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JohnlockedDancer|Hobbyist General Artist
Wonderful! Love it!
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theGrayStray|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How lovely! This is a superb illustration, straight out of a storybook, it would seem. I especially like the colouring job, with the wolf lurking in the darn and the little red Hood bathing in the sunlight. :clap:
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Very nice, classic style.
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bowtiies|Student General Artist
I've taken a look at some of your pieces. I love them all :D You're such an amazing artist. I am so jealous! I wish I could be as brilliant as you! Keep up the good work!
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RowanF|Student General Artist
lovely style :heart:
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好き好き好き!!! 木・・・色・・・・狼・・・・草・・・・表現と照明と・・・・・全部!!!
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Great work. I love the colors and she is adorable.
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Beautiful !!
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Bjekkergauken|Student General Artist
It's beautiful!
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Incredible what you can do with watercolor. You're amazing :wow:
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tonyperna|Professional Traditional Artist
I love it!
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DreamTheBunny|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She looks so innocent XD XD XD LOLZ
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SarahsPlushNStuff|Professional Traditional Artist
such a coy face!
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ElainePerna|Professional Traditional Artist
This is stunning! :love:
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Nice work! I like how you use the focus levels of the background to indicate depth and the mood is really well evoked. :) Very well done!
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The background for this is so beautiful!
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boete|Professional Digital Artist
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lemoncurrymeetsyoshi|Hobbyist General Artist
beautiful, I adore classic fairy tales, I like how you've imagined Red Riding Hood :D
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AdriennEcsedi|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pretty :heart:
I like her pose and expression and also the overall feel of the painting.
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Soldiers-of-Legacy|Student Traditional Artist
I like the style you went with in drawing and coloring this one ^^ It gives it that good ol' story book feel.
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Morbid-Maggie|Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful work!
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blanket86|Professional Traditional Artist
This is so amazing! Very good composition and style!
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freuddwyn|Hobbyist General Artist
amazing work!
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CecilyRoseMidnight|Hobbyist General Artist
She looks gorgeous here! She's one of my most favorite fairy tales. :)
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