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Apple Spray Wallpaper

This is another version of the wallpaper that started out as 'It's just better' ...then progressed to having no text, and a while back I thought I might make it semi-graffiti-ish...

So here's the result! :D

Please comment, fav if you download and let me know what you think about it!
Some feedback would be very nice :)

Thanks a lot :D

Update: By request, there is now a 27" version of this wallpaper available HERE. Thanks :)
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Hello! Cool wallpaper!

I am currently compiling themes for Windows 7 consisting of the best of the Artwork/Wallpapers available. The themes are being compiled on a variety of topics. These themes are featured on our blog. We have started a gallery of Windows 7 themes here.

I wished to make a theme about Apple. Plan to use your Apple Wallpaper in the Theme. For credits, a text file would be provided with the theme, which will give you due credits for your work as well as a link to your profile on DeviantArt. The credits are also given in the Deviation details. Please see my Profile and gallery for details.

I have permission from quite a few DA Artists. Hope you too are alright with this!