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Dragon Bath

Crystal taking a nice relaxing bath in the hot spring.
That's how dragons bathe, right? :B
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Her colour scheme makes her look like Ember from Spyro: a hero's tail

Aristodes's avatar
Good job on her foot.
DGCinfoKitty's avatar

Love Reptile Girls!

kevinobill's avatar
Ooh, she looks so beautiful and adorable when bathing in a hot spring. Happy birthday, my friend.
Cute, sexy and beautiful, she fascinates me :heart:
TarriPup's avatar
I could really go for that bath right now~ :heart:
Dalekaresupreme's avatar
Trotabosques's avatar
Look only at your face at all times, and only your face
Emeralddragon2's avatar
Lava would getcha cleaner :]
STARWARRIOR001's avatar
DinoDracko's avatar
I have no idea why I'm blushing so hard right now. :XD:
F95's avatar
cute and nice work 
gizmo01's avatar
Cant argue with that logic :D
ParticleAccelarator's avatar
WileyTheKoyote's avatar
She’s one good-looking dragon lady. 😄 love it!
Project-Unidad's avatar
come to realize that this flying lizard don't have titties
Goji1327's avatar
Well she does, but no nips XD
olscli16's avatar
She's a one hot dragon babe! I love that sexy Crystal!
bubbles46853's avatar
I really don't want her to get the wrong idea.  Though, why is the steam there?  She has no parts that I can see through them.
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