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Winter greetings

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colorpencil, 2018-2020

I originally meant this piece to be done and send as my winter greeting card back in '18,
but never had a time to finish it back then.
this year I was able to and sending out to people who commissioned me around this time~

the original is available for purchase, please contact me!
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This is beautiful
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This is beautiful! I love the details in the background.

Happy Holidays!

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If you do not mind my asking, what sort of pencils do you use?

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mix of Mitsubishi water color pencils and Prismacolor's Col-erase, and some farber casttell.

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This is so beautiful!!😄 l like how you drew her and the animals, it's so detailed😀😊. I also love the colors you use, it's really pretty☺😁. Keep the good work!!😃😆

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This is a really good seasonal greeting card that anyone would like to use. Very nice colors and great character and animal designs that look like they would be great in a fantasy novel or children's book.

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Wonderful details and colors.

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Congratulations on your well-deserved DD. :)

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This is absolutely beautiful! It reminds me of Shirley Barbers illustrations c: gives me that same magical feel <33 It's gorgeous

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Beautiful work!! :love: !!! Congrats on your well Earned!! :clap: !!!

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This is stunning! :love:

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happy holidays darling :) it's so pretty!

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How big is this piece in real life?

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Wow, looks way bigger. I've yet to get my ink or color pencil strokes that fine

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Amazing :)

She reminds me of 'Snowgirl' from those vintage russian postcards :)

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oh I love those postcards!

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