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Goliath's Arena

"Only those who wish to suffer enter this arena."
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nopnopnop doez not wanna suffer

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Very, very good, and smooth too!

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Lewis dodge the attack and fights!
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And at that moment I died
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Bull vs Tyrannosaur, Who win?
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Nice animation though i think the jumping could have been better.
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It probably could've used an extra couple frames of anticipation before he makes the jump now that I look at it. 
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Yeah i barely noticed the moment when he jumped, it needed a bit more weight to it.
Very well-animated!
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Me 2: Aw heck.
(Sees the Minotaur charging towards him)
Me 2: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! (Runs away)
(The Minotaur jumps up)
Me 2: Not the face! Not the FACE!!!!
(The Minotaur falls toward him)
Me 2: S**t, s**t, S**T!!!
(Screen goes black)
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Ow, my face... :ohnoes:
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Fantastic, a more even fight your little sword against an axe.
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That is some good animation right there. :)
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Very impressive animation! :thumbsup: ;)
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Totally awesome >>
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