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Silent Ponyville: Eternal Darkness Chapter 2 :iconjurodan:Jurodan 2 7
Silent Ponyville: Eternal Darkness Chapter 1
Author's Notes: I'm going to just push this AU divergence in at the same time as The Rainbow Surprise Epilogue and Silent Ponyville 3 Prologue.
Silent Ponyville: Eternal Darkness
Chapter 1: Wish Fulfillment
Luna lingered in Canterlot. There really wasn't a better word for it. Royal duties were attended to by Celestia, and though her sister had tried to include her since her return the success had been limited. Together they would see their subjects, set down laws, issue decrees, but alone? To her subjects, now and for years to come she would be Nightmare Moon. Who would want to appeal to Nightmare Moon for aid? Who would want to appeal to Nightmare Moon for anything?
And so she sat, masking her misery while her sister went to cavort at a wedding for two ponies who had saved her from herself. She had desperately wanted to go, to give honor them, to bless their marriage and thank them for their aid. Her sister had persuaded her not to. Someone needed to remain in Canterlot to assure the
:iconjurodan:Jurodan 5 3
Look Out Below
It's a rush, ya know, dying. Yeah, it may not seem it at first, in fact, most people don't seem to think of it at all except when they worry. Too busy thinking about the way they live rather than the way they will die. I guess I can understand it, but then, there are some people who can't, or whose views change. Really, that's me. Inoperable cancer. Yeah, biting it this early wasn't exactly my idea of fun, but it's how the cards were dealt. Stacked decks suck, don't they?
Anyway, it got me thinking, while I was laying in bed, looking at the clock tick past the seconds. I hadn't really accomplished anything. I had a girlfriend, yeah, and she's pretty broken up over the whole thing, and lord knows my mom is bawling her eyes out. Dad tried to put a brave face on, but it was even a bit much for him. I heard him mumbling about how parents shouldn't outlive children.
Where was I? Dying. Yeah. It's actually pretty exciting when you think about it. I mean, knowing I'm going to die sucks, but I
:iconjurodan:Jurodan 0 0
For The Love Of Stomachs
For The Love of Stomachs
Jennifer lay on the bed, Theodore lying beside her. Above her, stars twinkled. They weren't real, she knew. The room was unlike any other, the mural of the night and day wrapping around it, slowly, almost imperceptibly moving along the walls. The moon's appearance changed each night. She looked up at the stars, dull light flitting down upon her. The soft silk sheets that lay upon her were ruffled as Theodore turned, rolling onto his stomach. She turned and looked at him for a moment, smiling.
They had made love. It was beautiful, almost transcendent. She had had sex before, but this was different. His passion, his touch, they were different from others. She reached over to him, brushing the hair from in front of his face, leaning in to kiss his brow. He smiled in his sleep, if he really was sleeping, and she smiled, looking back at the stars. How she had earned this, how she had earned him, she could never know.
:iconjurodan:Jurodan 17 5
Mature content
At The Auction :iconjurodan:Jurodan 8 3
The Nature of Evil
The Nature of Evil
Gregory sat silently, eyes glazed over as he stared into the distance watching people walk through the park, children playing, lovers lingering next to each other on blankets. There were no clouds in the sky, the sun shining down upon them, filtered only by the leaves blowing in the breeze. Gregory’s eyes fell to the ground, refocusing as he drew a deep breath. “You’re evil.”
Gregory waited; the man sitting beside him was silent, perhaps wondering if he had heard what he had thought he heard, perhaps wondering what he was going to do if he had heard what he what he thought he heard. “Excuse me?”
Gregory slowly turned to look at the man, “You’re evil.”
The man stared at him, trying to mask his shock perhaps, or trying to feign confusion. Gregory looked him in the eyes and the man looked away, “I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“You killed someone.” Gregory murmured.
The man
:iconjurodan:Jurodan 2 3
Neko Eating Naga, Alt. End
Neko Eating Naga
Niya lay silently, resting in the quiet of the open field. It was a beautiful day, the sun shined down on her; it’s warmth spreading through her. The wind swept through the air, running over her, brushing the soft grass against her skin, tantalizing and teasing her. She smiled and squirmed, purring contentedly in her simple luxuries. If only they could last…
“Are you going to eat me?”
She must have taken the naga by surprise, not having her eyes open, seeming so oblivious to her surroundings. She could feel the naga’s hand hovering over her, just now casting it’s shadow over her. She propped herself up and finally opened her eyes, looking at the raven haired naga, “Cat got your tongue?” She teased playfully.
The naga looked down at her confused, “No… wait, I mean yes… I am going to eat you. And no cat has my tongue.”
“Ah… that’s sweet.” Niya’s smile grew, and she pushed herself up, fin
:iconjurodan:Jurodan 10 6
Neko Eating Naga
Neko Eating Naga
Niya lay silently, resting in the quiet of the open field. It was a beautiful day, the sun shined down on her; its warmth spreading through her. The wind swept through the air, running over her, brushing the soft grass against her skin, tantalizing and teasing her. She smiled and squirmed, purring contentedly in her simple luxuries. If only they could last…
“Are you going to eat me?”
She must have taken the naga by surprise, not having her eyes open, seeming so oblivious to her surroundings. She could feel the naga’s hand hovering over her, just now casting its shadow over her. She propped herself up and finally opened her eyes, looking at the raven haired naga, “Cat got your tongue?” She teased playfully.
The naga looked down at her, befuddled, “No… wait, I mean yes… I am going to eat you. And no cat has my tongue.”
“Ah… that’s sweet.” Niya’s smile grew, and she pushed herself up, finally sitti
:iconjurodan:Jurodan 36 19
Tressa grabbed a night apple from the merchant's booth, inspecting it, lifting the black skinned fruit and squeezing it softly before lifting it to her nose. She nodded to the merchant, who grinned as she reached into her purse and dropped a few gold pieces on the stall table. “A pleasure as always.” He said with a flourish, sweeping the coins from the table as she walked away.
She nodded slowly to the merchant, a wan smile on her lips, “Make sure to give some of the money to the boy, Azin,” The smile disappeared, and she rubbed her distended stomach, the figure still visible inside, “you don’t pay him nearly enough for the danger you put him in.”
The merchant grew pale and bowed nervously, “Yes, yes of course.”
“Very good.” Tressa nodded again and started heading back home, the night apple firmly in hand. She lifted it to her nose again and took in its sweet scent, before putting it in her pouch. She would save it for later. She
:iconjurodan:Jurodan 4 7
Doodle Girl by Jurodan Doodle Girl :iconjurodan:Jurodan 0 3
Mature content
World War Z Shattered Delusion :iconjurodan:Jurodan 10 3
White Rabbit: Rika as Alice by Jurodan White Rabbit: Rika as Alice :iconjurodan:Jurodan 5 4 The Lands of Theron by Jurodan The Lands of Theron :iconjurodan:Jurodan 2 2 Noelle Claus by Jurodan Noelle Claus :iconjurodan:Jurodan 3 3 Secret Santa Morrow and Darius by Jurodan Secret Santa Morrow and Darius :iconjurodan:Jurodan 1 5
Winter Brawl R3 Intermission
Round 3 Spectator Entry
The voices within Mika's mind shrieked and howled. Mika hurled herself forward once again, lunging forward with her own severed arm in her mouth. They would not let her rest, not until he was dead, his corpse lying on the ground, his flesh rent from his body. Their foul voices sang out in a otherworldly chorus.
Jason watched her with disbelief, “No way...”
'You see...? She is a killing machine... no longer human...' Belenus's voice was oddly calm, 'you must end her...'
A shiver ran down Jason's spine, and has blade trembled in his hand. Blood trickled from the cut in his brow, droplets falling from his chin as he rose. “Unfortunately...” All doubt disappeared and he steadied himself, “I fear you're right, Belenus...”
Mika threw herself at him, wrenching her head back to use the blade in her dead hand. Jason blocked, but Mika refused to stop, slashing at his chest. The coat caught the blow and Jason looked down at the girl in pity, &
:iconjurodan:Jurodan 1 5


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So, I went out and saw a movie last night with Nina while celebrating her birthday (and, once again, Happy Birthday Nina). We went to see Inglorious Basterds, the new Quentin Tarantino flick.

It was awful. Not just bad, but outright awful.

Since there are so many flaws, lets start out with pacing, shall we? Quentin Tarantino seems to have a problem with pacing, specifically, the man needs an editor. Several scenes were drawn out for dramatic tension, but only a quarter of them really worked (and all of those were solely because of Christopher Waltz's superb acting during the film).

The scenes where the Basterds were interrogating three captured Nazis springs readily to mind, with one of the basterds taking a minute or so to exit the tunnel he was waiting in, having him strike the walls with the baseball bat he smashes nazi skulls in with. The German actually made me think quite highly of him for accepting his fate with about as much aplomb as someone about to be put to death could possibly have.

The other, and by far the worst scene of the movie was the drawn out scene in the basement. Yes, yes, I know he was trying for tension, will the British agent get found out or will his cover hold? (It's the former, by the way, and if you're going to yell about spoiling it, you should read the title of the post...) Anyway, the scene is horribly dragged out, starting with them waiting, having the British officer wary about the German who joined the Basterds, and then all of them entering the small bar, which they apparently could have done at the beginning of the scene... The scene goes on a bit, with them pulling away the actress from a group of Germans celebrating the birth of a son of one of those present, and goes on for a while the guy whose son was just born catching the British agent's accent. An SS soldier comes out and, after a scene that is ruthlessly drawn out, finally outs the British agent and gets all but one person in the bar killed. Yes, this does explain why the non-German speakers have to go to the big film at the end, but it's absolutely painful to watch.

On the bright side of the pacing, as I mentioned before, was Christopher Waltz's portrayal of Hans Landa, and especially his interaction with Shosanna Dreyfus. Christopher Waltz played a SS officer, specially one that tracked down hiding Jews, and while that seems very bastardly (and it is, no doubt), he went about his job that seemed to be lacking in malice. He was an EXCELLENT interrogator, causing anyone he talked with to be thrown off balance ("Wait for the cream..."), and did such a good job intimidating people that he had a grown man crying while still acting completely congenial. He also played one of the funniest parts of the movie, acting as the foil for Brad Pit in the beginning of the movie scene (with Brad Pit attempting to speak Italian while Christopher Waltz's character being completely fluent, and basically playing him for a fool). It was only after that scene that things came together at all, but that leads me to the next problem I have with the film.

Historical inaccuracy. Long story short: Hitler, Goebels, Goering and Borrman, and nearly the entire German high command all dieing in a movie theater in Paris either due to fire (set by Soshana and her lover Marcel), bombs brought in by the Basterds (and one placed by Hans Landa who switches sides). The only reason Nina did not hear my jaw hit the floor was because of all the audio chaos spewing threw the cinema. Yes, it was very nice to see Hitler get shot to pieces (and then his body shot until it was collapsing into goo, and, no, I'm NOT exaggerating), but the sheer gall of it all was astounding. Lord knows the sacrifices we had to make before the bastard offed himself in real life, including the suicide attempts made by the Germans themselves. It didn't sit well with me last night and it still doesn't today.

So was the fact the Jews in the Basterds effectively turned themselves into suicide bombers. And it wasn't as if they needed to be either, they were wearing bombs on their legs and could have easily taken them off and tossed them into the crowd of nazis racing for the door. It's as if they just forgot to take them off. And, yes, I am aware they were in Hitler's balcony seat where Hans had set the bomb and they would have died anyway, but there's a difference between the sheer stupidity of not taking off the bomb on your leg and getting blown up by the bomb that someone had tossed under a seat.

And then there was the waste of talent. It's most noticeable from the trailer, really. You'd be surprised by the LACK of screen time that Brad Pitt and the actual Inglorious Basterds have as well as how brief the actual bouts of violence are. In fact, the majority of the film was devoted to either throw away characters or Hans Landa and Shossana Dreyfus (which, admittedly, come to be some of the best scenes of the movie). The violence, while nice and bloody (par the course for Quentin Tarantino), isn't all that it's cracked up to be. We don't actually see the Inglorious Basterds sabotaging the Germans behind the lines, we merely hear about it from other characters and see the aftermath of an attack once. A good quarter of the scenes for the Basterds, the bar scene, doesn't even have all of them in the shot, composed entirely of two bastards and the British agent who gets them all killed. Why they even bothered to toss the British Agent in at all, I'm still not quite sure...

As for the good parts of the movie... they just weren't enough to drag it above the murky waste it was mired in. Yes, it had it's moments, both humerous and violent, and Hans certainly made the tension linger whenever he was busy with actual business (I guess I should note that the other German SS, the one who actually caught the British Agent was actually quite competent in his own right, but the scene was almost painful in how it was done that it drowned out the creepy effectiveness of the character). Shosanna was a strong character as well (her little breakdown after being confronted by Landa was perhaps the most emotional scene of the movie, how she kept herself from weeping more openly went to show how strong of a character she was). Zoller (a German war hero who became the star of the movie within a movie [which also looked outright awful, but was being greeted by the Nazis as if it was the greatest movie in history]) was tolerable, at best, with a possibility of redemption cut short when Shosanna kills him when he gets in the way (only to mortally wound her in turn). Aldo Raine was a bastard, best portrayed by his execution order of a nazi radio operator, who had surrendered and was in handcuffs, for absolutely no reason, left a foul taste in my mouth. As for the rest of the basterds? I can't even really say, since none of them got any serious characterization.
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