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Hello Traveler

Crystal, being the friendly dragon she is, often helps travelers who seem lost.
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It's cuteee and furry

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I love it, she's so cute! 😊😊

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"Hey, you. You're finally awake."

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She is so cute!! lovely work
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I Want To Kiss Her :love:
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She beautiful!Love
Trotabosques's avatar
Dragon girl, Ah?
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Seriously man, I still adore her! Fantastic job on this! :D
SomePkmn-LovingDude's avatar
What a cutie, lover cleava… er I mean eyes! ^/////^
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You have to draw Crystal more! Just love her design! <3
Caroos-Dungeon's avatar
She's absolutely adorable in design :D
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The shadin on the character is very nice and she looks adorable! Also your backgrounds!!! Amazing!!
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i've read the title in Noach Munch voice.

watch this to see why this should concern you...

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I'm blushing hard with this, why?
Love it.
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hello sexy lady ;p
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Wow, I'm blushed.

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she looks adorable
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Something seems off about the wing... other than that everything looks awesome! Good job mate. :)
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She's quite cute. ^u^
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