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Attack of the Clones

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Published: January 21, 2011
Attack of the Clones
GTK and Metacity theme by jurialmunkey

This is an experimental theme that I've been toying with for a while. Finally got it to an acceptable point where I feel like I can release it. Due to the experimental nature, there will probably be some bugs. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment with a link to a screenshot showing any bugs you find. Some I may have just missed or are in programs I don't use, others may not be able to be fixed.

I hope you enjoy it.

Extract the Attack-of-the-Clones.tar.gz from the .zip
Open up Appearance preferences, Click install and select the .tar.gz file you extracted.

To install for Root programs (e.g. Synaptic), in a terminal run:
sudo ln -s /home/<insert your username here>/.themes /root/.themes

I'm using the Droid font family at 8pt. The Metacity is designed for 8pt Bold Droid Sans or 8pt Bold Ubuntu. Other sizes might have issues.

Requires Murrine 0.98 (included in Maverick)

Nautilus Elementary is required for the breadcrumbs.

If you don't wish to install nautilus elementary, and would prefer to use GTK breadcrumbs, do the following:
gedit ~/.themes/Attack-of-the-Clones/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
Scroll down to the bottom of the file and replace the line
include "Apps/nautilus.rc"
include "Apps/nautilus-gtk.rc"

Programs With Known Issues
Evolution: Issues with the Headers on the Mail list, working on a fix.

Non-GTK-Apps (OpenOffice, VLC, Skype): These apps don't use the dark style as it was the only way to get them to a usable point

Pidgin: Issues with text colour in some parts, working on a fix.

Thanks to the code in the Atolm and Elegant-Gnome themes for teaching me a number of ways to fix issues in dark themes, and also Atolm for the scrollbar trough pixmaps and Elegant-Gnome for the infobar pixmaps.

Change Log
v0.2 :: Minor Evolution Fixes ::
- Fixed hard to read text in message preview window
- Fixed some spacing issues in the message list header icons

v0.1 :: Released ::
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NathanaelEveangelStudent General Artist
WoooooW !!!!!!Trophy 
NathanaelEveangel's avatar
NathanaelEveangelStudent General Artist
Works like a charm!! Ubuntu-studio 15.10
sabe2222's avatar
men, i have ubuntu 13.04 and i do not know how to install it, can you help me please??
Rasa13's avatar
these wont work on gtk3 . :(
I really miss his themes tho.
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This theme can be intall on backtrack 5 r3 ?
Aky123's avatar
This theme can be install on backtrack ?
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Magnificent theme. My only criticism is that the decision to go with light menus and panel makes it difficult to go with a monochromatic theme, as the general backgrounds are dark. Excellent theme overall though.

That emerald theme looks gorgeous too.
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bigcyco1Hobbyist General Artist
Great work bud.
SamDeRe81's avatar
Vitally important to have :D Great job!
alprincenofl's avatar
I have installed/test it but it just changed the theme only without the icons and the menu :/
How can i install the menu and the icons ?

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properlypurpleProfessional General Artist
awesome... :D :D i've gotta port it to gtk3 for sure.. :D
Rasa13's avatar
yes! Please, someone do!
Im not using Gtk3 yet..
But will want this when I do! :P
properlypurple's avatar
properlypurpleProfessional General Artist
i'm doing it but i'm running into some major bugs.. i guess i'll come up with something soon.. :)
Rasa13's avatar
No worries bro, No rush! :nod: :D
properlypurple's avatar
properlypurpleProfessional General Artist
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WhitePhantom030Hobbyist General Artist
awesome work bud. i like the dark and light mix of colors :D
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73LL0Hobbyist Interface Designer
Awesome! Will be featured in Linux-Lounge and Galaxy-GUI...
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Excellent! Thank you :D
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Hi!, awesome theme. but I need the blackened breadcrumbs for Nautilus Elementary. Where I can find them?
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They are included within the theme. Do you have custom breadcrumbs installed in ~/.themes ? If you have installed a breadcrumb hack then you will have to remove it. Press ALT + F2, type: "gedit .gtkrc-2.0" (without quotes) and hit enter. Look for the line: 'include ".themes/nautilus/nautilus.rc"' and delete it. Then reselect this theme in appearance preferences.
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ScreenDskStudent Interface Designer
Thx man! a very very very nice theme! :)
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Great job! The best theme I ever used! (and i use tons of themes...)
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I wanted to share it in my blog Creative Desks, you can see it in this link [link] Thanks you! ^^
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