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“So we have to split up?” Mako muttered in disbelief as she read the latest task on the board. After a minor alteration to her vest involving a piece of string, the vest stayed comfortably around her body, waiting for the day when she could evolve and grow arms.

“For the moment.” Sanageyama explained, beginning to walk towards the area the dungeon was purportedly located. The Shuppet began to seem as though she was about to cry.

“Look, get into any trouble and call for me… I’ll find you.”

“You promise…?” Mako asked

“I promise. As usual.” The pawniard explained, smiling a bit.

“Right! Team Safe Enterprise Mission Two is a go!” Mako cheered, floating off ahead. Sanageyama sighed before following her.

*Minutes later*

The forest was dark. It was scary and dark and, quite frankly, Mako didn’t like this at all. She continued to float around the forest for several moments, looking almost frantically for her goal.

She heard a bush rustle next to her.

“Hello…?” She muttered, backing away from the bush. “S-sang…?”

The bush stopped rustling. Mako breathed a sigh of relief.

“Oh good, it is you Sang…” Mako muttered, floating over to the bush, “You had me terrified-”

She froze as she heard another bush behind her rustle.

“S-sang…? T-this isn’t funny…” Mako muttered, “P-please come out-” She felt a branch brush against her neck. Instantly her pupils shrunk.

*A ways away*

Sanageyama was quite honestly done with the forest. He hated the “don’t touch anything” rule. He was a pokemon of blades, how could he be sent here and told NOT to touch anything? Sighing, he reminded himself that Mako wanted the merit, so he wanted the merit.

Besides, it wouldn’t be too much longer, just find a stump and he could get back to doing anything but this. Maybe sharpening his blades.

After walking past a tree for what seemed to be like the tenth time, he sighed and sat down on a nearby stump.

Maybe he could just cut through a couple branches. Gavina wouldn’t even have to know-

As he adjusted himself to lie back on the stump, he suddenly found himself almost falling into a hole. Quickly reaching out, he managed to barely grab onto the stump.

“I found it!” Sanageyama cheered as he pulled himself up from the stump. Finally, now he just needed to find Mako and claim the reward-

A scream pierced the forest. Based on it’s high pitch, and knowing Mako’s usual reaction to being frightened, it was definitely Mako’s.

“Crap.” The Pawniard sighed, “Mako!” And with that he ran off to save his friend.

*Back with Mako*

“Calm down Mako…” The Shuppet repeated to herself, “You can do this Mako… J-just ignore them.” Another branch brushed against her neck, causing her to scream yet again. Not knowing what to do, she simply fell to the ground and did her best to curl up into a ball. A group of three Phantumps appeared around her.

“Hehehe…” One of them chuckled, “That was fun…”

“Yeah,” Another one smirked, floating around Mako, “She we be worried about her screaming?”

“Ah, relax. The forest is empty. There’s no chance someone will hear them.” The third explained, poking Mako, “Wanna take her home?”

Both the Phantumps stared at the third in pure fear.

“What?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. Turning around, he saw the rather angry Sanageyama glaring down at him, his claws charged with a Night Slash.

“I wonder… can ghosts die again…?” Sanageyama growled, gritting his teeth.

If the phantom stumps could turn white in the face, they would’ve. Instead all they did was float away in pure fear. Mako sat up after hearing them float away. Sighing, Sanageyama walked over to Mako.

“Stumps… You got terrified… by living stumps.” He sighed, sitting next to the Shuppet.

“I got nervous… I don’t like the dark, you know that.” She sighed.

“I know, I know… I’m sorry I said that...” Sanageyama muttered, “Avoid the pratfalls?”

“I flew over them… They’re easy to see.”

“I almost fell into one… Turns out berries aren’t on the ground for no reason…” Mako giggled a bit. “Feeling better now…?”

“A bit… But what would really make me feel better would be-”

“Finding the dungeon?”

“You found it?!” Mako cheered, tackling Sanageyama to the ground, causing the Pawniard to chuckle a bit.

“Yes, it’s that way.” He pointed, smiling a bit.

“Come on! Let’s go then!” Mako cheered, getting off of Sanageyama and flying off in the direction he pointed. Sanageyama smiled and followed her.
I don't believe this should be late.

But if it is, fuck it.

You see this is kinda why I hate groups. Due dates are sloppy and can get easily lost in translation especially if you're like me and think that July 8th means July 8th and not 5PM July 7th.

So, fuck it.


Reward (If even possible): Apricorn Ocarina

Merit earned


Pokemon (C) NINTENDO
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Really didn't know why I skimmed over this the first time, was a nice little read to relax. Hope you do more with this group!