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Dino Rumble

Sorry Zarland, Roxie likes to play rough and doesn't hold back.
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[interrupts the fight by making this sound]

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engineer: (looks at the dinos)

commander R: hello dinos. im you worst nightmare.

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He should beat her later. It's just not natural for her to be stronger.
crazyman54's avatar
Roxie's a bully
CrazyGraeHawkatoo's avatar
Seems like a Chaos Pulse would be in order.

Or a Chaos Blast.

Wait, wrong universe. XDD
EldritchLJThurston's avatar
Hmmm………………apparently yes. :/
Trotabosques's avatar
One word: Punch!
orionblaze666's avatar
i call next round
CubeRocks's avatar
Dork? Roxie, you look like a dork too!
owenstarr68's avatar
Hey! Let's Not Be Mean.
sav8197's avatar
Damn she really does play rough! XD
ArtsyTanooki's avatar
This is not gonna help Zarrland  see your feelings for him
NewPatriot778's avatar
What do you suppose Roxie sounds like? I've been imagining her sounding like Cree Summer. 
crazyman54's avatar
Oof already don't like Roxie.
DGCinfoKitty's avatar
Dinos are the best!
DentonClone's avatar
Man, dinosaur flirting is weird.
Theweepingwraith's avatar
Have you seen the pics I did of Zarland and Roxie?
Myq-Annon's avatar
Oh if only Trixie was here..and a nearby phone booth. 
FrostTheHobidon's avatar
Frost: Is this a bad time?
Little-Mr-Anderson's avatar
This is the way to show that she likes him. :heart: 
Great job!  :D 
Thegoldengalaxyboy's avatar
I have the feeling that he's been saying "UNCLE UNCLE!" for the last hour.
NeoNimbus526's avatar
This isn't just Zarland's day, isn't it? X3
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