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Dinos at the Movies

Saw the new Godzilla over the weekend and loved it. Thought it'd be fun to see how Zarland and Trixie would've reacted to it. ;P
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Zarland has great taste in movies. :)

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I watched King Of The Monsters in the theater with my friend, Calvin. I thought it was a great film, but the cliched "humans are destroying the environment" message really boiled my biscuits.

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It was a good movie
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I loved that movie, now I have it on DVD & Blu-Ray!
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I’ve watched Godzilla King Of The Monsters about 15 times.
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So true bro, so true.. 
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Yeah, that's pretty accurate.

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I've watched Godzilla King Of The Monsters like about 12 times.
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best movie of 2019 is godzilla king of the monsters and pokemon detective pikachu and the worst movie of 2019 sonic the hedgehog and that crappy lion king reboot
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I'm With Zar. I Cried After Watching Avengers: Infinity War Not Because It Was Beautiful, But Because Of The Ending When Thanos Snapped His Fingers And The Victims Of The Snap Turned Into Dust :( :cries:
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How do you feel about endgame?
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I Honestly Felt Really Happy Because Of The Scene Where The Snap Victims Were Brought Back To Fight Thanos And When Tony Takes The Infinity Stones From Thanos And Uses Them To Snap Thanos And His Army Away. It Was A Better Experience For Me In Endgame Than The One I Had With Infinity War :)
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Let me rephrase that

How do you feel about Tony Stark's death?
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It Was Sad And So Was Black Widow's, But The Creators Announced That Their Deaths Would Still Impact The MCU.
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I've watched the movie before and it was beautiful indeed.
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I agree with Zarland.
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Beautiful Movie? Go watch Bullitt 1968
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What could that movie POSSIBLY have that's more beautiful than Godzilla 2019?
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Gone in 60 seconds 1974
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