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Party Poison.




So this is a wallpaper I made with the Party Poison logo from Gerard Way's Killjoy jacket!

I thought it was a cool design, and I wanted it in a wallpaper.

I made the logo up in Illustrator, and took it over to Photoshop to stylize it! The carbon pattern in the background is tinged blue, because that's the colour of Gerard's (Party Poison's) jacket [just to throw in some context :P]

If you'd like to critique it, feel free - I've got a few different feelings about this one. I didn't just want a plain wallpaper, but I also didn't want something tooooo flashy. So, let me know what you think! :D

If you use it, don't forget to fave it ;)
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Nice one. I found this really helpful as I am making a party poison jacket!
It's for my costume on heroes and villains day. :)