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Sheren Wu - Villain

Sheren Wu   吴雪莲

GLASS - Heroes VS Villains contest entry: villain

Born with a pale skin and pure white hair, her parents fittingly named her ‘snow lotus’. Though her beauty was evident to them, after years of prejudice and bullying Sheren was left alone and insecure. With her distinct appearance and extreme sensitivity to light, fitting in was never an easy task. When she was only 12years old her classmates thought to pull a funny prank when they held her down and made her look directly at the sun after which a severe case of ultraviolet keratitis followed. 7 days confined in a dark room, Sheren started to notice changes to her sight. What was a pitch black room became clearly visible. In one way or another, her body healed the damage and adapted to her situation so she could see beyond the standard spectrum. She would continue to develop this new ability while carefully protecting her eyes from bright light with sunglasses or tinted contacts.

When she was old enough to leave her parents’ house, she decided to leave her bad memories behind and travel to New York to make a new start. It wouldn’t take long before she was scouted to be a model, and things started to rapidly change from there. In the world of high fashion, to be unique was a forte. Sheren’s fame rose skyhigh and the attention and praise was intoxicating. Sheren began celebrating uniqueness, and was soon in search of more and more, using her ability to see things like a changing body temperature in her advantage and using her influence and following to push her own agenda. She loved finally being in control.

Naturally, when she learned there were others with special abilities like her, she had to put a stop to it. And so started her campaign and carefully devised plans to eliminate the likes of David Dunn and Kevin Wendell Crumb. But will it stop there?

My idea was to make a character unique in her own way, but ‘contemporary’ enough to fit the world of ‘Glass’. Her power is not over-the-top but rather subtle and she makes use of her many other advantages in her quest. Her (obvious) weakness is bright light and she excels in the darkness. A tattoo on her wrist '  夜长梦多。 ' meaning ' Lots of dreams can occur over a long night'  depicts her favourite saying in which she remembers the moment she developed her skills and her life began to change.

aking a fashion model character allowed me to have a lot of fun with outfits (I designed many more!) and my personal challenge was to make an interesting contemporary character that would fit a movie.
I really enjoyed doing it and I hope you will enjoy my entry!
'Let us end this war'
My submission to the 2019 EU FFXIV Fanfest art contest. 
Hraesvelgr and Nidhogg from Final Fantasy XIV confronting each other at the bridge. I thought this was one of the most epic moments in the game after a long and thrilling story about a war between dragon and man. Its moments like these, made by a team of dedicated people, that really inspire me to keep making art^^ 
I painted it all in photoshop, but used an in-game screenshot as a base for the background elements and a bit for the character to save time since I had very little. (had a bunch of near-sleepless nights for this XD) 

I am very flattered and happy to have won 1st prize and thank everyone for voting! 

I made my very first speedpaint video with this artwork on my new youtube channel which can be seen here:… 

I hope you enjoy my art :D 

Wow thanks so much for the DD!! I am flattered! :D


Brenda van Vugt
Artist | Digital Art
Jura is my very first OC ever to be used in a big story I made with my sister, and a lot of good memories are attached to this character. Even though I rarely RP anymore and don't get to draw a lot of manga in the game art field nowadays, this is really where it all started.

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