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Moody Raptor

Oh Roxie, being all "dark and brooding". ;P
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Ah, shoot. My OC looks like her...
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love your art style c:

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Me When I'm In A Bad Mood.
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This picture says it all.I can just hear her now"What are you looking at?What you never seen a girl before?!!Go get outta here!!Go on git!!!"
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Aww...what's wrong, miss?
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I Suggest Staying Away From Her, Unless You Want Your Face Clawed Off, Of Course.
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That's why I'm asking from a good distance from her.
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She Might Pounce Off The Sign And Claw Your Face Off If You Piss Her Off Though
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Oh Ok. I Was Just Saying
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Yeah. I try to be extra courteous.
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You Mean Cautious?
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Dang roxy is still looking good
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she look pretty cool 
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She looks hot when she makes that pose on that sign ^^
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Good job man :D
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Fantstic job m8 :D (Big Grin) 
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Hello there roxie
Now I can imagine the Danny Elfman Batman theme playing...
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Grumpy Raptor trying to be edgy and I love her attempt.

Awesome pose, colour and shading work on Roxie, man! :D
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Fantastic work with Roxie here! Her expression and the colouring are all very neat here! :)
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Maybe she just needs more fiber in her diet 
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