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Minerva's Diapering ABDL - Pink-diapers

I am so proud to bring you all another commission from the highly talented :iconpink-diapers: bringing back some firmiliar faces from one of my all time favourite shows the Animaniacs with cute little Dot Warner and the sex appealing Minerva Mink ;)

Well Minerva, although being the age that she is, still tends to act rather childish but with Dot around to keep her diapers changed she couldn't be in better hands. Dot dons a nurse costume to fullfill her role as the caregiver and dresses Minerva appropriately to match her clean new garnment.  

I'd say this has got to be the best pic I've commissioned from Pink since the Tom and Jerry comic, indeed the cartoony nature of these characters blends well with her style. The pic went through a few hoops to get completed but all that aside it was all well worth the wait.

:iconminervaminkplz: and :icondotwarnerplz: are (c) Copyright Warner Bros. Inc.
This comic is (c) Copyright :iconpink-diapers:

Please enjoy and don't forget to compliment Pink she worked hard on this ;)
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Dot change me next please giggles
Mattguygru's avatar
can dot change my diapiee?
EmmetEarwax's avatar
Minerva and the Warners at their most salacious -for DA.
Juspuh1's avatar
Well it is a fetish piece technically, for a niche audience.
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Pink really does a helluva job! She's one of the best ABDL artists in my book!
Juspuh1's avatar
Indeed, this is still one of my all time favorites!
RangerBaby's avatar
I swear I've seen this it reuploaded?
Juspuh1's avatar
I removed the mature filter tag I had on it before.
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You should really thank :iconpink-diapers: for drawing this. :-)
yes thank you Heart Heart Heart 
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Nice. And of course no diaper change is properly complete without the traditional pat on the butt. :)
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Dot's proud of her handiwork changing an 'adult baby' by herself, not too mention the pat reminds Minerva who's in charge. ;) 

Thanks I'm glad you like it! :D
bubblybumblebee1's avatar
This is kind of adorable! Nurse Dot and baby-ish Minerva
Juspuh1's avatar
I'm glad you like it and thanks for faving! :-)
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Minerva looks sexy bottomless!
Juspuh1's avatar
...and she looks even better when Dot puts on the diaper.
Harry-Topper's avatar
I still like bottomless Minerva.
8Horns's avatar
I love this . :)
Juspuh1's avatar
I'm glad you like this, Dot really does make a cute little Nurse doesn't she? Well Minerva shouldn't have to worry too much as long as Dot's here to change her.
BabyRC's avatar
Awesome! I think it would be funny to see Dot do that to her brothers.
Juspuh1's avatar
Well... the closest you're going to get to that in this point and time is this previous commission by the same artist.

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