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Dino Smooch

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Ok Zarland no offence but please make up your love life because this happened:

Zarland and Roxie: Valentines Day
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Gandalf: Oh, why don’t you two just kiss on the lips already!
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Cause’ its family friendly. E3!
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Trixie made her move! You better up your game, Roxie.
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:aww: Simply the best! Smooch! Ever!
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Bet the sequel will be called "Dino Smooch 2: Smooch Harder" Followed by "Dino Smooch 3: With a Vengeance"

Great work on the expressions and the colours really pop in this!
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Just brilliant! I want to see the cover of those sequel, now! :D
This is cute! But won't Roxie get jealous?
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Hopefully this pairing won’t go extinct!
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I have this feeling that I would react a little bit differently when she would kiss me like that x3
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OMG, that is so cute
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Ah, this is why Youtube broke.
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LOL that's adorable.
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Smooch her back boy!
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I knew this two was perfect to each other :) (Smile) 
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Is that your girlfriend?
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Zarixie confirmed.
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