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Christmas Tree



This is a Christmas tree I made after seeing a bit of a tutorial online...
I didn't want the whole fancy background, just the basic look of the shapes used for the tree, so I based my shapes on that...

I got the lights by using jcphoto's image on that link...
The rest was just photoshop!
I was going to put it to the side, but I figured to the left would get in the way of Windows users who unlike me have a totally clean desktop :P (no icons, just the bar, and a dock), and on the right would get in the way of some Mac users who have icons other than the HD in the corner, so I left it in the centre so anyone can use it!

Let me know what you think, you can be nice or not, I don't mind!! I would really love some critique; amateur or professional, or just saying thanks and you downloaded!

If you download, please comment of fav; if you think its worthy to sit in your fav's folder =]
It's MUCH appreciated to know how my work is being received..

Thanks a lot for stopping by!


Please take the time to open up my 2010 Christmas image in a new tab and see if it tickles your fancy! :) :
Christmas Hills

Doubly thank you!

Thank you! Geezus...
I have no doubt that's due to external linking considering the lesser views - but hoooly cow, 11,000 views.
That's crazy.
Thank you everyone involved in those statistics!
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used it for school project (making christmas card)