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Mature content
A Review of Netflix's Death Note Adaptation :iconjurassicraptor:JurassicRaptor 2 1
Mature content
Mighty No. 9 Review :iconjurassicraptor:JurassicRaptor 0 4
Suicide Squad Review
Suicide Squad was perhaps one of my most anticipated movies for 2016.
And, in concept, how could you not be excited for it? Will Smith playing a charismatic lead, Viola Davis taking the role of Amanda Waller - one of the most intimidating DC characters ever to grace the comics, a diverse multi-ethnic cast comprised of both men and women, and the debut of Harley Quinn in the new DCCU.
But then came along Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and people began to worry. If DC could screw up a flawless story like Batman fighting Superman, then what chance do the rest of their properties have?
But, fears began to dissipate as trailers came out for the movie, showing the competent cast playing the biggest and baddest DC has to offer (and Captain Boomerang).
Then along came Jared Leto as one of the most important DC villains: The Joker.
I don’t know who screwed up here - Leto, director David Ayer, or a combination of both - but someone screwed up. Between Leto and Eisenberg I don’t
:iconjurassicraptor:JurassicRaptor 4 10
One Finger Death Punch Review
One Punch Man I mean, One Finger Death Punch is possibly one of the most simplistic games I have ever played - even more than Minecraft - and yet it is possibly one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve had in a long time.
There isn’t much more to the game besides what the name practically spells out, but that’s hardly a complaint: sometimes the most beautiful things come in simple packages, and that describes One Finger Death Punch perfectly.
You play as “Nameless 2D Man” who has apparently committed himself to the study of every form of Kung-Fu for those inconvenient days where you’re just walking along the grounds of an evil fortress, walking through the bamboo forests, or walking through another nondescript city and then a ravenous horde of nefarious Kung-Fu fighters appear out nowhere with the sole intention of killing you. It is a common occurance really, I’m still not allowed back in Salt Lake City for it. You’re only goal agains
:iconjurassicraptor:JurassicRaptor 0 1
Mature content
Ghostbusters: Answer the Call Review :iconjurassicraptor:JurassicRaptor 1 7
Wander Over Yonder Review
2016 has been the year of increasingly bad decisions - both on the large scale and small.
British citizens have basically voiced their opinion on wanting out of the European Union - a demand that has already seen international stocks investing in British companies and the value of the British Pound plummet. The pound has dropped in value by at least 5% by the time I am writing this, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing.
Meanwhile America has coincidentally decided that one of the two candidates for our highest office - President of the United States - should be a man more known for his failed business ventures, lawsuits, orange skin, and openly talking about his own penis live on stage in a televised debate than any real policy outside of building a wall near Mexico - a wall that, might I add, would really do nothing outside of increase taxes for patrols and likely drive illegal immigration and the drug trade either under, above, or around it by ways of tunnels, air, or sea.
:iconjurassicraptor:JurassicRaptor 0 7
Mature content
Overwatch review :iconjurassicraptor:JurassicRaptor 0 5
Mature content
Nickelodeon's The Loud House Review :iconjurassicraptor:JurassicRaptor 5 11
Warcraft Movie Review
Just to preface this, I have literally no experience with World of Warcraft, Warcraft, or the incredibly expansive lore that encompasses this mega-franchise. My knowledge is limited to specifically this movie and a few snippets I’ve understood from friends who have played either WoW or the Warcraft trilogy.
For those who are like me and have this incredibly limited knowledge of this complex universe, you will more than likely be lost throughout this movie - this is very much so a movie meant for long-time fans of Blizzard’s golden fantasy franchise. You will need to do some research to understand the races that they show off but never mention by name (i.e. Dwarves and Draenei (I think - again, they never say the name)). In order to get references that are clearly meant for those deep into the lore, you will need that research - or else it will bounce off of you.
Thankfully, I went to this show with a friend who decided to do some of that research
:iconjurassicraptor:JurassicRaptor 1 7
Mature content
X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Review :iconjurassicraptor:JurassicRaptor 1 2
Mature content
Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Review :iconjurassicraptor:JurassicRaptor 2 2
Mature content
5 of the Worst Boss Fights :iconjurassicraptor:JurassicRaptor 1 3
Mature content
Captain America: Civil War Review :iconjurassicraptor:JurassicRaptor 0 3
ANGL Chapter 6
The night had gone as quickly as it had arrived. It was now “judgment day” for the students, but you wouldn’t be able to tell simply by looking at them.
Most of them were still asleep as the first rays of daylight shone through the windows of the ballroom. The terse speech from their prospective headmaster had simply been too much for them to take awake. In spite of the quiet stillness that hung in the room, there were those that were awake and alert, they just didn’t seem to make that much noise.
That stillness seemed to fade as more and more students began to wake, each muttering something about the dreams they had or how well they had slept to their new friends and new acquaintances. Or blabbering to their old friends that they had clearly made the journey to Beacon with.
One with tan skin and curly dark hair sat up from his lying position, only to be met with the sight of his friend staring through a window that looked as though it may have or may not have b
:iconjurassicraptor:JurassicRaptor 2 3
Mature content
Deadpool (2016) Review :iconjurassicraptor:JurassicRaptor 0 3
Mature content
Miitomo (2016) Review :iconjurassicraptor:JurassicRaptor 0 4

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Mature content
Project Epsilon 3 :iconherodrake:Herodrake 3 117
up+B equals love by Hail-NekoYasha up+B equals love :iconhail-nekoyasha:Hail-NekoYasha 2,527 488 MJ calendar 2012  -cover- by HitomiOsanai MJ calendar 2012 -cover- :iconhitomiosanai:HitomiOsanai 81 52 Adventures of Team... by TamarinFrog Adventures of Team... :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 1,376 238
Brother's Aimed
I started the First Grade at Fletcher Elementary, with flinches and other agitations. There was Mrs. Alex and Ms. Katie who taught us, before they knew about Asperger's. The Lessons and lectures could be as confusing as learning what grown-ups do in the shower. It was almost the same thing class after class. I couldn't catch on like the others did, especially my own brother Steven. I would always ask them to repeat the same stuff, like the difference between an apple and a tomato, or the six and the nine.
It was Ms. Katie who struggled with my teaching. I knew she felt when I had the flinches. I could tell who she handled teaching and who she couldn't. I snuck peaks at her when she wasn't looking. When others would simply nod off or sleep away, all she had to do was slap the table and teach it just one more time. It was different for me, even when I paid attention.
She already chose her favorite student. He and I were in the same mini-group, and study group, and homework group, and eve
:iconchu4eon:Chu4eon 2 1
Tourtament submisson
Name: Christine (prefers Chris)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Residency: Hearthome City
Biography: An expert coordinator and a veteran trainer, Chris has traveled all over to every region with her Pokémon challenging the gyms and taking on the Pokémon leagues. Chris has even entered a few tournaments out of boredom winning most of them with her Graceful methods of raising her Pokémon. she can be shy when you meet her but on the battlefield she's really passionite and peppy and REALLY competitive.
Name: Kimchi the Infernape
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Moves: Mach Punch, close combat, Shadow claw, Flamethrower (knows more moves but often uses these)
Bio: Chris's first Pokémon and one of her strongest. Kimchi has a rather cold exterior but underneath it all he's a sweetie and loves his teammates immensely (even though he won't admit it…) and is fiercely loyal to Chris.  This Infernape is a natural born Killing/fighting machine, known all over the battle
:iconmythica-chris:Mythica-Chris 2 19
Into the Abyss
Into the Abyss
Chapter 3
"Begin the experiment…" Vortex said from where he stood. Before him was a large window looking in on a Machamp bound to the wall opposite.
"Serum version 3.549… Liquid form. Experiment beginning." a lab hand at one of the many computers in the room said. The room was dark, only lit by the glow of computer screens, the lights on the complex machines around them, and a single large tube holding multicolored ever changing light within it. At the lab tech's word, a small robot moved forward and injected a gray pulsating liquid into the Machamp. The needles prick woke the Machamp but he still could not move nor speak. The robot retreated into its corner before the trembling began. The Machamp twitched and trembled from head to toe, its head wiping back in forth as if in pain.
"So far… so good…" a lab tech said, noting down the reaction. Suddenly, it broke the specially made steel bindings, graded high enough to be able to resist damage from a Sal
:iconhumanpikachu:HumanPikachu 4 20
Senryu Series 11
election day
choosing the devil
I know
first date
her parents question
our future
road trip
the kids unpack
a squabble
massage therapy
another old knot
of heartbreak
deep recession
I add more spice
to the ramen
available on Itunes
job well done
from the boss...
blue moon
18th birthday
a postcard
from the army
even here
the poor section
midnight diner
everyone feeds
the jukebox
haunted house
we let the youngest
go first
:iconlaurence55:Laurence55 133 0
Coolest Sableye in DA by TamarinFrog Coolest Sableye in DA :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 363 112 Filly Faust by alfa995 Filly Faust :iconalfa995:alfa995 605 95 Playing Dirty by beatrizearthbender Playing Dirty :iconbeatrizearthbender:beatrizearthbender 200 196
Mature content
CHALLENGE 9: Meet the Rest :iconraspberrythebat55:Raspberrythebat55 4 41
PuebloDog62 meme
Golden Sun, Crimson Moon Meme of Doom!!!
PuebloDoG62 version
1.  Chose up to five OC's at random, and number then 1-5.
"Ok, let's see who's here for the day… and their gone." I said looking up from the clipboard of information at where, moments ago, a number of Pokemon had been assembled.
"Dude, you suck at this job." Keegan laughed from behind me. I spun around to face him and took a step back on reflex.
"Why the heck do you have that out?" I asked, keeping my eyes pinned on the muzzle. Keegan casually lifted the M-1 Grand to his shoulder and sneered.
"Cause I felt like shooting it today." he said, spinning it like an oversized toy.
"Well, keep it away from everyone. I don't want you killing another client." I said, holding the muzzle and moving its line of fire toward the soil.
"Oh please. I was able to hack their case wide open. I didn't even get fined!" he said happily to have committed the crime.
"Look, these guys are related to… some sort of military? I think&
:iconhumanpikachu:HumanPikachu 3 33
Nonary Game 1: Vlad
"Oh Aisling…" a moan escaped the male infernape as he rolled around on the bed. A light blush covered his face as a smile crossed his face. Another light moan escaped him as he rolled over again, but however,  he did not realize that he was on a bunk bed, and he promptly fell over, hitting the ground face first.
"GOD DAMN IT ALL!" Vlad shouted as he sat up, rubbing his face. He felt something on his wrist scratch against his forehead, and opening his eyes, he noticed it was a small bracelet with the number '1' crudely drawn on it.
"…still not the worse place you've ever woken up in Vlad…" he mumbled to himself as he looked around the small room. The room had grime covering the walls and most of the ground and ceiling. There was a small antique stove in the room near a closet, which had a small, rust, padlock on it. Across the room from the bunk bed was a large, iron door that was connected to a multitude of wires, which connected it to a small keypad. The iron
:iconherodrake:Herodrake 4 18



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You know, it's been a year since I wrote a journal on this website.

Honestly, don't know how I managed to avoid doing this for over a full year, it's honestly astounding to me. Especially with my last journal being about the piece of shit that was Jurassic World. Talk about a great ending.

Movie was so bad, didn't make me want to write a journal for a year.

But, I'm writing this now as a sort of explanation as to what's gone on in this year or so.

Started College last year, started as a Creative Writing major.
Best partis the lack of math classes, worst part was the roommate that I had initially. Guy was just weird, but oh well - I moved after a week so great.

Turned 18, so now I could legally... vote. (Thank you Scooby-Doo for that hilarious joke, I got so much mileage out of it)

Wrote a Top 10 best of/worst of for 2015, but never got around to publishing it. Mostly because it was things everyone expected. Mad Max: Fury Road best, Jurassic World worst - V1.0 of Kerbal Space Program best, Halo 5 worst. Okay, maybe not everyone expected it, but oh well, kind of late for that now.

Not much happened from that January to June outside of me going to College and being part of "campus life" I guess. You can tell how riveted I am about it.

Started up a Patreon account as well as a review only Tumblr blog.…
(Shameless plugs - I don't know who would even bother with the Patreon though)

And then started back up with School on Sept 1. Got moved back into my dorm, was placed with a roommate that made me feel incredibly uncomfortable and unsafe even so I did what any man of reasonable intelligence would do: get the hell out of there.

But now that it's been a year, I guess I can say that so far everything's going pretty okay. I'm in a better space now, and still with friends and family, so I guess everything's going alright.

Also, the monthly comissions from TamarinFrog are things I enjoy greatly.

So yeah.
Go team.


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