: Pretty much the same as canon, plus several OCs.

Spider-Mare and the Cosmic Tablet (set in the "Equestrian Marvels" universe and based on the video game "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions"): While battling a super-villain trying to pull a museum heist, Spider-Mare ends up accidentally smashing a mysterious tablet into seventeen pieces. Unfortunately, the tablet was not only priceless, but it also has mysterious and potentially fearsome powers (twelve of the tablets fragments end up going into three different alternate universes and one of the other five ends up in the possession of the villain Spider-Mare was fighting when the tablet broke). A powerful and mysterious psychic ends up recruiting Spider-Mare and her counterparts in the three other universes (one from a universe whose culture very strongly resembles the early-to-mid-1930s, one from an alternate universe set a hundred years in a possible future and a younger version of herself in an alternate present). Can the four Spider-Mares save all reality?
Villains: Various criminals enhanced by the tablet fragments; Assorted lesser criminals.

Task Force Omega (an original series of short stories set in the universe of "Clue: MLP Style" [specifically set a few months after the third ending] based loosely on DC Comics' Suicide Squad, as well as, to a much lesser extent, the 1980s TV version of the A-Team): A top secret team of criminals clandestinely tackle extremely dangerous missions on behalf of the kingdom of Equestria in exchange for reduced sentences, respectable paychecks and occasionally other perks too. All they need to do is keep their on-the-job activities short of rape, murder or treason and keep their proverbial noses clean OFF the job.
Villains: Apocalypse Ponies, Dark Mystics, others

Power Ponies Elements (set in a power ponies universe): Celestia in this universe has been cryofrozen for 50 years due to a rare illness and as time passes 6 different ponies embrace super powers as a shadowy figure comes to tear down Equestria, who thanks to Celestia, was sealed in the moon for 50 years. Can the six new power up heroines stop this menace?
Villain: Nightmare Moon (in this version the spirt of Nightmare Moon possess someone every 50 years or when a major threat come along)

[Tales of the Equestrian Marvels Universe]

Equestrian Marvels (an original story set in the same universe as the MLP Marvel fanmakes): The evil alicorn/dragon hybrid Malieicent and her unholy army is unleashed. This is an evil so awesome that it will take the combined might of the Pony Avengers, the X-Ponies and the Fantastic Equines to even have a prayer of saving the day.
Villain: Maleficent (as a alicorn/dragon hybrid)
Pairings: Ben Mare x Twilight, Pinkie x Brian, Doctor Hooves x Derpy, Big Macintosh x Cheerilee, Spike x Rarity, Alpha Prime X Aqua Wave

A Pain in the Paper: Diamond Tiara goes too far when she starts a smear campaign against all super powered ponies, including the Fantastic Equines, X-Ponies, and the Brotherhood of Evil. Now Nightmare Moon has place a HUGE bounty on Diamond Tiara's head. It's up to Spider-Mare, Demon Pony and Big Macintosh to protect her from The Brotherhood. But how long they can survive Diamond Tiara's whining?

Demon Pony vs Spikezilla: The Demon Pony is send to take down Spikezilla who is invading his country, but both ends up teaming up against some old 'friends' of the Demon Pony.
Villains: ??? (TBD, any ideas?)

Fantastic Equines meet the Warriors of Galaxy: Information TBD.
(Note, The Warriors of Galaxy are in the role of Guardians of the Galaxy. Infact there will be a upcoming film of this comic it will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.)
New Heroes: Jason Battle-Axe (as Star-Warrior), Shaka the Hunter, Shiva, Mantis ([Kung Fu Panda] as Rocket Bug), Nanook
Villains: ???

Birth of Alpha Prime: Eons ago, The Warlord Gorgax attacked Earth. The Heroic Autobots and Savage Horde warriors come to the aids of the Ponies. At the same time, a young Celestia, her teacher Professor Time (Time Turner’s father), and Mr. Cake end up during this age via a time machine.  This is the tale how the Autobots became legends, how Optimus and Celestia fell in love and why the AllSpark was left on Earth.
Villains: Gorgax (OC Father of Vilgax)
Pairing: Optimus Prime X Princess Celestia
(Note. Thrall and the Horde are the good guys in the Equestrian Marvels Universe. Second, Professor Time is voice by Sylvester McCoy)

Equestrian Marvels Alliance (based on Marvel: Ultimate Alliance): Information TBD.
Villains: Discord, Lord Shen, Luna (reforms near the end), ???,

Spikezilla vs. Big Macintosh (this is set more than a year before "Pony Avengers"): Lord Shen brainwashes Spikezilla to go after the Fantastic Equines. Determined to protect his friends, Big Macintosh tries to battle it out with the powerful dragon until his teammates can undo Lord Shen's brainwashing
Villain: Lord Shen, Spikezilla (the latter under brainwashing)

The Spider-Mares of Two Worlds (a crossover of the older Spider-Mare series and "the Amazing Spider-Mare": During an adventure with her Pony Avengers teammates against their old enemies Discord and Lord Shen, Spider-Mare ends up in another Equestria with its own Spider-Mare; albeit one that has just started her crime-fighting career and is NOT engaged to Brian. The two arachnid-powered equines join forces and compare notes (despite some initial reluctance on the younger Spider-Mare's part to work with her more experienced alternate counterpart).
Note: Most of the older Spider-Mare's Pony Avengers teammates have cameos at the beginning and at the end in this story.
Villains: Discord, Lord Shen (two different versions of the latter; the version from the younger Spider-Mare's universe serves as the main villain though, with Discord and the other Lord Shen having only cameos at the beginning and end [the latter after they are both defeated])

Foal Titans Together: (set in the Harmony League Universe) This shows how the Cutie Mark Crusaders all gained super-powers and, under the co-leadership of Little Night (Pipsqueak) and Lady Moonlight (Nyx) and following the inspiration of the Harmony League, formed their own hero team.

[Origin stories, behind the scenes, etc.]

Smaug the Great: (origin story) Discover the origin of Trixie's family from her ancestor who caused the civil war between ponies years ago to her father. What events happened during those times?

The Power of Darkness: (origin story) Ever wonder how the Apocalypse Ponies first came together under Trixie's father Smaug? You're about to find out as the Superior travels through Equestria and beyond, picking out members to be his command as well as those who are lethal.
Villains: The Apocalypse Ponies

The Adventures of Larry and Curly: (midquel) Meet Larry and Curly, two idiotic Changelings as well as their POV of the Changeling Invasion. How are they involved and why did Curly chosen to manipulate Twilight during her outburst at the wedding reception?
Villains: Larry and Curly the Changelings (two idiot Changelings)

Behind the Scenes: Go behind the scenes of the Dasheresque films as Rainbow explains in this mockumentary as to how she choose the actors, lines, scenes and whatnot for her films.

Rise Of The Lizard: (origin story) Learn the story of Dr. Lizardo, from his humble beginnings to what makes him the most dangerous and annoyingly recurring villain that the ponies has ever faced.

Celestia's Side: Ever wonder why Celestia didn't even try to stop NNM or Discord even if she wasn't connected to the Elements (that's no excuse, she could have at least just tried)? Well, it's time to find out right here and now.

Disgust With The Princess (straight after Celestia's Side): While the Mane Six and their allies understand Celestia's reason for not dealing with Nightmare Moon and Discord, there are some critics who think otherwise. Can the heroes speak reason to them?

Discord's Arrogance: Takes place during the season 2 premiere. Discord is released to begin his renew chaos on Equestria. From swiping the Elements to turning Ponyville upside down, the villain's arrogance may be his downfall.

Backstory of a Basher: This is story of the Princess Basher leader named Slim Fong. Who is he and why is he so determined to remove Celestia from power? Find out in this story.
Villain: Princess Basher leader (named Slim Fong, voiced by Corey Burton)

The History of the Changelings: How did the Changelings began and why did they want to go after the wedding of Shining Armor and Cadence? Read to discover the past of these unusual species.

Royal Madpony: (origin story) What did drove Royal Slash and Prince Meanie into bullying in the first place? Quartz Gravel reveals the hidden sad past of the siblings, their cruel "mother" and why they never told their father or anyone else.
Villain: Madam Quartz

Rise of the Harmony League: Told during the tail end of "Crisis on Infinite Equestrias", this flashback story depicts the origins of the Harmony League counterparts to the Mane Six and several of their friends. From the power surge unleashed by Celestia and Luna's battle with Discord AND Nightmare Moon, to the Mane Six and their friends learning to master their newly boosted abilities. From an attack by villains who were also enhanced by energies unleashed by the aforementioned major battle, to Celestia and Luna uniting the heroes in time for their first major adventure as a team. This story will cover all of that.

Twilight: Student Worthy or Ordinary Unicorn: (origin story) What makes Twilight a special unicorn? Why Celestia take an interest in her? Is she really the most powerful unicorn in Equestria? We see Twilight's birth right up to when she begins reading about Nightmare Moon.

Lord Eric's Past: Not much is known about Lord Eric except that he comes from a royal family. But the Mane Six are about to find out the mysterious secrets that lie in Eric's past. But what could they be?

Mystics History: (backstory) What is the history between Celestia and the Mystic Ponies? The Mane Six are about to find out as they go back to the past.

The History of The Kingdom of Coltain: The Mane Six, their friends and allies are all about to learn more about the mysterious kingdom of Coltain. They will learn about how the king and queen met, the beginnings of the Splenderous Seven and the Flower Buds, the discovery of Princess Crystelle and how became accepted by the kingdom and of how Fanged Dahila attempted to make Crystelle a vampire pony.

Pinkie: Party Pony and 4th Wall Breaker: (origin story) even though after Pinkie got her cutie mark, how did Pinkie get the Fourth wall breaking Powers, how did she met her friends and explore how before she got to plan her first party in Ponyville...
(Child Pinkie and Serious Pinkie who are both voiced by Andrea Libman and are voices in her head, just like Nolan North who voiced Deadpool, Child Deadpool and Serious Deadpool who are also voices in his head.)

An Origin Story of Soarin and Spitfire: Before The Wonderbolts came to be, Before Soarin and Spitfire are friends, they were rivals, they were enemies against each other, but that all changed when they formed their own wonderbolt team.
(Disney Parody of Monsters University, Mulan, A Bug's Life, Cars, Planes, and Toy Story 1)

The Legend of Smooze (origin story): Do You Wanna Know How The Smooze Became the Terrifying Creature of All of Ponyville (Ponyland), Discover how it all began of How The Smooze come what it is to be....
Villain: The Smooze (Voiced by: Jon Bauman)

Grogar: The King of Tambelon (origin story): Discover How the Ram discovered necromancy, before he was king of all of Tambelon, before he was banished to the Shadow World, Before He was cold and cruel, discover how it all began....
Villain: Grogar (Voiced by: Michael Bell)

The Legend of the Hunter: (Origin Story)  Discover Boris before he made Ben Mare the subject of ridicule, before he turned him into a demon pony, before he became a hunter, before he had Boxco and Dum-Dum.... he was a subject to bullying himself...

Skydude Takes Flight: (this is a movie set in the Dasheresque Cinematic Universe, but Dasheresque and Dasheresque Too don't actually appear): When Skylar Dudesbourough (played by Soarin) ends up getting into a freak chemical accident, he gains the strength, speed, agility, durability and senses of thirty ordinary pegasis as well as the ability to shoot powerful electrical blasts from his forehooves and the power to exhale hurricane force gusts of extra-cold air. His new powers will be put to the tests as he battles the mad scientist/extortionist called the Potion Mistress (played by Zecora) as the super-hero Skydude.
Villain: Potion Mistress (played by Zecora)
Note: This film depicts the origin of Soarin's Dasheresque super-hero character Skydude.

The Rise of Captain Random (another movie set in the Dasheresque Cinematic Universe without either Dasheresque or Dasheresque Too appearing): Lawerence Coltstello (played by Brian) gets ahoof of a magic amulet that grants him greatly boosted strength, speed and agility as well as the abilities to read minds and see the future and the power to instantly conjure any required tool or weapon out of thin air; but this comes at the cost of his sanity. Will he be able to keep it together long enough to use his new powers to stop the diabolical mad genius Professor Accordion (played by Cheese Sandwich)
Villain: Professor Accordion (played by Cheese Sandwich)
Note: This depicts the origin of Brian's Dasheresque super-hero character.

Two Heroes Coming Together (set in the Dasheresqueverse, but Dasheresque and Dasheresque Too both only have guest star roles in this one): Shortly after their magnificent debuts, Skydude and Captain Random end up teaming up to battle the Chaos King (played by Discord) with the fate of the world (and the lives of both Dasheresque and Dasheresque Too) hanging in the balance.
Villain: Chaos King (played by Discord)
Pairings: Dasheresque (Rainbow Dash) x Skydude (Soarin), Dasheresque Too (Pinkie Pie) x Captain Random (Brian)
Note: This film depicts not only how Skydude and Captain Random first meet each other, but also how they first meet Dasheresque and Dasheresque Too)

The Tale of Golden Sword (origin story): What was Golden Sword doing during Ben's younger years at Canterlot? And what was the terrible thing that made him decide to leave Canterlot? Find out in this story.

An Agent's Past (the flashback is from a few years before "Friendship Is Magic Part One", "Present Day" is sometime during "Slice of Life"): Bon-Bon/Sweetie Drops explains to Lyra about how she became an agent and some of her past adventures with her fellow agents.
Villains: Various monsters (flashback only) 

Dasheresque Origins: Where exactly did the idea of Dasheresque come from? And how did Rainbow Dash bring her friends into it? This story explains exactly the beginnings of the making of this comic hero.

Saw the season premiere. What a good beginning, especially with too much to put down here.
Round 1 Fight 51: Nightmare vs. Mega Man X!
18 deviants said Mega Man X
5 deviants said Nightmare (Soul Calibur)

Despite the fact she's in danger, a miracle happened: Flurry Heart can finally talk!
Chapter 6: A Merry Ending?

Christmas day has finally arrived! Kari woke up from her sleep, sighing a bit. Is it really over?

"Hey, Kari," Gatomon exclaims as she came into the room. "Christmas is here!"

"Finally," Kari said as she got out of bed with a smile. "Uh, did everything really happen?"

"Yes, but hopefully it is for the last time."

The two decided that now it's Christmas, it's safe to open Kari's present and keep Poppy out for real this time. The two heads into the living room where Kari goes to her stocking and takes out what should be one finaly egg. Inside is an edible cupcake wrapper.

"Yummy. Cupcakes," Kari said with a warm smile. "Poppy?'

Kari was seen opening the first gift in front of the Christmas tree, & after unwrapping it to open the top she found....nothing?

"Hugh?" Kari raised an eyebrow in not believing this; an empty gift.

"Hey, what's the big idea of giving out an empty box? At least leave coal to tell us if we been ba!?" Gatomon protest in thinking this was some scam.

"Oh don't cry..." A voice was heard from somewhere before appearing from underneath the tree. "Mama's Hereee....." Then glowing red eyes along with the image of...Gnorga appeared to attack the girls.

"Aaaahhh," The girls screamed in terror to yelp backwards & push themselves far away from the sudden return toy killer they thought was gone for good.

"Graaaaa," Gnorga growls as she prepared to lung at the girls when.

"LIGHTNING PAW!" Gatomon quickly rush it to deliver an uppercut move on the enemy.

"POW/ nose," Then as the attack hit, Gnorga reacted weirdly to suddenly sound different.

"Wait a second...that voice." Kari raised an eybrow before she & Gatomon approach to touch Gnorga to learn it was only fabric cover with red flashlight eyes & under it was....

"AGUMON," The girls responded in surprise to find a familiar Digimon under the fake Gnorga disguise.

"Heh-heh, Happy Late Halloween," Agumon sheepishly smile to say this for his little stunt.

"Hahahaha..." Tai was heard laughing from nearby as the girls made frowny faces.

"Tai..." Kari glared at her big brother for having been involved with this surprise scare prank of something that tried to kill her.

"Sorry Kari; couldn't resist giving you a little something to teach you a final reminder...not to open presents before Christmas." Tai apologized while stating this was a lesson to remind his little sister to not peak at one's presents early.

"Yeah, thanks for scaring almost all my nine lives." Gatomon rolled her eeys back to remark about being given such a scare that she might have lost half her lives from it.

"Oh brother..." Kari sighed in not believing this, can't she get a break after all she's been through.

"Hey it's okay, no need to sulk. It's Christmas!" Agumon smiled to perk up the girls to look on the bright side.

"Right, here's your REAL gift." Tai suddenly brought a wrap gift that was just like the one Kari opened & nothing was inside.

"You sure this isn't another prank?" Gatomon raised a suspicious eyebrow to question.

"I think you girls have learn a good lesson well enough." Tai smiled in being honest in how he knows, those here have endured enough after what happened.

"Well...okay...but if it's another trick..." Kari signed to allow this chance, but if her brother was lying...

Tai smiled to nod in saying it's no lie, as Kari signed as she began to slowly open the REAL gift. After removing the wrapping, Kari slowly opens the top slowly as she & Gatomon were preparing for any sudden surprises. And what they found was a surprise alright, cause it was...

"Present for you." A familiar troll toy came out, smiling as she brought out a golden flashlight.

"See? No prank. The real thing," Tai said with a smile as Kari took the golden flashlight and a tag from her.

"Awww thanks, Poppy. You must really like me." Kari said with a smile as she hugs her new toy, this time for good. "Come on, everyone. Let's wake mom and dad up."


After letting go of Poppy, the kids and their Digimon rushes over to the parents' bedroom to wake their parents up for Christmas. Everything flashed to light as Poppy is heard saying happily, "Thank you..."


In the darkness, a familiar and wicked voice snarls, "No....I won't let it end this way....I will use the power of this world to mess with her memories....revenge will be mine...."

The End?

Author's note
Now it seems to be over....but it isn't! Because yours truly is going to do the Kaleidoscope Update! In the next chapter, Kari plays with Poppy....but something is off with Princess Poppy. Even her memories of the past few days don't match. What's going? Read, review and suggest.
Tattletroll chapter 6
It's Christmas morning and it looks like it's all over....or is it?
(QC to downtown. As traffic was slowly piling, Loud parks his car and spots Charity near a salestore, looking through the discount area)


(Charity notices Loud as he got out of the car to approach her)

Charity: Oh, Loud....

Loud: Char, listen....about last night....

Charity: (sighs) It's okay. You don't have to tell me....

Loud: No, no. It isn't you, Charity. It's just....have to explain this.... (Sighs) I've lost my mojo.

Charity: (puzzled) You lost your monkey?

Loud: No, no. The mojo as know.

(Charity's eyes widen as she realize)

Charity: So wait. As in.... (Grins) That's why you....

Loud: I know, I know!

Charity: (laughs) Wow! For a moment, I thought it's because you didn't like me!

Loud: Oh no, baby! Yu're very shagadelic. I just didn't want to fall in love again and I thought you'd never love me without my mojo. It's not you, you're fab, you're switched on, a bit of all right. Yes!

Charity: (glances) And it isn't because you got divorced...

(Charity points to the ring marked finger on Loud's hand)

Loud: Err, fine. This will be the last time though. Her name was Pepper Kensington....yes, the daughter of my former partner. She was a special, yet crazy, girl. Broke my heart when it turned out that she was a robot.

Charity: Oh, as in uptight, hard time expressing her feelings?

Loud: Nah, I mean she was made in plastic, wires, ball bearings, you get the idea.

Charity: (hugs Loud) I don't believe that anyone could promise to love you for all time. I mean, who can predict these things? I say, if you can't be with the one you love....shag the one you're with, tiger.

Loud: Okay, okay, enough! I made it a personal rule to stop talking about any girls I know in past because it would be too painful. For all we know, I may end up doing the same thing with you.

Charity: Well, maybe this will cheer you up. Last night I've managed to put a homing device on Fat Tudor!

(The girl holds up a device that beeps the tracker which Loud takes with a smile)


Charity: (worried) True. Well, about how I planted aren't going to like it because...


(The two jumps into the car eagerly and quickly)

Charity: (singing) Yeah, groovy baby!

Loud: Okay, you're the right way for a smacked bottom!

Charity: (giggles) Oh, I hope for that!

Loud: Really? (He laughs but yelps upon seeing a car that has another assassin in it, pulling up and preparing a gun) WATCH YOURSELF!

(Loud popped the trunk open as a familiar still not dead woman popped out, being used as a shield that takes the bullets. The assassin grunts as he drove off)

Lizzie: (groans) Groan and whack 'em.

Loud: Good work. Now back into the trunk!

(Lizzie is put back into the trunk quickly as Loud s\aw the remote beeping)

Loud: Oh, oh! the signal's coming through, he's at the train station! Let's go!

(The two zoomed forward as we QC to a train station)

Narrator: The place....The Train Station.

(We see the duo with soldiers with guns peeking as they followed down the hallway. Loud checks the beeper carefully)

Loud: Close, baby....straight, wait, no left. Go through here.

(The group turns to the left and heads down a hall before it beeps more, causing Loud to make the soldiers stopped)

Charity: Got him. Private? Get the ram ready. (The soldier brings a big ram that baas) Now go, go, go!

(The ram charged and bashed the door open, allowing everyone to get inside, only to find an empty bathroom.

Loud: Wait, where's.... (Everyone saw the toilet glowing, much to most of everyone's disgust) OH MY CHUCK JONES! FAT TUDOR LEFT A FLOATER! UGH, IN THE NAME OF ALL THINGS SACRED, THAT IS VERY MUCH FOUL SMELLING! SOMEONE FLUSH THE DARN THING DOWN!

Charity: No, no. Don't touch anything, we got to get the sample to the lab to be analyzed!.

Loud: Ugh. l Please tell me you're kidding.

Charity: I wish I was.


(Many of the soldiers gagged as a worker in a hazmat suit came in with claps and a box to dig into the toilet. QC to the labs as we see a censored stool sample in a kettle. Loud is nearby, preparing to drink some soda just as Charity approaches.)

Charity: Oh, Loud. There you are. They analyzed the sample yet?

Loud: (grins) Cor, baby! You look very shagadelic, yeah! Ha ha ha! Seriously though? Do we got to be here? Really? It's so boring!  (As Loud prepares to get more coffee, he unknowingly grabs the kettle with the stool sample and pours it into an empty cup) When it comes to the spy game? Heck, it's all instinct.

(Loud is preparing to drink just as Sammy came in)

Sammy: (grins) Hey, everybody!

Loud: Oh hi, Sammy.

Sammy: Well, got the results. And guess what? We found traces elements of a rare vegetable found only on one island.... (He points to a spot on a big map on the globe nearby) Right here, in the Caribbean!

Loud: (waves finger bored) Well, whoop-dee-de. So what does it mean anyway? (He pours in some sugar)

Sammy: Don't you get it? This is where Dr. Time's lair is at!

Loud: Smashing> (sniffing) Ugh. This smells bad! Is it just me or does this stuff smells like crap?!

(Sammy yelps as he saw some of the sample missing, glancing at the cup)

Sammy: Err, Loud? It is crap!

Loud: Oh, not just me. (He drinks the tasted mug, unknowingly leaving a nasty ring on his mouth to the disgust of everyone else) Wow. Taste nutty.

Charity: I am not happy, really.

(QC to Lydia Karaoke sighing in annoyance)

Lydia: Why did we agree to do this?
Loud Powers: The Spy Who Yelled At Me chapter 9
After making up, Loud and Charity tracks down Fat Tudor....who left a "nasty surprise" for them.

List of Fics Being Worked On or Coming Soon

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 12, 2011, 9:39 PM

A friend of mine, Julayla Beryl, has made two fics journal entires that show she is working on or coming soon. I am combining both in this one journal entry. This journal entry is subject to change so come in very often.

Fics Being Worked On:
ZIO Axis Season 1 Chapter 1 (co-written with Julayla, Orange Ratchet and Charles)
Rainbow Dash's E-Mails: Season Five (now updated sometimes)
Kouja no Senshi Season 4 Chapter 19: Return of the Jedi Arc (co-writing with Julayla)
The Mystic History (MLP: FIM origins story)
Tattletroll (Fanmake of Tattletail)
The Big Game XLVII: Genie vs. Beetlejuice
Loud Powers: The Spy Who Yelled At Me (Histeria! fanmake of Austin Powers 2)

Still in progress/on hold:
Te Xuan Tweens (waiting for tervaco's next chapter)
Kingdom Toons (Starecraft's story that I am working on with him and two other authors, on hold)
Kingdom Nicktoons II (on hold until I get ready to co-write it with Orange-Ratchet)
The Ghost and the Dragon 2 (on hold)
Caring Wars Episode I: The Nano Menace (on hold)
JusSonic's Grease (on hold until further notice)
Sora of Toon Town: The Adventure Begins (on hold until further notice)
JusSonic's Raven Forever After (delayed until I find a better fanmake or script)
Snowed in at the House of Pony (MLP: FIM AU fic) (delayed until further notice)
New Adventures of Cream the Rabbit Season 1
Epic Phantom: Power of Illusion
Epic Phantom 2: Power of Two
Bart the Bad Mr. Frosty (Christmas in July fic)
Cream's Pink Elephant Halloween Movie
5 Days A Cartoon (Staredcraft's story that I am working on with him)
Hop~KNS Style (co-written with Julayla Beryl; on hold for a while)
Pony Brave (on hold for a while)
Danny Phantom Spooked SpongeBob SquarePants (fanmake of the Grinch and Cat in the Hat crossover; on hold)
Cream the Rabbit's Adventures in Comics
House of Pony Holiday Specials
The Ghostwriter Parable Demonstration
The Good Dragon
SpongeBob in the SquarePants
Danny Potter and the Dragon Hallows Parts 1 & 2
Toonballs: The Animated Series
Care Bears' Alice: Madness Returns (co-written with Julayla)
My Little Pony's Megan: Madness Returns
JusSonic's June: Insanity Returns
Care Bears and My Little Pony at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Underfist~KNS Style (working on it with Julayla)
Summer Days' Play
JusSonic's Despicable Me shorts
House of Pony Season Two (MLP: FIM AU fic)
Five Nights at Freddy's 2: Equestria Girls Style (MLP: FIM AU fic)
Beauty and the Demon Pony Remake
Total Equestrian Adventure (co-writing it with Neros Urameshi)
Lotso Bear's Pizzeria Simulator
Creatures University (Pixar prequel)
JusSonic's Scared Ravenless
Die Hard Dasheresque Style
Mike Nelson's Super Powered Revenge Christmas

Fics coming soon that I am working on next in this order:
Kung Fu Simpson 2
Pegasi Amuck
Ali-Baba Pinkie (MLP fanmake of a Looney Tunes short)
The Great Dragon Bank Robbery (MLP fanmake of a Looney Tunes short)
The Looney Gun: From The Files of Looney Squad
Gosalyn (Second fanmake of the 1982 Annie film; Hoagie and Stitch midquel)
The Dark Dimension Emissary (a third Subspace Emissary fanmake)
Blazing Scales
The Fantastic Equines
Spider-Mare (Spider-Man (first movie) fanmake)
Iron Stallion
The Incredible Spike
Alpha Prime (MLP Thor fanmake)
The Equestria Knight: The First Pony Avenger
The Pony Avengers (Avengers fanmake)
Jazz Fenton in Wonderland (1951 version; Hoagie and Stitch story within a story)
Hoagie and Stitch: Satan's Playhouse
Ben Mareladdin
The Muppets' The Wind in the Willows
Hoagie and Stitch's Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Carrot
Dig-It (Wall-E short fanmake)
Pipsqueak and Company
The Winnie the Pooh Movie (second fanmake of the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie)
The Little Tamaranean (Muppet Freelance Police midquel)
Po Hears A Muppet
The Black Hedgehog King (Muppet Freelance Police midquel)
Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure~HAS Style
Heroes Fandango
Tales of Cartoon Island
Loud Potter and the Order of Table 1969
Toonies: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (M-rated)

Fics Coming Soon:
Neo-Outsiders Generation II Chapter 22: Dolores Umbridge Arc
Neo-Outsiders Generation II Chapter 23: Return of the Jedi Arc
Neo-Outsiders Generation II Chapter 24: Year of the Rat Arc
Toon Neighbors from Hell Season 16
Toon Neighbors from Hell Season 17
Toon Neighbors from Hell Season 18
Toon Neighbors from Hell Season 19
Toon Neighbors from Hell Season 20
Toon Neighbors from Hell Season 21
Toon Neighbors from Hell Season 22: Heroes Edition
Toon Neighbors from Hell Season 23
Toon Neighbors from Hell Season 24
Toon Neighbors from Hell Season 25
Toon Neighbors from Hell Season 26
Toon Neighbors from Hell Season 27
Toon Neighbors from Hell Season 28
Toon Amazing Race Reboot 2
Toon Amazing Race Reboot 3
Toon Amazing Race Reboot 4
Toon Amazing Race Reboot 5
Toon Amazing Race Reboot All-Stars
Toon Amazing Race Reboot 7
Toon Amazing Race Reboot 8
Toon Amazing Race Reboot 9
Toon Amazing Race Reboot 10
Toon Amazing Race Reboot 11
Toon Amazing Race Reboot All-Stars 2
Toon Amazing Race Reboot 13
Toon Amazing Race Reboot 14
Cartoon Survivor 21: Title TBD
Cartoon Survivor 21 Side-Stories
Total Cartoon Action
Total Cartoon Action side-stories
Total Cartoon World Tour
Total Cartoon World Tour side-stories
Total Cartoon Revenge of the Island
Total Cartoon Revenge of the Island side-stories
Total Cartoon All-Stars
Total Cartoon All-Stars side-stories
Total Cartoon Mysterious Isle
Total Cartoon Mysterious Isle side-stories
Muptoons from Space
Scooby-Doo's Scary Mission (Up short fanmake)
Daffy & Porky (Second Up short fanmake)
Young Catenstein: The Musicial
Sonic the Hedgehog and the Raiders of the Devil's Toybox
Sonic the Hedgehog and the Temple of Halo
Muppet Freelance Police: Hit the Road
Muppet Freelance Police animated series
Muppet Freelance Police Season 1: Save the Earth
Loud Potter and the Renaissance Prince
Muppet Enchanted
Muppet Frankenstein
Muppet Star Wars Episode I: The Muptom Menace
Muppet Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Doubles
Muppet Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Mupith
Muppet Star Wars Episode IV: A New Show
Muppet Star Wars Episode V: The Bad Guys Strikes Back
Muppet Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Mupdi
The Big Game ???: Naruto vs. Sasuke
The Big Game ???: The Brain vs. Stewie Griffin
The Big Game ???: Stitch vs. Krypto the Superdog
The Big Game ???: Gru (Despicable Me) vs. Megamind
The Big Game ???: Manny, Sid and Diego (Ice Age franchise) vs. Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots (Shrek franchise)
The Big Game ???: Darkwing Duck vs. Stupor Duck (aka Daffy Duck)
The Big Game ??? Marvin the Martian vs. Invader Zim
The Big Game ???: Mighty Mouse vs. Speedy Gonzales
The Big Game ???: Bugs Bunny vs. Mickey Mouse
Sonic the Hedgehog and the Kingdom Hearts Crusade
Sonic the Hedgehog and the Kingdom of the Emerald Skull
The Fantastic Muppets
A Beatles Movie
Hoagie and Stitch: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (M-rated)
Hoagie and Stitch: Toyland (second fanmake of the Imaginationland trilogy)
Ship Throttle (fanmake of Full Throttle)
Peter Parker and the Alien Mindruiners
JusSonic's Dug (Hoagie and Stitch midquel)
Muppets from Olympus
The Gemstone and the Muppet
Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland~HAS Style
The AristoMuppets
Secret of VILE
Muptoon Robin Hood
Muptoon Peter Pan
Muptoon Snow White
Muptoon Sherlock Holmes
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?~HAS Style
The Weirdo of Notre Dame
The Weirdo of Notre Dame II
Muppets in Wonderland (1951 version)
Muppets in Wonderland (2010 version)
Muppets of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Rat
Muppets of the Caribbean: Dead Goblin's Chest
Muppets of the Caribbean: At World's Beyond
Back to the Muppet Future
Back to the Muppet Future Part II
Back to the Muppet Future Part III
Muppet Police Squad
The Secret of Classic Monkey Island
Classic Monkey Island II: Negaduck's Revenge
The Curse of Classic Monkey Island
Escape from Classic Monkey Island
Tales of Classic Monkey Island
The Many Adventures of Yogi the Bear
Jazz Fenton in Wonderland (2010 version; Hoagie and Stitch story within a story)
Road to Mup Colorado (Muppet Freelance Police midquel)
A Human Tale (Muppet Freelance Police prequel)
The Little Tamaranean II: Return to the Galaxy (Muppet Freelance Police midquel)
Despicable Doof (Muppet Freelance Police midquel)
Who Framed Tigger?
A Pepe Movie (Muppet Freelance Police midquel)
Muppets from China (Mulan fanmake)
Muppets from China II (Mulan II fanmake)
The Hoagie and Stitch Movie (fanmake of the SpongeBob SquarePants movie)
Muppet Jungle Book
Piggyhontas: Journey to the Classic World
Robin and Company
Kung Fu Muppet
Kung Fu Muppet: Secrets of the Muppet Five
Muppet Harry Potter and the Dark Crystal
Muppet Harry Potter and the Labyrinth of Doom
Muppet Harry Potter and the Prisoner of the Negative Zone
Muppet Harry Potter and the Goblet of Light
Muppet Harry Potter and the Order of the Golden Goose
Muppet Harry Potter and the Muppet Blood Princes
Histeria Story 3 (Histeria! fanmake of Toy Story 3)
Elm-O (Wall-E fanmake)
The Muppets Babies Movie (fanmake of the first Rugrats film)
Muppet Babies in Paris
Muppet Babies Gone Wild
Muppet Shrek aka Sweetums
Muppet Shrek 3-D aka Sweetums 3-D
Muppet Shrek 2 aka Sweetums 2
Muppet Shrek the 3rd aka Sweetums the 3rd
The Muppet Gun: From The Files of Muppet Squad
Jimmy & Goddard: Curse of the Were-Rat
Hoagie and Stitch's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Ninja's Chest
Hoagie and Stitch's Pirates of the Caribbean: At Act's End
Pangaea: The Lost Muppet Empire
Muppet Toy Story
Muppet Toy Story 2
Muppet Toy Story 3
A Gonzo Movie
Muppet's Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Muppet's Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Muppet's Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Muppet's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Dee-occhio (non-canon Hoagie and Stitch story)
Heroes vs. Cosmic Warlords (Hoagie and Stitch midquel)
Muppets vs. Skesis (Muppet Freelance Police prequel)
Weirdo Mind (Muppet Freelance Police prequel)
Muppet Freelance Police Season 2: Beyond Sanity
Muppet Freelance Police: Chernabog's Playhouse
DK's New Car (Nightmares, Inc. short)
Betty & May in Muppet-land
Who Framed the Muppets?
The Muptoon Show Fanfiction - Meet The Muptoons
Muppet Rescuers
Muppet Rescuers Down Under
Wild West Muppets
The Psycho Movie
The Black Hedgehog King 2: Shadow's Pride (Muppet Freelance Police midquel)
The Black Hedgehog King 1 1/2
Cartoon Survivor Royal Rumble 9 (fate TBD)
JusSonic's Cars: Rally Race (fanmake of a Cars comic book arc)
JusSonic's Cars: Fuzzy's Not So Grand Tour (fanmake of the Cars comic in "Disney . Pixar Magazine Presents: Cars #2")
Sonic's Cars: Rally Race (fanmake of a Cars comic book arc)
Sonic's Cars: Mario's Great Tour (fanmake of the Cars comic in "Disney . Pixar Magazine Presents: Cars #2")
Disney's How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Muppet Freelance Police midquel)
The All-Stars: Family Matters (fanmake of the first Incredibles comic arc)
The Hedgehogs: Family Matters (fanmake of the first Incredibles comic arc)
Muppet Rio
Back to the Furry Future (Muppet Freelance Police midquel along with Parts II and III)
Back to the Furry Future Part II
Back to the Furry Future Part III
101 bears
A Muppet's Life
Kermit Powers: International Frog of Mystery
The Muppet King
The Muppet King 1 1/2
The Muppet King 2: Kermit's Pride
The Muptoon Show Fanfiction - Family Reunion
Muppet Shrek's Thriller Night aka Sweetums's Thriller Night
Toon on the Range
Muppet Nightmare Before Christmas
Muppet Nightmare Before Christmas: Skesis Emperor's Revenge
Jade and Animal
The Pony Princess
How The Weirdo Stole Christmas
Muppet Transformers
Gift of the Ominitrix
Muppet Shrek the Halls aka Sweetums the Halls
All-Stars: City of All-Stars
The Hedgehogs: City of Heroes
The Little Unicorn
The Little Unicorn: Return to Equestria
Ponies (Cars fanmake)
The Return of Smaug
Ben Mareladdin and the King of Monsters
The Black Goblet of Fire
The Equestria Book
Little Stronghontas
Little Stronghontas: Journey to the Pony World
Pinkie Pie Hears A Tiny
My Little Pony's Toy Story
My Little Pony's Toy Story 2
My Little Pony's Toy Story 3
Fluttershy in Wonderland
Fluttershy in Wonderland (2010 version)
Applejacklan II
The Little Pony Girls: The Fanfiction
Kung Fu Muppet Holiday Special
The Dragon and the Griffin
Ponies of the Equestrian Seas: Curse of the Black Element
Ponies of the Equestrian Seas: Dead Nobody's Chest
Ponies of the Equestrian Seas: At Equestria's End
Muppet Donkey's Christmas Shrektacular AKA Kermit, Gonzo, Rizzo and Fozzie's Christmas Sweetumsacular
Ponies: Rally Race
Ponies: Pinkie Pie's Grand Tour
My Little Pony's The Princess and the Pauperess
The Great Freelance Detectives
Kung Fu Pony
Kung Fu Pony: Secrets of the Furious Five
Kung Fu Pony Holiday Special
Ponies 2
Epic Pony
The Muptoon Show Fanfiction - The Treasure of Will Turner
A Very Merry Yogi Year
Muppet Shrek Forever After aka Sweetums Forever After
The Pegasi's New Groove
Conker's Bad Fur Day~HAS Style (M-rated)
The Pony King
The Pony King 1 1/2
The Pony King 2: Ben Mare's Herd
Who Framed Pinkie Pie?
Lord Eric Hood
Yogi the Bear: A Valentine for You
The Sword in the Stone: MLP: FIM version
UP: My Little Pony Style
Fluttershy and the Seven Muppets
The Blood Red Cauldron
JusSonic's Fun and Fancy Free
Tarzan: MLP Style
JusSonic's Loom
Epic Pony: Trying to Save a World
Ben-O and Twilight-et
My Little Freelance Adventurers Hit the Road
My Little Freelance Adventurers TV series
My Little Freelance Adventurers Ponying the Highway
My Little Freelance Adventurers Season 1: Save Equestria
My Little Freelance Adventurers Season 2: Beyond Past and Universe
My Little Freelance Adventurers Season 3: Discord's Playhouse
My Little Ghostbusters
My Little Ghostbusters II
The Black Hedgehog King: Stand By Me
The Muppet King: Stand By Me
The Pony King: Stand By Me
Fluttershy's Wish
The AristoPonies
My Little Pony: How I Spent My Summer Vacation
My Little Pony's Runaway Brain
Despicable Ponies
Yogi the Bear: Too Smart for Strangers
Yogi the Bear's Great School Bus Adventure
Demon Pony
JusSonic's Rio
Twilight Sparkle's Subspace Emissary (another Subspace Emissary fanmake)
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep: Cartoon Crossover
Kingdom Hearts: Cartoon Crossover
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories: Cartoon Crossover
Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days: Cartoon Crossover
Kingdom Hearts II: Cartoon Crossover
Kingdom Hearts: coded: Cartoon Crossover
Space Muppets
The King Prawn's New Groove
Sprek 3-D
Sprek the 3rd
Sprek the Halls
Sprek Forever After
Sprek's Thriller Night
The Mane Five's Christmas Spikecacular
The Incrediponies
How To Train Your Dragon: MLP: FIM style
Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon: MP: FIM style
Gift of the Night Fury: MIP: FIM style
Soarin' Pan
Kairi and Soarin'
The Incrediponies: Family Matters
The Incrediponies: City of Heroes
Destination Imagination~HAS Style
The Demon Pony of Pony Church
The Demon Pony of Pony Church II
The Secret of My Little Monkey Island
My Little Monkey Island II: Grogar's Revenge
The Curse of My Little Monkey Island
Escape from My Little Monkey Island
Tales of My Little Monkey Island
Boris: Dead and Loving It
101 Ponies
JusSonic's Toy Story mini-series (based on the new comic book mini-series)
Classic Toy Story mini-series (based on the new comic book mini-series)
Muppet Toy Story mini-series
My Little Pony's Toy Story mini-series (based on the new comic book mini-series)
Histeria! Story mini-series
Ben & Spike: Curse of the Demon Dragon
Reptiles, Inc.
Muppet Nightmare Before Christmas: The Frog King
Unicorn Lady and the Dragon Tramp
Little Twilight: Adventures in Equestria
Pony Age
The Element and the Pony
The Pony Rescuers
The Pony Rescuers Down Under
Harmony Squad
The Pony Gun: From The Files of Harmony Squad!
Galacticgoofs (Spaceballs fanmake)
Super Pony Bros.
Quest for Canterlot (MLP fanmake)
Transformer Tale
The Ponies (fanmake of the Lorax)
JusSonic's Return to Neverland
Return to Equestria (Return to Neverland fanmake)
Spike Powers: International Dragon of Mystery
What's Opera, Lorc? (MLP fanmake of a Looney Tunes short)
Dumbo: MLP Style
Sister Draconequus
Chaos Amuck (MLP fanmake of a Looney Tunes short)
Fun and Fancy Free: X-Over Edition
Great Freelance Detectives (Hoagie and Stitch midquel)
My Little Monsters vs. Mareliens
My Little Pony Adventures in Wonderland
The Many Adventures of Fluttershy the Pony
The Pinkie Pie Movie (The Tigger Movie fanmake)
A Very Merry Fluttershy Year
Fluttershy the Pony: A Valentine for You
Fluttershy the Pony: Too Smart for Strangers
Fluttershy the Pony's Great School Bus Adventure
The Adventures of Naruto and Pinkie Pie
Fantasia: MLP/X-Over Edition
The Alicorn's Apprentice
Finding Cadance
Pony (Fanmake of Dinosaur)
Home on the Range: MLP Style
Equestria: The Lost Empire
Melody Time: MLP/X-Over Edition
Make Mine Music: MLP/X-Over Edition
Hoagie & Stitch: The Symbol of Madness (M rated)
JusSonic's Puzzle Agent
The Pony of the Rings: Ponyship of the Ring
A Pony's Life
An Equestrian Tail
Fantasia 2000: MLP/X-Over Edition
(Blooper) Ponies (Looney Tunes short fanmake)
A Pony Knight for a Day (Goofy short fanmake)
Stone of Destiny (Hoagie and Stitch prequel)
The Magic Stone (Muppet Freelance Police AU story)
Rocket Tale
Brave Little Tailor: MLP/KH Version
A Human Tail: The Treasure of Muppethan Isle
An Equestrian Tail: The Treasure of Manehattan Island
Ponies Don't Dance
Dexbi (fanmake of Bambi)
Rainbow-line (fanmake of Coraline)
A Derpy Movie (fanmake of A Goofy Movie)
Rio: MLP/X-Over
Wreck-It Ben
Robin Hood Lightning Dust (fanmake of the Daffy Duck short)
From Pony to Heir (Fanmake of a Looney Tunes short)
The Element Crystal (fanmake of the Dark Crystal)
Muppets, Inc. (Muppets, Inc. fanmake)
Muppet Ninjas (fanmake of TMNT 1)
Discorblanca (Fanmake of a Bugs Bunny short)
Scootaloo! (fanmake of Annie)
A Human Tail: The Mystery of the Darkness Monster (Muppet Freelance Police prequel)
An Equestrian Tail: The Mystery of the Moon Dragon
Peter Pan~HAS Style
Return to Neverland~HAS Style
Song of the South~HAS Style
Nightmares University (Pixar prequel)
Reptiles University (Pixar prequel)
Muppets University (Pixar prequel)
Weirdo Mind: The Button of Trouble (Muppet Freelance Police midquel)
Demon Pony: The Button of Discord
Gonzo's New Car (Muppets, Inc. short)
Spike's New Car (Reptiles, Inc. short)
JusSonic's The Flint-Croods
The Pony Croods
Despicable Doof 2
Despicable Ponies 2
Ponies Toons: Pinkie's Tall Tales
Cat-occhio and the Demon of the Night
Dee-occhio and the Nightmare King
Snoopyocchio and the Phantom Blot
MLP Dark Magic
Rainbow Dash & Gonzo: The Breakout
Rainbow Dash & Gonzo: Gonzo's New Eyes
Pipocchio and the Master of Eternal Night
Back to the Toonure: The Fanfiction
Back to Tomorrow: The Fanfiction
Back to the Toon Future: The Fanfiction
Back to the Furry Future: The Fanfiction
A Human Tail: Ben Goes West (Muppet Freelance Police prequel)
An Equestrian Tail: Spike Goes West
Ben 10's Planes (spinoff to the Sonic's Cars series)
The Alicorns (spinoff to the Ponies series)
Springtime with Skunk (Yogi the Bear story)
Springtime with Dinky Doo (Fluttershy the Pony story)
Yogi the Bear Discovers the Seasons
Fluttershy Discovers the Seasons
Oliver Cat's Jug-band Christmas (Muppets special fanmake)
No Service: MLP Style
Good Night (fanmake of a Simpsons short)
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Chapter 5:  A Christmas Eve Ritual

The scene opens to reveal Tai & Agumon were snoring for some time together with the boy in a chair & his Digimon partner on the bedside. But then when the Digimon moved he slide off the bed, made a crash sound that scatter the board games & snacks to scatter. This startled Tai enough to wake up to realize what happened.

"What the....oh man Agumon, look at the time!" Tai yelped in realizing the time was 5 in the morning.

"Hugh, what time is it?" Agumon yelped in waking up while confused.

"It's already near morning. We fell asleep!" Tai stated that the boys plan to stay up backfired.

"Gee, how that happened? We ate & played games all night long." Agumon scratch his head in being really puzzled.

"Yeah, but I think the snacks you brought just made it easier for us to fall asleep. Plus the board games were kind of a snore's-vile." Tai stated in thinking the plan layout was good, the operation of said plan was not so.

"Oops, I guess we failed to learn what has Kari so spooked." Agumon sheepishly apologized in seeing they messed up.

"Wait, there's still one chance...gotta check." Tai suddenly ran out his door, then a minute later, came back in. "Yes! Here it is!" Tai cheered as he held a tiny sphere camera.

"A mini camera," Agumon raised an eyebrow at what his partner had.

"Izzy lent me this for chats on my computer; I set it up over the hallway leading from any bedroom & the bathroom. Now we can see if anything happened." Tai issued off to mention before hooking the device to his computer.

Now Tai & Agumon watch as the mini camera revealed what it recorded last night. After everyone fell asleep, nothing unusual seem to have happened. But then the camera had a static attack which made the boys worry if something was wrong. But after it fizzled out, a troll toy was outside of the girl's room.

"Hey look, the camera fizzled out, but someone left a toy there." Agumon pointed out in what he was able to recognize.

"That's Poppy, the new doll my sister wanted? But why is....hang on, what's this?" Tai was confused, why was a toy his sister wanted place outside the door; but then noticed something else.

Kari took the troll toy, then she & Gatomon ran out. Tai fast forward to find anything strange, that was when it showed the girls running in a panic & went to hid in the bathroom. And then the camera fizz a bit in static, but a strange figure with glowing eyes appeared during each flip of the video feedback when trying to keep the recording normal without static issues.

"What the; Woah, did you see those red eyes?" Tai yelped as he saw the video of a strange thing chasing after Kari & Gatomon.

"Yeah, maybe what's gotten the girls so spooked is that there's some Evil Digimon on the loose chasing them!" Agumon stated in what he thinks is the answer.

"I don't think so; it looks more like that recalled toy Gnorga. Mimi brought it up that it was the only troll toy that was a fashion no-no & gave anyone the creeps. She mentioned it on the popular toys for kids topic." Tai shook his head while stating a fact in what the actual red eye thing was.

"So why is it after Kari? Gatomon could pretty much handle herself in a fight." Agumon raised an eyebrow in still not following.

"That's right, if even Gatomon has trouble, then this thing is more dangerous that even a Champion Level Digimon can't win against. That's a scary thought alright." Tai held his chin to think while watching the vid show the girls fleeing in terror as Gnorga chases them.

"Well if it's that dangerous, why doesn't Kari have Gatomon Digivolve?" Agumon asked a question that sounded perfect to ask about.

"Probably fearing the noise would wake us up or maybe...she's scared." Tai tried to understand why Kari doesn't have Gatomon fight more properly, was it from getting busted or something else: like fear clouding judgement. "This thing's been terrifying her so much that she is too afraid to have Gatomon fight it better. And now even Gatomon's on the rope of running away." Tai explained what was the cause, & why Kari & Gatomon can't fight this thing properly.

"So then what are we supposed to do then?" Agumon asked in not sure how they can help out.

"Hmmm...listen, mom & dad drink milk before they go to bed, usually when they need more sleep they add in sleeping pills. They take those, not even a stampeding elephant will wake them." Tai thinks for a moment before suddenly having an idea about what his parents do before going to bed.

"Okay, but why?" Agumon raised an eyebrow in being lost in this discussion.

"Because in the words of Izzy, I got a fool-proof plan that can't fail," Tai smiled in having an idea as he quickly had rushed out of his room with Agumon following behind him.


'Twas the Night Before Christmas....but hell, you folks know the drill! Kari and Gatomon tried to sleep, but both are having trouble doing so. With what they learned last night, and Gnorga most likely out to get them, they may not live to see Christmas!

Suddenly the two yelps as a familiar voice spoke out happily, "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"

"What, huh," Kari groans as she and Gatomon woke up, the girl rubs her eyes as she saw a familiar troll toy on a dresser, out of her box again!

"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"

"Okay, we're up, we're up." Gatomon groans as the two got out of bed. Kari picks up the flashlight as she came over to pick up Poppy. "Didn't we put you in a box? How did you get out?"

"No telling!" Poppy spoke out happily as Kari picks her up. "You're both up! We're having a party for Mama Gnorga! Come help us."

"You're kidding, right?" Kari asks Poppy in shock and disbelief. After dealing with Gnorga the past two nights, the trolls want to have a party for her?! "You want to have a party for her?!"

"All part of plan! You'll see!"

"Fine, okay." Gatomon said with a yawn as she and Kari left the room. "But this better be the last time!"

The trio hears more laughter, much to their notice. Poppy with a smile said, "Friends are here! Time to help set things up! Come to the basement!"

"More Tattletrolls," Kari said with a nod as the two heads to the basement door, only to find it locked, "Locked. Let's use the door outside."

The trio left the apartment, picking up an egg with a seashell soap inside it inside the bathroom while doing so, heading through the area. They found another egg with bandana inside it in a dog house. Don't ask me why there's one. It didn't take long for the trio to find the other basement door and use it to head downstairs.

Sure enough, in another area, they see Branch and another troll named Biggie with a worm creature named Mr. Dinkles waiting in chair.

"Two more trolls?" Gatomon ask in surprise as Kari puts Poppy on a charger in another chair carefully. "How did they get here?"

"More more! We need more friends!" Poppy giggled playfully to the two. "We need more friends for party!"

"Okay, you need more friends for this." Kari said with a nod to Poppy. Two more trolls may be in the apartment somewhere. "Where could they be?"

"Just pick up two. The others will come."

"Right, right. Come on, Gatomon."

The two heads off just as the lights in the building flickered off once more. That means Gnorga will likely come out "to play". The two leaves the basement as Gatomon looks around, keeping an eye out for a certain Mama.

Kari shakes her flashlight in the darkness, keeping an eye out for Gnorga as they move onward. They hear Gnorga laughing wickedly, "Mama's coming!"

Gnorga roars madly as she pounces but Gatomon jumps in and punches her away, screaming, "Stay away from Kari!"

As the evil troll does her best to recover, the two moves on quickly, dodging they move through the darkness. Upstairs near the table between the kitchen and living room, Gnorga appears, looking around her. Suddenly, Gatomon pushes the table down, knocking the contents onto the evil troll and knocking her down. This allows the group to quickly rush off.

Soon the lights came back on before Gnorga disappears from sight. Kari and Gatomon sighs, though they fear that it won't be long that the lights will go off once more. They found a box in the living and opens it, finding a weird pink hat troll named Cooper grinning.

"I'm Cooper, I love you!" Cooper exclaims to the two happily as Kari picks him up. "Brush me!"

"Right, brushing you," Kari said as she brushes Cooper quickly. Suddenly the lights flickered off once more, "Uh oh."

A crash is heard while a voice spoke out, "Mama's coming..."

"Mama's coming!" Cooper spoke in a sing-songy like voice. The two yelps as they see Gnorga nearby, looking around. He isn't kidding! "Mama hates you!"

"Tell us about it!" Gatomon growls as the red eyes glowed in the darkness, "Move, run!"

The trio rushes through the darkness, heading outside. They darted to the basement, keeping their distance from the evil troll as possible. The trio found the party are aand put Cooper back in, the lights came back on quickly.

"More, more," Poppy exclaims happily to the group.

"Yes, Mr. Dinkles also wants more friends!" Biggie exclaims playfully to the two.

"Fine, let's find one more Tattletroll then put this behind us." Gatomon sighs as she shakes her head. Hopefully getting the last troll won't be as hazardous as the last time!

"Yeah, yeah!" The trolls exclaims playfully.

The group heads back upstairs, continuing their search for the last troll needed. They found an egg in some plants nearby, opening it to find a rabbit's foot keychain. The two ponders if there're any reason for these eggs.

The two enters the garage and finds another box inside which they both enter, picking up another egg to boot. The next troll laughs as Kari picks her up. This one, a female troll, appears to be very small compared to the average height of a troll. Her skin color is bright yellow and the colour of her nose is pink. her eyes are seen to be a shade of blue. Her hair, like most trolls, stick up, however her bright teal hair seems to be quite a bit longer than most trolls. In her hair she wears a giant, pink bow which seems to be made from a felt material. The girl troll also wears a bright pink dress with a small, light sky blue pom-pom on it

The troll laughs as she said, "My name is Smidge! I love you."

"Awww, me too," Kari giggles as she opens the egg tp find pencil shavings. "Pencil shavings, yuck. I think we found at least 19 or 20 so far...."

Without warning, the lights are instantly turned off. Well, okay, I lied about the "without warning" part. Both Kari and Gatomon knew that this will happen eventually!

"Not again!" Gatomon groans out angrily as the trio rushes out. To their dismay, the basement door is slammed close. "Darn it! Let's hope the main door can be opened!"

"Mama's watching....also, feed me!" Smidge calls out playfully to the trip.

"Where are the trolls?" The familiar evil voice of Gnorga is heard, causing the trio to yelp and run off quickly, dodging her just as she is approaching the area.

Kari and Gatomon stops by the fridge to feed Smidge while dodging Gnorga. This time, the main door is open, allowing the girl, Digimon and troll to enter the basement. The lights flickered back on as Kari puts Smidge in the remaining empty chair.

"Phew, done." Kari sighs in relief as she wipes the sweat off her head. "That must be all of them now."

"More, more," Smidge calls out eagerly. "We need decorations, snacks, something!"

"Pick me up, Kari! I can help!" Poppy giggles playfully as Kari picks her up. "You're in big trouble."

"No kidding!" Gatomon exclaims out in annoyance.

The trio heads back upstairs, heading into the kitchen just as the flashlight fizzled...and the lights chose that time to go out. Kari yelps quickly as she shakes the flashlight quickly, shining the light back.

"Where are you children?" Gnorga calls out evilly. Gatomon shushes Kari and Poppy as they see eyes glowing in the dark. "I know you're there. Hee hee hee..."

"AHHH," Poppy yells in fright suddenly. Gnorga spotted the trio, preparing to attack them.

"Back off!" Gatomon screeches as she jumps in and kicks Gnorga quickly, sending her flying into the next room. "Quick, we need the cupcakes!"

Kari grabs the cupcakes that are on a plate on the table on the kitchen. They quickly rushes back downstairs, putting the cupcakes on a red carpet in front of the trolls.

"More, more," The trolls cheers out wildly, making Kari and Gatomon groans a bit. Hopefully they can get these next items quickly.

The trio heads upstairs, looking around for any sight of Gnorga, then moves quickly. They found the next items, a pair of Christmas lights on the tree, and seize them, rushing back downstairs. The trolls are still there, watching as Gatomon puts the lights in the center of the carpet.

"We need candles now!" Poppy exclaims with a smile. The preparations are almost done!

"I think we saw some candles upstairs near the stove." Kari said as she takes Gatomon and Poppy back upstairs.

The lights chose this time to flicker back on. Gatomon sighs, "At least this time it will be easy."

Kari's group head back upstairs. Sure enough, there're the candles right near the stove, waiting to be pick up.

"I love playtime with you." Poppy said as Kari grabbed the candles. "Mama's coming!"

"We know, we know." Gatomon said as she grabs an egg nearby and opens it, revealing some keys inside. "Someone lose some keys?"

"Wow, you have one weird eating habit, Poppy." Kari spoke to Poppy, who just smiled at that in amusement.

The trio head back downstairs into the basement, arriving to where the trolls are at. Sure enough, more trolls arrived. Trolls like Guy Diamond, Satin and Chenille, DJ Suki, Creek for some reason, Poppy's dad King Peppy, and more are here for the party. But what surprises Kari more is that the area now looks like a strange ritual circle, via the Christmas lights.

"There's a party going on right here." Poppy said playfully as Kari puts Poppy into her seat.

"What is this? A transmutation circle?, Gatomon ask in bewilderment and disbelief. What are the trolls be doing here?

"No more mama! No more mama! No more mama!" The trolls calls out in determination as Kari put the candles onto the cupcakes that were set up.

"Tape? Time to rewind the tape." Poppy said to Kari who nodded as she puts the tape onto the ground. "No more mama! No more mama!"

"Of course, that's what's going on here!" Kari exclaims in realization. "The candles, this whole's a ritual!"

"Yes, they're going to banish Gnorga!" Gatomon exclaims, thinking the same thing. The trolls obviously has had enough of Gnorga and her trying to kill Kari. They want to get rid of the evil "Mama Troll" once and for all!

"Where would they banish her to?"

"Anywhere away from here I hope!"

"Light the candles!" Poppy spoke in a sing-songy voice. Kari nodded as she got out some matches from a shelf, lighting the candles. "Now rewind the tape."

With a nod, Kari uses her digivice to magically rewind the tape, causing the trolls to dance and chant some more.

"No more mama! No more mama!" The trolls exclaims as they dance like mad.

Gatomon and Kari watches on as the commercial's jingle begins to play. The area begins to shake wildly, making the ones watching yelp in startle. All part of the show, hopefully. They got to survive it and keep the ritual going.

But suddenly without warning, the area shakes wildly before the lights flicker on and off, until they stay off. To Kari and Gatomon's shock, the candles are missing!

"Where did the candles go," Kari gasped in horror. Without the candles, the ritual won't be complete!

"Children," A familiar wicked voice makes Kari sweats in worry. Gnorga is here, she must've stolen the candles and hid them.

"We got to get the candles back." Gatomon say quickly as she and Kari rushes off. "Find the candles, but watch out for Gnorga!"

The trolls kept on chanting as the two darted through the darkness. Gatomon see a potted vase and breaks it, showing a candle inside. But that noise also alerted Gnorga who came to their direction. Kari quickly grabs the candle and throws a box, getting the evil troll's attention as the two rushes away from her.

Kari and Gatomon found another vase and smash it. Bad news is there is no candle in it. Badder news is that Gnorga heard and heads towards them in the darkness.

"We're making too much noise!" Gatomon yelps in worry. "We got to split up, keep her from getting us!"

The two rushes off in different directions quickly in hopes to make it difficult for Gnorga to get to either of them. Gatomon smashes a vase, but there're no candles in it. Gnorga rushes at the Digimon who jumps out of the way to dodge her.

"Come to Mama." Gnorga said wickedly and more determined than ever.

"How about no," Gatomon hisses as she smacked Gnorga away.

Kari smashes another broken vase, getting a candle at all. She calls out, "Got it!"

"Good work, Kari. Keep it up!"

Kari and Gatomon kept running away, dodging Gnorga and smashing the vases like mad. Soon the final candles are found and grabbed quickly. The two rushes back to the ritual in hopes to put the candles back and relit in a hurry.

Suddenly as Kari & Gatomon tried to place the missing candles to complete the ritual, what should they find in the dark but glowing red eyes; It was Gnorga as it stared at what the girls were doing to help complete the ritual.

"Oh no; Not yet," Kari yelped in fear in seeing they are so close to ending this.

"Kari! Look out!!" Gatomon yelled out as they had to move.

Gnorga suddenly leaps forth in about to attack the petrified girls as if they were deer in the headlights: they could only stare at their demise about to come. Or would they...?

"AGUMON - WARP DIGIVOLVE TO..." Suddenly a bright light flash in the basement along with a voice that belongs to Agumon before... "WARGREYMON," Then what comes out of the bright light sphere was a creature that resembles an armoured dragon warrior that is golden-yellow color with a deep tone voice: this was Agumon's Mega Digimon Form - WarGreymon!

Then WarGreymon zipped in a flash to ram tackle Gnorga away from the girls to smash the killer toy against some wooden crates. Then coming onto the scene to check on the girls, was Tai.

"Tai," Kari & Gatomon called out with relief & in seeing someone came for them.

"Are you girls okay?" Tai asked in checking to make sure no one was hurt.

"We are now..." Gatomon smile to nod in being grateful Kari's brother came at the perfect timing.

"But that noise...Mom & Dad..." Kari was about to ask in thinking that sound awoke their parents, but...

"Trust me, they're out like a light & won't wake up till morning. Now can you explain to me what is going on here? And what is with all these Trolls?" Tai explained in making certain their parents are fast asleep, but now was wondering what was with everything; including the toy trolls setup for some ceremonial ritual.

"'s like this....remember when we aren't supposed to open our presents early?" Gatomon ask Tai awkwardly while rubbing the back of her head. "We opened Kari's early and found Poppy."

"Right, but Gnorga, a prototype that was recalled, wants to kill us to get her kids back." Kari continues explaining. "The trolls are trying to perform a ritual to get rid of her and she's trying to stop it. We got to get this back to normal."

"Huh. Well, this is what happens when you open presents a bit too early." Tai jokes a bit, making Kari worried.


"Kidding, kidding!"

"Tai! We got a Problem!" WarGreymon was heard along with a loud bash as everyone saw he used his Brave Shield off his back to stop the charging Gnorga. "Grrrr...This thing is tougher than it looks! It's actually pushing me back!" He groans as he moans from struggling to keep this killer toy that somehow is overpowering him.

"Seriously," Tai raised an eyebrow with disbelief, how is some defected robot prototype able to even compete against a Mega Level Digimon. "Okay, you girls do what you gotta do, we'll hold Gnorga back!" He issued to say in trusting that Kari & Gatomon finish what they gotta do, & the he & his Digimon Partner will keep Gnorga at bay.

"Mama's coming after you." Gnorga said evilly as she got past WarGreymon, preparing to attack.

"Stay away from Kari!" Gatomon screams as she jumps in quickly. Kari's digivice finally glows, the Digimon is digivolving at last! "Gatomon digivolve to...." The Digimon glows as she turns into her Ultimate angel form. "Angewomon!"

Angewomon flew in and fires an arrow at Gnorga who dodges it. WarGreymon slashes at her with her claws, keeping the evil toy at bay. Meanwhile, Kari herself got to work on putting the candles into place and lighting them. Once that's done, the jingle begins to resume and played in reverse. Before long, it begins to glow and raise into the air.

"Got you," Gnorga exclaims wickedly, preparing to attack.

"Heaven's Charm," Angewomon cries out, flattening Gnorga flat with a cross quickly. "Hurry, Kari, hurry!"

"Great Tornado," WarGreymon calls out as he turns into a tornado, drilling Gnorga like mad, slashing the evil one who begins to twitch and jitter uncontrollably.

Kari continued to observe the glowing tape with some fascination. But then shook her head in still hearing the fight against Gnorga, time was ticking & the ritual needed to wrap up quickly to put an end to the madness.

"Now what," Kari asked in what she had to do.

"Destroy the tape; that will banish Gnorga!" Poppy issued forth in how Kari must help in stopping Gnorga for good.

"How," Kari asked in not sure how she could do it.

"Use the light from the digivice!"

Kari nodded as she takes out her digivice and holds it up. Sure enough, a beam of light came out and hits the tape, causing it to glow even brighter. It is about to get destroyed, the tape is about to be destroyed!

"Nooo....I Won't Allow This!" Gnorga screamed out as she watch what Kari was doing & made a mad dash with a killer motion at the child.

"Hugh!!" Kari gasped in seeing Gnorga coming, she was defensively while trying to focus on destroying the tape.

"NOW WARGREYMON," Tai yelled out in seeing they must strike now.

"TERRA FORCE," WarGreymon yelled out as he was seen taking all of the energy within the atmosphere in the room & concentrates it into one spot within his claws, then fires it as an extremely dense, high-temperature energy shot.

"WHA," Gnorga yelped in looking back too late as the attacks came from behind her. "KABLAM!/NRUUUAAARRrughhh!" Gnorga lets off a loud screeching scream as she was engulf in a large explosive force that covered her entire body.

"Kari, get down!" Angewomon calls out quickly as she grabs Kari. Both Gnorga and the monster is about to blow!

WarGreymon in determination grabs Tai and quickly drops to the floor, using the Brave Shield to block the explosion that is about to occur.

With the tape destroyed, a bright flash erupted over everyone's eyes that blinded them & even engulf Gnorga who seemingly was vanishing like a shadow in the light. Once it passed over, the lights suddenly came back on. Everyone regain their sights before noticing their surroundings & even saw the toy trolls were all in their gift wrap boxes & the ritual decorations were all gone. Many began to wonder if maybe the ritual was a success, that Gnorga was gone for good from everyone's efforts.

"What happened?" Tai ask as he looks surprised by this.

"The tape is destroyed....Gnorga has been banished." Kari sighs in relief as she glances at the boxes. "Poppy and her friends must've gone back into their boxes."

By this time, both WarGreymon and Angewomon de-digivolve back into Agumon and Gatomon. The dinosaur Digimon sighs, "Phew! What a night."

"Yeah, but it's all over." Gatomon sighs in relief as she sat down. "Man, I'm beat."

"You okay, sis?" Tai ask Kari as the two hugged each other, relieved that the other is safe. "We both did it."

"Yeah, I'm glad too. This adventure taught me one thing." Kari sighs as she shakes her head while glancing at the box that she knows that Poppy is in. "I shouldn't peek earlier in my present. Maybe Gnorga wouldn't have come...."

"Well, that's why Christmas is invented. The wait is long, sure, but it's worth it."

"Yeah, I hope Poppy and her friends are okay."

"I'm sure they're all right." Agumon said with a grin as he helps Gatomon back up. "Why, I betcha come Christmas, you will see Poppy and play with her with no Gnorga to deal with."

"I'm tired....can we go back to bed now?" Gatomon yawn a bit as she stretches a bit. "I feel like I was doing this for nights."

"Right. Let's go back to bed." Tai say as the group prepares to head on back upstairs for bedtime. "We have one eventful night."

Kari nodded. As the girl follows her brother and the Digimon, she took one last look at the box Poppy is in, then heads back to bed...

Author's note
Well, it's over. Gnorga is she? In the next chapter, it's Christmas time! But is Gnorga really beaten? What will happen now? Read, review and suggest!
Tattletroll chapter 5
As Tai and Agumon figures out what's going on, Kari, Gatomon, and trolls must a party AKA a ritual to get rid of Gnorga once and for all. But the evil troll isn't about to go without a fight!

Yeah, pass on the job. But the game?

Freddy isn't done yet...
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Twilight was alone inside Jing Province's Palace. She is now reading some scrolls and books as she is not allowed to send messages to her friends, Nyx and Spike. All she can do is wait and hope that they survived and stayed alive as well.

Suddenly, the door was opened. She turned and found Ratio and Anger entering the room. They even brought some bowls of noodles.

Twilight sighed, "I'm not in mood to talk with you. I'm not even hungry." Of course then her stomach growl. She has sweatdropped on her forehead. "Terrific..."

"Keep lying yo yourself again. If I were you, I take care of myself to help my friends." Ratio points out to Twilight with a shrug. The Alicorn won't do much to help her friends if she can't eat.

Anger scoffed, "If they were a bit smarter..."

"They make their choice to resist and fight off Azure Phoenix, and I made mine. The decision I really regret with..." Twilight begins to spoke sternly to the two. She isn't about to give up just yet!

Ratio scoffed, "You think our lord would break the promise. He only said that to make you and your friends determined to get the job done, even if it means it hurt you a lot."

"Ha! Azure is a liar and a barbarian! I don't see why I even look up to him because of all the horsecrap he's doing!"

"You think my cousin wanted this? You think Azure Phoenix liked killing the innocents for his ambition?! You think the generals enjoy it so much?!" Anger snarls as he grabbed and held Twilight. "Oracle! You have no idea what the hell he's been through or why we did it!"

Ratio yelped, “Anger! Put her down! We need her alive!"

Twilight groaned, "If you want to finish me off, why don't you do it? Otherwise, I can escape!"

Anger groaned as he threw her down, "Don't tempt me, kid. I know when to kill and not to."

Twilight scoffed, "Say to a guy eat his own eye." She muttered, still disgusted by that detail. "That was disgusting."

Anger scoffed, "Say what you want about me, Twilight. But no one insults my cousin. Whether you understand it or not. We did what we have to do to bring peace to the world! You don't know what its like to be pressured and taken extreme measures to achieve you , even if it means you have to hurt your own friends and family to get it done! He took the blame, so his officers won't be punished for his sins!"

Twilight was in shock and surprised as she recalled of what she did. She tricked her friends to stall Queen Novo, so she can steal and get the Pearl of Transformation as her last resort to save her home. She hurt her friends, but she did to save their home. She regret that decision.

Twilight sighed, "We could have done something better, instead of killing them."

"And you think Virtue would easily give up and submit? I don't think so." Anger scoffs off Twilight's claim. If Virtue had given up and submit, they wouldn't have to resort to just brutality.

Ratio nodded as hea adds, "He is right, Oracle. Virtue is a fool and refused to admit his defeat. Had he, we wouldn't have to go through this massacre..."

"That doesn't excuse of what you have done now..." Twilight points out sternly.

Anger grunts a bit in admittal, "I know..."

"Well, either way, we should have meal now. I'm hungry." Ratio said with a nod. Time to get to eat while the food's hot.

Twilight sighed, "Fine..." Twilight, Ratio and Anger sat down and ate their own lunches. "You know. I have the hard time to believe you're not the type of pony, who would serve Azure Phoenix?"

"What makes you said that?"

"Call it a hunch?"

"Quite impressive," Ratio answers, impressed. It looks like Twilight got him downpat. "Yes. It is true. I served Azure Phoenix because I believed that he will bring peace and order to dynasty. I have confidence that he will relinquish and return the authority and power to the Emperor as soon as we unified the land."

"So, you used him?"  Anger asks Ratio, a bit annoyed by that confession. To him, Ratio is indeed using his cousin for his own ends.

"Call what you want. I only served the only warlord that bring peace to our land."

"Fine. But if you betray our lord, I won't hesitate to kill you off."

"Wouldn't dream of," Ratio remarks with a sly grin. As he eats some more, the pony turns his attention back to the "Oracle", "So, Twilight, would you like to tell us that we will win the Battle of Red Cliff?"

"I would. But Lord Azure won't listen to me." Twilight said dryly. To her, why even bother? He has stopped listening to her long ago anyhow!

"He will. Our lord will listen to reason and advice when it comes to battlefield. I'll make sure of it."

"Fine. Make sure he follows and promised that my friends are not to be killed."

"You have my word." Ratio said in assuration. Of course, he is not sure that Azure will do the same thing of keeping his word.

Anger sighed, "I've got a bad feeling about it."


At the small yet unknown island, seven survivors were still unconscious while lying down on the beach. They all groaned and moaned painfully as they slowly got up.

Saber grunted, "Everyone alright?"

"Fine, very fine; my head is on fire, but I feel fine. Have you seen my bike?" Ben mumbles, making Saber look at him oddly. "Sorry, saw that from a movie. I'm sure you've heard of it."

"No, no I haven't."

"Right, I'm fine too." Rainbow sighs as she shakes off the sand off her fur. "Man, I haven't been through something like that since the Storm King incident."

"Aqua; Blazefist,” Applejack asks the two, causing Aqua who recovers to finally see someone who will one day be her future husband.

Aqua gasped, "What the?! You; What the hell are you doing here?!"

Blazefist hissed, "I wonder the same thing." He tried to stand. He grunted in pain, feeling his left wing sprained. "Damn it."

Ben smirked as he jokes, "Looks like you're grounded, buddy."

"Oh yeah! He got you good!" Rainbow chuckles a bit. Granted, it would've been wrong of her to make fun of Aqua's husband, but he isn't acting like it right now.

"Not so much of a friend now, huh?"

Blazefist scoffed, "I maybe grounded, but I'm not out of the game."

"Oh really," Rainbow ask Blazefist with a mock. "How are you going to do that when you can't fly, buddy?"

"Why don't we find out, rookies?"

Rainbow armed with her Nunchucks. She screamed and slammed her nunchucks at Blazefist, who quickly and swiftly blocked and deflected the attacks for few times. And just before he could do anything, she rammed at him hard. He got whacked and kicked thrice by Rainbow. Blazefist slammed on the ground hard.

Rainbow approached to Blazefist as she was about to tied him up. But instead, they got tripped by him. He then punched and injured their left hooves. He got up while armed with his Falcon Spear.

Saber and Aqua armed with their Twin Dragon Sabers and Tiger Claws. They charged and engaged the duel with Blazefist, who did his best by deflecting, blocking and dodging the attacks while thrusting and striking his spear at them as fast as he can. Three of them have fierce duel for few rounds as three of them have proven strong and quick in fighting. Both of them slammed their weapons on him. He quickly blocked the attack for the moment. But at the same time, they have their left hooves with weapons to strike and thrust at his guts, making him yelped in pain.

Blazefist grunted in pain as he moved back at once. He dropped on the floor hard. Saber and Aqua approached to him as they were about to apprehend him. He grabbed and thrown some sands on their eyes. He quickly kicked them off.

Blazefist grunted in pain as he slowly got up. He turned and faced Ben, who is armed with Master Sword and Shield.

"Back off now!" Blazefist exclaims angrily towards Ben who kept his stance and patience.

"Make me!" Ben snapped at Blazefist, losing his patience quickly. He may got it from his mother, but the hero got impatience from Jack Silver, his father.

"Illegitimate Son of Princess Celestia!"

"Son of bitch!"

Ben screamed in anger as he charged and swung his Master Sword at Blazefist, who blocked and evaded the attacks for few times. The young prince thrust his sword at the Imperial Phoenix Officer, who barely moved to left while grabbed the sword, which its sharp blade gave a cut on his hooves. He screamed in anger as he quickly gave some punches on Ben's face. Blazefist grabbed and thrown him at the shore's sea.

Blazefist turned and glared at Carrie, saying, "You're next." He stopped while looking the girl up and down in bewilderment, "What are you; A monkey?!"

"What? I am Carrie Barbara Anderson, niece of Megan Williams Richards, the Mag'ne who helped the ponies of Ponyland and is a guardian of Princesses Celestia and Luna." Carrie said to Blazefist seriously. "So you better show some respect and back down!"

" Whatever; I doubt you can take me down. So give up before I could-!"

POW! Blazefist yelped in pain as he fell on the ground hard. Silverstream held the broken piece of glassed bottle. She was the one who used and struck the bottle on his head.

Silverstream tosses the bottle away, giving a sheepish grin as she explains, "Sorry. He tends to get hotheaded."

"Aw, geez. I was going to take him." Carrie spoke with a pouty look on her face. She wanted to at least prove that she herself can take this guy in light of his experience and actions.

"Carrie, trust me. There's a difference between experience and plain foolishness." Ben explains calmly to the human student as he patted her on the back. The girl just gave him a skeptic look. "Well, okay, there's what I did, but he caught me off guard!"

Applejack scoffed, "Let's tied him up before he fights back."


Blazefist groaned as he slowly regained his consciousness. He found himself tied up. He looked up and found the group stood before him.

"Traitor; Silverstream," Blazefist screams out in anger and fury. It didn't take him long to figure out who ambushed him and helped his enemies tied him up. And he isn't pleased. The pony should've killed that Hippogriff when he had the chance!

Silverstream held her claws up, trying to calm the future Mystic Pony as she explains, "Wow! Easy, Lieutenant! I wasn't trying to kill you or anything. I was stopping you from being a killer."

Blazefist scoffed, "Well, you've got something funny to show. What are you gonna do now? Interrogate me? Torture me? Kill me?"

"Hey, whoa, whoa! We may done been on 'de wrong side but we ain't no killers!" Applejack protests to Blazefist in concern.

"Right, we aren't like your pals or your boss Azure Phoenix." Rainbow explains in agreement with her friend. "Okay, we may have been thinking of doing it but we are no killers!"

Ben held his Master Sword at Blazefist's throat, demanding, " Where is she?! Where's Twilight?!"

"If you're gonna kill me, do it, pirate!" Blazefist remarks rudely to Ben, catching him off guard.

"Okay, start talking. How did you even know about my connection to my mother? Or my father? What are you up to?"

"How we know? It's obviously, isn't it?"

"Azure and his armies somehow got the information from Starlight and Sunset while they were guests to the Imperial Phoenix Army, getting it from their minds during the time of the Devil Destroyer." Carrie explains calmly. Blazefist looks surprised as the others look at her in amazement. "Come on, I heard of it while we were here, and knowing Azure now, I just put two and two together."

"Yeah....yeah they did." Blazefist said with a calm nod, while recovering from the fact that Carrie figured it out.

"You are definitely Megan's niece all right." Rainbow chuckles as she hugs Carrie, putting her in a noogie which made her giggled.

"Thanks, I try." Carrie said happily as Rainbow releases her.

"So? Are you gonna kill me or what?" Blazefist demanded more than he asked. They got him captured, may as well get it over with!

Ben snaps furiously to Blazefist, "Don't tempt me!" This jerk has already gotten on his nerves so far today, don't

"Whoa, whoa, Ben! Don't kill him!" Applejack exclaims in alarm, holding Ben back before he does something rash.

"Let him live!" Silverstream screeches in worry and agreement.

"One good reason...” Ben demands more than he asked.

"Because you are not a murderer; what would your mother say if she were to see you right now?" Carrie points out to Ben, making him silent. "Or even Twilight and Nyx; or the rest of your friends and family, as well as us? They wouldn't see you as the nice stallion you are now."

"Well, you're right. It would make me look bad...."

Blazefist scoffed, "What's the matter? Are you a coward like your father?"

"What?! What did you say?!" Ben snapped furiously, much to the others' worry. Carrie was close to calming Ben down fully, now Blazefist has to go and ruin it!

"Do you know why everyone thinks you as illegitimate son? Because you will never, ever and ever fit in royalty. You're just an outcast and outsider. You'd never belong to royalty. Nothing but a little cry baby."

Ben screamed in anger as he slammed his Master Sword at Blazefist's face but stopped by Silverstream, Aqua and Saber.

"Let me at him! Let me at him! Let me at him!" Ben screams out in fury and anger. He wants so much to beat Blazefist up big time.

"Ben, no; He's trying to rile you up." Saber said sternly to the hero.

"Right; don't let the ass bully you around!" Aqua exclaims in agreement. "He isn't worth it! Remember what the human said!"

"Yes, please?" Silverstream spoke out in worry. Ben looks at her and the others, seeing how worry they are.

Ben sighed as he lowered his sword down. Blazefist laughed amusingly, "I knew it. Like I said! Illegitimate Son of Princess Celestia! Always a coward! Not a great warrior as my lord!"

Silverstream sighed, "Do you have to be a bully, Mr. Blazefist? At least-!"

"I... Am... Not.... Him! I'd never become him! If you think you won this fight, think again! I will never surrender to you! I won't give you the information! I fight for Lord Azure! You will never break me!"

Silverstream sighed, "Oh Blazefist..."

Ben groaned, "Man, this is a waste of time!"

Rainbow sighed, "Well, let's figure a way to get help here now. So, help me out."

"But somepony gotta watch over him." Aqua spoke out, giving a concern yet suspicious look towards Blazefist. He may escape or try a trick in doing so!

"I will." Silverstream volunteered. She is under Blazefist's command so may as well be the one to keep an eye on him.

"You sure you want to do that?" Applejack ask Silverstream in worry. "He doesn't like Hippogriffs and who knows what he will do?"

"I'll be fine. Besides, if he wants to kill me before, he would have done so." Silverstream explains as she hugged Blazefist happily, "After all, he and I are buddies."

"Is she always like this?" Blazefist spoke to the others in bewilderment. What kind of Hippogriff acts buddy buddy with the prisoner?

"Eh, you got no idea." Carrie admits with a shrug. "But as long as you aren't a creep...."

"Like you are now." Aqua remarks dryly towards Blazefist of course.

"....and a good true friend, she is very friendly."

"Come on. Let's figure a way to get someone notice us." Saber suggests, preparing to find a way to get some help to get off this island.

"So how can we do that?" Ben asks Saber, getting his attention off of Blazefist for now.

"Make a signal, fly around? You come up with some ideas, my friends."

"Right, right."

The others head off, looking for a way to get the attention of their friends to find and rescue them. Silverstream meanwhile hums as she stays behind to keep an eye on the disbelief Blazefist.

Why must his day get so terrible by the second?


After escaping alive from the enemies, the Alliance of Virtue Dragon and Courage Tiger were sailing across the sea as they were searching and looking around for their friends. But so far, they found nothing.

Riverstrike turns to two of his allies as he spoke, "Apollo. Anchor. Have you found them?"

Apollo sighed, "No, Grand Commander. No sign of them."

Anchor groaned, "Where could they be? I hope Young Lady is alright."

"Anchor, don't worry. She got Coach Rainbow with her. Whatever that word means," Tigress assures her friends that as long as Rainbow is with Aqua, nothing bad can truly happen to her.

"Do not forget about Lord Saber. He is with them as well." Dragonspear added in, reminding that Saber is with the group as well.

Blade Dragoon nodded, saying, "Indeed. That young warrior is strong and brave. He will protect her."

Warpath scoffed "Not strong enough if you ask me." Everyone glared at him. "I mean he'll be fine."

"Warpath; you are not fooling anypony." Tigress remarks dryly to him.

"Who said I was trying?"


Bladestrike, Navy Arrow, Clawdestroyer and even Gallus also searched for Blazefist and Silverstream as well. Like the Alliance, they couldn't find them as well.

Navy Arrow grunted sickly, "Man... I think I'm gonna be sick..."

Clawdestroyer quickly jumps away, scowling in disgust, "Please, don't thrown on me!"

"Silverstream! Silverstream! Silverstream!" Gallus calls out frantically to his gir....I mean, just friend!

Clawdestroyer grabbed and pulled Gallus down, snapping furiously, "Are you mad?! Are you trying to get us killed?!"

"What! I'm trying to find our friends?! Don't you?!"

"Of course, we do! But not like this, boy! If you shout, we'll be dead. If we do, no one can save them."

Bladestrike nodded as he agrees, "Indeed. Let's search quietly. None of us are still good at navy..."

Gallus groaned, "I hate it when he's right." He sighed in sadness and worry, "Silverstream, please be alright."

Navy Arrow gave out a smirk as he chuckles, " Wow. You and girl got really hooked up, don't you?"


Navy Arrow whistled, "Two little birdies fallen for each other." With a laugh, he added in a singsong, "This means something."

It didn't take long for Gallus to figure out what he's suggesting. With a blush that he's trying to so much to hide enough, the griffin protested, "What?! She's not my girlfriend."

Navy Arrow joked, "Oh! And Clawdestroyer is your grandfather." Despite the annoyed look from the pony in question, he laughed happily, "I always like to crack it up."

"Does he always like to joke?"

Clawdestroyer sighs in irritation, "He's being optimistic."

Bladestrike chuckles, "Indeed. General Arrow did his best to lift our spirit to find your girlfriend."

"Yeah, I guess." Gallus answers. He then blushed in realization, "Hey! She's not my girlfriend!"


Ben and his friends have tried many ways to find and get their friends to find and rescue them via using the branches in words - 'Help' and swinging their flags. And at the same time, Silverstream was keeping an eye on Blazefist, who hasn't made his muscle a move or spoken anything.

In the late evening; Saber, Ben and Carrie went out to find and gathered some foods and supplies. Aqua and Rainbow set up the camp while Silverstream watched over Blazefist, and so far he hasn't make a move.

After an hour has passed, Saber and his team have returned with more food. Saber then cooked up the food and prepared dinner for his friends. After cooking, they all chatted and ate their dinner happily and calmly. Silverstream also joined in as well. They all enjoyed it very much while Blazefist remained silent and firm, despite he's very hungry and thirsty.

Silverstream turned and noticed Blazefist was hungry and thirsty. She brought some food and drinks to him. She smiled happily while looking at him.

Blazefist sighed, "What do you want?"

"Feeding you, duh," Silverstream giggled playfully. This may him look puzzled and disbelief.


"Serious as Aunt Queen Novo! Here! This is a delicious banana! I loved banana! Do you know why?"

Blazefist annoyed yet uncertain respond, "Why?"

Silverstream grins, answering, "They're the best and delicious food I ever taste! I love it!"

Blazefist sighed, "Fine..." Better than being hungry, one can guess. He ate some bananas. He munched and muttered, "Thanks, kid..."

Silverstream squealed happily as she hugged Blazefist, "You're welcome, Lieutenant!"

Blazefist noticed some ponies gathered around him, he groans, "Are you serious? Is this a joke?"

"Nope. It's called kindness. I'm sure you know that when you looked at Starlight's and Sunset's memories." Ben explains to Blazefist with a sigh. Looks like he has calm down from the soldier bullying and insulting him before, "Just like the insults you did with me..."

"Right, back home, we do our best to treat our friends and enemies kindly." Applejack explains kindly to Blazefist.

"Unless they are real real jerks....then all bets are off." Rainbow explains with a laugh, but yelps as Applejack nudges her in annoyance. "Ouch! Applejack!"

"Come on, manners!"

Blazefist sighed, "I didn't look at the memories when they got captured and interrogated. The only ponies knew about it are my lord, Anger, Strikespell, Ratio, Snaptrap and Woren. The rest of us don't know. We just follow orders; Nothing more, nothing less."

"So wait, are you honest?" Carrie asks Blazefist with an arch of the eyebrow. "Or are you messing with us?"

" I'm telling you the truth. I know nothing about knowing your friends' memories."

"Why should we believe in you?" Rainbow ask Blazefist suspicious yet concerned.

Silverstream spoke up in Blazefist's defense, "Blazefist can be a jerk, but he's not a liar. He's really nice guy."

"Well, he's got some funny ways to show nice especially trying to kill us and some innocents." Saber remarks sternly, pointing out that Blazefist has tried to kill them and kill some innocents to boot. For a nice guy, he definitely got a "funny" way of showing it.

"You think I like it?! I didn't have the choice! If we want to bring order and peace to the land, we have to make the hardest decision to do so! Or maybe the smartest decision of all is that you hadn't drag them into your mess in the first place!" Blazefist snapped seriously. He may not like what he's doing but what other choice does he got? He's also got a point that if everyone hasn't been dragged into the heroes' mess to begin with, they would've been spared!

"Drag them?! They chose to follow us! They believed in my father! He treated them as a savior! He treated them kindly! He refused to abandon them!"

"Well, maybe you should have! The innocents would have been spared from slaughter!"

"Excuse me! They would have been subjugated!" Saber snapped sternly to Blazefist. Better be dead than under control of a tyrant!

Blazefist sighs in irritation as he continues, "That maybe. But we will treat them kindly, just like what we did with Xu Province! They weren't harmed and killed. We calmed and treated them well."

"How do I know it's the truth?!"

"Like it or not, it is!"

"Wow. You two are really rivals. Man, that was mess up." Aqua whistles in amazement as she shakes her head. No wonder Blazefist and Saber has got a lot of problems right now.

"Right, if under different circumstances, they would've been good friends." Carrie said, recalling that at least in her time, Saber and Blazefist are better allies and friends than enemies right now.

"Thankfully, we should be glad that things would turn out differently later on in life." Applejack said with a smile, knowing very well that's true.

"And less jerkish to boot."

"Whatever..." Blazefist scoffs at this. He and Saber being friends; That would be the day!

"Yeah. Whatever." Saber remarks dryly, agreeing with his enemy.

"But seriously, Blazefist. What's your problem?" Aqua spoke up with a sigh. Hearing that may Rainbow a bit amused. She recalls how Aqua would start this conversation with Blazefist this way in the present whenever he did something stupid or uncalled for in her time. "Why do you always like to pick a fight? And not to mention, I was told that you hated hippogriffs. Why?!"

"Like you ever understand; you don't even know what I've been through." Blazefist spoke dryly at this. He wouldn't think that somepony like Aqua would understand.

"Excuse me?! Don't know what you've been through?! Well, guess what?! You don't know what I have been through either, jerk!"

"Save it! You're rich and spoiled princess!"

"I was not a princess! I have lost many of my family! I've lost my parents, my real one!" Aqua spoke out angrily to Blazefist. That shuts him up, causing the enemy to listen in as she continues, "Then, I was taken in by the Tiger Clan! And then, that damn sorcerer took my father and my brother's lives! I don't give damn about money, girly stuffs or whatever! I loved my family! I'd do anything to bring them back." The future Mystic Pony sighed and cried tearfully. "But I can't. They're gone... They're gone."

"I'm sorry, Aqua. I know that feeling. I've lost my family to Cruez and his filthy monsters. I was lucky to survive for hardships. And not to mention, I was lucky that I got adopted too." Saber sighs a bit. He then glared at Blazefist before adding to him, "Why to charm the ladies, buddy."

Blazefist looked guilt and sad before sighed, "I'm sorry..."

"Yeah; you really screw this mess up."

" No... I mean I'm sorry about your loss. I know how you felt too. I've lost mine too."

"Get out of town!" Saber yells out in disbelief..

"Saber! Rude much," Aqua scowls at Saber in irritation. She turns back to Blazefist, speaking in concern, "How did you lost your family?"

Blazefist sighs as he looks down. The pony is not fond of this memory at all. Still, Blazefist looks back up as he explains, "Happens when I was a kid. The Hippogriff Bandits always came and terrorized my village while demanding the protection payment when we didn't want to. But we did to avoid troubles. And then the next day, Azure Phoenix and his soldiers came to my home. They helped our home and defended it by repelling and defeating the bandits for good. I thought it was over but instead, they came back and destroy the village including mine. I've lost everything. I've lost my family and friends. And the only family I have is my brother. We were alone and struggled to survive by stealing more foods and money for ourselves. We have no jobs until that fateful day when the Coalition were gathered to fight Cruez."

"I... I'm sorry..." Carrie said in sadness. Now she understood why Blazefist despise the Hippogriff so much. It was sad that the village thought they finally got some peace only for the enemy to come back and take that away from them...and their own lives to boot.

"Wow...I mean, wow." Rainbow said, shaking her head at this in amazement yet disbelief.

"Awww, now I see why you hate me so much!" Silverstream sobs a bit, much to Blazefist's embarrassment. "If some Hippogriffs kill my family, I would hate me too!"

"No, no, I don't hate you." Blazefist sighs a bit, but then rethink what he just said. "Okay, I admit, I am annoyed but don't hate you as much as the bandits."

"You think so?"

"I know so. Anyway, yeah; I was lucky to be alive. And not to mention, serving under Lord Azure Phoenix as his lieutenant. I made the military career in my life, along with my bro. It worth everything... "

"Yeah. I guess... But you know what?" Aqua spoke up thoughtfully. Everyone looked at her as she continues, "We share something in common."

"Yeah. I guess it is. Quite coincidence," Saber said with a thoughtful smile. They all lost someone while they're young.

Blazefist scoffed a bit, "Maybe. Lost our families, struggled to survive and then got rescued and joined the very ponies we see as family and heroes. But pity that we're on the opposites. I guess it is coincidence."

"True. And you know what else I know? You're not really jerk. Sometimes..." Aqua said, trying to drive out a little blush. Too bad the present ones notice but kept silent as they smile about it.

"Yeah; guess we wish we should have met earlier." Saber sighs a bit as he shakes his head. Maybe the three would've been better friends than enemies?

Blazefist seems to thinking the same thing as he added, "Yeah. We could have been friends or families."

Aqua giggled, "That would be hilarious."

"Well, guess it wouldn't hurt a bit to get to know each other. What else you do..." Saber remarks with a shrug. Little does he, Aqua, and Blazefist knows that that can change in many years or so!

"Wow. They look like they could be good friends." Carrie said to her group with a smile.

"Yep, Ironic that they became friends instead of nasty jerks later on in life, y'all," Applejack said in agreement.

"Kind of like us, right AJ?" Rainbow jokes as she nudges her friend in the side.

"Yep, except we don't try to kill each other."

Ben was listening in to the conversations, then sighs, "Listen, Blazefist....I did some thinking....about my mother."

"Oh horse feathers, you want to go at me again?" Blazefist ask Ben with a groan of irritation. "Or want to k...."

"No, and no. Listen, say what you may about what I am....but I am lucky. I got a wonderful nice mother like Celestia who I care about and love so much. She took care of me for years....and I got separated from her due to an event that I dare not speak about. I may not live in royalty like Azure Phoenix or a dangerous warrior....but I am a nice, brave hero who looks out for others. I loved my mother and was scared when I almost lost her few times before."

"Few times; As in death," Saber asks Ben in concern.

Ben shakes his head as he continues, "That I cannot say how. I would be scared if something else happened to her. So while she isn't dead like your families are....I came close to losing her. So I know how it feels."

"Well...." Blazefist said as he nodded in understanding. "You son of Celestia are lucky to still have someone who you care for."

Unknown to the group, a strange creature was still spying on them. It even made some funny screech and squeaky noise about them.

Ben and his surviving team are still waiting for their rescue team, but so far, nothing came. Eventually, they're falling asleep. Each of of them would be patrolling and keeping eyes out for the boat or ship, as well as taking turns after an hour or two. They're also guarding their prisoner of war, though Silverstream got it covered as she held and hugged Blazefist close to her happily.  Hours and hours have passed, no rescue from either the Alliance or Imperial Phoenix have come. They're still asleep. Rainbow's taking turn now.

Rainbow yawned out loud in bore tone while looking at the sea. She even muttered and complained about not doing anything. Unknown to her or a group, a small pinkish strange rat was crawling towards her. It made some curious squeak while looking at her before it slowly approached to her. Sensing someone stalking on her, Rainbow turned back and found nothing. She was surprised and confuse before turned back. The little creature emerged out from a little rock. It has arrived and close to her. The creature hummed curiously before giggled playfully. It then pulled her tail, making yelped in surprise.

Rainbow turned to her back while readied to fight. Suddenly, she felt something poke on her back again. She turned to the front again. She hummed suspiciously yet worriedly as she scratched her mane gently. But instead, she touched something funny on her mane. She looked up and found a creature on her head. It squeaked happily while waving at her. She screamed and panicked in fear. She ran off while accidentally knocking and ramming most of her friends and even Blazefist.

"OW!" Ben exclaimed in pain, "Rainbow, what the heck was that?!"

Rainbow held and aimed Ben's eyes looking at the front, "Something's here!"

Ben and his friends looked up and found a pinkish mole rat creature, hiding behind a small rock. Blazefist, Aqua and even Saber were both shocked and surprised yet curious. Ben and his friends knew what they were.

"Is that a naked mole rat?" Carrie asked.

"Naked mole rat?" Aqua asked in surprise, "Like he doesn't have a fur or something?"

"Never heard such animal before," Blazefist said in shock.

"Yeah," Applejack said in concern. She turned and looked closely at the naked mole rat, "Wait a minute. I know that rat from somewhere."

"I think it is. It's Ace..." Ben said in surprise.

"What?" Saber asked in surprise.

Ben cleared his throat, "Nothing." He turned and looked at the naked mole rat's hiding behind the rock. He hummed, "That rat must be scared. Saber, maybe you should try and calm him down."

"Me?! Why?!" Saber asked in confusion.

Ben smirked, "You've got natural charm with animals."

"Unlikely. But will try," Saber said in annoyance. He slowly approached to the small rock, where a naked mole rat was still hiding. He shushed calmly, "Easy, little fella. I'm not gonna hurt you. Just wanna befriend." A little creature refused to come out. He sighed in annoyance, realizing that it is still scared of him. He needs some food to prove that he and his friends are not dangerous. Realizing he has some food, he took out and gave a Bamboo Bun before the little creature, "Try it. It's good."

Little creature was still doubt and reluctant as he slowly come out from the rock. It then approached to Saber, who slowly passed the Bamboo Bun to it. A naked mole rat began eating up the food. It sighed happily. It then sniffed on yellow Earth Pony's body, making sure that he's a friendly. Sensing him not to be an enemy, it jumped on top of Saber's hoof. It then nuzzled on his head.

"Wow. Quite soft, aren't you?" Saber asked in surprise. A naked mole rat nodded happily. He turned and looked at his friends, "He's harmless, guys.

“Well, duh. Fluttershy said naked mole rats are nice as long as you don’t harm them.” Carrie explains calmly to Saber.

“Well, some of the time.” Applejack remarks dryly, recalling how many times she catches Ace in the apples.

Blazefist scoffed, "Well, we're nowhere to get out of here. I doubt he's the only one here."

"Way to kill the moment," Carrie remarked dryly.

"But he's right though," Silverstream said in concern, "I don't think he's alone..."

"What's that supposed to be mean?" Applejack asked fearfully.

ROAR! Ben and his team yelped in concern and fear upon hearing that loud roar. They turned and looked at the tropical forest, where they found a group of tigers slowly emerged out from the shadows. They shocked and scared the ponies off.

Saber yelped in fear, "TIGERS! REAL LIFE TIGERS!"

“And me without my gear!” Silverstream whimpers in worry and fear.

“Too many for them to fight off.” Aqua said in worry, knowing that there’s too many tigers for the group to deal with here.

"Anyone got bright idea?" Applejack said in concern.

"One," Ben said in concern, "RUN!"

SCREAM! Ben and his team quickly make their turn and ran for their lives. The tigers roared wildly as they gave chase after the ponies. They ran as fast as they can, and even entered the tropical forest to avoid them. And at the same time, they have to avoid the danger within the jungle such as quicksand, pit, poisonous plants and mushrooms, dangerous and protective animals and so on.

As Ben and his team continued running as fast as they can, Carrie got tripped by one of tree's large root. She now got her ankle injured. She even found the tigers are coming towards her. She gasped in fear to shout and scream for help. This has caused her team to stop and found her injured on the floor.

"Carrie!" Rainbow exclaimed in concern. She shown her determined eyes, "I'm coming!"

"Coach!" Aqua protested in concern.

"Is she crazy?!" Saber asked in concern.

Rainbow charged and rammed most of tigers off. She then stood besides Carrie as she has to make sure her human student is safe from harm while dealing with hungry pack of tigers.

"That's Rainbow. She'd never left anyone behind," Applejack commented, "We'd better get back and help them now!"

"Are you nuts?! Are you trying to get yourself killed or something?!" Blazefist asked in shock. Everyone looked at him. He continued, "They're tigers. There is no way you can beat them. They're dangerous and vicious creatures!"

"Rainbow and Carrie needs us! I'm not abandoning them!" Ben exclaimed firmly.

"Then, you're a fool!" Blazefist snapped firmly.

"Maybe. Maybe not," Aqua said firmly, "You can go if you want or even escaped, but I'm not leaving my friend behind."

"Are you serious?" Saber asked in concern.

Aqua nodded firmly, "I am."

Saber groaned, "Looks like you'll need some help."

"Yeah, despite how many odds there are, we are not leaving our friends behind." Ben said in determination and bravery.

"Yeah, and Rainbow may done drive me nuts....but she's my friend, I ain't leaving her!"

"Yeah, come on, guys and girls."

Blazefist was in shock and surprised by Ben and his friends' determination to help and save their friends. They headed off and rescued Rainbow and Carrie from the tigers. Blazefist looked and noticed Silverstream looked at him.

"I'm not gonna make you do it," Silverstream said calmly, surprised Blazefist. She continued, "But if it were your friends or Laxtinct, what will you do? Run and hid, just like how we do? Or fight to save them?"

"Silverstream..." Blazefist was stunned to say.

Rainbow screamed in pain as she felt her left wing got bitten and dragged away from Carrie, who is holding her hoof tightly. Luckily, Aqua jumped and punched her hoof at the tiger, making it to back off. She armed with her Water Tiger Claws as she began clawing and attacking the tigers. Her friends also joined the fight as well. Applejack and a naked mole rat checked and treated both Carrie and Rainbow's injuries. Ben and Saber went and assisted Aqua to fight the tigers back. Despite the effort of fighting the predators back, three ponies got clawed and slashed by face and bodies from the tigers' attacks. Eventually, three ponies got pounced and thrown back to the group. All of them are badly injured and wounded. The tigers are ready to finish them off.

Suddenly, the tigers yowled in shock upon looking at something coming towards them. The ponies also noticed it. They found the rolling yet blazing logs are heading towards them. The ponies dodged down at once while the tigers turned and ran off as they were being chased off by the fiery logs. As soon as the predators left, the ponies sighed in relief. They turned and found Blazefist stood before them.

"Y-You saved us?" Aqua asked in surprise, "I thought you've left and escaped."

“See? This proves it.” Silverstream said to the others with a smile. “He is a nice guy, just got to show it.”

“Somehow I sometimes doubt it.”

Blazefist scoffed in annoyance, "Don't get use to it. Let's move out now."

Blazefist turned and headed off at once. The rest of ponies turned and looked at happy Silverstream.

“So Silverstream, what’s the deal with you being buddy-buddy with Blazefist now?” Carrie asks, arching an eyebrow at this.

“Right, doesn’t he hate Hippogriffs?” Applejack comments in agreement.

Silverstream smiled happily, "I told you before. Blazefist and I are buddies. He's not that bad at all."

“Well, all right, he’s not so bad.” Ben remarks with a shrug. ”As long as he isn’t insulting my connection to my mother.”

“Maybe after your talk with him, he can mellow out.”

"You coming?!" Blazefist demanded in annoyance.

"Going, punk!" Saber sighed, "Well, either way, let's get out of here."

“Oh, I don’t know. I like him.” Aqua remarks with a giggle, causing Saber to look at her in disbelief. “Err, not that I like LIKE him.”

“Aqua? You ain’t fooling anypony.” Applejack comments to Aqua with a knowing smile, the past one tries futilely to hide her blush.

The rest of ponies turned and headed off at once. They followed Blazefist as they all headed and exited out of tropical forest. They have arrived at the beach. And for now, the tigers didn't come and chase after them.

"Still no sign of our allies," Blazefist commented in annoyance.

"They'll be here. I know it," Ben said firmly. He turned and looked at Blazefist, "Thanks for the save."

“Right, you aren’t so bad.” Aqua said, moving her hooves in the sand secretly.

"Don't get use to it. Today, we maybe friends, but tomorrow, we'll be the enemies again," Blazefist said firmly and calmly, which annoyed the team. He sighed, "Either way, thank you for not killing me or even letting me off." He then spotted a familiar ship with the flags of Dragon and Tiger. He hummed, "It seems your allies are here. So, I'm gonna be your prisoner, am I right?"

"No. We'll let you go." Aqua said firmly.

Blazefist smiled a bit, "Thank you."

"You know. I think it would be better if you join them than Lord Azure," Silverstream said happily.

“Come on, you are better off on the right side than with him.” Rainbow said in agreement. “At least we would’ve treat you better.”

“How about it?” Carrie ask with a smile to Blazefist.

Saber groaned, "Not a chance."

"Sorry. But my duty lies on Imperial Phoenix Army. I will not break my loyalty to them and Lord Azure," Blazefist said firmly, "They're the only family I have left. I've made an oath that I will bring order to this land."

Aqua sighed, "I guess you're right. I just we're not enemies when we're on battlefield."

"But I'm not hoping," Saber said amusingly, "You and I got scores to settle!"

Blazefist scoffed, "Fine by me." He turned and looked at Silverstream, "You can leave if you wanted to."

"And let Gallus handle the big boys? Sorry, no can do," Silverstream rejected the offer. She then held and hugged Blazefist again, "Plus, we're buddies. I'm gonna make you friendly pony to Hippogriffs."

Blazefist sighed, "Terrific..." He turned and looked at his enemies, "I'll see you on next battlefield. And trust me, I will not go easy on you again..."

“Hey, no one ever say otherwise.” Ben remarked, rolling his eyes. So much for any hope for Blazefist this time around.

“Come on, let’s get out of here.” Rainbow comments with a sigh. Once Blazefist’s pals get here, there’s going to be Tartarus!

Blazefist and Silverstream headed off and hid behind the giant rocks. They witnessed Ben and his friends waved the flags and torches to the Alliance Ship to come and rescue them. Thus, they did. As soon as the Alliance Ship landed on the beach, the ponies came out and greeted their friends happily, as well as commenting to see them alright.

“Ben Valorheart and friends, you’re all right?” Warpath ask, relieved that the group are safe and sound.”

“We’re fine, just fine, did you see my bike?” Ben jokes a bit, causing those from the Alliance Ship to look at him oddly. “Yeah, you got to be there.”

“Don’t ask, please.” Carrie remarks to the rescuers with a shrug.

"Hey, what is that thing?" Tigress asked, noticing Saber's shoulder has a naked mole rat.

"Some kind of rodent or something?" Warpath asked in annoyance.

“He’s a naked mole rat, buddy. Show some respect.” Rainbow remarks to Warpath sternly.

"You're gonna keep him, aren't you?" Ben asked.

"Well, this little guy's been through enough alone in this island. I guess I will." Saber looked at his naked mole rat, who smiled happily. He continued, "You need a name. Since you're quite tricky and cunning little guy especially brave enough to accept me, I think I'll call you 'Ace'."

“Well, why am I not surprised?” Applejack whispers to the past ones, making them all laugh in amusement. They knew he would give him that name.

“They’re going to be good pals, I just know it.” Ben remarks in agreement.

Blazefist couldn't help but feel amazed and surprise to see how much the Alliance of Virtue Dragon and Courage Tiger cared for their allied soldiers. It was similar to his army, though ruthless and strict with laws and rules especially punishing the traitors and rebels, Silverstream couldn't help but watch and looked at him as she hoped that he'll abandon his hatred for Hippogriffs and became good friends.


An hour later, thanks to Gallus's sights, Imperial Phoenix Army have rescued and taken both Blazefist and Silverstream back to the Imperial Phoenix Camp. Eventually, Admiral Cai, Blazefist and SIlverstream stood before their lord in the camp for making the report. Spike and Nyx were still in the cage as they're both worried and scared about Silverstream's using her Seapony Form.

"So, you both have managed to escape the enemies?" Azure Phoenix asked calmly, which both Blazefist and Silverstream nodded firmly and calmly. He hummed, "Anything unusual happening there? Like a pony, who possessed a fin?"

Silverstream looked scared and worried about it. Blazefist spoke, "No, sir. Nothing."

Suspecting Blazefist's know it or unaware of Silverstream's true form, Azure Phoenix sighed, "Very well, lieutenant. Take two days off. You'll need good rest if we want to attack the Red Cliff. And make sure Silverstream do her job. I see great potential in her especially swimming under the sea, even to the depth."

Silverstream gulped, "Just loving swimming. That's all, sir."

Blazefist bowed humbly, "Yes, my lord."

"Admiral Cai, double your effort to train our marines," Azure Phoenix ordered firmly, "We cannot afford to let our enemies be victorious. I want my marines to be strong and effective during the naval battle."

Admiral Cai nodded, "It will be done, my lord."

"Master Ratio has arrived!" The announcer reported.

Azure Phoenix and his allies turned and looked at the entrance, where Master Ratio entered the scene. He bowed humbly in respect to his lord.

"Rise, my friend," Azure Phoenix said firmly and calmly. Master Ratio stood up. He asked, "What is it?"

"I wish our conversation private," Master Ratio requested. Azure Phoenix nodded firmly. He gestured both his soldiers and officers to leave. With them gone, he approached and passed the scroll to his lord. He continued, "My lord, despite her reluctance and stubbornness to obey you, she's willing to give you the advice as long you honored her promise."

"I see. You convinced her?"

"Yes, my lord. This scroll she wrote contains some value strategic points that will help us win the battle, as well as preventing heavy casualties and delays."

Azure Phoenix opened the scroll as he read it carefully. He looked suspiciously yet concern and uneasy. He turned and looked at Master Ration, "Are you certain this will help me win?"

"I am. You have my word. I trust her," Master Ratio said firmly, "She did come from the distant timeline, meaning she read our history. We must tread it carefully. One wrong move could be the end of our live. I implore you to follow her advice. Master Schemetrick would have wanted you to do so."

Schemetrick was his only strategist that helped him earn many victories. Since his death, Azure Phoenix must rely on Twilight since she knows the history and helped him to win many battles as well. Azure Phoenix sighed, "Very well, I shall follow it. I only pray that she doesn't trick me to save her friends."

"Even she wanted to, my lord, she doesn't possessed the means of deception and betrayal after her failed attempts," Master Ratio said confidently.

Spike gulped, "I've got a bad feeling about it."

"This may not goes well..." Nyx said in concern.


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Main Casts:
Jason Marsden: Ben Valorheart
Ashleigh Ball: Applejack, Rainbow Dash
Emily Bauer: Carrie Anderson
Lauren Jackson: Silverstream
Josh Keaton: Blazefist, Imperial Phoenix Announcer
Christy Carlson Romano: Aquastroke
Will Friedle: Saber Dragoon, Imperial Phoenix Scout
Michael McConnohie: Narrator

Minor Casts:
Douglas Rye: Azure Phoenix
Daveigh Chase: Nyx
Cathy Weseluck: Spike
Gavin Langelo: Gallus
Roger Craig Smith: Bladestrike
Eric Bauza: Clawdestroyer
Tony Oliver: Navy Arrow
Vic Mignoga: Snaptrap
Dan Woren: Woren Alert
Jason Isaac: Admiral Cai
Michael Sinternikilaas: Riverstrike, Pirate Scythe
Dave B. Mitchell: Blade Dragoon
Terrence Stone: Dragonspear
Steve Kremar: Warpath Temper
G.K Bowes: Tigress
Lee Everest: Anchor
Richard Epcar: Apollo Python
Kyle Hebert: Scarblade
Matthew Mercer: Hammerrod

Tara Strong: Twilight Sparkle
James Hong: Master Ratio
Kirk Thornton: One-Eyed Anger
Nancy Cartwright: Ace the Naked Mole Rat

Next Chapter 27: Battle of Red Cliff (II): The naval battle continued. The Alliance of Virtue Dragon and Tiger Clan must find a way to turn the tide to their favor while defeating the odds of Imperial Phoenix Army such as Admiral Cai and Vice Admiral Pitt, as well as resupplying  more arrows. And so, both Skysoar Intellect and Riverstrike have come up with the master plans to shift the naval battles, however, there was a price. If one of them failed, they will beheaded for failing their own mission. Will they able to turn the tide at the Battle of Red Cliff?
[Enter Three Kingdoms Theme Song]

Twilight Sparkle and her friends screamed wildly as they entered into the Book of Ages. As they landed on the ground, they came across the Ancient Land of Ma. They all entered it as they're ready to face it. They witnessed the land was in turmoil as Imperial Court argued with each other while civil war broke out between peasants, rebels, imperials, warriors, nobles, warlords, ministers and even the Emperor.

Stallion: Through the storm,
Through the darkness,
The once peaceful kingdom
Lost its Love and Harmony
Turn into grief despair

Virtue Dragon, Blade Dragoon and Warpath Temper prayed and bowed down before the altar as they make a vow of sworn brotherhood. They joined up with various brave and compassion warriors in journeying across the land to help troubled ponies.

Azure Phoenix stood on the Imperial Palace's entrance as he held his sword up high proudly as his Imperial Phoenix Army. His army cheered wildly and proudly. They all went from territory to territory for conquest and control of the land.

Claw Tiger smiled proudly as he led his Tiger Warriors to deal with rebels. As he was dying, Claw Tiger passed the sword to his eldest son, Brave Tiger. Brave Tiger led his warriors in reclaiming Wuhu River for his clan. As he died, he passed to Courage Tiger as the new Leader of Kingdom.

Stallion: The destiny is now yours
To change its course and fate.
Heaven and Earth chose you to fulfill its purpose

Virtue Dragon helped ponies as well as showing kindness and compassion. His warriors of Western Dragon Kingdom fought bravely and determinedly to defend the innocent.

Stallion: A hero with benevolent heart
Desires a land of virtue.

Azure Phoenix recruited more of warriors and strategists under his banner. He led the Imperial Phoenix Kingdom army across the land for conquest and world domination of empire.

Stallion: A hero with great ambition
Desired a land of power and talents

Courage Tiger was in great doubt and pain about his past. Nevertheless, he stood proudly on Water Tiger military naval ship, along with others. He was leading them to defend his home.

Stallion: A hero with courageous fangs
Desired a land of unity.

Three kingdoms marched into the battlefield as they all charged into it as they began battled with each other fiercely and firmly.

Stallion: Pray its Terror Ends,
Hope the Peace Returns

Twilight Sparkle and her friends witnessed the holographic form of history records about the heroes and villains from Qin Dynasty Era into the Three Kingdoms Era. They were amazed and shocked, but sometimes angered and upset while others - pained and despair.

Stallion & Chorus: Oh, Great Warriors of the Heaven
Save us from the Demon God's Hell
May you guide us to Paradise Land
Where no blood shall ever shed again

Azure Phoenix and Han Zero stood before Royal Sisters. Both sides held each other hooves for the moment before the princesses disappeared from sights, including Han Zero. Azure Phoenix slowly turned and faced his two biggest rivals - Virtue Dragon and Courage Tiger. Three Rulers held anc crossed each other's their swords up proudly. It created the magical aura forms of Greenish Dragon, Bluish Phoenix and Crimson Tiger stood up and roared wildly as the mightiest warriors in Land of Ma!

Stallion & Chorus: Whenever we're in grave danger,
You braved to bring us home
Your deeds will not be Forgotten
Your Tale becomes Legend

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Mystic History
Written by JusSonic and Power Master


Chapter 26: Battle of Red Cliff (I)

"The site of their decisive battle, Red Cliff, was filled with Azure Phoenix's massive naval forces." Narrator narrated, "And facing them was hastily formed alliance between Virtue Dragon and Courage Tiger. As two armies prepared to engage in heated battle, neither side could know..."

After their arrival to the Red Cliff, Azure Phoenix has his army has set up and encamped on northern land before the Red Cliff. And in order to defeat his enemies, he has to make sure that all of his Imperial Phoenix Army from the North are well-trained and prepared for the naval battles, as well as finding a way to solve their conditions of seasickness and winter. He also need to understand and counterattack the alliance of Virtue Dragon's and Courage Tiger's force on both navy and strategies. He has to rely on both Admiral Cai and his Second-in-Command Vice Admiral Pitt for the next battles. He also has given the assignments to his military officers and advisors of handling the missions.

Four weeks have passed, Strikespell was looking after Fluteheart, who was still suffering from sickness and lying down on bed. Fluttershy was checking and treating the patients and even Azure Phoenix's daughter-in-law from seasickness. Admiral Cai and Vice Admiral Pitt began training both Imperial Phoenix and Jing Province's Army on navy. Bladestrike, Blazefist and Silverstream were working together with the admirals from handling with the naval training and atmosphere.  Since Silverstream has good experience with swimming and lived under sea for whole life, she trained and taught the soldiers about swimming and diving, and also avoiding using her Pearl of Transformation and kept it close to her, making sure nopony tried to use it to turn the army into Seaponies for advantages. Snaptrap was observing and analyzing both surroundings and landscape for planning his strategies and setting traps, as well as understanding and anticipating the enemies' thoughts. Woren Alert was researching on Silverstream's Jewel of Transformation for turning the tide for their side. Navy Arrow, Clawdestroyer and Gallus were patrolling on the camp, making sure that no enemies tried to sneak in and attack them. Axen and Laxtinct disciplined and trained their armies for sharpening their skills and prepared for everything.

Bullhound was guarding and protecting the main camp, where Azure Phoenix was residing. He was looking through some books and documents of Jing Province and Wuhu River, and even Tiger Clan. He wanted to know more about his enemies. Nyx and Spike were still inside the cage as he refused to let them out because he believed they possessed some vital information that can help him win since Twilight refused to fight and kill her friends. Both children looked bored and annoyed as they have got nothing to do.

Nyx groaned, "I'm so bored. Can't you let us out?"

"Yeah. I can do something for you," Spike said slyly with a fake smile, "I mean. The Prime Minister will be very busy with his own works, and will be forgetting about his own meal, drink and other important matters. I know it well because I served Princess Twilight as her assistant. She got that same problem as yours well."

"If you think your childish acts is gonna fool me, stop wasting time," Azure Phoenix said firmly and dryly as he finished up writing down on his document. He sighed as he took another document bamboo scroll to write another one down. Spike and Nyx groaned in annoyance as their plan has failed. He continued, "If you want to be useful, then do something talented as your mother has. I know Twilight possessed of not intelligence and reading books, she must have something else she can do like magic, entertainment, singing and dancing. Hopefully, some good poetry."

Nyx sighed in annoyance, "If you insist me singing. Don't say I didn't warn you."

Nyx: It’s a small world after all…

"Aieyah! That's the most ridiculous song I ever heard in my life!" Azure Phoenix exclaimed in annoyance.

"Hey! I warned you that I'm terrible singer," Nyx teased playfully.

Azure Phoenix sighed, "I didn't know that Twilight has a terrible joke. Because if she does have one, I would have severed her head." Nyx and Spike yelped in concern and fear while quivered. He scoffed, "That was a joke, genius. Can't you tell it?"

"Well, when you're working for the most evil villain in history if that's what you mean," Spike said in annoyance.

"Childish mind as usual. Call me what you want, I did what I must to bring new order to the empire." Azure Phoenix said firmly and calmly, "Peace will be restored to the land. Law must be enforced. Discipline and responsibilities must be maintained. And above all, ponies must follow the principles and use their talents and abilities to make the batter world."

Nyx sighed, "Keep telling yourself, Evil Cao Cao."

"Who's Cow Cow?" Spike asked.

"It's Ts'ao Ts'ao, Spike!" Nyx corrected firmly.

"Enough with it. I've got a poem song for you to sing," Azure Phoenix said firmly and calmly. He passed the piece of paper to Nyx. He continued, "Sing it with pride and humble. You will like it."

Nyx read the poem carefully. She then whistled, "Wow. That is good."

"What is it?!" Spike asked in concern.

"Sing it," Azure Phoenix said firmly.

Nyx sighed as she began singing out the poetry song:

"Day and Night I travel, Long and Short Life I wonder?
The Time is Unknown, Cherish All the Moments.
Never be Worried, Have a Melancholy Heart.
Misery are Dark Times, Wash Them with Pure Light.

Gifted by Talents, Chosen by Power
Journey till its End, From Small to Big
Rise from the Ashes, Or be the Fallen One!
Friends or Foes, the All will be Welcomed!

In the Darkest of Night, Shines the Brightest Moon
Your Prowess and Wisdom, Rise the Fallen Kingdom
Down the Unknown Road, Comes with One Purpose
Reunite with a Friend, Shared the Stories of Past.

The Distance We Vision, Go to the Path Together.
Long Journey We Go, Till the Destiny Realized?
No mountain too steep, No Ocean too Deep.
The Phoenix shall Rise, Light its Darkest Hour"

Azure Phoenix sighed, "Perfect... Truly Perfect..." He smiled, "Do you know what does song is about? The Phoenix's Journey... This will inspire the army to strengthened their morale and powers to fight back."

Nyx gasped, "Azure Phoenix's greatest and unforgotten poetry song before the Battle of Red Cliff..."

"Let me guess. It's all about you" Spike asked in annoyance. He scoffed, "Can't say I'm that surprised."

"No... It's my encounter with bright and talented officers," Azure Phoenix said calmly and firmly. He scoffed a bit, "You think of me as a villain if you wanted. I seek power to bring order, nothing more and nothing less."

"Yeah. Keep telling yourself..." Spike said in annoyance.

"Excuse me, my lord," Snaptrap's voice called as both him and Woren entered the main camp. They both bowed humbly before their lord. He spoke, "That was nice poetry you make, my lord. That was intriguing."

Azure Phoenix cleared his throat, "What is it, Snaptrap? What is the progress?"

"Admiral Cai and Vice Admiral Pitt have made excellent progress on naval training. Bladestrike and Blazefist have made impressive skills in commanding their soldiers on handling the battleships. Nay Arrow and Clawdestroyer have secured and make the blockade on our naval camp's entrance point. No one gets in and gets out." Snaptrap reported, "And most important of all, we make the escape route that only the members know about it."

"Good..." Azure Phoenix said calmly.

Woren sighed, "We have bad news too. Although Silverstream made progress with our soldiers' swimming ability, she made no progress of her great ability."

"And?" Azure Phoenix said firmly.

"I'm still unable to create the special jewel," Woren reported in disappointment, "Unless I have her jewel's sample, we would not able to create the army of Imperial Phoenix Seaponies."

"Seaponies?!" Spike asked in concern. Azure Phoenix turned and glared at him. He laughed uneasily, "I mean what's Seaponies?"

Nyx nodded fearfully, "Yeah. Why would you think Silverstream turn into whatever the Seapony is?"

"I know you know what I want," Azure Phoenix said firmly, scaring Spike and Nyx. He continued, "I will have that information to turn the tide for my favors. One way or another. I will end the war by any means of necessary, even if it means I have to break you two."

Spike and Nyx looked scared and worried, with the widened eyes of shock. Spike gulped, "I think I just peed."

Nyx groaned in disgust, "Spike! TMI!"

"REPORT!" The Imperial Phoenix Scout exclaimed in fear as he arrived and entered the camp. He bowed down and reported, "My lord! Enemy ships are on sights! They're attacking our camp now! They're led by Riverstrike, Apollo Python, Anchor, Hammerrod, Pirate Scythe, Tigress, Aquastroke, Blade Dragoon, Warpath Tempest, Dragonspear and Saber Dragoon!"

Azure Phoenix stood up and ordered, "Pass my order! Engage the enemies now!"

"My lord, I have the plan to halt the enemy's advance," Snaptrap said firmly.


The Alliance of Virtue Dragon and Courage Tiger have sent their officers and army to northern part of Red Cliff river. They have to attack and destroy some ships before they could launched the invasion. Since their enemies are still training, they have the chance to defeat the Imperial Phoenix Army for good. Riverstrike and Blade Dragoon were leading their naval forces of ten battleships, along with some officers, Ben's Team and Rainbow's Team. Riverstrike, Apollo and Anchor were on the large ship. Hammerrod was on the second. Pirate Scythe handled the scout ship. Blade Dragoon, Warpath and Dragonspear rode their own boat, along with Hook and Bullock. Tigress Saber, Aqua, Ben's and Rainbow's Team have the medium ship sized.

"It's brilliant idea, Grand Commander. Attacking the enemies when they're still training and weak points," Apollo said proudly, "And to think that I was jealous of you."

Riverstrike looked surprise and amused, "Jealous? You?"

"Yes. I have seen and fought lots and lots of battles especially serving three generations," Apollo said calmly, "And to think that Lord Courage chose you, instead of me, makes me think that I'm obsolete and useless."

"There's a reason why he make you second-in-command because you won't get hurt and gave me some effective advice on the battlefield. Who knows? You might retired soon. You will pass your knowledge and experience to generations like me and young recruits. And also, you're never be obsolete and useless to our proud clan. Your wisdom and experience will help us through this."

"Oh... I see. Thank you, Riverstrike. I can see why our two lords trusted you a lot. I'm honored to work with you."

Anchor laughed, "You worried too much, Apollo. Just enjoy it while it lasts."

Apollo smiled, "Yes. You're right. I'm worried for nothing."

Pirate Scythe shouted to Hammerrod, "Hey, Hammerhead! Just make sure that you stay out of my way! Don't try to take my fun!"

Hammerrod groaned, "Focus on the mission, Scythe! We can't afford to get distracted from our mission!"

"You're no fund, you know?"

"I did what I must. Since the death of Brave Tiger, I'd never get the chance to repaid the debt to him. All I can do is to protect my home and my lord's brother, no matter the cost."

"Wow! Sounds like a true warrior! Nice!"

On Virtue Dragon's Battleship, Warpath groaned in annoyance while looking at the river, "I hate naval battles. It makes me sick."

"I told you this would be problem for you, Master Warpath," Dragonspear said firmly, "You should have stayed back and protect our lord."

"Not a chance," Warpath grumbled in annoyance, "I'm not quitting because you said so. Warpath never quits from the fight."

"Don't try to spit on us when we're on battles," Blade Dragoon said firmly.

On Saber and Aqua's side, Saber was looking around of his surroundings especially riding the ship. Aqua was helping and teaching him of how to ride the ship, along with Tigress to help. Ben's Team and Rainbow's Team consisted of Ben, Rainbow, Sunset, Applejack, Smolder, Yona and Carrie were there as well, though the yak looked very sick, every time the boat rocked and shaken too many times.

Yona groaned sickly, "Yona don't feel so good."

“I know, this is why Dragons aren’t much good with sailing.” Smolder groans, trying to keep from puking.

“Just keep it in, it will be all right.” Carrie said to her friends calmly.

"Hey, Saber. How are you doing with your sailing?" Ben asked.

Saber hissed as he was trying to hold tight on the sailing sheet, "Wasn't very easy as I thought." He turned and looked at Aqua, "How on earth can you handle with it?"

"Well, practice makes perfect, buddy," Aqua said firmly. She helped and held the sailing ropes that Saber was holding. He looked surprise while blushed in red. She continued, "And besides, you're doing it wrong too."

"Uh..." Saber cleared his throat, "Right... My bad..."

Tigress whistled, "Didn't know that my little sister got a crush on him."

"I wouldn't be too sure that he'd be the guy," Rainbow commented.

“Right, he’s too much of a dork.” Applejack remarks in agreement with her friend. She and the present ones know that it’s Blazefist and Aqua who are meant to be.

Carrie giggled a bit, "You know. Those two reminds me of the show I watched. They're kinda like Kim and Ron."

“Carrie, you’re a dork.” Smolder remarks dryly to Carrie. “And got no sense of history when it comes to Aqua and her future husband….”

The Alliance Battleships arrived at the destination. While sailing and passing by the hallways of shops, they looked around and found empty battleships, and no signs of enemy troops or officers. This has made the team uneasy and worried about the situation.

Yona groaned, "Where Bad Blue Ponies go?"

“Do we really want to know?” Ben ask Yona in concern, looking around. He got a bad feeling about this.

"I've got a bad feeling about it..." Saber said in concern.

Aqua nodded, "Yeah. I smell rat around here."

"Oh yeah, kids?" Pirate Scythe asked amusingly as he prepared his twin daggers, "My guts' telling me this is a trap!"

As expected, the horn and battle drum have sounded, alerting the Alliance. They looked around while readied to fight back. They found more Imperial Phoenix Soldiers coming out from their hidings. They all armed and readied with their swords, spears, shields, bows and arrows. They aimed their weapons at the Alliance. They were led by Admiral Cai, Vice Admiral Pitt, Bladestrike, Blazefist, Navy Arrow, Clawdestroyer, and two familiar friends.

"How perspective..." Admiral Cai remarked amusingly, "Pity that you will not escape easily. Prepare to die. Take them down!"

Bladestrike nodded, "Engage!"

Riverstrike gasped, "Everyone, prepare for battle! Fight them back!"

Admiral Cai signaled the Imperial Phoenix Battleships to charged and engaged the enemies at once. The Alliance retaliated and fight back at once. Pirate Scythe easily and quickly strike them down one-by-one. And at the same time, he also fight with Bladestrike, who fought back against him firmly and determinedly. Navy Arrow led the archers in firing the arrows on the Alliance. Hammerrod deflected the attacks while defend their allies. Riverstrike, Apollo, Anchor, Blade Dragoon, Warpath and Dragonspear fought back and engaged the enemies at once while defending their soldiers.

Blazefist and his team of Gallus and Silverstream jumped and attacked Tigress's team.

"Blazefist," Saber and Aqua said firmly.

"Well, two of my favorites," Blazefist said bluntly and firmly, "What a coincidence."

“You know, your mouth is like a cannon.” Aqua remarks dryly, making Blazefist puzzled. “It never knows when to shut up!”

“I will make you pay for that!”

"Where's Twilight?!" Ben demanded.

Blazefist smirked firmly, "Far away from your reach, kiddo. You'll never see her again. And also, I deliver message from my lord. 'He knows who your mother, and said you're nothing but illegitimate son to your mother'."

Ben groaned, "No one... Calls Me... That!"

Tigress gasped, "Ben, don't!"

Ben armed with Master Sword as he charged and swung at Blazefist, who dodged and evaded the attacks for five times. The Lieutenant swung the kick at Ben's gut before thrown him at Yona. Both of them dropped into the river. Blazefist armed with his Falcon Spear and readied to fight.

"BEN!" Tigress's Team

"Who's Next?" Blazefist asked amusingly.

Rainbow groaned, "You're gonna be sorry for that!"

Applejack nodded, "And we've got message to your boss - Kick Your Ass!"

Rainbow and Applejack charged at Blazefist, who easily dodged and evaded the attacks before his Falcon Spear at them. Three of them fought and battled firmly and determinedly. Carrie and Smolder quickly helped and get Ben and Yona out of the river. Blazefist dodged and evaded the attacks for few times before punched and kicked both Applejack and Rainbow, who struggled to fight back for few times. Applejack swung her Mind Whiplash at Blazefist's hoof, which gave him to pull her towards him and punch her face. Rainbow screamed as she flew and pierce her spear at him. He barely moved and dodged the attacks before kicking her by guts and thrown straight at Applejack and the rest of their friends into river again.

Blazefist turned and glared at his enemies, "Who's next?"

"Buddy, I've been waiting to kick your ass," Aqua said amusingly.

Saber nodded, "Oh yeah. Rematch time!"

Aqua and Saber charged and engaged with Blazefist, who easily and quickly deflect and dodged the attacks while striking back at him for few times. Tigress quickly sneaked and passed them by. She quickly helped and get Ben and his friends out of the river.

The Alliance and Imperial Phoenix Soldiers continued battling with each other firmly and determinedly for few times. Admiral Cai armed with his fire arrow as he aimed it at Riverstrike. And just before he could fire it, Hammerrod armed and thrown the giant rod right at him, causing him to misfire and hit the his battleship's oil barrel. It got thrown and dropped on Tigress's ship.

"Oh no!" Tigress gasped, "Everyone, out of the boat now!"

And just anyone could do anything, the boat exploded, causing the group yelped in pain and shock while dropped into the river. The Alliance and Imperial Phoenix Army noticed their allies dropped into the river.

"Damn it! Cease firing! Fall back now!" Riverstrike ordered firmly.

"Are you kidding me?!" Pirate Scythe asked in annoyance.

"No! We have to find our friends now!" Dragonspear said firmly, "And besides, we caught unprepared for the attack."

Blade Dragoon nodded, "Agreed. Pull back now!"

The Alliance Officers and Soldiers quickly disengaged from fighting with the Imperial Phoenix Soldiers. They quickly make the escape at once. Imperial Phoenix Soldiers continued firing their arrows on them. The Alliance has managed to escape, though they suffered some losses.

"Leave them be, We must find Blazefist," Bladestrike said firmly.

Navy Arrow nodded, "Yeah. The next time they tried to be funny, we'll do something bad to them."

Spotted Gallus on the river, Bladestrike dived down into the river and got the Griffon on his back. He spoke, "You're okay?"

"Yeah. Thanks," Gallus coughed a bit.

"Where're Silverstream and Blazedist?"

"I... I don't know. Sorry, sir."

"We will find them."


After escaping the enemies, The Alliance searched around the large river for their friends. And so far, they have found and rescued Tigress, Yona and Smolder. They brought their friends up on the boat.

Tigress coughed a bit, "What happen? Where's Ben, Applejack, Rainbow, Aqua and Carrie?!"

"Aww, man! They must've fallen out of the boat and went missing!" Smolder groans as she notices no sign of her missing friends.

"Not good. The enemy could find them...or worst!"

"Anyone know where they could be at?"

Riverstrike sighed while looked around, "I wish I knew. But we will find them. Trust me, princess."

On the small island, couple of ponies were unconscious and floated towards to it. They were Blazefist, Saber, Aqua, Ben, Rainbow, Silverstream and Carrie. And unknown to the unconscious group, a small strange creature has seen everything from the darkness of bushes. He emerged and approached them. What was he? What does he want with them?

The Mystics History chapter 26 part 1
The naval battle has begun!  Virtue Dragon and Courage Tiger's forces must do what they can to repel and defeat Imperial Phoenix Army before they could break through the Red Cliff Fort. Saber and Aqua teamed up as the first wave to fight off Blazefist on the front line, but soon got themselves stranded on the island alone during the naval battle. Ben, Rainbow Dash, Sandbar, Silverstream and Smolder were among them as well. Will they able to work together and escape small island, which was swarmed by strange creatures?

Bendy's back...but what's the story this time? And what happened to Henry?
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TimeBoy08 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2019
...I’d like to apologise 
RyantheLionKing Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2019
For Tarzan: MLP style or Sorzan...this is an updated version of a suggestion that I made a few months ago.

Big Mac: Sora it is then. Welcome to the herd, son. You'll make a fine pony one day.

Fluttershy: Uh...Big it getting hot over here or is it just me?

Big Mac: I feel it, too, Fluttershy.

Bow: Whoa. Strong winds we're getting, Windy.

Windy: I don't think this is a natural wind, Bow.

Rainbow: I smell it fire...that means one thing. A Dragon.

Fluttershy: It can't be!

Maleficent: Well, well. What have we here? So many smells, so many ponies here to eat...yet I can't help but notice there's this strange odor amongst you today. What is it? This scent that I'm on?

Pete: I smell it, too, Maleficent.

Rover: Yeah, me and the boys too, Chief. Right, boys?

Fido: Yeah...uh...what are we smelling, Rover?

Spot: It smells...kinda hairless if you ask me.

Diablo: You three are just too stupid for your own good.

Maleficent: Let me do the talking please.

The goons nodded.

Maleficent: That's better. I swore it was some sort

Rainbow: Wait a minute. A man-cub? Uh...what's a man-cub?

Bow: That's not possible. I thought humans were extinct?

Windy: I guess Sora's...the last of his kind.

Maleficent: Sora? Ha ha ha ha. You hear that, boys? They've given it a name. But...I'm curious as to this. When was it that we came to adopt Man...into Equestria? Hmm?

Goliath: This is not your concern, Maleficent! 

Big Mac: And he's only a baby. He is alone here because Ahuizotl killed his parents...on YOUR orders!

Maleficent: Baby or not, Big Macintosh...are my right foreleg, body and face not enough to remind you all of what a GROWN man can do?! Besides...the cub is mine. Ahuizotl already allowed me to taste its parents' blood. It is my right according to the law. For as you can see, a man cub becomes a man...and by law...Man is...FORBIDDEN! 

Rainbow: Law?! What do you know about the Law of the Jungle, Maleficent? Nothing!

Windy: Rainbow, please. Don't.

Rainbow: If any-creature's broken the Jungle-Law, it's you. You who kills for pleasure and for power, for sport! You who chooses to fraternize with a bunch of slobbering...mangy...stupid poachers!

Bow: Ix-nay on the upid-stay, Ainbow-Ray.

Pete: Okay...that does it! Nobody dares call Pete 'upid-stay'. Let me at her, Maleficent. Let me at her--.

Maleficent: Now, now, Pete. That won't be necessary. This is no time for pettiness.

Pete: But, Maleficent. You heard what she called me and the boys--.

Maleficent: I heard her perfectly, still this is no time for that.

Pete: Humph! No respect.

Diablo: Shut it, Pete. We can't afford to make anymore enemies.

Maleficent: intend to keep him, don't you?

Fluttershy: Yes...we do, Maleficent. Even if Goliath will never accept him, we will.

Big Mac: You can threaten us all you want, even try to use the Jungle Law as an excuse for your abuse of power, but we will never bow to you, Maleficent. Sora is our child now and he will run with the herd. And one day, when he's old enough...he'll hunt you...just as you hunt him. That is a promise, Maleficent.

Goliath: It's better that you leave now!

Maleficent: Careful how you speak to me, Goliath. You do not want to challenge me.

Goliath: He might not be my grandson, but Sora is under the protection of the herd. Should you decide to take me on, you take on the herd. All of us. 

Maleficent: Is that so? 

Goliath: As long as I am leader of the herd, this part of the jungle and Equestria is closed to you...forever. 

Maleficent: Brave words, Goliath. But nothing lasts forever. You cannot be leader forever. You want to keep him? Fine, be my guest. However I do promise you this. No matter how much you try to make a pony out of him, your precious Sora will always be...a MAN! One day when you turn your backs to him, he will turn his back on you. How many lives is a man-cub worth? Hmm? The day he turns his back on you, the man-cub's blood...will run DOWN my chin! 

(This scene is a combination of these two scenes;… and…)
RyantheLionKing Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2019
For Sorzan...Tarzan MLP style...

Gaston: LeFou...this is my opportunity. I shall have Maleficent know...that I am willing to help her in her little game. We'll be able to kill two birds with one stone. 

LeFou: I hope you know what you're doing, Gaston. 

Donald: Hmm...Goofy, what is that egotistic hunter up to? 

Goofy: I don't know what that word 'egotistic' means, Donald, but I don't like what he's up to. We better follow him. 

Donald: Yeah...somehow I suspect he's up to no good at all. 


Maleficent:'ve agreed to join in my little scheme, Gaston? You made the right choice. 

Gaston: Only because I want Kairi for myself and you've aroused my interest by showing me the Heart of the Crystal Empire, Maleficent. 

Maleficent: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. As I've told you before, Gaston, you humans are just too easy to read. But I do admire your style. Your persistence is valuable. Don't you agree, Pete? 

Pete: I don't know what that word 'persistence' means, Maleficent...but yeah.  With him at our side, we can finally take back what belongs to us. 

Donald: It can't be...

Goofy: Pete?! 

Diablo: Wait...quiet. Someone's in the area...I can hear them. 

Pete: Hey Rover, Spot and Fido! 

Rover: Yeah, Pete? 

Pete: Find out who's spying on us and round them up. 

Rover: Got it. Come on, Fido and Spot. We got some snitches to catch. 

Donald: Way to go, Goofy. You gave us away! 

Goofy: Sorry, Donald. 

Donald: We'll discuss it later. Right now...we gotta run for our lives! 

Fido: Going somewhere? 

Goofy: Uh...the bathroom? 

Donald: Ah, phooey!

Maleficent: Well? Did you get them yet, boys? 

Rover: Sure did, Maleficent. And here they are. 

Pete (surprised):'s YOU! 

Goofy and Donald: PETE! 

Pete: What are you two nimrods doin' here?! 

Donald: What are YOU doing here?

LeFou: Wait, wait, wait. You...know each other? 

Goofy: We sure do! Pete's been causing trouble for ages. His Majesty, King Mickey, banished him from Disney Castle a long time ago. 

Pete: Ain't my fault the Boat Boy King was jealous of me. 

Maleficent: Silence, Pete...and do not speak unless spoken to. 

Pete: Humph. No respect. 

Gaston: How much did you two hear? 

Donald: Pretty much everything, Gaston. You plan to betray the whole expedition for some heart-shaped gem and because you're jealous that Kairi prefers Sora over you! 

Goofy: Yeah, what kind of hunter are you, Gaston? 

Gaston: One of a kind! 

Rover: What do we do with them, Maleficent? Should we boil them in hot water? 

Fido: Clip the duck's wings? 

Spot: Hurt their feelings? 

Diablo: Make them listen to terrible yodel music? 

Maleficent: Oh no, no, no. Worse...much worse. Gaston...throw these two snitches into the brig. 

Gaston: Oh, gladly. 
Dragonfire92379 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2019
How about this for the ending of this or in my version of this if you don't want me do do this here which is fine...

The time had come for Kairi, her family and all who went with them to leave Equestria for good, Sora and Sakura are now heroes as well as the new Prince and Princess of Equestria now that Maleficent had been send to the deepest depths of Tartarus where she will remain for eternity.

With Gaston gone, the remaining surviving bad guys will be facing trail upon returning to Arendelle. The surviving followers of Maleficent who refused to recant had been banished to the Boarderlands by the Celestial Sisters, Twilight, Taiku and Bloom while Crydius and Mal were permitted to stay as a reward for their redemption and denouning their loyalty to Maleficent though the brother and sister duo are sad because despite the fact that she conspired with the one thing she was against which made Crydius and Mal stop believing in her cause and joined Sora and Sakura's side, nearly suceeded in taking control of Equestria and everything she did to Sora, Sakura, Kairi and their families and friends, Maleficent was still their mother. She was given a chance to accept her defeat and leave to atone for her crimes against Equestria by excepting her would've been suitable fate; banishment from the jungle by Sora, Sakura and Celestia, but she failed to do so.

Plus Lefou was also forgiven for being a pawn in Gaton's villainy and unholy alligence to the now gone Maleficent.

And now that Sora and Sakura are now the new human Prince and Princess of Equestria, it was time for them and their allies to start cleaning up the mess and undoing all of the damage both Gaston and Maleficent had left their jungle home in. But for Kairi and her group, it was time for them to leave and say goodbye...
RyantheLionKing Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2019
(Let this be your version. Sakura doesn’t exist in Jus’s version.)
Dragonfire92379 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2019
Of course. But what do you think?
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OhYeahCartoonsFan Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2019
Leebo4 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2019
Thanks for favouriting my story, do you think you can tell em what you think I nether comments of it please
Dragonfire92379 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2019
Hey Juss, have you thought of a good date to continue Danny Potter and the Dragon Hollows and what do you think of my idea of casting Thanos as the role of Grogar in My Little Heroines Friendship is Magic?
Solid-Sun Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2019
Any idea when you will continue Beauty and the Demon Pony?
cmara Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2019   Traditional Artist
Are you familiar with "The Book of Pooh"? Maybe you could spoof some of the episodes with your Winnie the Pooh/Cream the Rabbit casting. :)
RyantheLionKing Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2019
For The Jungle Book...the one with Loud and Charity...perhaps we can have Gaston as 'Buldeo'...

Gaston: Father Time...we need to talk. 

Father Time: Oh, Gaston. I didn't see you there. What would you like to talk about, Captain? 

Gaston: I think you know what I want to talk about. 

Father Time: Is this about Loud? Look, Captain Gaston, I know Loud shouldn't have tried lure those kids outside the village...but he's a kid. Kids do stupid things all the time. 

Gaston: How long will you keep using that excuse, Father Time? How long will you keep defending him before he does get someone killed?! 

Father Time: Loud is just a kid, Gaston. You don't know him like we do. 

Gaston: That's my point, Father Time. NONE OF US KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HIM! He's a stranger in our home, as is Miss Charity. They're both strangers on our land. They impose dangerous ideas in the minds of our youth, ideas that don't belong here. 

Father Time: What are you saying, Gaston? 

Gaston: What do you think I mean, Father Time? Loud was raised in the jungle. Charity was raised in the jungle! They are not like us. They are both a THREAT to the future of this village and a THREAT to the children--.

Father Time: Gaston, that's enough! 

Gaston: Would you rather have the blood of our children on your hands, Father Time? Or would you rather have our village and our ways of life protected? Hmm? 

Father Time: What are you accusing me of? 

Gaston: Think about it, Father Time. Loud doesn't act like a real human being and he talks to animals, while I've heard Charity complain about how about a girl's lot in life in this village. What do you think that implies? That they have NO respect for our ways or for us. And as much as I hate to say it, they HAVE to go! 

Father Time: Gaston, that's my decision. Not yours. This conversation is closed. 

Gaston: Very well, Father Time. If you insist. warned. You can't protect Loud forever nor can you hope to change him. Once you live in the jungle, you are always a part of the jungle. Come, LeFou. 

LeFou: Uh sure thing, Gaston. 

As soon as Gaston was out of earshot, Father Time frowned. 

Father Time: Sometimes I just don't understand He's just so infuriating and...ugh. What am I gonna do with Loud? 
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Thanks for favouriting
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Happy St. Patrick's Day, Jus! la-patrick (var.) St Patrick's Day 2017 medium emoticon Happy St. Patricks Day St. Patricks Day Not so lucky 
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Dude, have you checked out yet, you should as somthing is there.
JusSonic Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2019
Uh, you sure? All I see is the same black screen. The only change I think I saw is that "Scott Games" is spelled "Scot0t Games".
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Be on a lookout for my re-do of my HTTYD fanmake.
RyantheLionKing Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2019
Will do.
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Will you still continue House of Pony? I love that series.
Tohokari-Steel Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2019
Hey, didn't expect to see you favoriting my stuff! How've you been?
JusSonic Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2019
Fine. No prob.
cmara Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2019   Traditional Artist
By any chance you planning a fanamke of the live action 101 Dalmatians movie from 1996?
RyantheLionKing Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2019
For Beauty and the Demon Pony...

Applejack: I still don't get it, girls. Twilight's told Boris off one too many times, yet he still persists in pursuing her. Why can't he just take a hint and let her be? 

Rainbow: Well you know how guys like Boris Sharpshot are, Applejack. They think 'no' means 'yes' and 'scram' means 'take me, I'm yours'. 

Pinkie: Uh...what does that mean, Rainbow? 

Rainbow: It means...Pinkie...uh...

Fluttershy: That he doesn't take rejection well? 

Rainbow: Yes, thank you, Fluttershy. It means he's persistent and won't stop until he gets his way. 

Applejack: His persistence might get him killed one day though. 

Fluttershy: And that's what I'm afraid of. 

Pinkie: Me, too. 
Dragonfire92379 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2019
It's pretty ironic because it's gonna be true. And it will be the same with Chase in Kunochi and the Kyuubi too.
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