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pencil, Photoshop 2013.2

Nut for Perna studio Classic Mythology II promo card!
check out here for detail! [link]
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My favourite Egyptian goddess!
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I never get sick of the Egyptian gods and goddesses! Probably because I don't see them nearly enough... Nut and her husband Geb are probably my favorite because of how hilarious their story is. Nut is the sky goddess and Geb is the earth god (that is to say, they are literally the sky and the earth) and they were very much in love. So in love that they were constantly "proving" it to each other. The other gods of the Egyptian pantheon had to find a way to separate them because being squished between the two was annoying. Despite all their efforts Nut and Geb still come together once a day. The time of day when Nut's body blocks out the light of most other gods is called night. The sky darkening from a storm is supposedly Nut getting too frisky and trying to get closer to Geb at the wrong time.
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This is ... O.O GORGEOUS!!!!!
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the link just takes me to your dA page xD
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no it's perna studio's dA page
loverofmythology's avatar
OH!! sorry XD i didn't even notice, all i saw were your art works and just assumed XDD i'll check it out then!
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lol no problem, thanks for checking them out!
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Wow, wonderful style and mood of the painting!
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This is quite a beautiful piece.
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I love it! It's so amazing, i love the colours you've used in this piece, they work very well.
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I love the galaxies! :^)
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awesome stuff :)
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This is absolutely stunning :hug:
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I love the colors in this. Makes me eager for a nice clear night to look at the stars. :)
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wow, this is gorgeous <3
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