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Chapter 5 - Invading Herd- We're almost done today. - Dan drove or mini-truck at low speed, relieving himself with his own phrase. - I can't believe it's the sixth time and we have the weekend for us. This week was the worst of the month, without a doubt. -I would say in the worst semester. My knees are broken. But more and more this place is more beautiful, look like mulberries there. - Without passing, Marco pointed to the driver's left side. A small orchard of young trees was sunning itself. The children of the cicadas and the wind made the moment even more beautiful.- Too much effort, too much reward. As my father would say. The staff is already leaving, everything is in compliance. We just need to leave a “beautiful land” in greenhouse one now. Where are you going to release the beetles?Marco-Marc, how to abbreviate your mate and smile at the landscape again, your right now. He was handsome, reaching 40 years old. Its appearance follows a classic appearance of Italian heartthrob. His hair was a deep black and his beard was dark. His pallor was broken by a strong tan on his cheeks and foreheads.-You seem eager to finish soon. You were always the most anxious, Danny.They look at each other in an intimate and relaxed way.-Ah, what is it? Dan smiled. - We need to rest. Drink something, have dinner and enjoy. We need. - They remained funny with each other. The car is now faster, lifting dirt on the narrow road.-I know, of course. - Marc finished with a sarcastic and malicious tone. - I thought about leaving the beetles between one side of the orchard and a plantation. I think it will spread there easier. - He ordered a box, which can be kept on his lap for two weeks now. In it is a huge variety of beetles that helps to eat aphids and other plant parasites. Marc was a botanist like Dan. Go to college and never break up. They dreamed of working with agricultural production in a sustainable and organic way, and were today in their dream come true. One property was large, composed in the town of Grass Valley, in Northern California. A city, very quiet and simple, received the couple with open arms and many visited to buy vegetables of more natural origin. They sell and transport to small businesses around the state as well, and that year they were reaping the rewards of a very financially good, but very tiring time.They stopped at the entrance to the white greenhouse. She was on a corner where some of the ranch collaborators were now finishing the day's work and pointing to leave. The couple got out and Dan went straight to the rear to unload. They left the box of fertilized soil, or as he loved to call it, beautiful soil. They had only a composting area that they used to produce natural fertilizer. One of the differentials of the most recent organic vegetable production in Northern California.-I'm actually going to open the box right here. It won't make a difference. - Marco decided loudly, next to the truck. From the greenhouse, Dan nodded and watched him leave the plastic box on the side of the road, near the tall grass. He removed the side locks and opened it. He immediately moved away, when a considerable amount of insects began to crawl out and fly everywhere. They were Coccinellids, or as non-academics called them, ladybugs. They would devour aphids from the garden and orchard and perhaps - the two owners of the organic ranch hoped that they would - lay eggs and make their new home there.When the box was empty, he picked it up. All the thousands of insects are now gone, and so did the two owners, after saying goodbye to the hurried employees.-Finally. The best thing we did is set up our house right here. Imagine traveling to another place after one of these days, Danny. - He loved to call Dan that because it irritated him. And that took a huff from him. Marc pulled his hat off and blocked his view, making him grunt and swear. They returned to the garage happily for another week completed. They would have the house for them all weekend, as they released all employees in the next two days.At dusk, just after having dinner at the living room table, they rested in front of the TV. The table still messed up in the background with empty wine glasses. Dan leaned deeply on the sofa, almost dead from fatigue and Marco leaned comfortably on it. The house, which was above the orchard, was very cozy and simple. They loved living in the country and it was a perfect getaway for them since they moved two years ago. The plantation already existed and the increase in income helped in the construction of the house. Even in the natural pool in the back, in which they loved very much and plan to use a lot during the weekend.-The spinach in the dough was wonderful. - Dan stroked his partner's hair gently. - What do you think we should start planting next semester?-God, it's not even June yet. You need to relax.-We have to think. Variety is important. He turned his head back, taking a deep breath. The news was not very interesting and making a point about the vegetable garden was routine between the two. - What do you think of organic pumpkins for Halloween?The two laughed together. The idea seemed good after all, confirmed the silence they made afterwards. The best ideas they had together came from occasions like these. Rest after dinner with wine. Dan thought a lot about expanding. He was incredible as a botanist, but almost better with numbers. He took care of the financial part alone for the most part, was responsible for the main garden, managed the employees and still looked very good. When they arrived in town, the girls who visited the place fell in love with him, but always made a frown when he introduced her boyfriend. Visits declined after that.-We will see. It looks like a good one. - He really insisted on the idea. It would have gone deeper into the subject had it not been for the thought-provoking story that started on the news. - Look, they'll talk about them.Marc loved the news all the time hoping for some dinosaur material. The new residents of California had been the stars of television programs in recent months, and Marco always followed.-This evening, we will interview experts on the subject and discuss the main cases of Dinosaurs on the continent, a new situation on the West Coast. What can we expect after the terror in Oakland? Will the American government change its position to track and exile these animals in the forests of American soil? Will more violent measures be needed to control carnivores? - A presenter opened the call for the interview. Images of the devastation at the Oakland Zoo appeared. People being interviewed and images from the security cameras showing a huge dinosaur walking on the streets of the Zoo. Terry Anderson will go into detail on how these animals behave and what we can expect, now that the government has decided to invest in the coexistence of these animals with us. In your company we will also have Doctor Ellie Sattler, who has already witnessed the uncontrolled theme park in the 90s and since then is considered the most important specialist in the subject.The channel opened the image, showing the two in front of the interviewer. Terry was a tall, friendly-looking black man. Dr. Sattler was at her side, more formal. Her blond hair fell over her aged leather jacket was on her side, and she smiled at the presentation.As soon as they started the interview, with greetings, the house's energy went down.-Shit, right now? - The Italian botanist was discredited. - Wow, I really wanted to see it.They stood up snorting. They took lanterns, which were already affixed to the cabin's entrance table, and lit some candles. The energy dropped a lot, because they had a small electrical problem in the house that always persisted. They were going to see an electrician next week. This made them go to bed earlier, giving an earlier end of Friday....In the morning, the sun came in through the wide sliding door of the room. They got up and drank coffee, and went back to bed. Only in shorts and extremely satisfied, they waited for digestion to enjoy the sunny day by the pool.-Do you know what would be perfect now, Danny?-What? One beer?-Too. But now I'm very interested in the special spinach from our garden.The two got up and sat facing each other.-I think I have a ready in the drawer of the closet, there in the pool greenhouse. -Dan spoke smiling and stroking his own beard. -I'll get it. - He left, hurried through the bedroom door leading to the backyard. He passed the pool, half lit by the sun. It was natural, worked with stones at the bottom and a plant barrier around it, but in a very simple and beautiful way. After the wooden table with a parasol, a small path led to a private greenhouse, where Dan was going. They planted another type of vegetable, used for weekend recreation.When he arrived, he raised a vase beside the entrance to the greenhouse. Beneath it, Dan took a small set of keys and opened the door to the greenhouse. He entered, passing through the cannabis seedlings. In the background, an old wooden dresser with drawers was filled with garden tools and utensils. He ignored everything and opened a drawer and took a small metal compartment with him.Leaving, he locked the door and put the key back where he took it. The day was beautiful and he stopped for a moment to look at the landscape. The region was covered with more undergrowth, but the place where they chose for the house was surrounded by tall trees and shrubs. He started walking the way back, when he heard a noise behind the small, delicate study among the undergrowth. At first it sounded like a horse riding sound. It started very low, and was increasing. He stopped to find out. The sound grew more and more and a wave of small birds flew out of the forest. He started to be intrigued.The sound grew louder and louder. Now they looked like many horses. He thought of several hypotheses. Animals loose from neighboring ranches, probably. Instinctively, he started to walk on his back, sending the box between his waist and shorts. It was when the sound became extremely loud, and it went off. I didn't know what it was, but it was big and it was coming your way.It was his unlucky day. In fact, the sound did not diminish and the trees started to shake and the smaller ones fell on the greenhouse, damaging it. A novem of land and flying plants emerged with the heads of countless animals headbreaking the trunks and roaring towards the house. One of the huge animals destroyed the private greenhouse and the next animals ended up stepping on it as well. By this time Dan was already screaming for Marc and running. He was already looking at the pool and the bedroom door when he decided to look back. Bad idea.An enraged triceratops was right behind, almost catching up. He could smell the leather of the animal's skin and his step was terrifying. He kept his head down, but his vision penetrated Dan. He caught a glimpse of many other animals behind.When it resumed its front, the pool was half a meter. He threw himself into the water in time, when the horns of the huge reptile scraped near his back. He did not stay underwater and got up to see the scene.A herd of dinosaurs burst between the house and the garage of the tractors and truck. Many of them hit the side of the cabin and the garage, causing the roofs to sway. The scene was confusing, with the earth rising higher and higher. Dan saw that some were smaller and different in color. The little he knew about dinosaurs helped to understand that there were 3 different species. They were quite distinct, and the flow of animals began to decrease. He swam the other way and left, facing the scene, when Marco appeared at the door.- I do not believe. That can only be ... - He couldn't even finish the sentence. He was in shock. The two met and saw the animals pass by and at great speed. The herd passed, leaving a cloud of dust.An animal, separated from the rest, came through the path much more slowly. He was dark, almost black. It had white stripes on its collar, full of thorns. The animal stopped beside them and faced the water.-This ... this one is coming here.-Calm down, I think they're just passing through. Shit, they'll end the road to the gate.The animal came closer. It was then that they noticed better. The head was coarse and with a bulge in the snout that looked like a thick rock. The animal leaned over the edge of the pool and started drinking water. His activity stirred the water quite a bit, and the animal appeared relieved to drink. His breathing was loud. The edge of the pool, made of rocks on canvas, gave way. The dinosaur now has its front legs submerged as well. This did not attract much attention from the animal that soon returned to drink.Marco took a picture with his cell phone. And other. And another.He continued to drink, desperately, alternating sips with glances around. "He's beautiful," whispered Marc. Dan wrapped him in his arms and practically dragged him back to the room. He closed the sliding door and they watched through the glass.The animal stopped drinking and soon followed the path of the others. His huge body was filled with dirt, which rose back into the air when he ran towards the side of the house.The owners ran through the cabin and went to the front door.-Calm down, let's go slow. Have you called the police or anyone? My phone went dead.-No not yet. - Marc took out his cell phone and started the call. He told the police what happened and told them to stay home and wait for the animals to leave. There was nothing they could do, as the animals were just passing through. But soon the two would find out it was more than that. They left the house and saw a surreal scene.The house was located and one level higher than the rest of the property. They could see part of the orchard, the vegetable garden and the main studies further north. All family land was being destroyed by hungry animals. The orchard, which had young blackberry trees, was being crushed by the triceratops. It was the only species Dan knew. The others were of the same type, but different.-Fuck, look what they are doing in the garden. Marc pointed out, laughing nervously. A group of five or six greenish dinosaurs chewed the leaves on the floor. One, the largest, was digging the earth ahead.-Take pictures, we'll need it. This is absurd, thanks to the people who decided to let these animals loose, our production went downhill.And so, Marc took more pictures.-I'll send this on Facebook, in a group. People are going to go crazy. I'll ask for their names, to find out.The animals were now separated into small groups, each with about six or seven large individuals, and a few small ones that ran between them. It was difficult to count because they walked faster and hid between the legs of adults. The sounds of trees breaking and the roars of animal satisfaction made Marc smile. Although disastrous, it was beautiful. A scene from another era, like an image in a book.The same could not be said for Dan. The more he looked, the more furious he became. Months of work chewed by animals made him angry. He paced looking.-Hey, I think the ladybugs must have run, don't you think? - Marc tried to relax his boyfriend. Unsuccessfully.-We need to do something. Scare them. We can't just look. Look over there ... - he gestured. The two looked at the greenhouses, where the Triceratops broke everything in search of vegetables. The sound of the plastic tarpaulins cracking entered Dan's ears, putting him on a new level of irritation.-I received several comments. Everyone is saying that they are Triceratops, the brown and gray ones. - Dan looked at his cell phone. - The greens said they are Sinocerar ... Sinoceratops. -He had a hard time with his name. He looked at the scene and saw "the greens". Still in the garden making your lunch. - And the big blacks are ... Ah, I can't say that name. Look at this. - He passed the cell phone to his partner.- Pachyrhinosaurus. I've never heard of it. But apparently they were very busy, look ... there are about five puppies there. They said in the post that they are very aggressive. But the others are not much.-Yes they are. And they are also doing away with blackberry seedlings.-Enough, I'm going to get in the truck and do something about this.-Are you insane? - Marc was instantly hysterical. - You heard the authorities, it's to wait for them to leave. They can turn a car around with you inside.-I have an idea. A little crazy, but I think it will work. Let's go inside. - Dan grabbed his hand and they went back inside and the animals were left behind taking advantage of each stem of the plantation. Dan sat on the table next to the couches that had been present from his parents at the move. When I was a teenager I studied a lot in that dresser that today, a bit vintage, was used as a mini office. He opened the notebook and connected the phone to a cable that connected it to the machine.-Well, they're eating vegetables, so they're herbivores, right? - He started to explain, looking at the screen that was looking for something on a research site. Marc didn't have time to answer. - What do herbivores fear most?The results screen showed several videos. He selected one of them which he soon started to load.-The carnivores, of course. Nothing will scare them away except another big animal.-And where are you going to get one?- I don't need one. Just the noise of one.The video started to play automatically. Your title, now visible, appeared on the screen. "Spinosaurus roar from the Jurassic World park, 2009". An amateur shoot started where some people recorded from a walkway over a swamp, and a loud shriek was emitted. The video had a long 3 minutes of animal noises.-I will download this audio and transfer it to my USB stick. I plug it into the USB port of the truck's sound system. - They looked at each other now. Sitting, he was fearless and decisive, but his partner was fully inserted.-Look, that doesn't seem to me ...-I go among them and put the sound on the last volume, and that's it. They run scared in despair. It's nature, they won't want to be close to the noise of this animal.-And in case they are not scared, baby?-Impossible, look how huge this thing is - he pointed to the screen, where the footage now showed the animal half submerged in the dark water. He tilted his body high with his candle and shouted at the camera.Look, Dan. I still think we should wait for them to leave. We don't know what that can do. What if it gets worse?-Will not. He stood up, taking off his slippers and putting brown boots in place. -Stay here, and call someone in case something goes wrong. I won't be looking while they step and shit on our bread.The discussion was over. Marc could not disagree with that point, not after such a dedicated semester. They got ready and revised the plan. Dan would take the truck from the garage a few meters from the house and drive slowly to the beginning of the orchard and plantation. They agreed to speak on the phone to coordinate.-Right. I will stay here on the balcony, looking. Thankfully, we made the house at the top of the hill, you can see almost everything. I'll keep an eye on you. - They passed through the front door, graced by the heat of almost noon. The animals did the same activities, except for some Sinoceratops that now lay and rolled on the plantation. The scene made them both burn with rage. - Leave the sound to the maximum, please.-Okay, you can leave it. They are far away. - They kissed and separated - Stay on the cell. See you and stay close to the house. They can run over here, stepping on everything.-OK. Watch out.Marc sat on the porch wall, watching the animals from above. A good part of the orchard was with crooked trees and with parts eaten while the animals showed no sign of satisfaction yet. The truck left the garage, far to his left, and followed the path to the vegetable garden.In the car, while driving, Dan put his cell phone on the live voice on a stand in the dashboard. He took a small red pendrive out of his pocket and slipped it into the entrance of the sound system and left it still off. He was slowing down as soon as he noticed some animals nearby, not caring about his arrival. He saw solid shapes on the floor and soon realized that it was passing through animal feces.-Hey, calm down. You're close to one of them - marc's voice on the cell phone entered the car. From up there he saw that he was close to part of the group of black dinosaurs with white stripes.-Beauty, I see. They must be used to cars, they barely called me.-Yes, but let's not abuse it.He accelerated a little more, reaching the middle of the property. To his left, the Bells were still ferociously eating the shoots and plants that grew by meters and more meters. In front of him, he saw a few more and along with them, triceratops. They rested and tried to push the second greenhouse, since the first had been completely undone. To his right he kept more attention. The dark dinosaurs were large and robust. The head full of ornaments frightened him and his grunts were very serious, echoing a lot among the trees in the orchard.-I'll call. I think they'll run away like that.-Please be careful. Are you sure this is a good place?-Yes I have. They can pass through the perimeter wire. - He sweated and controlled his voice. I was actually quite nervous, as there were many animals gathered there. Their stepping around sent chills down his spine. - I left the car in reverse. In case you need it, I'll be right back.-Okay, you can call. They are just walking now.He did not answer. His anxiety caused him to raise the volume control to the maximum. He looked around again. He stared at the power button for a few seconds. Until he finally squeezed it.As the audio came from a video, the loud sound started with different human voices. The sound was extremely loud and made the dinosaurs look at the truck. He felt vulnerable there in that fragile car compared to animals so strong, he sank deeper into the seat, breathing deeply. It was then that, after 12 seconds of reproduced audio, the first recorded Spinosaurus boom echoed through the open field.It had an immediate effect on animals, but not in the way they thought. The larger animals roared back. The adults who were resting stood up, very uncomfortable.The second scream in the car happened. And a third and fourth.Dinosaurs from all directions began to walk, taking the smallest with them. They shook their heads nervously and shouted at each other. They were irritated and at the same time curious to know exactly where the sound came from, since they heard a predator, but did not see it exactly.-It's working! - the voice on the phone said, excited. - They're getting up and walking.-I said, baby. Could you trust me?The carnivore continued to scream into the stereo, now more often. The animals were even more agitated now. Dan realized that he could no longer see the pups, at least most of them. They just disappeared. But now they were all heading in the same direction, to the west. A few seconds passed and the earth rose again because of the animals running.- Um ... Dan? - again Marc. -I think there's something wrong. They are gathering in the orchard. Can you see?-Actually not much. I see legs and heads going by, but I don't see much because of the land. Where are?-They are in the trees, I think they're hiding. It was not enough. Turn the audio back on.He returned the track to the stereo. And the sound started again.-I'll ride the car ahead, maybe they'll run now.He changed gears and ran the car closer to the orchard, down the hill with the orange pickup. A new cloud of earth and grass was left behind. He stopped a few meters later and was now able to see the younger animals, about ten of them. They were crowded, surrounded by some adults. They were too excited, but not on their way out.-Hey, I think ...Dan stopped talking immediately, staring to his right at a huge, dark figure running towards him. Marc shouted over the phone.The impact came too quickly for him to accelerate with the vehicle. He was pushed for meters by the great Pachyrhinosaurus who founded his head on the side of the car. Glass and pieces of metal flew everywhere inside the cabin. The man banged his head very hard on the car door beside him and was totally stunned as the car was pushed further away. A hole had been made in the right side, between the two doors, where the facial protuberance entered the car, stuck.A second of silence happened, where the driver tried to regain consciousness by running a hand over his temple, soaked in blood. The metal all creaked and the dinosaur screamed in rage. Another loud shout from the sound again, and the herbivore responded with surreal fury to get out of the car again. In this second adrenaline rush, he managed to turn the car on its side and then upside down, leaning on a large rock.Dan recovered another part of himself, desperately trying to turn off the noise of the car. However, another scream sparked another attack by the reptilian figure, who managed to free his muzzle from the hole between the doors. He took a step back and smashed the car up against the side. Thanks to the last impact, the radio turned off. The animal continued to walk around its metallic opponent, striking and striking. He gave up soon after, returning to the group slowly. That one was certainly a dominant male in the group. I will be greeted victoriously by the rest of the pack.-Shit, you bastard. - Dan had survived after all. The interior of the car had become a messy environment, full of glass and objects that had been on the floor previously. He tried to recover and still very dizzy started to get out of the car. He didn't even think about picking up his cell phone, because he hadn't found it. When he went out the window, he saw that he was on top of a rock. It seemed to him that hours had passed and passed, but everything had happened very quickly and the animals were still agitated a few meters away. He noticed himself and some superficial cuts on his arms and legs were bleeding a little. His head throbbed.He looked up the hill, at the house. On the porch Marco waved and walked desperately from side to side. She thought he must be on edge, as he really was.The dinosaurs were on alert, and again he didn't see the babies anymore. Now the herd was arcing around the rock, tapping their paws nervously on the ground and circling around the overturned car. Before descending, he spat blood on the floor.In an unconscious shot, he ran for the water reservoir path. Between him and the composter, a ladder went up the hill back to the side entrance of the house. Running he would arrive in about 2 minutes and even with his head hurting he started his run. His athletic body had never been more useful. The creatures followed, watching him shoot. The large group advanced on him, but not getting very close. He turned and looked at them.-Get the fuckers out of here. - In the middle the big guy who attacked him was quiet. The others showed a defensive pose. - That's right. Go to hell.The big male burst at him again. He ran as fast as he could away, listening to the familiar sound of crashes behind him. He ran a good distance when the animal's stroke scraped past. He felt the wind behind him and the impact, but it didn't hit him. He cut his way through the trees, listening to everything being trampled behind him. The animal had not given up on him.He visualized the water shed and the ladder behind it, which went up the rocky slope. He saw Marc at the top, descending desperately. He ran even more energetically up the slope to find the desperate boyfriend. Marc had watched everything from afar without being able to do anything.The dinosaur was still chasing him totally tirelessly, always trying to charge its head at its target, which was too agile. Dan ran in random directions to avoid the animal, but he felt it would not last long.-Come on, let's go inside! Marc screamed and pulled him by the shirt, already racing. In seconds they were in front of the cabin.They made the most dangerous mistake of their lives, peering back to see where the dinosaur was. A tall, dark collar with white stripes emerged from the hill. Small horns decorating the head and a coarse thing in the middle of the snout, with the appearance of black and worn rock.The alpha male roared as he finished climbing, shaking his head and continuing to run towards them, and then the chase resumed, but for a shorter period, until they reached the cabin porch. Marc had forgotten that he was still clinging to Dan's tank top and only remembered it again when he felt the tug. The dinosaur grazed him from the side, but enough to knock him against the wooden wall of the porch.The dinosaur hit a column and broke it. Half the balcony fell on them.Marco started pulling his unconscious partner into the cabin, leaving him on the couch. Everything seemed so peaceful inside, but the balcony was a pile of tiles and pieces of wood.-Dan, do you hear me? - He slapped his face lightly. - Dan? Dan, please?He was looking at the rest of his body, dirty with dirt and sweat. The shoulder was clearly dislocated. His humerus, scapula and collarbone were dented by the onslaught he would later discover in the emergency. He was never so grateful for calling the police while watching the chase from above. He stopped analyzing the dismounted shoulder because of a huge noise on the side of the house.The still enraged dinosaur hit the side of the house. In his second attack, he opened a huge hole with access to the room, where the two were. He continued to punch, in pure fury. He had fixed his protective defensive instincts on the two bipedal figures he encountered on the hill. If he didn't do anything, the animal could be part of the house giving in or worse, going in and hurting Dan even more. It was then that Marc ran into the kitchen, and grabbed a straw broom. He loved old things and even felt a slight sentimental pain when he put the broom in the stove's mouth on.The broom started to catch fire and he took it against the dinosaur, screaming and waving the torch against the face of the animal that was already entering the house.Without much intention, the fire touched close to the dinosaur's eyes, causing him to turn around, taking another part of the house with him. Daylight came even more into the cabin.-Enough, you stupid animal. - He bravely left through the break caused by the animal, still swinging the burning broom. He roared loudly in response and hesitated. For a few moments they connected the look.It was then that the animal gave up and went back down the road. He tossed the nearly-dull broom onto the floor and watched the huge bug walk back in disappointment.-That's why I prefer plants. They don't try to kill you. - He spoke to himself, still catching his breath. He looked around and saw the enormous destruction of the place. Suddenly, the sound of vehicles and ambulances coming from the road made him jump and look at Dan again.



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There are now featured folders for certain categories, submissions to them are not accepted, however, high-quality work will be moved to these folders.

Featured- Is for the highest quality work only!

Characters- Is for HUMAN characters only! submitting images of dinosaurs to this folder will be declined.

Movie and Novel scenes- self-explanatory, it must be from scenes in the movies or the novel (but not copyrighted images, they must be works you created)

Velociraptors- is for velociraptors only. Submissions of any other dinosaur to this folder will be declined.

Indominus Rex- is for the Indominus rex only. Submissions of any other dinosaurs to this folder will be declined.

T-Rex- is for T-rex-related work only. Submissions of any other dinosaurs to this folder will be declined

Other Dinosaurs- any and all dinosaurs, whether featured in the film or not, as well as mixed groups of dinosaurs.

Chaos Effect- The official chaos effect dinosaurs created by the Jurassic Park franchise. The official Chaos effect dinosaurs include Amargospinus, Ankyloranodon, Compsteganthus, Deinonycanis, Omega T-Rex, Pachysaurolophus, Paradeinonychus, Tanaconda, Velociraptoryx, Raptor Alpha, Thrasher T-Rex, Tyrannops, Stegospinus, Dilophospinus, Ultimasaurus, Euoplocephalus, Triceratops, Ceratosaurs.

Montages, Posters, Misc.- This folder is for posters, photomanipulations, wallpapers, and any art that does not qualify for the other gallery folders. Work submitted to these folders must be work you created, they can not incorporate screenshots, images from the web, games, or movies.

Vehicles, Buildings, Etc.- self-explanatory. This is for vehicles, buildings, gear, fences, decorations, etc.

Fan-fiction- This folder is for written material only! Meaning Literature. Images submitted to this folder will be declined.

Comics/Graphic Novels Fan Fiction- Visual Fan-fiction work or comics.

Recent Journal Entries

Hello everyone! There are some exciting things around the corner for us JP & JW fans.
Recently Universal Studios in Orlando, FL announced the new VelociCoaster opening June 10th! Check out a preview of this new ride here:
If you haven't watched the animated Netflix show Camp Cretaceous, I highly recommend it. It might not be scary and is PG rated, but it's story telling and characters are truly amazing. Season 3 is set to drop on May 21st!
See the trailer here:
Jurassic World: Dominion is set to be released on June 10th, 2022, and the cast will have both Actors and Actresses from Jurassic World, and the original trio from the Jurassic Park films.
Older news
If you haven't seen the short 10 minute film Battle at Big Rock - Here is the link:
And the old water flume ride at Universal Studios in Orlando was replaced with an updated Jurassic World ride
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Drifter-Dx Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Raptor Red (JWA retex) by Drifter-Dx
can this be in your galleries?
Karissa-Salton Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
We allow 3D models so long as they aren't copyrighted material, however we don't allow screenshots of video games or movies. I hope that helps answer your question.
Drifter-Dx Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
i see well okay
tylerleached14 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2020
Question, I recently made a review of the first Jurassic Park. Would that be allowed to be in this group and if so, what category would it fit under?
Karissa-Salton Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, unfortunately, we do not accept general journal entries.
tylerleached14 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2020
It's not a journal entry, though, It's a written out review on my gallery
Karissa-Salton Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
It is still considered a general journal entry. We only accept fanfiction writings and comics/graphic novels/memes
geekboy01 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can I join please?
ThegodOfVines21 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2019  Student Artist
Can I join please I love dinosaurs
dinosaurdraw Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey fellas, where can i submit my dilophosaurus from jp drawing? thanks
The-frill-necked-dragon-that-killed-new-man-osaur. by dinosaurdraw
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