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Roxie Sticker

I've got a lot of fun plans this year for my characters, and if it all works out I may even get some merch goin'. This is just a potential sticker idea for Roxie. :D
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she looks poofy and soft =w=
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Man she is so cute
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Fierce and sweet all at once, that sharp-toothed grin is the icing on the cake. :thumbsup:
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Is this a Telegram sticker?
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I would buy this immediately
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Man, she's scary.
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Roxie: Grrrrr i gonna get ya! <--- That was the first thing i thought when i saw that XD , nice one Clap 
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I won't wanna get in between those claws, or that cleavage. 
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I think you should make more stickers of your characters
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Thanks! I certainly plan to. :D
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Do some of your plans include having her appear in one of your comic strips or animated shorts? I'd like to say see how she looks animated.
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Oh she's so cute, i love it :D
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She's so adorable, i love it so much :) (Smile) 
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Nice job dude :D
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Nice clevag... I-I mean teeth.
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Fear the raptor-cleavage 
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