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Dinocephalia Brithopodidae

A little attempt to a Palaeo-art, following someway *NTamura, =avancna and other "palaeo-artists".

A rendering of Brithopodidae, a family of predator Dinocephalians (primitive Synapsid reptiles). Dinocephalians are better known as placid plant-eaters alike Moschops, thus it seems weird seeing also hunting kinds. Some were supposed to behave like crocodile, lurking preys hidden beneath water surface (according to Anteosaurus' skull morphology). Nevertheless it's more likely they hunted their preys alike lions or even grizzlies, specially considering some of Brithopodids have lived during Permian Ice Age, thus being covered of some kind of hair (making them look like Pleistocene cave lions). Anteosaurus' body was stout and threatening alike a grizzly bear, whereas Titanophoneus resembled rather a monitor lizard (and it's likely it might attack preys in the same way, snapping venomous bites).

*I beg your pardon for the blurry description. I promise I'll edit with a better one soon. =p *

Displayed species:

1 - Brithopus priscus
2 - Archaeosyodon praeventor
3 - Titanophoneus potens
4 - Syodon biarmicus
5 - Anteosaurus magnificus
6 - Doliosauriscus yanshinovi
7 - Deuterosaurus gigas
8 - Stenocybus acidentatus
9 - Australosyodon nyaphuli
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Ooh, that's helpful. I've been looking for comparative skull pictures for a while.
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The latest reply ever :XD:

Thanks, anyway ;)
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Interesting see the development of the bones on the top of the skull and around the eyes ^^
Uhn, Permian? So was just before the breaking up of Pangea. Did they live in Gondwana or Laurasia?
Jurassic-Gothic's avatar
Therapsid reptiles have been found mostly in South Africa (nearly the 80% of the taxa), the 20% left in South America (and here you GO!) and Russia.

Brithopodids are all Russian anyway. But if you've noticed the cranial features, you'll get shocked viewing the Burnetiamorph Biarmosuchians (coming soon).

Deuterosaurus canine are interesting because they appear lik "saw" alike the saber-tooth tiger Megantereon, from Pleistocene. Maybe an evolutive convergence, perhaps both lived in glacial context. Who knows.
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So they are mainly Gondwanan ;)
Uhn, the last part is interesting ^^ Maybe someone can find a missing link between them ;)
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That's cool ^^
I love dinosaurs :)
Jurassic-Gothic's avatar
Nice. But these are not dinosaurs. ;P
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B-but, what are they :ohnoes: T_T ?
Jurassic-Gothic's avatar
Ancient reptiles from Permian age. Before Mesozoic one. ;p
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"primitive Synapsid reptiles" ?
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