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The ABaniacs - COLORED

Here's a coloring I did just recently of my Third Commission from :iconpink-diapers: featuring the original trio from the old Warner Bros Saturday morning cartoons of the 90's, The Animaniacs!

As you can tell by this picture the Warner Sibs are currently wearing and making use of their new diapers. Yakko appears to be getting aquianted with his diaper while Dot teases him a little and Wakko is enjoying his new game totally oblivious to the world about him. Here's the original sketch for a comparison [link]

I used micron pens to ink the image then I colored the rest of it using photoshop in case anyone asks. BTW I find micron pens better to work with as I didn't like the thick lined pens I borrowed before.

This pic (c) Copyright :iconpink-diapers:
Coloring job by me :iconjuspuh1:
The Warner Siblings are all (c) Copyright Warner Bros. Inc.
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What color would Yakko and Wakko's diapers be
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If you mean the color of their landing zones. I would imagine Wakko would have a bold red and Yakko would have a bright sky blue.
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Yakko sure does make the patting seem enjoyable. :orange:
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No potty emergencies for Wakko, I see. Dot look a lot cuter in them, too.
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I agree Dot does look cuter when she's diapered.
I agree with both ya's.
Dot is SOOOO adorable in diapers, more so than out of them.
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