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Dino Ocean

Zarland and Trixie found themselves in a tropical paradise~
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I like her little flower!
theamazingworldofatt's avatar
“Having fun in the sun!~”
bravebravesirbrian1's avatar
What exactly is Zarland?  Is he a raptor or a T-Rex?
richsquid1996's avatar
pretty nice artwork <3
Armoredtuba's avatar
This place looks like paradise huh
bbb01roby's avatar
Cool drawing, I want to see also them underwater. It would be amazing.
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You're doing great, keep it up
CuddlyCooper's avatar
Fantastic work here, man! Lighting and the whole scene with the pair here I love so much! :)
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Wow, now I really want some water too!
So beautiful! They look like they have a lot of fun!
ZookieDragon's avatar
I love the way you've drawn the sea here :)
CharlesDCoburn13457's avatar
This is super cute/cool Z-keep it up
felixthecatfan's avatar
That must be fun!!! Love the water you made transparent!!
CharlesDCoburn13457's avatar
It is for them-Nice way to cool off-Dino Water Party
felixthecatfan's avatar
The water was so cold when I went to the beach!
CharlesDCoburn13457's avatar
I haven't been to the beach n a year-but I agree with you
felixthecatfan's avatar
Have you went to the pool?
CharlesDCoburn13457's avatar
Not in a while-I live in a condo and it's always flled with people especially now since it's summer
felixthecatfan's avatar
Do you know who is this? 
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